Star Wars: Tales of a Jedi Knight

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Han Solo, captain of the YT-1300 freighter Millennium Falcon with his partner and copilot the Wookiee Chewbacca sat opposite of the contact, Kai, and Vince. He was told by his friend that he would be picking up this Twi’lek and his friend who was going to escape the Empire. The day before arriving he gets words of a third passenger was joining them. Good grief. This was become too much. Still he had a job to do. Hmm why did this feel familiar? Oh yeah, because he had meet with a young boy and an old man in a cantina on Tatooine asking for transportation to the planet Alderaan which was sadly destroyed by the Empire’s new toy the Death Star. Which by the way had used the tractor beam to capture his precious baby. As soon as that was done he was dragged along onto a rescue mission to save Princess Leia from execution fighting many Imperials and finally escaping that deadly battles station to the Rebels secret base on Yavin 4. He had hoped to get out of the system before the battle began but as soon as he did he had a change of heart and went back and saved the Tatooine farm boy, Luke, from certain death, thus allowing him to destroy the superweapon.

However, after that little heroic event things went to Hell for him. He had gotten the bounty off his head but sadly due to some foolish actions it was put back on. It started with getting 20,000 Alliance credits that he hoped he could pay Jabba with which was unfortunately stolen by Crimson Jack, who he killed. After that he returned the credits to the Alliance. A mistake he shouldn’t have done but had found something better to pay Jabba with.

Ancient Sith artifacts found on Yavin. Jabba was indeed pleased by the payment and had forgave the smuggler and removed the bounty on his head. So for a time Han was a freeman until his killing of Crimson Jack reached the Hutt and now ones more the bounty was on his head. Oh how life was cruel to him.

Damn Jack, damn that man to Hell and back. If those credits hadn’t been stolen he’d have been able to pay off his debt and not get into this trouble. If he wasn’t able pay he’d be having every bounty hunter searching the galaxy for him. He would have to ask for a large sum of money from them. Sighing he spoke. “So, Kai, your friend who’s my friend asked me to collect you. Your new friend was unexpected.” He paused glancing at the white haired man still surprised that he had joined along. One more person to bring on his ship. “Well, since you’re tagging along and now that the planet is under the control of the Empire the price has tripled. 30,000 all in advance.”

Vince looked to Han. “30,000 huh? I can’t deny the hard work you’ve been put through to do this.

Han sighed rubbing his neck. “Well going through a blockade of Imperial ships and trying to avoid them is a big problem after what happened at Yavin. Plus…I need high payment after a problem that occurred. I was already payed for delivering the princess to the Rebels however, all that money had been stolen. I got it back, but I returned it. Thought they should have it more than me. There’s no way they’d pay me again.

Vincent smiled. “I don’t think so Han. They just might pay you if I’m brought along. If I recall I saved your life and sad you own me. So now I’m calling that favor in.”

Han had a look of confusing for a minute then shrugged it off. Before realizing what he was saying. He remember the last time they meet. “Well you still need to pay met Chewie get the ship ready.”

The Wookiee growled in reply and departed the cantina. Leaving the two humans and Twi’lek in the booth.

“You have to pay pal. I’m in desperate need of money and I don’t know what you mean by the Rebellion paying me for delivering you but-”

“I think you will after I tell you this. Remember what happened last time I met you?” You said owned me so now I’m calling it in that favor.

Han ones again gave a strange look to Vince before realization dawned on him. This white haired man had come along saving his life from being beaten to death by a Besalisk who accused him of cheating in a game of sabacc. This of course had happened when he first started his smuggling career. It was at that moment Vincent had come along and defused the situation with a peaceful talk saying he had been watching the game and not ones did Han cheat. Yet, Han did cheat in one round. However, the four armed brute refused to believe so in the end Vince offered 600 credits if he forgot about all this. It was from that moment Han said if they ever meet again he would own. Years later he was now going to own that favor. Han sighed. Damn it. There goes a good amount of credits needed to pay off Jabba. “Alright fine but after this-”

Before he could say anything else there was a loud explosion rang through the city! Everyone stopped what they were doing confused, shocked, worried, and angry at what happened. “Uh oh.” Han muttered. “We gotta go boys. Will discuss payment ones in hyperspace!” Then Han jumped to his feet drawing his blaster and bolted for the door wanting to get off planet as soon as possible.

