Star Wars: Tales of a Jedi Knight

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A great victory had been scored by the Rebel Alliance and the news spread across the galaxy like fire. In every star system, on every planet, beings of billions of different races, Human, Twi’lek, Rodian, Gran, Wookie, and many other beings in the galaxy began taking up arms to fight against the Empire. Star systems who had stayed neutral began declaring their independence to fight for freedom against the Empire.

Deep within the blackness of space on the edge of the Outer Rim the Rebel Alliance a motley fleet of ships glided gently through it like boats sailing on water. Each ship had all eyes and scanners on the alert for any activity whether it be star fighter patrols returning from scout missions, people coming to join the Rebels, or the Empire. Everyone was hoping the last though wouldn’t happen. For they all knew the Empire would be out for revenge due to glorious victory at Yavin 4. After that battle the Alliance fleet was to be scatter for the time being till Admiral Ackbar ordered them to reunite again.

In the main hanger of the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, which was the flagship named Alliance, a group of sentient beings were sitting chatting amongst themselves. They were all part of the fighter group Green Squadron. Starting as a small five man squad. They steadily grew larger as the war carried on and as of now it had a squad of thirty pilots.

Among the pilots were two identical humans. Both fair skinned, buzz cut brown hair, and black eyes. They were twins, twins who had chosen to fight the Empire in the cockpit of a Starfighter. There’s names were Apex and his little brother Ajax Monroe. They were dubbed “The Monroe twins” Young, witty, and light hearted; the Monroe twins had joined the Alliance after hearing of the destruction of Alderaan. They swore to bring justice to the Empire after learning of the heinous crimes committed that day.

As the chatting continue a man in his mid-30s stepped past the seated pilots glancing at each one. This man was the flight commander of Green Squadron, Commander Tux Remus. He like many others joined the Rebellion after learning of the villainous acts committed by the Empire. He chose to fight the Empire on the frontlines in a starship. As a pilot were he could show the Imperials he could fight. He obtained leadership of Green Squad after its previous leader perished in battle. Now it was up to him to lead these people his comrades to victory and safely through battle. Reaching his spot he spun around and stared at the pilots a solid smile on his face at seeing the many faces of them all. So young, so many young people willing to fight for freedom. He proud they would fight but sad that such young people would rather fight then live life peacefully. Though they must have suffered to the Empire’s wrath, or had enough of their evil ways.

Clearing his throat he spoke. “Greetings everyone,” He announced loudly to gain the pilots attention. “As you have all heard. The Rebellion has struck a huge blow at Yavin. The Death Star was destroyed two months ago.” He stopped to allow the pilots to applause and cheer for the victory. “Those who perished in the battle shall not be forgot. There brave deeds in that battle shall never be forgotten. They will always be remember as the heroes who sacrifice lives to destroy the battle station that obliterated Alderaan. Those who died there can rest in peace, for they have all been avenged. However,” His face and voice took a serious tone. “I did not summon you all here just to retell you what has happened at Yavin 4. The admiral has requested we give the new B-Wing’s a test run.”

“Alright!” Shouted Apex. The elder twin roared. “Bout time we get to try these bad girls out!”

“Agreed Apex,” Remus replied. “Special thanks to Admiral Ackbar, B-wings are being constructed in the Mon Calamari shipyards and supplied to the Rebellion. The fighter has proved to be a formidable foe to the Empire, and a major advantage for us. The reason so is because these fighters those small, have the fire power to take on large imperial starships. We are going to test the B-wings by attacking the Empire. Captain, the floor is yours.” Then the elder pilot took the empty seat.

