Star Wars: Tales of a Jedi Knight

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

They were coming, quickly, and in numbers he had to get off Antoine quickly. Then what? He couldn’t go to Yavin there was no doubt it was being besieged by the Empire but he still needed to get off planet and in contact with the Rebels. He shook his head and quickly left the house for the last time. If he ever went back to this planet he wouldn’t be going back here. He had nothing but clothes left. He had taken too steps before he stopped at the screeching coming toward him. His green eyes flickered to the sky and his face paled.

Zooming across the sky were swarms of the blue Tie Fighters escorting the white Imperial Sentinel-class landing craft, and following right behind was the ship that was deploying them. The massive grey triangle shaped Imperial-class Star Destroyer! The Empire had arrived and now the planet would be subjugated to their crude ways and all those Imperial vessels were heading straight to the city!

Vince swore over the engines of the ships and broke into a force enhanced run. Now that the Empire was here time would be short. They would most likely sent up checkpoints all around the city, ask for identification to those who would enter and leave the city. He called on the Force to double his speed to the city.

Almost there! He just had to get over the hill and…he stopped and again paled. He was too late. They were landing already! The Empire was storming the city! They were beginning there subjugation! Ones more he swore again and gritted his teeth while running a hand through his hair.

People glared at the white armored troops marching into the city being led by the grey armored officers leading them. Following behind the stormtroopers rows were the tall two legged imperial scout walkers, All Terrain Scout Transports and above in the sky TIE’s zoomed overhead as more landing craft touched out deploying there infantry carried within while others zoomed off to other cities and villages waiting to be occupied. Mothers hid their children while the men glared angrily at the soldier’s just itching to fight back.

As the crowed continued to watch the Imperials march into their city nobody notice the white haired ponytailed man silently making his way through the crowd catching glimpses of the stormtroopers. While he slipped between the crowed Vincent could hear the words of many people speaking.

“Damn Rebels because of their presences on our planet we’ve been dragged into the war and now the Empire has to come and occupy us.”

“You shouldn’t go blaming the Rebels bub! The Empire is the real threat! They kill civilians and destroy entire planets! Alderaan was a prime example of how evil they are!”

“Alderaan was planet supporting the Rebellion! They were secretly building super weapons on there!”

“Are you stupid!? They had NO weapons! They were peaceful and boom the Empire decides to use the Death Star and destroy them!”

Vince sighed sadly at the many arguing citizens. If they continued things would get real bad real quick!

“Attention citizens!” An Imperial commander bellowed. “This world is now under the control of the Empire! His majesty has decreed that all citizen who live here shall be given the best protection and that all who support the Rebellion are traitors to the Empire and shall be dealt with as such!”

After the speech the crowd erupted into chaos!

“Long live the Empire!” A voice called out from the crowd.

“Go back to the Core you bucket heads!”

“They have come to protect us! Glory to the Empire!”

“You ain’t protecting us your just gonna ship us off to labor camps!”

Before anything else could happen there was a loud booming nose from above and not far off came a short burst of turbolaser fire like a shower of green rain! The crowed stopped there shouting and quivered in fear at the power the star destroyed unleashed.

“That is a warning to all who will dare to oppose us!” The Imperial commander shouted again an evil cocky smile on his face enjoying the fear he saw in the people’s eyes. “I understand you don’t like our presence being here. However, it wouldn’t have come to this had the Rebels not established a base here nor had they destroyed the Death Star over Yavin! Because of them we have no choice but to take control of your planet! Now scatter and go about your daily lives just think of us as tight security protecting your planet!” He drew his blaster and fire three shots into the air and the gathered people scatter still glaring at the imperials and muttering threats to them.

Things are only gonna get worse with this Imperial commander in charge. Thought the Jedi Knight as he went with the crowd. He would need to find transport off the planet but for now he would have to lay low till he could find a way off. Perhaps a visit to the cantina would help give him though. If there was a smuggler on the planet he could try and pay him with the last of his credits. Yet he didn’t know any smuggler on Dantooine he doubted one would even come here. It was a backwater world in the Outer Rim with nothing special to it. Well, except for the ancient relics of the Old republic, such as the old Jedi Conclave that stood there millennia’s ago. How that old relic was still standing he would never know. Yet, the Jedi Temple on Coruscant had been standing much longer.

