Star Wars: Tales of a Jedi Knight

chapter 6

Chapter 6

The vast blue tunnel vanished and ones more the Millennium Falcon reentered real space. Just ahead was a vast fleet of many different sized ships. Vincent was in awe; so this was the Rebel Alliance main fleet. Solo told him High Command gave orders for the fleet to split into smaller fleets to divide imperial forces. He recognized many ships amongst them. GR-75 Medium Transports, CR 90 Corvettes, EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, and Mon Calamari Star Cruisers. Other ships used by the Rebels, which was no surprise due to all the firepower they needed, were remnants of the old Confederacy Navy. Those few in numbers he could spot five Munificent-class star frigate, Recusant-class light destroyer, Providence-class carrier/destroyer, and Lucrehulk-class battleship. He narrowed his eyes at the warships, even though the Alliance needed them they were still a harsh reminder of the Clone Wars when he would do battle against fleets of those in the Outer Rim campaign. He quickly departed the cockpit for the main hold lounging in the chairs were the board game sat. Even though the CIS were used by Palpatine he still hated them. All the organizations that formed the Separatist Council, especially the Trade Federation. The Neimoidians are greedy, duplicitous, sniveling, and cowardly. He loathed those aliens, but pitied them. Some Neinoidians did show bravery in the Clone Wars yet out of the few who were brave, the rest like the Viceroy were cowards. Yet, if they were Neinoidians in the Alliance he felt he would have no choice but to fight alongside his old enemies. He chuckled, the phrase the enemy of my enemy is my friend rang very true at this. Confederate remnants fighting with the Rebels against the Empire. Nevertheless he stilled didn’t like the Trade Federation.

Throwing those thoughts away he begin to think of the rescuing of Kai’s friend. They had entered the system his friend was in. Up ahead was the Dreadnaught that he was supposed to jump ship from. Out of scanner range they waited till an escape pod was dejection from the ship. The Falcon zoomed toward it at top speed. As soon as they had docked with it, the imperial traitor climbed aboard. The pod was detached and they quickly jumped before fighters could be scrambled to stop them. It was quick and easy. Much easier then what happened on Dantooine but that was unexpected at the time. Now they were approaching the Alliance fleet. Were Vince and Kai would join the Rebellion. Minutes later he felt the ship touch solid ground and then hear the engines stop. They had finally landed. Rising to his feet.

The Jedi, Smuggler, Twi’lek and Wookiee descended down the boarding ramp of the freighter and were greeted by a squad of troops led by a sergeant. Men and woman of all different species, shapes, sizes, class, and ranks filled the hanger. Mechanics could be seen working on starfighters.

The sergeant stepped forward with a broad smile on his face at seeing the three new faces. “Welcome aboard the Rebel One, the ship is a relic of the Clone Wars yes, but with the modifications it’s received she has the power to defend herself against the Empire now. Glad you made it back safely, Captain Solo.” He said looking at the smuggler.

“Thanks,” The smuggler muttered. “These two wanna join the cause for freedom and this guy,” He pointed a thumb toward Vince. “Is very important. He needs to see the Rebel Leaders if there here.”

The sergeant looked at the white haired man. Then he noticed the lightsaber on his belt causing his eyes to widen in surprise. He looked back up to see the Jedi put his fingers to his lips in a “hush” motion indicating he didn’t want anyone else to know yet. Giving a joyful smile the Sergeant spoke again. “Of course, Captain Solo.”

“Uh also there’s a personal request I’d like to ask.”

“Don’t worry Han, I’ll tell the leaders of your Jabba problem.” He winked. “Lead on, Sergeant. Oh and Han, May the Force be with you.” Then the Jedi was led away down a hall passing up an elevator, down more halls, up more elevators till he arrived at the command tower. There seated together around a table. There were two human woman one young and being projected through a holotransmission while other was an elder lady. Beside the elder woman was a Mon Calamari and across a Bothan. The Bothan and Mon Calamari were dressed in military uniform, while the woman wore formal attire. He immediately recognized the two woman. The younger one was Leia Organa, the one who broadcasted her speech to the Galaxy about the Death Stars destruction.