The captain was a Twi’lek with blue skin. She spoke in a clam tone as a holographic projector activated showing a battle plan. “Long range scouts found an Imperial prisoner platform holding hundreds of civilians and Rebel soldiers. The Admiral believes it is time to show the full power of the B-wing’s in action. You will launch from the Alliance and jump to the platforms coordinates were you’ll be rendezvousing with Captain Nemo’s flagship, Nautilus As soon as your exit hyperspace, Nemo will begin the attack. Fighter squads from his fleet will join the attack to provide support fire and protection to the transports that will board the station and rescue the prisoners. After the last prisoner has been rescued, Nautilus will destroy the station while the fighters protect the transports as they escape to hyperspace. When the station is destroyed your squad will return to the Nautilus and stay there. The admiral has reassigned you to Nemo’s fleet because he is in dire need of B-wing firepower. More will be supplied to him but right now you’re the only squad who can reach him. Unfortunately, we only have 20 B-wings so the rest of Green squad must stay aboard the Alliance. Still, I have full confidence in all of you that this mission will be a success. It’s been an honor having you aboard the Alliance Green Squad. Good luck and May the Force be with you.”

The pilots of Green Squad rose from their seats following there flight commander while chatting more.

“Reassigned, that’s a shocker.” A Rodian said in his native tongue.

“You said it Pollo. I’m surprised myself. At least we get to fight the Empire in B-wings!” Apex said gleefully excitement rushing through his veins at the chance to fly the new fighter.

His twin shared the same excitement as his big brother. “Can’t believe we’re gonna get to fly em brother.” Ajax said glancing at him and Pollo. “I hope you’ll make it through the battle boys.”

One by one the pilots of Green squad climbed into the B-wing’s that were being fueled and armed. Strapping himself him Remus looked over the console as he activated the ship. He slid the helmet on and looked forward awaiting the order for takeoff. Before doing so he flipped on the com channel to the B-wings and spoke to those who would join him in the battle. “Alright boys this is it. When we enter hyperspace there’s no turning back. Will be leaving the Alliance and moving to Captain Nemo and the Nautilus if anyone wishes to back out say now and exit your fighter.” He await for any reply when we got none he continued. “Very well. Then we 20 shall depart to help Captain Nemo. Green leader to Command checking in.”

“Affirmative Green Leader all signs show green. Fuel filled, weapons armed all systems check out. You are clear for launch. Happy hunting Green Leader.” The command voice reply.

“Thanks Command. May for the Force be with you.” Slowly he began to lift the ship off the ground and then moved forward to the exit. The grey square hall was replaced by vast empty space. Loosening his fingers on the flight controls he spoke into the mike attached to the helmet. “All wings report in.”

“Green 2 Standing by.”

“Green 3 Standing by.”

“Green 4 Standing by.”

“Green 5 Standing by.”

“Green 6 Standing by.”

“Green 7 Standing by.”

“Green 8 Standing by.”

One by one Remus listened into his com as each pilot gave out there call sign till Green 20 called out finishing the sound off. “Green Squad, double check everyone will be entering hyperspace time minus 20 seconds.”

“This is Green 9, all systems good.”

“Green 18, all is green.”

“Green 2 to Green Leader all systems are 100%. Were ready sir.”

“Then let’s go save some prisoners. Green Squad lock on and jump to lightspeed.” He punched in the coordinates to the prison and then pulled on the leaver till he saw the stars begin to zoom away till he was flying through a giant blue tunnel. He and Green Squad were in hyperspace. Closing his eyes he waiting till it was time to for battle.

An hour later alarms began to blare awakening the elder man. The hyperspace exit was coming up. “Green Squad prepare for battle!” He ordered his hand on the hyperspace lever reading to exit hyperspace. He counted down the seconds 3…2…1…

He threw the level back and the blue tunnel was turned back into normal space. White dotted stress with black sea, and not too far off where 7 GR-75 medium transport’s holding position outside of the battle while a Home one style Mon Calamari Cruise did battle with two Victory-Class Star Destroyers and lots and lots of dogfights going all around the platform. X-wings, Y-wings, and A-wings flying all around battling the thousands of TIE fighters and the new Interceptors. “Let’s go Green Squad our comrades need our help! Switch your deflector shields on all around. Charge cannons to full.” He threw the throttle forward and zoomed toward the battle his squad following behind. Quickly taping into his com he open communication with all flight leaders and the Cruiser. “Captain Nemo, this is Green Leader Tux Remus.”