Hmm the galaxy still had so much history waiting to be discovered. The history of the Jedi had dated back billions of years ago so far back that the records of that time are lost to the known Galaxy. It was rumored in some books withheld in the restricted area of the Jedi archives that there were books detailing the foundation of the Jedi Order, were it originated, and who formed them. Not ones did he get a chance to explore the archives after becoming a Jedi Knight and begin his lightsaber training with Cin Darllig. However, when he was still a padawan he had learned about many wars that were crucial to the history of the Jedi. The Great Sith War, Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil, and Great Galactic War. Those four wars had been dark times for the Jedi Order. Each one taking its toll and leaving negative impacts to them. Everyone time the wars ended the Republic would blame the Jedi. Who could blame them? Nearly every war was started by a user of the Force.

The biggest example of negative impact was the Mandalorian Wars. The Jedi refused to aid the Republic they swore to defend. These actions caused the Mandalorians to butcher millions and win victories against the Republic. Finally a group of Jedi split away from the Republic and aided the Republic and crushed the Mandalorians. The aftermath of the war was devastating, millions died, planet’s ravaged, species left homeless, and Galaxy loathing the Jedi for not helping the Republic sooner. That negativity was intensified due to the outcome of the Jedi Civil War.

What history told him about that war was that two Jedi who fought in the Mandalorian wars had fallen to the dark side and waged a war against the Republic. One of those fallen Jedi returned to the light side and killed the other fallen Jedi. Like the Mandalorian wars the Republic won with a much heavier outcome. Millions more died, the Republic was nearly destroyed, and the Jedi Order was brought to the edge extinction just as they had been now. Yet it seemed after every war and all the hatred throw at the Jedi. The people of the Galaxy still depended on the Order to defend them.

So the cycle continued for millions of years till at last the Jedi Order was branded as traitors to the Galaxy by the cunning political power of Darth Sidious. It wasn’t just Sidious’s political manipulation that caused it. The Jedi Oder itself also led to their destruction because they didn’t adapt to changing times. For thousands of years the Jedi did not change their ways. They refused to change their ways and as the years when by they became so arrogant with themselves they believed they were invincible. That they had the power to defeat the dark side. How wrong they were. These flaws had led to their down fall. They had been utterly crushed by the Clone Wars, the manipulation of the Sith being the Supreme Chancellor, and the betrayal of Anakin Skywalker.

The Jedi Knight sighed sadly. Though the Jedi were defenders of the galaxy there ideals were a disgrace to the Galaxy itself. The Order’s rules to taking infants as Jedi was a crime to the galaxy. A rule he always despised. To be honest he hated all the rules. Forbidding love, taking force sensitive babies away from families, and throwing emotions away. The emotion rule always made his blood boil. He may have gotten wise but he still detested the Jedi ways. If he survived this war and the Rebels win he would made plans to revive the Order and change the rules. No more emotion blocking, taking babes away from families, and forbidding love.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he spotted the cantina. Making his way through the crowd he entered the building and took a seat in an empty booth. Requesting a small cup of water he saw quietly listening to the chattering of other customers while at the same time using the Force to read the minds of everyone. Most of the people were talking about Yavin, and the Empires takeover of Dantooine. He stopped his mind reading when he heard voices in the booth behind him.

“So what do you plan to do?” A male voice spoke.

There was a silence before there came a clink of a bottle being placed on the table and a deep younger voice replied. “Well I have a friend who knows a friend who’s a smuggler captain who’s gonna smuggle me off Dantooine. After that he’s gonna pick up another friend I know who’s going to desert the Empire then he’s going to take us to the Rebellion so we can join.”

“The Rebellion!?” A high pitched voice asked loudly. Making many heads turn to them.

