Later at night Luke decided to visit Carmela again, as shadow this time. He wanted to check up on her, make sure that she was okay. Luke wanted to feel the comfort of knowing that his mate was safe.

Luke floated up to Carmela’s window, having memories the window that went through to her room prior, and climbed in. The window had been left open, presumably because of the warm weather. He had also been practising on his flying, improving more and more as the days went by.

Luke almost jumped out of his skin as he was met with forest green eyes peering at him, eyes that he would never be able to forget. His mates eyes were quickly filled with panic as she processed the stranger her window. Her eyes started to search her bed side for her emergency button.

“Hey, hey wait” Luke quickly stuck his hands up in the air in an attempt to show his mate that he means no harm. “I’m Shadow”.

“How exactly is that meant to make me not want to call for help?” She asked, still looking for the button. “Where is that damn button?” She muttered to herself. it was dark, so she wasn’t able to see the cable dangling near her head.

“I’m sorry, but I just wanted to see if you were okay after what happened the other day” Luke explained, still holding his hands above his head. He doesn’t and never will want to elicit fear out of his mate.

“I don’t really know how else to describe myself. I can fly? Look, I saved you and your class from the fire the other day and I just wanted to come and see if you were okay” Luke searched for any other words to describe himself in hopes that what he says will calm the fear within his mate.

“Wait, what? You saved us from the fire? You can fly!?" She quickly sat up in her hospital bed, wide-eyed, her voice got gradually louder and louder. She stared at Luke for a while longer before laughing. “Yeah, sure” She laughed, dragging the ‘u’.

“You don’t believe me?” Luke’s mood deflated, he dropped his arms to his sides and walked closer to Carmela’s bed. He was quick to stop when he saw the look Carmela was giving him.

“How am I meant to believe some total stranger that’s wearing a mask and has snuck into my hospital room, through the window might I add?” The injured girl rambled on, throwing her hands around for emphasis. “Wait, how did you even climb through the window?” Carmela suddenly asked, realising now that the shadow figure standing in front of her had indeed climbed through the window and into her room, which was on the fourth floor of a large hospital.

“I flew” Luke shrugged, as if flying was like pouring syrup on your pancakes in the morning.

“You flew?” Carmela questioned, not believe him one bit. “Prove it, fly for me right now”.

“Okay sure” Luke said. Carmela sat back and scoffed, rolling her eyes. She knew that this person, who claims to be this vigilante named shadow who saved her, can’t fly. She tried racking her brain, trying to find a reason as to why someone would want to sneak into her hospital room in the middle of the night.

Before Carmela could even think of a reason, Luke was up in the air. Carmela stared at the floating figure in front of her with disbelief. She didn’t understand how it was possible. Yes, she had seen the news. She has heard all the stories regarding the vigilante that saved her and her entire class. But it all was too surreal to mix into her brain. Until now.

“You...what? How?” Carmela stuttered, not believing what she was seeing. She closed her eyes and took a big breath, hoping that when she opened her eyes Shadow would be gone and that this was all only just a dream.

Carmela took one last deep breathe before opening her eyes. 

Luke had watched Carmela as she opened her eyes and gasped. he hadn’t exactly thought through how Carmela would react to him climbing into her hospital room through the window.

“Do you believe me now?” Luke asked setting his feet down on the floor. He took a step back, giving Carmela space. 

“, I guess” Carmela stuttered, not knowing what to say. The initial shock still there.

“Look, I just came here to see if you were okay” Luke sighed, side stepping over to the window. “If you want, I can leave” 

“No, wait” Carmela found herself saying. “Who are you?“.

“I can’t tell you” Luke answered. He knew the risk that he faced if anybody found out his real identity. Scientist would want to test on him, reporters would want to question him. He didn’t want to begin to think what could possibly happen to his family and friends.

“Oh, why not?” Carmela asked in thought. She let her eyes wander down the Kryptonians figure. Her eyes trailing over the defined muscles and back up to Luke’s half covered face. She stared for a bit before focusing on the words the Kryptonian was saying.

“It wouldn’t be the best thing if anyone found out who I was” Luke chuckled lightly even though he knew very well that this was no joke.

“Okay” Carmela looked down. She couldn’t help but wonder who was hidden behind that mask. Was it someone she knew? Was it someone from her school? Were they even her age? She couldn’t stop those thought from wondering into her head.

