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Star Wars: Tales of a Jedi Knight

By Andrew Coman

Scifi / Adventure

Star Wars: Tales of a Jedi Knight

Chapter 1

Dantooine; one of the most peaceful planets in the Outer Rim. Filled with grasslands, rivers and lakes. Farmers worked in the fields and battles were waged on the world in the many wars that occurred thought the galaxy including the Clone wars which ended 19 years ago.

The Clone Wars, a war waged for 4 years were the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order fought against the Confederacy of Independents Systems. However it was all lie used to destroy the enemies of the Sith. To destroy the Jedi, the Republic, and the CIS. This war had changed the galaxy; the Galactic Republic was gone, replaced by a Galactic Empire that has taken almost complete control over the galaxy plunging it into near darkness. The Jedi Order was gone, with almost all the Jedi dead, betrayed by the Clones or hunted down by the Sith Lord, Darth Vader, and other dark force users to be killed or captured and turned to the Dark side to become another servient to Vader and Palpatine.

It was honestly pitiful; the Jedi Order one of the greatest orders in the galaxy was now nothing but a tiny group of survivors who were now in hiding. Hiding like the Sith had done for millennia. The surviving members of the Order had chosen to give up being Jedi living a normal life or in exile. Even fewer were trying to challenge the Empire. Doing whatever they could to show that the Jedi were still alive and fighting against the tyrannical dictatorship of the Empire. Nevertheless, as the years went by more and more Jedi were slain their deaths being broadcasted all over the news. Thus leaving the biggest question. Did they deserve it? The Republic had become corrupt and the Jedi grew arrogant over the years not realizing the Sith Lord was right in front of them all this time. So did they deserve this?

Yes….they DID deserve it.

That was the very thought the man was thinking as he sat there in his room staring blankly at the opposite wall. “Serves them right…” He spoke aloud in his house.

Vincent “Vince” Silverton was his name, and he was a Jedi Knight. Correction, former Jedi Knight.

Vince, like other force sensitives was taken into the Jedi Order and trained to become a Jedi Knight. A prodigy student in the ways of the Force and skilled with a lightsaber. He like other Jedi fought bravely in the Clone Wars and through the many battles which had shown his loyalty to the Republic and Jedi, bravery in the face of battle, and leadership on the battlefield, showed the Council he was ready to take the trials. Take the trails he did and passed thus obtaining the rank of Jedi Knight. He was most pleased that he had passed but nevertheless life still wasn’t easy. The war, the responsibilities, and…stress. The stress of the countless battles fighting in. The destruction, the chaos, and death. The death of thousands of lives taken in this damnable war. Jedi, clones, and civilians, all killed in the grand plan orchestrated by Palpatine to eliminate all his enemies.

By the war’s end at the age of 23, Vincent had become a battle harden war veteran. Coming to trust his instincts and quick reflexes more than the Force. He put his trust in the Force nonetheless, he was still a Jedi. Still it was thanks to these reflects and instincts that saved his life when Order 66 was commenced. He closed his eyes still remembered it like it was yesterday.

The young man sat in his quarters meditating his eyes closed his lightsaber floating in front of his. His body was always on alert ready to spring into action should something happen but his mind was a peace. A month ago he had gotten word that a CIS surprise attack had happened at Coruscant and the Chancellor was kidnapped by the supreme leader of the droid army, General Grievous. It had looked bad but in the end the battle of won and not only was the battle won, but the Chancellor was rescued and the leader of the Separatist, Count Dooku, who had ones been a Jedi now Sith Lord, was killed by Anakin Skywalker, thus bringing the war one step closer to a Republic victory. All was well now. Soon, very soon, peace would be achieved and the war would finally be over.

Just then there came footsteps down the hall and stopping at his door and just before the door was open there was silence. Just total silence before words were spoken.

“It will be done by Lord."

My lord? Who was his commander speaking to? Whoever this lord was he had a bad feeling about it. Rising to his feet he turned and watching the door open revealing Clone Commander Flash.”

“Commander Flash,” Vince was suspicious about what had happened and wanted to get to the point. “Who was that lord you spoke to?” His eyes glanced down at the commanders weapons. Sure enough he saw Flash very so slowly reaching for his pistol. His looked back at the helmet not sure what expression was being made behind it. Was it anger, regret, or nothing but an emotionless stare? He wouldn’t know the answer but he knew the clone was going to kill him. Why? Because this lord ordered him to. He narrowed his eyes at the clone. “Flash, before you kill me answer this last order. What is Order 66 and who was this Lord you spoke to?”