Vincent rose to his feet grabbing his blaster, still lying on the table, and followed Han with the Twi’lek in tow. Apparently he was too occupied in the talk to sense the disturbances in the Force! Whatever that explosion was it didn’t mean good. Just as they exited the building another explosion suddenly went off and soon war cries filled the streets followed by blaster fire!

“Damn it! Hurry up all hells gonna break loose!” Han shouted sprinting into a fast run down the street his pistol ready for battle.

The Twi’lek and Jedi readied themselves for combat. Both men felt their hearts fill with sorrow for the civilians would had chosen to fight, pity for those would be caught in the battle, and anger at the Empire for they knew they would kill more people. The revolution of Dantooine had begun! The screams of civilians filled the streets while they ran for their lives from the battles that happened. How many people had chosen to fight in this city? How many were fighting all across the planet? How many would die? He wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. They continued to follow Han who had contacted Chewie to get the Falcon into the air and pick there up.

As the trio rounded a corner they came across a group of stormtroopers guarding the street. Seeing the trio they immediately opened fire on them force their targets to take cover and return fire.

Vince sighed. “I guess the people were fed up with the Empire. They have decided enough was enough and wanted to fight for freedom.”

“No really?” Han asked sarcastically taking more well placed shots at the white armored troopers taking out one. “We have to get out of here, Chewie should be able to get us out of here!” However as soon as he said that more stormtroopers arrived and as they did blaster fire from another street came whizzing toward the imperials. Revolutionary civilians came charge forward firing wildly at the white armored men. “Oh great just what we needed!”

Vincent watched the troopers take cover and return fire on the new enemy. He saw one take aim at a young boy trying his best to reload his weapon as fast as he could. Responding quickly he sent two shots to the back of the stormtroopers helmet. He ran across the street to the other building while sending off well aimed shots at stormtrooper helmets some hitting their target while some missed. They had to get off Dantooine and tell the Rebellion about the revolution here. The Jedi quickly moved back from the corner as a volley of blaster fire pelted the corner filling it with scorch marks and blasting pieces off. He glanced over to Han and Kai who had bolted across the street into an alleyway waiting for the Jedi to join them. Looking back at his enemy he saw them taking the upper hand against the Dantooine rebels, even though they had sustained a significant amount of casualties themselves, were slowly beginning to clear out the Rebels. Shaking his head he bolted across the street while being fired upon at the troopers nearly being hit by some shots. Reaching Han’s position he followed him down the alley not looking back as blaster shots zoomed past them. “How much farther?” He asked as they turned a corner.

“Chewie said the hanger was sealed off! We can’t wait for him. So we gotta do it the old fashion way.” The smuggler replied harshly while checking his weapon.

Vince sighed. “I was afraid you’d say that.” He continued following Han and Kai into the street when his danger senses spiked. Holstering his pistol he pounced on Kai and Han while yelling. “Look out!” As soon as he hit the ground a loud explosion erupted from the alley followed by the screeching of a Tie zooming overhead. The buildings erupting into flames while chunks of metal and concreate came flying through the air! Glancing up he saw the buildings left in ruins and out of the corner of his eye saw a Tie Bomber fly by. Probably tried to launch a warhead at them. Nevertheless they needed to get moving. “Come on things are getting worse out here. I hope you know the way to the hanger!” He hoisted Han and Kai up to their feet and scanned the street for any sign of enemy. Once more the trio fought their way through the city till they finally reached the hanger. Only things weren’t looking well here either part of the building had been destroyed and more fighting was going on this area. Vincent sighed in frustration at the platoon of stormtroopers defending it. A very large group of armed civilians were trying to break through to get into it. Rushing into a building he found it was occupied by resistant fighters. Some dead, wounded, or too scared to fight!

“Come on we have to take the hanger we need air support!” An elder man shouted unloading a volley onto the Imperials. Taking cover to reload his weapon he spotted Han and the others. “Hey you three can you help us take out these bucket heads!?”

“We have no choice man,” Kai answered crouching behind a window. “We have a ship we need to get too!”

The man looked at the Twi’lek then to Han who he immediately recognized. “Hey, your Han Solo!”

“Sorry pale but these two are my only passengers I ain’t taking anyone else!” Han shouted over the sounds of battle. “However, I’ll make sure to tell the Alliance about what’s going on here. I’m sure they’ll do what they can to free you guys.”