The elder woman was one he could never forget. Though age had changed her appearance she still recognizable. The auburn hair like the color of leaves falling in winter, and blue eyes that held the look of a leader was no mistake. He knew this woman. He had seen her on the HoloNet during the Clone Wars, and in the Senate building with Senators Bail Organa, and Padme Amidala, and sometimes with Garm Bel Iblis. This was Mon Mothma, former Senator of Chandrila and now leader of the Rebel Alliance. She seemed to have been in a conversation with the Bothan till she noticed Vince. She stopped abruptly and rose from her seat staring at the white haired Jedi. “Is there a reason why you have interrupted our meeting?” She asked in a calm tone.

Sergeant straightened up. “Forgive us Mon Mothma, but Captain Solo said this man wanted to meet with Alliance High Command.” Though the sergeant was clam in tone his face was still beaming with joy that caused many to raise a brow at his expression.

Mon Mothma studied the white haired man looking over his appearance and attire. Then she spotted the hilt of his lightsaber and a light gasp escape her lips. They zoomed back up to the man and she saw a small smile upon his face. The leader of the Alliance felt relief, joy, and happiness flow through her. If he really was a Jedi then that would be of great help to them. Bail said that they needed Jedi in their fight against the Empire and suggested getting Obi-Wan Kenobi to join the cause. He was a brilliant tactician and master swordsman. However, the Jedi General had died in a duel against Darth Vader aboard the Death Star hours before the Battle of Yavin were Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin Skywalker, had destroyed the deadly superweapon, and was training to become a Jedi. However a Jedi in training would be of little help to them, she had hoped Obi-Wan would join them and help them achieve victories. Without him she feared they were no more Jedi left. That was however change for at this very moment standing before her was a Jedi who was alive and wanting to join their cause. Never had she been happier. Then the words she had been wanting to say came out. “Are you really a Jedi?” She was still a little suspicious of him, Jedi normally wore robes not armor.

Vincent laughed knowing she would ask that. “If you’re asking if I’m a dark side adept being used by the Empire then no I’m not. The only black upon me is my belt and pants and this.” He unclipped his lightsaber and activated the weapon showing a beautiful greed blade causing many to gasp. Seeing the satisfied look on the woman’s face he deactivated it, reattached it to his belt, and gave a prober Jedi introduction by bowing. “I am Vincent “Vince” Silverton, Jedi Knight of the Old Republic.”

Then a gentle smile came to the elderly woman’s face. “I am Mon Mothma, Chief of Sate of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.” Looking toward the sergeant she ordered him to leave. Ones they did she spoke again. “I thought all the Jedi had been wiped out.”

Vince sighed a downcast look cross over his face. “We are. The Order is gone, and I don’t know who else has survived. If there are survivors I estimate barely a hundred are left.”

That was true; nobody knew how many Jedi were left. Obi-Wan Kenobi was thought to have been the only one left, but there were others. Such at Leia Organa’s encounter with Eechuu Shen-Jon who fell in battle against Darth Vader and Ferus Olin who also perished at the hands of the Sith Lord. Both men had died weeks after the Battle of Yavin. At least Vincent hadn’t become a victim to Vader…yet. She prayed that it would not come to that. This Jedi Knight was possibly, if not, the last Jedi to have survived the Jedi Purge. Brushing the thought aside she spoke ones more. “Yes that is true. We’d have hoped that General Obi-Wan Kenobi would have joined however...” She trailed off and watched the Jedi go wide eyed, stiffen, see his shoulders slump, and body tremble.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was alive!? He had survived the purge and was now dead? How? Obi-Wan; one of the greatest Jedi Masters ever to live. It wasn’t old age that was for sure, from the trailing off of Mon Mothma’s voice it indicated the only other way. He had died in battle with his former apprentice Anakin. Anger seethed through his veins. Yet another beloved person taken by him from Vader. If he ever saw him he would make Anakin regret turning to the Dark Side! But now was not the time to be angry. Calming himself he slumped his shoulders and soon the anger was replaced by sadness. “I see.” He muttered sadly. Closing his eyes he focused him mind on the here and now. Concentrate on the matter at hand Vincent, you can wept for Obi-Wan later. The Jedi said to himself. Regaining control over his emotions he nodded and straightened up. “Master Kenobi, was a great man.”