“Hush boy!” The younger voiced man hissed lowly in anger. “You want the Empire to know!?” Quiet ones more till he spoke again. “Anyway that’s the plan; me and a friend are gonna get help from another friend who’s gonna get his smuggler friend to get us to the Rebellion.”

“Kai, you really wanna do this?” The squeaky voice asked lowly with concern.

“I am” Mordecai replied. “I’m going to join the Rebellion and fight the Empire.”

Vincent felt hope build inside him. Now could be his only way off the planet unless he wanted to try escaping in an Imperial ship, which was suicidal. Not wanting to think on this he got up and went to the booth. He was greeted by six different beings.

A white skinned Twi’lek looking to be around late 20’s with a right silver forearm, no doubt losing his real one and had it replaced by a cybernetic one, sat near the middle of the booth. To his right was Tintinna wearing a bandana and battle armor. To the left of the Twi’lek, was a big muscly Bothan, a messy haired tan skinned man with a matching bushy mustache, and a Weequay wearing an ammo pouch across his body.

The Jedi cleared his thought and spoke. “Excuses me gentlemen, I couldn’t help but over hear your conversation. I too am a sympathizer to the Rebellion’s cause. I hear one of you, Kai, was planning to join the Rebellion.” He saw the white skinned Twi’lek nodded at his name. So the Twi’lek was named Kai and going to join the Rebellion. “I’d like to join your journey. I’ve wanted to join the Rebellion after the news of Yavin.”

Kai chuckled. “Really? I wanted to join them after hearing what happened to Alderaan. Those pour souls. The Empire really did it now. Knew they were evil!” His cyborg arm tightened the machines in his arm creaking but his face was beaming. “After hearing about Yavin there’s no doubt I’m going to join.”

The Weequay looked distrusting. “Kai, this guy could be an Imperial spy…” His hand sliding under the table reaching for his blaster. “You can’t possibly trust this man.”

Vince raised his hands up in defense. “Now hold on friend. I aint no spy for the Imps. My vendetta to the Empire goes back to the end of the Clone Wars.”

The six alien’s eyes go wide in surprise and the Tintinna whistle and spoke in his squeaky voice. “You been waiting 19 years to give em hell huh? Talk about a vendetta. What caused you hate them so much?”

“Declaring the Jedi traitors and destroying their Order, changing the Republic into an Empire, and committing cruel atrocities for 19 years.” Though calmed faced and toned his heart was heavy at the painful past. His renewed courage to fight the Empire had forged a vendetta toward them. When the time was right he would prove that the Jedi were still alive. He didn’t know what the future held but knew if he wouldn’t survive the war he would definitely make the Empire remember him. Vincent Silverton; Jedi Knight of the Old Republic.

This time the Bothan boomed with laughter. “Well you really are out of blood aren’t you? Never have I known anyone with such a greater vendetta as yours. What’s your name man?”


“Well Vince, if you really wanna make the Empire pay your welcome to join.” Kai said his face beaming with joy at having another complaining join him on his adventure to the Rebellion. “I planning to leave today until the Empire arrived. I had to contact my friend to get his smuggler friend to get me off planet. I’ll have to tell him another companion is tagging along. As for the smuggling he told me he’d contact me personally. However, when I don’t know yet. It could be tonight, tomorrow, weeks or months. Anyway take these so I can stay in touch with you Vince.” The white skinned Twi’lek handed him a holoprojector and a C1 personal comlink. “I’ll message you when our smuggler captain contacts me. For now come join us for a drink.”

Vince was considering to decline the offer but chose to join the six men. The day went on and as the sun was setting Vince departed the cantina heading back to his home. He never thought he’d be going back to his house. If the smuggler didn’t come soon he would be stuck on the planet with the Empire always monitoring him and the rest of the civilians. Reaching his house he reentered the building left his backpack on the bedroom floor and went to bed praying that he would get off Dantooine soon.