Vince in the meanwhile was still standing in the same spot taking in current situation; the imperial’s blocked the hanger, resistant fighters weren’t able to break through and if they couldn’t that would mean they would be stuck here on Dantooine! He had to make a decision, continue using his blaster or reveal who he really was! He didn’t wanna reveal his secret this early. He wanted to get to the Alliance and tell them but at this rate he’d never get off planet and the Empire might do something worse if they didn’t hurry. There was cry of pain and he saw another fighter get shot in the face ending his life while another stagger over to him crying as he cradled his head in his lap. Probably a friend or family member. He furrowed his brow. That did it. He knew what he would do! “Han, I’m going to deal with these goons! In my backpack there is a rectangle box take it and toss it to me!” While shouting these instructions to Han he holstered his blaster and set out his backpack and without a second though or hesitation he marched out onto the battlefield. As he advanced toward the imperials he calling upon the Force allowing him to gracefully dodged the shots aimed or him. He glanced over his shoulder to see Han opening the box. “That’s the one!” Then he outstretched his hand and using the Force he called his lightsaber to his hand. It sprung from the box flying through the air and landing in his hand. Upon doing so he pressed the red button and then…


The activating the green bladed weapon halted all action! Both sides had ceased fire and started at the white haired man. He could sense shock flow through everyone on the battlefield but lots of different ones as well. The rebels were filled with hope while the empire was feeling fear. From behind he could hear Han mutter “Oh hell not another one.” Guess that meant he had seen a Jedi before. Twirling his blade ones he dropped into the Form III Soresu open stance awaiting for the shots that would come his way. He saw one of the Imperial officer compose himself and give the order!

“Concentrating all fire on that man! Kill the Jedi!” And then the hail of red blaster bolts came flying at him.

Then he began to effortlessly block the shots. Some he sent in different directions while other shots he blocked right back at its owner. As he continued his fast pace defensive moves the sound of blaster being fired came from behind! Looks like revealing his secret had been a major morale boost to the resistant fighters. As they provided cover fire he began advancing on the enemy troops while still easily blocking the shots. Some imperials had to turn their aim on the rebels shooting upon them. When he got closer he calling upon the Force and using his mind he telepathically grabbed a chuck of rumble and sent it hurtling at the stormtroopers crushing three of them. Then he launched a blast of energy at two more troopers knocking them hard into the wall. Thinner and thinner the defense line became from the Imperials till at last they were forced to retreat into the building for move cover. “We have them on the run now’s our chance attack!” He called back giving chase after the Imperials.

The rebel fighters cried with glee as they rushed from there cover following the Jedi. To think that a Jedi was hiding here on Dantooine was a major morale boost for them. However, he couldn’t stay here he had to escape with Han and the Twi’lek to the Alliance and if the smuggler was true to his word then the Rebels would come and liberate there planet. For now they had to help them escape Dantooine there fight would take them across the Galaxy. As for the resistant’s they would keep fighting here. For freedom!

Han was truly stupefied at what he saw. First that old man who had been training Luke in the ways of that magical power called the Force now he finds another one just like those two living on Dantooine who had saved his life years before. Yet he had no idea he was a Jedi. Back then the man’s hair was black with white on the top and he had used a blaster that time to help him now. Now here he was using one of those weapon, but his was green, not blue like Luke and the old mans, or red like Dart Vader’s. How many colors did those laser swords have? He wouldn’t be surprised if there was a rainbow style one. He would need to think on this later after they escape Dantooine. Right now he wanted to get to his baby and burn sky! Running through the halls he looked at the docking bay numbers trying to see the one his ship was in. 34. So far they had pasted 28 they were getting closer. 29 30 31 32 33! Finally they reached Docking Bay 34! “Hey Jedi get this door open!” He called seeing door wouldn’t open.

Vincent answered the smugglers call and not wasting time he used the Force to open the door and they rushed in to find the TY-1300 sitting there. However, the ship and its Wookiee copilot weren’t alone. On the other side of the hanger were stormtroopers that were stupidly trying to shoot the massive ship. Did they really thing there tiny blasters would destroy this massive object? He charged forward lifting a two boxes with the Force and hurtling them at the troopers. The troopers turned their fire on the Jedi and ones more he began defending himself. Looking over his should he watched Han and Kai rush aboard, now that they were on he could join them. Suddenly he realized they couldn’t leave the hanger doors were still closed!

