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My Innocent love


Hello everyone this is my first time to writing. I read so many books and suddenly I thought why don't I try to write one. So here I am with my first story. So here is the sneak peak of story. Izaad Ibrahim Siddiqui POV. Today I am going there again. Oh Allah please make me strong and help me to find her. And he listen that beautiful anklet voice . Habiba sultan POV I am going there again but if he is not come. Don't think too much Habiba trust Allah. He'll come there surely.

Romance / Humor
Aayat Ahmed
Age Rating:

The innocent love


Izaad Ibrahim Siddiqui a young business in Karachi. He has a younger sister Jannat and twin brother of jannat Rayan. His father Mr Ibrahim Siddiqui is a leading business in Karachi and mother Asiya Ibrahim Siddiqui is a fashion designer. Izaad is coming from London after his masters and settled down the new business in London.

Habiba sultan is a assistant professor in university. She has a elder brother Arsh and younger sister Rimsha. His father mr.sultan is a cardiologist in government hospital and Arsh is also a cardiologist. Mahi is a clg student.

Izaad - 26 years

Habiba- 24 years

Arsh- 27 years

Rayan and Jannat- 19 years

Mahi- 18 years

I hope everything confirm in prologue if you guys have any confusion then feel free to ask me. Plzz guys motivate me this is my story and english is not my first language so plzz bear with me.

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