Castle of Dramatic Love

By Kitty-Twin89

Romance / Adventure

Caffeine and Angels

Elizabeth for once since she started Hogwarts, decently. Most of the time her insomnia kept her awake, which is why she drank so much coffee. Which she realizes is not the healthiest of choices. She stretched out slightly, but froze. Her pillow was hard and warm. Pillows are fluffy, not hard, unless they were of terrible quality. Elizabeth opened her eyes to see the common room of her new room. Rolling over she looked up, and smiled at the sight.

Draco Malfoy was asleep against the couch, in the most undignified way. Seems he had fallen asleep last night when she did. She sat up and stretched out her arms, looking at Draco she blushed. It seemed that instead of leaving her to suffer on the couch, she had fallen asleep in his lap. As quiet as possible she got and walked to the dining area. Elizabeth needed coffee; wait no, a cappuccino this morning. She found the coffee maker and poured in the mix. Now all she had left to do was wait. Casting a Tempus, which said it was about seven thirty, she guessed they were not going to school, again. While the cappuccino was on its way, Elizabeth ran upstairs to change into some comfier clothes. Unlike her Veela and Harry, Elizabeth owned quite a bit of Muggle clothing. She decided on a pair of black yoga pants and a large fitting Snoopy t-shirt. She returned downstairs to discover Draco awake on the couch.

“Good morning Starshine, the Earth says hello!” Elizabeth greeted happily. Draco jumped slightly, cursing to himself at being caught unaware, and then smiled.

“Good morning, Elizabeth. Did you sleep well?” Draco asked politely.

“Yeah, I slept better than I have in a long time.” Elizabeth admitted. She had not admit this to anyone, but Harry of course, but she hated Hogwarts and how there was no background noise. The dead silence freaked her out a bit. Okay, maybe a lot.

“That’s good. But why haven’t you slept well?” Draco asked curiously. Elizabeth bit her lip in hesitation. To tell or not to tell? That was the question. She decided to downplay and give half the truth.

“It’s nothing. I have a slight case of insomnia.” Elizabeth stated, without looking at him. Elizabeth returned to the kitchen when she heard the coffee machine go off. She went back to fixing her pumpkin cappuccino when she heard Draco get up. Hopefully he was going upstairs or to the bathroom. Elizabeth suddenly felt hands on her shoulders, turning her around. Yeah, Draco did not go anywhere she wished he had.

“Why haven’t you told anyone?” Draco asked worried.

“Because it’s not a big deal. A lot of Muggle teens have insomnia, Draco. Plus I’ve told Harry.” Elizabeth answered, and the resident Medi-with, Madame Pompfrey, but no way was that fact coming to light at the moment.

“You’re not a Muggle teen, you’re a witch. Maybe we should take you to see Madame Pompfrey or Severus.” Draco mused. Well, seems there was no way around that little tidbit now.

“I’ve already talked to her about it. She said if I need a Sleeping Draught or a Dreamless Sleep, to just come and see her. I’m fine Draco. Honestly.” Elizabeth explained, wishing he would drop the subject. She had dealt with this since she was about twelve or thirteen, so it honestly was not a concern of hers.

“Okay, but if you need anything, you know you can come to me right? Or father? We’re here to help, don’t forget that.” Draco stated firmly. He wanted her to understand he was not going to hurt her, literally. If he hurt her emotionally, he would feel the pain. If he hurt her physically, he would share the same marks he received. Veelas could not harm their mates in any form.

“I promise.” Elizabeth swore. Then on pure instinct or random instinct, not caring which, Elizabeth leaned forward and kissed Draco’s nose. In return Draco hugged Elizabeth, even though his mind was running a thousand miles a minute. She had made the first move! Instead of him! That meant she was beginning to trust him, and the Veela inside him could not be happier.

“We’re not going to school again today are we?” Elizabeth inquired as she walked over to the chair to drink her, basically, diabetes in a cup.

“No, we’ve been given three days. One to get to know each other, and two because as a Veela, I will most likely hex anyone that came within four meters of you.” Draco explained.

“Oh, okay. I guess Harry went to school this morning though?” Elizabeth questioned, noting as Harry was not up and about already. Not that he was an early riser to begin with. Neither of them were.

“Yes, he left earlier. He’s not a Veela or a Veela’s mate, so he has to go.” Draco answered, leaning into the couch, and Elizabeth nodded, leaning back in the chair. They sat there in a comfortable silence, but Elizabeth became antsy.

“Do you mind if we listen to some music?” Elizabeth asked, setting her cup down.