“Vince get aboard!” Kai called taking pot shots at the stormtroopers.

“The doors are still sealed! I’ll deal with it!” Using the Force he jumped onto the freighter, deactivated his weapon, and raised his hands to the hanger doors. He had never do anything as big as this before. Opening little doors lifting boxes, pushing and pulling people and objects but never had he opened a door this big before! Yoda always said sizer matters not. Well he would have to see if those words would be right. Opening him up to the Force he called for it to open the doors. Hearing the doors give a loud groan he concentered harder on opening them. Putting all his focus on opening this one door. It continued to groan as it was forced open. Come on open! The Jedi mentally yelled spreading his arms apart and as he did the hanger doors began to open more and the sounds of battle outside filled the air but he refused to stop he needed to get them open all the way! He could feel sweat running down his face, his heart beating quicker till at last the doors had been opened all the way. He dashing along the hull and did a front flip off landing beside the boarding ramp and rushed aboard being greeted by Kai.

“Han, get us out of here!” The Twi’lek bellowed shutting the ramp. As soon as he said that he heard the ships engines roared to lift and lift off the ground. “He wants us on the turrets I’ll take the top. The bottom is yours!” Then he sped down the hall to the turret latter climbing down to the gun turrets.

Vince did the same taking his seat in the bottom turret, strapping the headset on, and preparing the weapons. He looked through the viewport seeing the destruction occurring all throughout the city. Buildings in flames, corpse littering the streets, and blaster fire all around. Truly, Dantooine had become a battlefield. The sensors began a rapid beeping, probably indicating fighters were approaching. “Han, I hope you can get through the blockade.”

“Don’t worry I know a few maneuvers to get past those Star Destroyers. You worry about the TIE fighters.”

Vince didn’t replied instead he continued watching the distraction till he heard the screeching sound Tie ion engines make. Sure enough a swarm of TIE fighters and TIE Interceptors came at the freighter abusing its hull with green laser fire as Han began dodging! The Jedi returned fire pressing the fire buttons the turret let loose a splutter of red lasers upon the TIE’s. “Come on let’s see what you TIE’S can do!” He called challengingly at the attackers even though they couldn’t here. He firing in everything direction damaging TIE’s but getting a clear hit on any. As long as he and Kai could protect the Falcon until it entered hyperspace they would be sitting here shooting at imperial fighters. He had to give these pilots credit, they were flying excellently and scoring good hits.

As the Falcon zoomed toward the atmosphere the Tie’s refused to let up there assault. Nor did the gunners on the freighter yield defending it. When the ship reached space it was greeted by an Imperial-class Star Destroyers and four Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers and more imperial fighters. This was not going to be easy. Nevertheless the Corellian smuggler and Wookiee copilot continued forward hoping to break through this blockade and get to system where Kai’s friend would be waiting to be picked up. As they drew nearer to the blockade it opened fire unleashing a rain of green laser fire, missiles too were launched to deal heavy damage.

Vince swore things were getting worse by the minute. If they were caught in a tractor beam and capture Force knows what would happen then. Those worries were washed away when the Falcon when into a dive moving farther and farther away from the blockade till it was out of firing range. The Tie’s still continued chasing still hoping to stop the ship from escaping. Till at last the freighter pulled up zooming away from the Tie’s and finally entering hyperspace.

Vince sighed happily watching the stares become white lines then an endless blue tunnel. Slumping into his chair happy that they had escaped danger. Nevertheless, he felt sorrow for the people of Dantooine, At least they won’t have to suffer the safe fate Alderaan did. Climbing out of the gun turret he stroked into the main room but stopped realizing something. As Han entered he shot him his question. “Han, did you forget my black backpack?” The look on Han’s face had confirmed it.

The Smuggler had been too busy with the battle that he had forgotten to bring it along.

Sithspit! All his belongings had been in there. Well if you count a pack filled with only clothing and snacks belongings it really didn’t make a different unless you had the credits to afford news one which he sadly did not have. The last had been used to pay the Corellian smuggler for transportation. He sighed slumping into a chair and ran a hand through his white hair. “Oh well, not big deal it’s nothing that important. I’m sure the Alliance can provide me with what I need.”

Yeah well be lucky you asked for your laser sword what do you think would have happened if you had forgotten it?” The smuggler replied in a tone that suggested he didn’t give a damn one bit. What he wanted to know was why this man didn’t tell he was one of those people like that old man was. “Anyway,” He said his brow furrowing wanting questions answered. “Care to explain why you kept your Jedi Knight stuff a secret?”

