The next morning Luke woke up with a weird feeling in his stomach, like something was going to happen that day. He shrugged it off before getting ready.

As he was leaving his room he picked up his bag and quickly left his room descending the stairs with a slight hop in his step.

“Morning mum” Luke kissed his mum on the cheek before planting himself down on one of the kitchen stools. He ate his breakfast while listening to his mum gossip about one of the women at her work. Luke tried to follow along with what his mum was saying but soon got lost in his own thought, nodding his head once in a while to make his mum think that he was listening.

Luke was soon ready for school and left his house and took his daily root to where the school bus would pick him up and also where Daphne would be waiting for him.

Once Luke reached the bus stop he immediately saw Daphne who wore a spaced out look on her face.

“What you thinking about?” Luke asked as he reached his friend. Daphne, not expecting Luke, jumped then glared lightly at her friend.

“Don’t do that to me” She exclaimed hitting Luke in the arm rather hard (well, for her) even though she knew it wouldn’t affect her friend.

“Sorry but what’s wrong? When I got here you were pretty spaced out” Luke asked sensing that something was wrong.

“Well, you know how I hacked into Kennedy’s Facebook page?” Daphne asked. Luke raised one of his eyebrows wondering where this was going but nodded anyway.

“Well, last night I looked at her messages on messenger. Don’t ask why. And, you were right”.

“Of course, I was right” Luke flipped his imaginary long hair back then scrunched his eyebrows together “What was a right about?”

Daphne chuckled at her friend “Everyone knows that you like Carmela. They luckily don’t know anything about Krypton” She said nervously looking down at her shoes making sure she whispered the last part. Luke swore under his breath.

“Carmela is definitely going to hear about this. Fuck what am I going to do?” Luke ran his hand through his hair before letting a big breath out, knowing that he needs to calm down.

“I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal, Carmela might not even find out” Daphne tried to reason with her friend, knowing how Luke can get when he gets stressed out.

“Let’s hope so. Doubting it though” Luke mumbled.

The bus arrived just a few seconds later, opening its old rusty door to let all the students at the stop in. Luke pulled Daphne up and let her walk into the bus first.

Once they arrived at school they went to their lockers which were conveniently next to each other. Luke noticed a lot of people look at him as he walked past. This angered him, but he did nothing.

“People at this school should just learn to respect other people’s lives and just leave them alone” Luke huffed angrily slamming his locker shut.

“I couldn’t agree more” Luke turned around in surprise when he heard the familiar voice. When his eyes connected with the forest green ones of his mate he felt his body immediately relax. All the anger he had felt melted away.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation as I walked past. Some people at this school are so inconsiderate sometimes” Carmela explained adjusting her backpack strap over her shoulder. Luke didn’t know how to reply. His mate had just spoken to him, willingly. “I don’t know what they are talking about, but I honestly don’t care. It’s your business and your business only

“Y-yeah, you, I mean... thanks" Luke stuttered out. Her internally slammed his hand into his face at how stupid he sounded.

“Babe, what are you doing talking to him. Didn’t you hear, he likes you" A loud voice interrupted their conversation. Luke and Daphne turned to see Aiden walking over to them angrily. Carmela knew exactly who it was and ducked her head to not meet his gaze.

Aiden roughly grabbed a hold of Carmela’s arm as he reached her. Luke clenched his jaw as he saw Carmela wince slightly in pain “Hey, back off, you’re hurting her” Luke decided to say, not being able to witness his mate in pain.

“Oh yeah and who do you think you are bossing me around?” He spat back at him with a murderous look on his face. Luke clenched his hands feeling anger bubble through his veins.

"Look man, just don’t touch her like that, you’re hurting her" Luke spoke while clenching his hands together, returning the same murderous look Aiden was gave him. He stared long and hard at Luke before letting go of Carmela’s and backed away slowly “We’ll talk about this later” He pointed over at Carmela before turning around and jogging over to his friends.

“Thanks, sorry to bother you guys” Carmela smiled over at Luke before heading to her class. Luke stared at her as she walked away until he felt someone lightly shove his shoulder.

“Dude, you are so in. She spoke to you. Your stuttering though” Daphne laughed making Luke glare in his direction.

“Don’t even start with that. Aiden said that I liked Carmela. If she hadn’t found out before, she definitely knows now" He glared over at his friend who immediately put her hands up over her head in surrender.

“Calm your nipples!” Daphne said rather loudly earning herself another glare from Luke.

“But seriously. She spoke to me” Luke.still couldn’t believe that the girl he had been crushing on for a while. His mate! would actually talk to him. He thought everyone feared him or something.