No sound came first till a heavy voice with thick accent replied. “Green Leader, glad to see you boys. Show me what these new B-Wings can do Green Leader. Help my Nautilus destroy these warships. Focus on destroying the heavy defense my fighter squads can handle the Tie’s.”

“Copy that Captain.” Then turned the com off. “Green Squad you have your orders, focus fight on the star destroyers. Pick your targets and go!” The elder man made a sharp turn flying right toward the two destroyers exchanging turbolaser fire with the Cruiser. Green and red lasers flashing all around. “Use torpedo rain formation boy!” This was Remus usual battle tactic for capital ships. 6 ships would flying under the destroyer then swing upward behind it and loop around into a dive each one commencing a torpedo run on the destroyer’s bridge while the others provided protection form fighters. This time torpedo rain formation was smashing success in this battle. This was thanks to Captain Nemo’s capital ship concentrating fire on the Star Destroyers.

“Yahoo!” Cried Ajax. “Two down, four to go!”

“Were not done yet boys. Green Squad time to hit the station. Form up on me, fire two sets of torpedo’s till the shield drop then switch to ion cannons to disable it and be careful!”

One by one B-wings followed sped toward the large space station while the battle raged all around. In the B-Wing near the end of the line Ajax switched lasers to ion cannons preparing his turn on the assault. His scanners began to blare with alarms. “TIE’s approaching on all side!” He warned but stayed on target.

“We see them Green 9 but stay on target the fighters can deal with it!” Green leader replied. “Coming up upon the target. Commence attack!”

The B-wings spread out and began unleashing laser fire and torpedoes on the station. On the HUB of the prison the shield were dropping rapidly under the constant assault by the B-wing squad. Couple Y-wings assisted in the assault giving a quicker drop in the shields. Till at last they dropped to zero and a barrage of ion cannon fire from Green Squad disabled the prison.

“Green Leader to rescue team, the station is disabled you can commence boarding.”

“Copy that Green Leader were moving in now.”

The 5 Rebel transports fired up there engines advancing onto the station the solider aboard readied themselves for boarding operation.

Green 10 followed closely behind a TIE Fighter weaving left and right till he could get a good shot. His eyes darted to the lock on screen watching the fighter circle around the little hole until it stopped onto of it the quick beeping indicating he had a lock onto it. Pressing his fingers upon the buttons on the top of the wheel unleashing a rapid stream of red laser bolts at the fighter making it twice till it exploded into a ball of fire! The younger brother narrowed his eyes when the warning signals began going off. Glancing to his scanner his eyes filled with a little surprise and quickly flipped on the com. “Green 10 to Nautilus scanners have-”

“Picked up in coming ships.” Replied a female voice. “It doesn’t seem like a big force but we must hurry the rescue 40% of the prisoners have been rescued. Where almost there!”

Apex glanced to the left seeing two Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and an Immobilizer 418 cruiser. “Son of a bantha!” The young man swore. “We need to take out that Interdictor before we can go anywhere!”

“Calm down Green 10!”Green 9 called over the com. “Its nothings we can’t handle. What are your orders Green Leader?”

Remus destroyed another Tie Interceptor he looked up at the Imperial reinforcements. This was going to be a pain. No doubt they would need to destroy the Interdictor but those Star Destroyers would be a big problem those could destroy the transports and the Nautilus with their combine firepower! But they were in fighters they were small enough to evade the turbolasers, though they would need rearming of torpedoes. He broken from his train of thought when chatter came over the radio.

“Transports have completed boarding all prisoners have been rescued we are pulling away from the station. However there’s no way here getting out of here with that interdictor field online. It must be brought down before we can make the jump to lightspeed.”

“Affinitive Transport I,” Captain Nemo’s voice replied. “You’ll have to flee the battlefield as quick as you can and prepare coordinates for hyperspace. The Nautilus,and remaining fighters shall attack the Imperial reinforcements. Green group shall attack the Interdictor while Gold Squad assist Nautilus assault on the Star Destroyers, and Blue, Grey, Red Squad shall deal with the fighters, may the Force be with us all.”

