"It has been reported that a mysterious figure was caught saving teenagers from a school fire yesterday afternoon. The mysterious figure seems to call itself Shadow. We aren’t sure yet if this Shadow person is a threat or not, so we advise everyone to stay safe and be careful. Stay tuned to find out more" Luke paused the television and turned to look at Daphne and his parents.

“I can explain” Before Luke could continue Molly squealed and pulled him in for a hug.

“I’m so proud of you baby” Luke stood stiff as he felt his mum’s arms wrap around him. He was in too much shock to react.

"Uhm, thanks?” He wasn’t too sure what to expect, but this was definitely a good reaction.

“You don’t know how long we have been waiting for you to finally do something about those powers of yours” David joined in, stepping next to his wife. “But be careful” He pointed his finger at Luke before sitting down on the sofa.

Luke nodded before turning to look at Daphne, wanting to know what she thought about all this. Daphne had also always been supportive of the idea of Luke using his powers for good.

“I am SO helping you” Daphne said, dragging out the ‘so’. She was jumping around like a kid in a candy shop.

“And how exactly are you going to help?” Luke asked his friend, raising his eyebrows in her direction causing Daphne to stop jumping and give him an incredulous look.

“Every superhero needs a tech peep. You know, the person in the chair in front of the screens?" She rolled her eyes at her friend. Luke laughed before nodding and patting Daphne on the shoulder.

"Of course," Luke rolled his eyes before shoving Daphne. “Come on let’s get going, or we’ll be late for the bus” Daphne quickly grabbed her bag before running to catch up to Luke, who was already standing by the door.

“Bye Mum, Bye Dad” Luke called out before closing the door behind himself. School was still open except from the science classrooms.

“Why can’t you just fly us to school?” Daphne complained as the neared the bus stop. Luke rolled his eyes. This hadn’t been the first time Daphne asked Luke that same exact question.

“How exactly will I explain that to people who see us” Luke asked Daphne. Daphne shrugged her shoulders before quickly taking the last seat at the bus stop. Smiling triumphantly as Luke was left standing next to Daphne.

“Okay, fine” Daphne slumped her shoulders in defeat. She knew that Luke would say no, but it was worth a try. For all she knew, Luke might actually say yes one day.

The school bus arrived not long later. Both Luke and Daphne quickly walked in and sat at the front. This allowed them to have a conversation with the bus driver, a middle-aged man who was married to one of the teachers at the school.

“Hey Tony” They both greeted Tony. Tony was quick to strike up a conversation explaining to them the argument him and his husband, Mr Paterson their PE teacher, had with a lady at the shop the other day.

“But like, excuse my language guys, what a bitch” Tony finished off his story as they arrived at school. Both friends laughed before saying goodbye to Tony and heading into school.

“Will you be going to see Carmela at hospital” Daphne asked as they both rounded a corner and walked towards their lockers. Well Daphne’s locker, Luke doesn’t like the idea of lockers. He noticed a few people looking at him with a weird look on their face, probably having hear the latest gossip. Luke sighed before turning to answer Daphne, choosing to ignore everyone’s stares.

“I’ll probably go after school, hopefully she’ll be asleep. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle speaking to her again after what happened the other day” Luke said recalling his embarrassing attempt at speaking to his mate.

“I would pay to see that again” Daphne laughed causing Luke to glare at her and shove her lightly on the shoulder before walking away towards his class.

“Bye Daphne” Luke rolls his eyes as he watched his friend juggle her books around before slamming her locker shut and running up to catch up with him.


“Hi, I’m here to visit Carmela Alexanders" Luke spoke as he reached the reception desk. He gave the receptionist in her mid-forties a kind smile while shuffling the flowers that he had recently bought between his hands. He decided to go for daisies, the florist told him they symbolize innocence and purity and you cant go wrong with that.

“She is in... room 11, floor 4" The receptionist replied, Luke thanked the woman before quickly headed up the stairs since he couldn’t be bothered to wait for the elevator. Once Luke reached the respective floor he rushed passed rooms, counting the numbers up one by one until he reached room 11.

