Castle of Dramatic Love

By Kitty-Twin89

Romance / Adventure

Of Twins and Blondes

"No! I'm not going and you can't make me!" Harry shouted down the corridor. Elizabeth shook her head for what seemed like thousandth time that morning.

"Yes, you are Harry, I need you." Elizabeth pouted. He was not the most thrilled person when she had told him the deal.

"What? No!" Harry yelled when Elizabeth went back over the conversation.

"I won't live with them, without you." Elizabeth stated. She did not want to live with the Prince of Slytherin and his father, alone. She felt a shiver come with the image.

"We hate each other; living with him would be a nightmare. Don't make me El." Harry pleaded. By then Elizabeth had started crying, trying to trick Harry into the deal. She did not attend theater camp for five years for nothing.

"No, don't cry. Please Elizabeth don't cry." Harry begged, trying to stop the water works. Which resulted in Elizabeth only cried harder.

"Fine! I'll live with you guys." Harry relented, defeated.

"Thanks Harry!" Elizabeth exclaimed, suddenly cheerful. She hugged her brother and quickly ran to her room to tell Hermione.

"Damn you, you little fox!" Harry yelled after her.

Now Elizabeth was basically dragging Harry down the corridor. Just because he agreed to go did not mean he was not going to try and fight. Elizabeth sighed, this was getting ridiculous. Then a wicked thought came to her head. Harry was still at the other end of the hall, now sitting and sulking. Elizabeth took off her belt and transfigured it into a leash. She quietly walked up behind Harry discreetly turning his tie into a collar. Before he had time to react she jumped him.

"Hey!" Harry shouted under the attack. Elizabeth attached the leash to the collar. Once the deed was done she admired her work. She then cast a spell to make sure he could not tamper with anything. His bullshit ended here.

"Get this thing off!" Harry demanded, tugging at the leash.

"No can do. It won't come off until we get to the room." Elizabeth laughed as his face changed several shades red.

"WHY!" Harry shouted, some passing by students students gave them strange looks, but said nothing.

"This way we get there sometime this week." Elizabeth replied sarcastically. She bent down and grabbed the leash.

Seeing as he could not win against her, he gave up. Harry picked up his bags and followed behind his sister. Students giggled at the site as they passed.

"I hate you." Harry murmured as they walked on.

"Love you too!" Elizabeth smiled, enjoying every minute of this. They continued down the hall towards the Slytherin rooms, but before they reached there they turned down another hall, closing in on their destination. The couple's rooms.

The twins arrived at the portrait where they were greeted by knight and a sleeping dragon.

"Password." The seemingly French knight demanded. Harry and Elizabeth looked at each other.

"Lying eyes." Elizabeth replied, having the knight bow. The portrait swung open and the twins stepped in. Elizabeth grabbed the leash and tugged it lightly, Harry following slowly behind.

'He was probably a Gryffindor.' Elizabeth thought to herself as the entered the lounge area. As they dropped their bags in the middle of the room the leash and collar around Harry's neck disappeared.

"Where are the royal pains?" Harry asked, looking around irritated, as if saying something about them would summon their presences.

"I'm a witch, not a psychic." Elizabeth answered looking around as well.

"You might as well be one." Harry laughed, giving his sister a smile.

"True that Har Har." Elizabeth laughed as well, think of all the predictions she made. Plus the ones that actually came true as well. The two both turned when they heard voices coming from the top of the stairs. Lucius and Draco were at the top looking down at them, looking as regal as all purebloods do. When Harry and Draco caught sight of one another, they entered a glaring contest. Lucius and Elizabeth could only shake their heads at the two.

'Why can't they just quit it already?' Elizabeth thought annoyed.

"Both of you knock it off, before I slap the stupid out of you." Elizabeth snapped. Glaring at both boys.

"Bring it El." Harry challenged. Elizabeth simply raised an eyebrow then lunged. She knocked him to the floor. Brother and sister rolled around until Elizabeth pinned Harry to the floor.

"Pinned ya." Elizabeth stated with a smirk. Harry squirmed around trying to get up.

"Lemme up." Harry chocked out, seeing as Elizabeth was not exactly the lightest person. Elizabeth stood holding her hand out to Harry and helped her brother up as well. He turned as if to walk away, but suddenly jumped her.

"Aah!" Elizabeth yelped, being knocked to the floor. Once again they rolled on the floor like small children, but Elizabeth ended up victorious once more.

"Pinned ya again." Elizabeth slurred. Both laughed at their antics until they heard a growling coming from behind the chair which they were in front of.

Draco was glaring at them, a growl coming from low his throat. Lucius was standing next to him, a hand on his shoulder. Draco continued to glare at Harry, who was still lying on the floor, until something hit him in the head. Hard.

Elizabeth had taken off her shoe and thrown it at him, growing tired of his actions. Draco stepped to one side of the table, closest to the fireplace, while Elizabeth was on the other side.

"What was that for?" Draco snapped back.

"You're not some wild animal, so stop the growling." Elizabeth commanded.

"Then tell Potter to keep his distance." Draco quickly replied.

"One, not likely. Two, I'm also a Potter and I don't appreciate the way you treat him," Elizabeth seethed, "I'm not like other witches. I'm not above crotch shots, so watch yourself." Draco stared at the girl dumbfounded; he had never been spoken to like that, especially from a girl. Ever in his life.

Lucius cleared his throat from the chair he had claimed while their little yelling match ensued. All three turned and looked at him.

"I would prefer if we didn't kill each other please," Lucius started calmly, "This is going to be different and a challenge.

"We need to try and live peacefully. I for one can't deal with the constant bickering and you all acting like children."

"Agreed." The twins answered simultaneously. Draco simply nodded at his father. Before anyone could say something more Elizabeth grabbed her bags from the side of the table and jumped over the couch. She hopped up the stairs, stopping at the top, turning to the three men.

"Shot through the heart and you're to blame. You give love a bad name!" Elizabeth sang then disappeared to her room. Harry chuckled at his sister's antics, she loved to leave with a bang.

"Potter." Draco called, calling Harry's attention back to him.

"What?" Harry asked, eyeing the blonde.

"Watch yourself, if my Veela side feels you are a threat, I will not hesitate to defend Elizabeth." Draco stated firmly, this only angered Harry.

"She's my sister and I don't need her to be mistreated by the likes of you. So you better watch yourself as well." Harry said in the same tone. Lucius sat there, trying to pretend that he was not listening, but making sure that neither of the boys resorted to blows. Elizabeth silently giggled from the other side of her door. The doors were not that thick and the two idiots were not being exactly quite. She had already began forming a plan to make them equal on all playing fields.

'Silly boys,' She thought, 'pranks are for girls.'

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