The commander wrapped his fingers around the handle of his pistol preparing to draw it. Flash stared at the Jedi. Should he reveal who gave him the order to kill his superior officer? Why not, he was going to kill him anyway. He was sure that the truth would probably stun him giving him time to put a blaster bolt between his eyes. “Order 66, is the contingency order given to all Clones across the galaxy to kill there Jedi officer should they rebel against the Republic and command can only be issued by the Supreme Chancellor who has given the order. I’m sorry sir, you were a great leader but orders are orders.”

Vincent felt as if a lightsaber had gone through him. He felt as if his soul was ripped out of his body. Order 66 was a plan to kill all the Jedi and the Supreme Chancellor can only authorize it!? But why would Palpatine insert an order like that for the Clones to follow? Were the Jedi really rebelling against the Republic? No. That couldn’t be why, there had to be another reason. The only beings who wanted the Jedi completed wiped out was…the….Sith.

Vincent’s eyes widened with revelation and horror. Of course! Now it all fit together! The war, the clones, the Jedi’s number decreasing! Palpatine was Darth Sidious and that meant that Dooku was his student! Yet he allowed Dooku to be killed…to be killed by….

“Anakin…” The words were like a whisper in the wind at realizing what the whole goal was. Palpatine orchestrated the war to kill all his enemies and turn Anakin to the Dark Side to make him his new apprentice. Just then a wave of pain shot through him. He felt as if he was having a heart attack, electrocuted by lighting and being shot millions of time! He could feel it! All across the galaxy, clones murdering Jedi behind their backs! He felt their deaths in a wave of pain.

Agen Kolar, Saesee Tiin, Kit Fisto, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Aayla Secura, Stass Allie, Plo Koon, Luminara Unduli,, and thousands more Jedi’s deaths were being felt through the Force all across the galaxy. Vincent was in agonizing pain from the deaths he felt. A scream escaped his mouth but no sound came for the pain was excruciating to feel. His eyes still wide with terror, pain, and sadness saw the Clone draw his pistol and it was as if time seem to slow. His mind was racing franticly at the loss of his fellow Jedi. He wanted to save them but could do nothing but feel their deaths. However, if he couldn’t save them he could at least save himself. Focusing his mind on the here and now. He opened himself up to the Force. Raising his hands he called forth the Force and unleased a powerful blast at the Clone launching him right into the door. The blast was so powerful the door itself was blasted off into the hall with Flash smashing into it.

Vince summoned his weapon to his hand and activated it shooting out a green blade from the silver cylinder shaped hilt. Nothing wanting to give the Clone time to recover or to call reinforcements he flung his weapon at the clone. It fly at its target like a boomerang and behead the Clone before he could before he could dodge, scream for help, or fire his weapon. The helmet flew through the air and the headless body went lump against the wall. Vincent stared at the corpse for a couple minutes till he felt something wet roll down his cheeks.

He was crying?

A finger brush his cheek and sure enough there was a tear now on the tip of his finger. He sighed and dried his eyes. He would cry later for now he needed to get the hell off the ship and deep into the Outer Rim. This was not gonna be easy. Clones were completely different from battle droids. They could think, aim, and take cover. Plus his robes wouldn’t be any help he would be cut down in the clothing he wore. Shutting off his weapon he dragged the clone into his cabin to hide the body.

His eyes reopened remembering the escape wasn’t easy. He had to do the best to avoid patrols searching for him. He had been nearly spotted many times. In the end with the Force guiding him he made it to the hanger and bolted for a V-wing Starfighter just as they discovered there dead commander and him making his escape. Commandeering the swift fighter he flew to the planet and hid their till he was able to seek transportation to the Outer Rim. Along the way he had been doing what he could to help those in need till he arrived on Dantooine. Now here he was in his little farm house in the farmlands living the life as a farmer blending in with the population like a needle in a haystack. Sliding off his bed he went to the refresher to clean his face. Splashing cold water on his face he looked up into the mirror staring back at his reflection at how much he had changed. The years had not been kind to him. His green eyes that shinned like emeralds now held a dull grey look to them. Ones neatly combed and kept clean was midnight black hair ending at his neck, now long messy and white as snow. It had turned that color due to all the stress he had to cope with from the tragedy of the Jedi Order’s destruction, the Republic’s fall and the Empires rise to power, on his chin was a matching white bushy bear from not shaving. His fair skin has slowly taking on a greyish shade from almost always being away from society and lastly was his personality. No longer a warrior he was but a broken man with nothing to live for and his ability to use the Force had diminished greatly in exile. He scratch his chin beneath his bushy beard.

He really needed a shave.