“Yes sir, understood sir, may the Force be with us.”

“Captain Nemo,” Remus broke in. “Try and focus fire on the bridge and its generators. If we get these prisoners out of here we gotta wrap this battle up.” Though he got no reply he knew the Captain heard him and most likely would do it.

After the order was given all hell broke loose. X-wings, and A-wings engaged the TIE’s, while the Y-wing’s began there bombing runs on the Star Destroyers with Nautilus open fire on the closets one, and lastly the B-wings of Green Squad flew toward the Interdictor preparing to attack the large sword shaped ship.

Ajax glanced to the Star Destroyers the massive grey triangles seeing them unleash green lasers upon Green Squads new home as it returned fire with its own red turbolasers. Shaking his head he had to focus the mission not the outcome of the battle. He glanced this time to the right seeing his big brother Apex’s ship flying close by. He couldn’t bear to lose his big brother to the Empire. The same went with Apex. The twins loved each other dearly and always looked out for each other. Though skilled they weren’t Invincible and they both knew they would die eventually but for now they wanted to enjoy life and fight the Empire. He muttered a prayer and began his assault on the interdictor firing a barrage of laser fire upon the ship. Pulling out of his attack he swing hard to the right to commence another attack. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw two squads of Y-wings launch torpedoes on the interdictor. Though they didn’t penetrate the shields they didn’t drastically lower them.

Then an explosion came from above; one of the Star Destroyer’s had finally been destroyed, its bridge was nothing but a giant ball of flame. Soon, very soon they could get the hell out of there. The Mon Calamari cruiser wedged itself between the Star Destroyer and Interdictor. Obviously Nemo wanted to wrap this battle up. The Cruiser bombarded the two ships with turbolaser fire. The shields on the Interdictor were dropped at a rapid pace with concentrated fire from Nautilus B-wings and Y-wings. Finally the warship couldn’t handle the abuse and it was obliterated.

“About damn time!” Green 5 shouted with excitement while destroying another TIE.

“Well done! The transports are away now let’s mop up these Imperials!” Captain Nemo hollered through the com.

With the orders given the battle became one sided with the Rebellion destroying all remaining Imperials in the vicinity. With the last Imperial finished every pilot that survived the mission jumped to lightspeed with the Cruiser thus meeting up with the transports.

Remus sighed in relief at the victory. The prisoners were recused and the battle proved that the B-wings would a menace to Imperial warships. Tapping into his com he spoke in a tired tone, “Green Squad well done out there. You all showed superb flying drinks are on me!” He was replied with a chatter of cheers from his pilots. As he flew into the hanger the elder man many pilots await to greet him and his squad. Touching down on the deck he exited the rotating cockpit and was soon swarmed by greetings from fellow pilots.

“That superb flying!”

“Way to show the Empire!”

“Excellent work out there sir!”

Remus pushed his way through the crowd while returning compliments and handshakes. Till at last he reached his squad all 19 waiting for him with broad smiles etched onto their faces. Before he could speak he saw an elderly man approaching him wearing a captain uniform. “Captain on deck!” He hailed standing to attention with his squad. He eyed the Captain. He was tan skinned with hair black hair and a big bushy mustache, and his blue eyes held the look of a warrior who had seen many battles. There no doubt about it; this was Captain Nemo.

Captain Nemo keeping his eyes on the flight commander of Green Squad. He knew right away that he too had been a war veteran of the Clone Wars. Nemo’s role in the Clone Wars had been a ship commander. He like officers stayed on with the Empire till he chose to defect to the Rebellion. He looked at each man from Green Squad and sent a smile to them. “Congratulations pilots,” He started. “With your help the prisoner we saved will be returned to their homes or join the fight for freedom.” Locking eyes with Remus he put his hand out in a friendly handshake which the flight commander took. “I’m captain Nemo, commanding officer of the Nautilus,welcome aboard.”

“Tux Remus, flight commander of Green Squadron. It’s to be aboard.”

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