“Sure. I don’t see the harm in that.” Draco answered happily, but wondering how she was possibly going to do just that. Elizabeth stood up, went to the dining area and retrieved her radio and a large stack of CDs. Who said Muggle objects would not work in Hogwarts? Especially ones that were heavily spelled.

Elizabeth sat back down and flipped through her CD collection, and at last decided on some Poison.

“What are we going to listen to?” Draco asked curiously, looking at her radio.

“You’ll see.” Elizabeth teased. It was one of her favorite songs by them.

She stepped off the bus out into the city streets

Just a small town girl with her whole life

Packed in a suitcase by her feet

But somehow the lights didn't

shine as bright as they did

On her mama's TV screen

And the work seemed harder

And the days seemed longer

Than she ever thought they'd be

But you know you got to stick to your guns

When it all comes down

Cause sometimes you can't choose

It's like heads they win

Tails you're gonna lose

Win big--Mama's fallen angel

Lose big--living out her lies

Wants it all--Mama's fallen angel

Lose it all, rolling the dice of her life

Now she found herself in the fast lane living day to day

Turned her back on her best friends, yeah

And let her family slip away

Just like a lost soul

caught up in the Hollywood scene

All the parties and the limousines

Such a good actress hiding all her pain

Trading her memories for fortune and fame

Just a step away from the edge of a fall

Caught between heaven and hell

Where's the girl I knew a year ago

Win big--Mama's fallen angel

Lose big--living out her lies

Wants it all--Mama's fallen angel

Lose it all, rolling the dice of her life

Too much too soon

Or just a little too late

Cause when her ship came in

She wasn't there and it just wouldn't wait

Win big--Mama's fallen angel

Lose big--living out her lies

Wants it all--Mama's fallen angel

Lose it all, rolling the dice of her life!

“What was that exactly?” Draco asked confused. Music like that was not common knowledge to the wizarding world, more so to those who were considered pureblood.

“Fallen Angel by Poison.” Elizabeth chirped happily.

“How is that music?” Draco questioned, causing Elizabeth to sigh.

“I’m a Muggle Draco, remember that. It just reminds me a lot about how I feel. Me being the one gambling in this world, not knowing whether I’m winning or losing. Leaving my family and old life behind.” Elizabeth said sadly, causing Draco’s face softened.

“I understand. How about we do something fun?” Draco suggested, trying to find a happier subject.

“How about a prank together?” Elizabeth suggested, at which Draco paled just slightly. Before Draco even had a chance to react, Elizabeth was up and gone, flying to her room. Draco just stared at where she had been previously sitting and seriously wondering how in the hell his mate moved so fast. He turned just in enough time to see Elizabeth coming back down the stairs, several rolls of parchment in her hands.

“Do I even want to know what those are exactly?” Draco commented, eyeing the scrolls as Elizabeth laid them on the table. She chose to ignore him for the moment, trying to pick the perfect prank. The prank was only slightly revenge, mostly because a certain ginger had tried hitting on her. Again. Elizabeth internally sighed. She knew Hermione liked Ron, but would never act on anything and Ron was too dense to pick up on it.

“I told you, I learned a lot from the twins. These are a couple of my own creations, with assistance of course.” Elizabeth remarked, puffing up with pride. When she first came to Hogwarts, she knew things would be different. She was never super girly, not there was anything wrong with that, but even in the wizarding world boys were stupid. Pureblood and half-bloods alike.

For some odd reason, she and the Weasley twins just clicked, and it was instant friendship from day one. They taught her everything they knew, since the family never really appreciated the talent it took to do and make the pranks. Elizabeth, as she learned the first few weeks of class, had a knack for charms. The twins were over the roof when they found that out. This meant she could help create and ever fix the charms they were using or had used.

“Don’t mind me when I say that statement doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.” Draco groaned, having a very distinct feeling that at a minimum three of those scrolls were going to be used on him.

“Good. Means I’m doing my job right.” Elizabeth stated, returning her attention to the scrolls. Some were too harsh for what she wanted to do, other were not enough. She almost thought she would have to make a new one until she picked up the last one. Eyeing it over for a refresher, Elizabeth slowly smiled like the Cheshire cat. Excellent.

“I take it you figured out what you’re doing?” Draco sighed from where he was leaning back on the couch.

“Yep! And since everyone else is in class, and I know for a fact that the dorms will be empty, we’re doing this now!” Elizabeth exclaimed, jumping up snatching the parchment and Draco’s hand.

“Wha-!” Draco tried to voice, but before he knew it, Elizabeth was running out the door and down the hallway, giggling. Deciding to just enjoy the moment with his mate, Draco smiled and ran alongside her. Elizabeth was barely aware of Draco near her, planning out her prank and the fact that she had left something very important in her room. For them, it was time to come home.

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