Two weeks. Two weeks went by and no word from Kai about the smuggler. He knew he was still alive. He could sense his presences through the Force in the city. What he was doing he didn’t know nor did he care. He just hopped the smuggler would contain him soon. Things were beginning to heat up. Couple civilians had been causing trouble to the Empire and were detained. One terrible incident that was dubbed “The Dantooine Massacre” was were a group of angrily protesting civilians threw angry yells, curses, and rocks at a stormtrooper patrol. The Imperial officer in charge gave the order to open fire on the protestors killing 12 and wounding 20. The massacre had started unavoidable events. The officer’s excuse was that he had “forgotten” to give the order to set blasters to stun! That a big fat lie! Many people had recorded what happened and there was obviously no order given to set blasters to stun. All that was said was “open fire!” this had caused a mass outrage of civilians. More and more began to protest against the Empire who responded by firing stun shots at them.

By the end of the second week news of a mass riot had occurred in the capital city and it was violently ended by massive bombing running on buildings and more massacres by imperial walkers in the streets. The people of Dantooine wanted to revolt and fight the Empire. That however was quickly stopped by having one city being bombarded into nothing but ruble. After that each city and village was now locked on target by the Imperial fleet that floated above in space. Everyone lived in fear now praying the Rebellion would come and save them.

Vincent in the meantime was hoping to get off planet, join the Alliance, and tell them to send a liberation force to Dantooine. These people needed to be freed, they wanted to live in peace not fear. The fear and death filling the planet began to fill him up. Refusing to allow desperation get to him he would drop into meditations and clear his mind. Just like before he was going to go into a meditation but just as he was about to his comlink beeped loudly. Calling it to his hand with the Force he flicked it on. “Hello?”

“Vince its Kai!” The voice replied sounding angry. “The smuggler finally contacted me! About damn time he did! He said he would be coming tomorrow and meet us in the cantina! I just wanna get this out of the way! Will meet with him and get the hell out of here!” Then the com went silent not allowing the Jedi to reply.

Vincent sighed and dropped his comlink. Finally about time the smuggler came. He decided sleep would do him good. When the next day me assembled his things and left his building for the last time for real this time. He made his way to city not allowing anyone to talk to him. His eyes flickered to the seeing a freighter zoom across. Hoping that one of those would belong to the smuggler. Reaching the cantina he immediately stopped Kai sitting in the booth at the end of the building. Joining the Twi’lek he only gave a nod and looked at the people before speaking. “Can’t believe the Empire is doing this. They’ve killed probably thousands of civilians by now.”

Kai swore. “Damn them.”

Vince nodded and decided to change the subject. “When is your smuggler captain supposed to arrive?”

“Right now.” Kai said motioning forward.

Looking up Vincent felt his eyes go wide! He had meet him before long ago. He was in his 40’s dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt with a black vest over it, brown pants and black boots. On his hip was a DL-44 pistol. But it wasn’t the clothing that was recognizable, it was his face. Fair skinned with a slowly look. Brown hair upon his head and matching brown eyes. Walking with the man was a tall brown furred Wookiee carrying a bowcaster.

As soon as the smuggler had reached them he spotted Vincent and a look of surprise came over his face. “You!?” He shouted in surprise before a lopsided grin came to his face. “Well well well. I never thought it you’d wanna join the Rebels. Well after what happened at Yavin I’m not surprised. Lots of folks wanna join them.” He looked the white haired man over. “You got a new look I see, much better then how you looked before.” His grin doubled at seeing Vincent’s lip twitched slightly.

“No. You two know each other?” Kai sputtered a look of surprise on his face as he looking between the two men.

Vince chuckled. “Not exactly. We met ones years ago were I saved him. Saved him from a stormtrooper squad. Well with that out of the way onto plans.”

“Yeah and uh thanks again for that.” The smuggler replied then he slid into the booth the Wookiee following. He looked between the two. A white skinned Twi’lek and the man who saved him along ago. Clearing his throat the smuggler captain spoke. “Han Solo I’m captain of the Millennium Falcon.”

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