“He most definitely was. My father spoke highly of him.” Leia said. “My condolences.”

“Thank you, Leia. However, now is not the time for grieving that has pasted long ago. It’s what’s ahead of us we must worry about, not what’s behind us.”

She smiled, “Even in these dark times the ways of the Jedi are still spoken.” Then she motioned for him to step forward which he did so. “We need all the help we can get. To you apart of the Alliance will boost morale and help us win battles.” She outstretched her hand which he took gentle and the two shook. “Welcome to the Rebel Alliance, General Silverton.” She heard the scraping of chairs pushing back and the applauding of the officers behind her. Truly, this moment was a happy one.

“Thank you, Mon Mothma.” Releasing her hand he accepted the offer of a chair and was placed beside the Chief of Sate and the Mon Calamari dressed in white. “What is the meeting about?” The Jedi asked as the former senator resumed her seat.

“We have been talking about the current situation.” The Mon Calamari replied to him. “I am Admiral Gial Ackbar. Mon Mothma has appointed me as Supreme Commander of the Alliance Navy.” He introduced shaking hands with the Jedi.

“Admiral Ackbar is right,” Mon Mothma said. “Our situation is dire; our victory at Yavin has brought the full wrath of the Empire to our base there forcing us to evacuate. Currently Ackbar has ordered the fleet to scatter into smaller ones to divide the Empire while we secretly try and establish a new hidden base on the ice planet Hoth.”

The Jedi nodded. “I see. Go on.”

“Currently we are in need of more allies to help us. Captain Nemo, reported that the B-wings sent to him proved to be an excellent starfighters that will proof very effective against capital ships.”

“Aside from that,” The Bothan said. “We need to take the fight to the Empire. Go on the offensives, show that we too have the tactics and firepower to liberate planets! We have to show we are a military force not a band of Rebels!”

Leia looked at the Bothan. “We have proven that at Yavin, General Osun but-”

“I know we have, Princess,” General Osun said. “However, we have to show that we can also free worlds from their grasp and-”

“Dantooine.” Vince interrupted. Now would be the time to tell the Alliance about what was going on with the planet. All eyes turned to him and he spoke again. “Before I joined the Alliance I was living on Dantooine and after what happened at Yavin, the Empire came and occupied it. The people started a revolution the day I left. General Osun, Dantooine can be the planet to show that we can liberate planets. Now that Yavin’s lost you’re being forced to go to Hoth. However with Dantooine back in our position we could have the old base back in our hands, another staging area to launch attacks from, and the people of Dantooine will flock to our case if we liberate them.”

The whole room was silent nobody spoke for the longest time. What the Jedi said was a valid point. This was why they needed leaders like him in the fight. This was why a Jedi was a valuable person in the war. Sometimes, one Jedi turn the tide of any war. Then they looked to one again as if reading each other’s minds. Then Admiral Ackbar spoke up. “General Silverton is right, an attack on Dantooine can show our military strength, gain more support, and give us another base. However, the decision is up to Mon Mothma. Though I strongly suggest we liberate Dantooine.”

“I second that.” General Osun said a confident smile sent to the Jedi Knight.

“As do I.” said Leia Organa.

Without any hesitation the Chief of State replied. “I approve. General Silverton, I volunteer you to lead the ground assault. Will contact the 10th Assault fleet to liberate them. A shuttle with take you to them. The Admiral of the fleet will provide tactics for the battle he’s a brilliant strategist.”