Vince looked at Captain Solo then Chewbacca then Kai who entered. Sighing heavily the Jedi took a long breath before speaking. “Because you know as well as I do that Jedi are the one number enemy of the Empire. He were defenders of the Old Republic and Galaxy. Sadly the entire Order had been manipulated by the Emperor, who at that time was the Supreme Chancellor. He used the Clone Wars as a way to annihilate the Jedi Order and turn the Republic into an Empire. I was there Han Solo. I was there nineteen years ago when the Clone Wars came to an end. I had heard everything and it destroyed my will to fight. From then till now I had been in hiding on Dantooine living a life of peace away from the Empire till news of the Rebel’s victory over Yavin reached me. It showed me that all is not lost. That a new hope has risen to challenge the Empire and have given prove that the Galactic Empire, as big as they are, as unstoppable as they seem to be. They can be beaten. Little by little they can be cut down till at last they will be nothing but a remnant of what they are. That battle at Yavin gave me the reason to fight again. To become a Jedi ones more and fight this evil Empire that has ruled over the Galaxy for nineteen years and when this war is won and if I survive I will build a new Jedi Order.”

Han stayed silent listening to the Jedi’s speech. That was a noble reason to come back into the fight and the Rebel leaders always hope to have Jedi join them. Luke Skywalker was a Jedi in training but what they needed was one who had fought in the Clone Wars. Like that old man who died on the Death Star. He never did learn his name. Now he understood what the Jedi said back in the cantina and pondered on the words. Maybe the Rebels could pay him greatly for bringing them a Jedi who wouldn’t die on the journey.

“Han,” Vince said. “Back in the cantina you said you’re in desperate need of money. Is there…a problem?”

Han sighed look at the green eyed Jedi. He didn’t wanna tell him but he did save his life. But he didn’t wanna drag him into this mess. He was to blame for what happened. Correction it was Crimson Jack’s fault. Yet it wouldn’t hurt to tell what trouble he was in. “Yes…I…sorta killed someone and because of that I have another debt to pay off to Jabba the Hutt. If I don’t I’ll be a dead man.”

“Jabba the Hutt?” Kai asked in surprise. “That Hutt crime lord who lives on Tatooine? You gotta pay him a debt?” Getting a nod from Han, Kai winced. “Ouch, I feel sorry for you Captain Solo.”

Vincent on the other hand was in deep though. So, he had a large debt to pay the crime lord Jabba the Hutt. Perhaps he could help the smuggler with his problem. He was pretty sure the Alliance could pay him a very large sum of credits. Though the Alliance needed it more than that fat slug. Then again the thought of killing Jabba could always work. It would send shock through the Underworld and Jabba’s empire would probably shatter from his death. Then Black Sun would take over as the most powerful crime organization. No, he couldn’t kill Jabba if he wanted to. He was a Jedi and killing was against the code. So payment was the only way out of the situation. Besides crime lords love money. He was thinking so much he didn’t hear the Twi’lek call his name till he was nudged in the side. He blinked and was brought out of though. “Huh? Oh yeah, what’s going on?” He looked around seeing Han give a strange look.

“I don’t like that look you had when you were thinking.” Han replied.

“Well you should because I’ll deal with Jabba.”

Han’s eyebrows rose before a laugh came from him. “HAHAHAH! Deal with Jabba!? That’s hilarious.” When he looked at the white haired man his laughter died in his throat and felt the hairs on the back his neck stand. The Jedi was giving him a very serious look. There was no mistaking the look in his eyes. He was serious! He couldn’t be? Jabba was the most powerful crime lord no one could touch him. Well no one at least the Empire probably. They had thousands of soldiers, warships, and Darth Vader who could wiped out the Jabba’s Empire. Yet Vincent was a Jedi and Jedi could deal with problems such as greedy crime lords, but how was one Jedi supposed to take on the Hutt by himself? That slimy piece of worm-ridden filth had thousands of thugs employed at his command. It wasn’t just hired thugs working for Jabba, bounty hunters as well and to name a few were the Trandoshan Bossk, Near-Human Aurra Sing, the Assassin Droid IG-88, the deadly duo 4-LOM and Zuckuss, and the infamous Mandalorian Boba Fett. Plus the rancor he kept as a pet beneath his throne room. He shuddered hoping he wouldn’t become food for that savage beast.