"As happy as I am for you, we still need to get to class before we’re late” Daphne said before dragging Luke towards their class, Luke was still in shock from Carmela, his mate, speaking to him. He would have never thought the day would ever come.

"Luke, seriously, come on” Daphne said getting slightly agitated, she hated being late for class. Luke shook his head to clear his thoughts before jogging over to Daphne.

“Oh, I know why you don’t want to be late for class” Luke immediately raised his eyebrows up and down with a smirk plastered onto his lips “We’ve got computing and Williams in this class” Daphne immediately went red, she could almost blend in with the red lockers that were lined against the wall behind her.

“Shut up Luke" Daphne quickly turned around and speed walked to their computing class leaving Luke laughing behind her. Luke ran to catch up with Daphne and they both walked into their computing classroom. Daphne immediately ran over to her seat which was next to William while Luke took his time walking over to his seat, which was on the other side of Daphne.

Throughout the lesson Luke couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he listened to Daphne’s attempt at flirting with William. William was as equally flirty back though, making this entire period just cringy.

If he had a penny for every time he rolled his eyes that period, he would be rich.

Just as Luke was going to preventDaphne from embarrassing herself any more than she already had, the fire alarm went off making everyone stop what they were doing.

“Class leave all your stuff and stand up, make sure you all leave the classroom and the school in an orderly fashion” The teacher called out to the entire class. Everyone ignored the teacher, grabbed their stuff and bolted for the door, a few screaming on the way.

“We weren’t told about a fire drill” Daphne said looking at Luke with worry in her eyes.

“No, which means, this is real” Luke said looking over at his friend “Let’s get out of here” Luke added on before taking his friends hand and leading her out of the classroom. Lukedidn’t notice that William had stuck to Daphne’s side until he turned to look at Daphne once they were out of their classroom.

“Daphne, head out with William, I’m gonna see if everyone is out” Luke whispered to his friend, he could now smell the smoke which confirmed that this wasn’t a drill. She wasn’t affected by the smoke but everyone else was. 

Daphne nodded before grabbing Williams hand and running outside where people were waiting for the fire service to arrive. Luke turns and runs in the other direction where he hears a few heart beats.

He passed a few hallways before he finally saw the fire. The fire wasn’t some small fire, it was pretty big. Luke noticed that the fire had possibly started in one of the science classroom which made Luke panic since he knew that Carmela had science just now. He felt like he needed to know his mate’s classes and stuff.

He quickly whipped his glasses off and used his x-ray vision to see through the walls checking if people were in the classrooms. He scanned through all the classrooms until he came upon the last one. He noticed that a full class was trapped inside the last classroom. The door to the classroom was fully on fire.

He luckily still had his backpack with him, so he pulled out his suit, if you can call it that, and threw it on himself before grabbing the burning door handle and shoved it open. 

Luke was immediately engulfed in heat, he quickly made his way out of the flames and towards where he saw all the students huddled together. Once he got to all the students he noticed the familiar figure of Carmela on the floor with a few people surrounding her body. 

Luke quickly made his way over to Carmela’s unconscious body ”What happened?” He asked onlybeing able to look down at Carmela’s unconscious figure. Everyone snapped their heads in his direction, startled by his sudden presence.

"Where the fu- I don’t even care, just, can you please help us? Carmela tripped and hit her head” A girl pleaded pointing over to Carmela.

Luke looked around the classroom for a way out but couldn’t find anything, the windows were too high up for everyone to get out on time. The only way out was the door, which was covered in flames “I guess it’s time to test out these powers” Luke mumbled to himself.

Luke took in a deep breath before blowing as hard as he could at the flames. A massive gust of wind hit the flames immediately taking them out. Luke stopped once all the flames were out, he almost pumped the air with his fist in excitement but stopped himself before doing so.

“Everyone let’s get out quickly” He shouted at all the students in the class. Luke quickly ran over to Carmela and picked her up before heading out of the door with the rest of the class.

Luke made sure that everyone was out safely before shutting the door of the room. Just as the door was shut the roof caved in and collapsed into the classroom. They had all just made it out on time.

Once they were all out the school safely Luke rushed over to the ambulance that was waiting outside the school “She fell and hit her head” Luke rushed out placing Carmela down on one of the stretchers. He felt the nerves rushing through his body, what if something had happened to Carmela? He couldn’t live with himself if something happened to his mate.

“Okay thank you...” The paramedic trailed off.

“Shadow” Luke looked back down at Carmela’s unconscious figure before shooting off into the air. Out of sight but definitely not out of mind.

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