Exiting the refresher he entered the tiny kitchen and searched through the refrigerator for anything. Another sight escaped his lips. Nothing to eat like always. He could go into the town and try to be social to the locals. Ah why the hell not.

“Look, look its old man Vince!” Said a child pointing to the clocked bearded man.

Vincent was known to the people as “Old man Vince” because he did look like an old man, even if he was 42. He strolled along the sidewalk passing bystanders keep his eyes out from anything suspicious. He had no idea was happened in the known galaxy due to isolation in his farmhouse. Nevertheless he knew were to gain knowledge on what was happening. Strolling over to the cantina he halted for a minute feeling something rush through him. Like an echo of a wind and voices of thousands of people crying out in joy.

What had just happened? Was that…The Force?

He shook his head and proceeded into the cantina fading into the crowed. His eyes flickering to the many different beings that packed the place. Reaching the bar he paid for his usual drink and prepared to take a drink when someone burst into the cantina causing all to look at him.

It was a young man whose face was filled with joy and a smile so wide his face looked ready to split in half! His eyes looked around the building. Inhaling and yelled so everyone inside and outside could hear him.


The cantina fell silent at the news. Did he just say the Death Star the battle station that destroyed Alderaan had been destroyed itself?

The man looked at the people. “IT’S TRUE!” He screamed again with more joy. “THE REBEL ALLIANCE DESTORYED THE DEATH STAR! LOOK ON THE NEWS!” He was so happy he didn’t lower his voice.

The bartender flipped the station and sure enough recordings of the massive grey planet shaped battle station was being shown exploding. The image replayed over and over and over again till it faded and the face of a young beautiful woman appeared on it.

“Citizens of the galaxy. I am princess Leia Organa, daughter of Bail Organa, leader of the Rebel Alliance. The Alliance has dealt a heavy blow to the Galactic Empire. We have destroyed there deadly battle station the Death Star at Yavin 4. Many brave heroes gave their lives in the battle that occurred in the space above Yavin and there sacrifice was not in vain. With the death of Governor Tarkin my father and the people of Alderaan have been avenged. This is a turning point in the war. We will continue to fight the Empire but we need your help in freeing the galaxy. It may look impossible but it’s not. We can win and when we do the Republic that one’s proudly stood for democracy, peace, and freedom will be restored. Help up in our cause, help us fight for freedom for the galaxy. Long live the Republic and May the Force be with you all!”

Then the image of Leia Organa faded leaving the screen blank.

All was silent again with no sound coming from anyway. Suddenly howls of victory cries, cups being slammed on the table, and applauses filled the building and was soon echoed onto the streets. Yells of “Freedom” and “Long live the Rebellion” were chanted in the cantina as well as “Down with the Empire” All around people celebrated the Alliance victory with tears of joy, friendly hugs, and many vowing to join the Rebel’s fight for freedom against tyranny. All while this happened nobody noticed the clocked man quickly leave.

Vincent had made hast to his house silent all the way. His mind echoed with the cheers of the civilians and the news that had just occurred. His mind replying the image of Death Star’s destruction and Princess Leia’s message.

He had forgotten that there was Civil War going on in the Galaxy. A war between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance. When he heard of it he thought it was foolish for them to take on the might of the Empire. Yet…he was proven wrong. This event had proven that the Empire could be defeated. Darth Vader, and the Emperor could be killed, and the Republic can be restored. Joyful as this was the former Jedi’s heart ached at the death of the king of Alderaan. Bail Organa had been a good man and his death must have left a big impact on the Rebel’s. Although, he never remembered Bail having a child before. Or maybe he did? He didn’t know the man well enough but that didn’t matter now. Bail was dead and his daughter survived through his blood.

Then there was the event right before he entered the cantina. That fain breeze and the voices, could it be the Force. Had it really come back to him? It had been so long since had used it. Had it told him of the battle of Yavin? Was it telling him to become a Jedi again? If so then maybe…if he could just try it.

Closing his eyes he furrowed his brow in concentration muttering to himself. “Open up myself to the Force. Feel the Force around me.” Suddenly he could felt as if a gentle breeze had flow through his body. Concentrating more he opened his mind letting the Force flow into his body, then out. Even though his eyes were closed he could see a flicker of light in the darkness. The flicker grew into a fire and began to envelop him in warmth. As the warm feeling flowed through his body he could faintly hear the sounds of battle. Blaster fire, ships roaring through space, lightsabers clashing against one another, and then…all was quiet. Silent as a mouse but still the warm feeling was there. Reopening his eyes, the Jedi suddenly felt an emotion he hadn’t felt since the Clone Wars, and for the first time in many years Vincent smiled. His fighting spirit had returned.

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