Maybe the Jedi could help him settle his debt but being paid again by the Rebels and keeping the money this time would probably be a non-violent solution to getting this second bounty off his head. Unless Jabba really wanted him dead this time! No, that Hutt couldn’t possibly wanna kill one of his best smugglers but Han did had killed both Greedo, and Jack. Who else would he kill that worked for Jabba? He didn’t wanna anger the Hutt’s wrath more. He looked Vincent in the eye and asked. “By deal with Jabba are your gonna kill him?”

Vincent was hoping the Corellian would ask that. “Of course not. Jedi never attack.” He remembered Jabba requesting help from the Galactic Republic to save his son, Rotta, from the Confederacy of Independent Systems who had kidnapped him and tried to frame the Jedi on it with the help of Zero, Jabba’s cousin. Now without a Jedi Order or Republic to keep a close eye on him and his criminal workings. His power in the Underworld grew till he had the largest criminal empire. None could rival his empire, except the infamous Black Sun led by the Falleen, Xizor. He had heard rumors from spacers stopping in the cantina talking about a growing crime organization led by a man who worked with Jabba named, Tyber Zann. He could probably try and get a word with this man to see if he knew how to beat Jabba. Jedi he was, he was feeling doubtful that this Tyber Zann would help him. Maybe just giving the Hutt a lot of credits could solve the problem. Crime bosses always love money. He would think on this later right now he need to rest the day was long and he had no doubt that the Empire would know about him and inform the Empire. “The help I’ll give you is not being dealing with Jabba directly. My help is that you should tell the Alliance about your problem with Jabba, Han. I bet they’ll send a curser filled with money to him to get that second bounty removed.”

Han laughed imagining a Star Destroyer crashing in front of Jabba’s palace and spilling billions of credits and the Hutt joyfully swimming in it. “I bet you’d be right on that. I guess that could be of better help then having you use your laser sword.”

“Lightsaber.” The Jedi corrected.

“Use your lightsaber and hack his head off.” A lopsided sly spread across his face just imagining the Jedi Knight cutting that slugs head off. “Ah what the hell. I guess I could try paying him off but I still think it’d be easier to just kill the damn slug.”

Vince chuckled. “Well sadly I cannot do that. So if you plan to kill him you’ll have to ask Darth Vader to do that.” He joked making everyone laugh. When it died down he asked his question. “So, now it’s off to the Rebellion?”

“Yup. I bet the Alliance will gladly welcome your help Jedi.” Kai said form his positon.

Vince nodded then stretched his arms. “Well I’m gonna get some sleep. It’s been a long day for me. Wake me when we get to the Alliance.” Then he stroke off down the hall searching for a bed.

The massive fleet of Star Destroyers and TIE’s flying on patrols always made spaces who exit hyperspace pale. They couldn’t deny why so many had to be at this one spot. For this was Coruscant; the heart of the Galaxy and the capital of the Galactic Empire! Relics of the Old Republic still stood on the planet such as the Jedi Temple and Senate building. There were new buildings built use for the Galactic Empire such as the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Intelligence. Inside the Imperial Intelligence Headquarters was a lone being sitting in a large chamber. This was an Inquisitor, one of the many dark siders used by the Empire to hunt down Jedi. The Inquisitor was clocked in crimson robes a hood concealing the dark siders face. The body shape showed it was a man. Tall and muscular with strains of auburn hair hanging down in front of his hood. The sound of an incoming transmission disturbed his meditation forcing his eyes opening revealing their color to be eerie yellow. Rising to his feet he dropped into a kneeling position with his head bowed as the massive holoprojector activated. Though he couldn’t see the person he knew who it was just by hearing the mechanical breathing. Then he spoke. “Lord Vader.”

“There has been a revolution on Dantooine and a disturbance in the Force as well.” The Dark Lord of the Sith said.

“Yes, Lord Vader. I have felt it.”

“Our forces on Dantooine have reported the sighting of a Jedi Knight. The Millennium Falcon was identified as the ship that the Jedi had escaped in. He has no doubt joined the Rebels. He will be a great threat to us. Inquisitor Amadeus, you will hunt down this Jedi and eliminate him.”

Amadeus raised his head the image showing the face of a human with pale skin and no emotion upon his face. “As you command my lord.”

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