Luke took a deep breathe before slowly pushing open the door. A frown took over Luke’s face once he saw Carmela on the hospital bed. He really didn’t like seeing Carmela with a bandage wrapped around her head.

Fortunately for Luke, Carmela was sleeping. Luke slowly walked over to Carmela’s bed before sitting down on the chair that was conveniently placed next to the bed. He stared at Carmela’s sleeping figure.

Luke slowly reached over and took Carmela’s limp hand into his. Luke sighed and relaxed more in his chair. Just as he was about to open his mouth to say something the hospital door was opened.

“Hey Carmela, I brou- Oh, hello" A middle-aged woman stopped in the middle of her sentence as her eyes fell upon Luke’s figure beside her daughter’s bed.

“Hi, sorry, I’ll leave if you want” Luke went to stand up but was stopped by the woman lifting up her hand.

“No, no, It’s fine. Are you one of Carmela’s friends?” She asked, placing her bag and coat on another chair at the corner of the room.

“Yeah, um... you could say that. We go to the same school” Luke stammered. He held out his hand for the woman to shake while adding on “My name’s Luke Evans“.

The middle-aged woman keenly shook Luke’s hand. “My name’s Debra, I’m Carmela’s mother” Luke bit down on his lip, oblivious to the fact that he had been speaking to Carmela’s mother.

“It’s nice to meet you” Luke spoke nervously. Debra quickly caught onto Luke’s tense demeanour and directed a warm smile towards him.

“It’s nice to meet you too” Luke smiled at her once more before sitting back down at his seat next to Carmela’s bed. He raked his brain for a conversation started but with his lack of social skills, he came up with nothing.

“Carmela has mentioned you to me before” Luke quickly snapped his head up to look at Debra. Luke hadn’t expected Carmela to have said anything about him. Luke couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Carmela, his mate, had spoken about him to her own mother.

“Really?” He couldn’t help but ask. “Good things I hope?” Luke quickly added. Feeling slightly self-conscious.

“Oh, don’t worry sweetheart, everything good” Debra smiled. Luke let out a sigh and relaxed in his seat. He looked over at Carmela and smiled.

“How is she?” Luke asked, worry an evident emotion on his face.

“She took a big bump to the head, but other than that she’s fine.” Debra explained causing Luke to sigh in relief. He had time to think on his walk to the hospital, causing him to overthink everything that could have possibly happened to Carmela. “Thanks to that Shadow person for saving her, I don’t know what I would have done if they weren’t there in time”

Luke looked over at the woman and smiled. He was grateful that he was there too. Luke can’t begin to imagine life without Carmela, even if it was just seeing her in the corridors in school.

“I should probably go, it was nice meeting you” Luke quickly stood, worrying that Carmela will wake up and see him there in the room.

“Okay, thank you for stopping by, you’re the first” Debra told him sincerely, happy that her daughter had such a nice friend. Luke smiled one last time. He stopped at the door way as he noticed the daisies still resting in his hand.

“Oh, eh, these are for Carmela” He turned and handed the flowers to Debra. She took the flowers gratefully.

“Thank you, daisies are her favourite flowers, so she will be very happy when she wakes up.” Luke smiled, he owed it to that florist now. He said a final goodbye before leaving.

In the next over city

A man walked down the hall of a tall building, greeting people as he walked.

“What’s going on?” He asked the other guy as he reached him.

“It has been reported that a figure has been spotted saving high schoolers from a fire. Seems to be Kryptionian. Goes by the name ‘Shadow’” The other guy stated punching some buttons on his tablet before handing it over to the man, showing him all the information they have on Shadow.

“That’s it?” He questioned looking back over to the other guy. He chuckled nervously before quickly taking his tablet back from the man.

“This ‘Shadow’ person has just mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. There is nothing else" He defended himself.

“Well, keep an eye out on them and also check to see if any Kryptonian pods have landed on earth.” He commanded before turning and leaving the other guy.

“Yes Sir” The other guy mumbled before turning around and sitting at his computer to begin his search, not looking forward to the next few hours.

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