“Sorry” Luke felt the need to apologise, not being able to help it after visible upsetting his mate.

“Don’t apologise, I understand” Carmela shook her head. Luke looked around awkwardly before walking over to the window.

“I’ve got to go” He said, turning to look at Carmela.He didn’t want to leave but he knew that Carmela needed rest.

“Will you come back tomorrow?” Carmela found herself asking the masked figure in front of her. An unexplainable desire to know more about Shadow had made her ask the question.

“Maybe” Luke found himself saying before quickly flying out the window. He knew that what he was getting himself into, but he couldn’t help but want to go back to Carmela.

Carmela felt agitated from the vague answer. She was more of a solid answer kind of girl. Carmela couldn’t help but feel intrigued by Shadow, she knew that this wasn’t the first ever superhero that has gone public but there was something about Shadow that brought her in more than all the other superheroes did.

She fell asleep that night with Shadow on her mind, not knowing why.

“How did it go with your soul mate yesterday?” Daphne asked as she and Luke met up at the bus stop for school the next day. She had a cheeky grin on her face as she wiggled her eyebrows up and down.

“Well, she technically didn’t see me?” Luke said, he looked up at Daphne.

Oh was she asleep or something?” Daphne asked. Not understanding why Luke was acting the way he was.

“The first time I went to see her she was asleep” Luke explained.

“What do you mean ‘the first time’?” Daphne asked. Luke cursed at himself, he didn’t want to have to explain to Daphne what he had done as Shadow because she can react in two different ways. One being super happy that Luke introduced Shadow to Carmela. Or two, she smacks Luke and tells him what he did was dodgy and that he should never do it again.

Luke was really hoping for the first reaction.

So I might have kind of went to visit Carmela as Shadow last night” Luke mumbled, he looked at Daphne trying to read her expression.

He was caught off guard when Daphne brought her hand up and smacked him right on the arm.

“What were you thinking?” Daphne shrieked.Luke sighed, next time he’ll stick to not telling Daphne.

“I don’t know. I guess I wasn’t”

“Duh” Daphne huffed at her Kryptonian friend before hoping onto the bus that had conveniently just arrived.

“Look at it this way Daphne, this is the only way I’ll be able to properly get close to her. It would be a bit strange if I were to randomly start showing up at her hospital door after never talking to her” Luke reasoned with Daphne.

“And you showing up claiming to be a super hero with a mask on isn’t strange” She whisper-yelled back at Luke. Daphne was fully aware of the bus that was become more and more full of people.

“Okay look I get it, it’s not safe for her and I’ll stop. But I’m just going to see her one more time” Luke finally said. Daphne smiled at her friend and nodded, happy that she had finally got through to him. Daphne hated what she was doing but in the end it was for the best. If anything were to happen to Carmela, Luke would start blaming himself. And that was never pretty.

Later that same day during their lunch break Luke and Daphne were approached by Aiden, interrupting a heated conversation about Baby Yoda.

Yo, freak, I want to let you know that if you ever speak to my girlfriend again I’ll fry you. Got it? That little crush you have on her better leave or I’ll make it” He had now grabbed a hold of Luke’s shirt and lifted him off his seat and onto his feet.

Luke stared back at Aiden, lifting his hands up in surrender “Wow, calm down man” He cares about Carmela’s happiness, and if that is with Aiden he would stand back and be happy for her.

“Calm down? you’re here trying to steal Carmela from me and you tell me to calm down?” Aiden’s grip tightened on Luke’s shirt collar.

“Carmela isn’t some sort of object or possession to steal, she is a person. An amazing, intelligent and friendly person that deserves someone that treats her as such” Luke quickly defended Carmela; it was second nature to do so.

Oh and you think that person is you then?” Aiden asked aggressively, the words flying out of his mouth like venom.

“No, of course not. No man in the entire galaxy is worthy of her love”

“You’re weird, freak” Aiden let go of Luke’s collar and stepped back with a smirk on his face. “I really have nothing to worry about with you” He wiped his hands on his clothes as if they were dirty before giving Luke one last look and turning around to join his friends.

It was only now that Luke noticed that the whole cafeteria had stopped what they were doing and were now staring at the retreating figure that was Aiden. Carmela’s friends stared at Luke for a little longer before sitting back down at their lunch table and gossiping amongst themselves.

Luke sat back down and sighed. Daphne broke the silence “I bet that pig hasn’t even visited her in the hospital”.

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