“Yes Ma’am. Also, I do not want this to be a heavy burden, but Han Solo has a large bounty set on his head by Jabba the Hutt. Is it possible for the Alliance to persuade Jabba to remove the bounty from his head? I told him he’d received payment for delivering me and Captain Solo is a valuable ally to the Rebellion and got me here in one piece.” He noticed Leia frown deeply and huff in anger.

Mon Mothma felt an amusing smile cross her face. “We will see what we can do. Solo has proven his usefulness to our fight. Now go General, the Liberation of Dantooine is in your hands. May the Force be with you.”

“May the Force be with us all.” The Jedi replied and was escorted back to the hanger and onto a stolen Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. The shuttle zoomed away from the main fleet entering hyperspace to meet up with the 10th Assault Fleet. As quick as the jump was it almost felt as if had ended. Probably because the Jedi had been sleeping when the ship had taken off. He wanted to get some sleep. He needed it. When he awoke he was shocked at what the 10th Assault Fleet was. The shuttle was heading toward a Confederate Fleet! The fleet had, from the looks of it, 20 Munificent-class star frigate, 14 Recusant-class light destroyer, 6 Providence-class carrier/destroyer, and 3 Lucrehulk-class battleship. On each ship the Rebel Alliance symbol was on them. He was so shocked by this revelation that he didn’t realize his mouth was hanging opening a little. This had caused the pilot to laugh.

“Surprised huh? This is the last CIS fleet that is still operating after the war. They been fighting the Empire for 19 years and after Yavin they came to us and joined the fight. Boy are they gonna be in for a surprise, especially the Admiral.

Vince had a gut wrenching feeling this Admiral was someone he would remember from the Clone Wars. Closer and closer they came to the fleet noticing Rebel Starfighters leaving the hangers for patrols and scout missions. As the shuttle landed in the hanger Vince saw the one type of alien he didn’t.


They were clad in heavy armor and heavy weapons. They were also other aliens and humans dressed in Alliance uniforms. This his eyes spotted some more old relics of the Clone Wars. Walking in and out of the hanger were battle droids. B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, and the infamous destroyer droid that had caused such a hassle to the Republic on ground battles. As he exited the shuttle he was greeted by a Neinoidian dressed in Rebel Alliance uniform. “Ah, so you are the Jedi, who has joined us. It is a great pleasure to have you with the Rebels. Welcome aboard the Invincible II Master Jedi. Follow me to the bridge the Admiral is waiting to meet you.”

“Thanks…” The Jedi murmured following the alien down the hall. As the pair walked through the halls passing more Neinoidians, and battle droids old memories began to surface. He remember the Battle of Lothal were he lead a boarding assault against one of these ships to capture the commanding officer of the fleet and order his surrender. The look on the commander’s face was pure fear, he looked as if he would pee his pants. The capture had been commenced on the 5th day of battle when neither side was gaining any ground. As he closed his eyes he could at the memory he could see the images play out in his mind. Battle droids firing upon a Jedi Knight with black hair and two Commando squads fighting their way to the bridge. Reopening them the memory vanished before his eyes and he was soon back in the present. Then his mind drifted back to the name of this ship. What was it? Intimidator, Indomitable, Inconceivable? “What was this ships name again?” He asked the officer also remembering that this one ship was twice as big as a normal Trade Federation Cruiser.

“It’s called Invincible II” Answered the officer.

Invincible II!? His heart began to beat quickly at remembering the name of the ship. No, it couldn’t be? Not him! Had he really survived the Clone Wars too!? Reaching the doors to the bridge they opened up to the command deck were, to his surprise, sentient beings were sitting were battle droid pilots normal sat. The only droid he seem to have noticed was an old Tactical droid standing beside the command chair. And in that chair sat a man that made the Jedi’s blood run cold! He saw the cybernetic body parts at the edge and watched the figure rise from his seat and turn to face them. His eyes widened in surprise. He was alive!

Staring at the Jedi was an alien that looked exactly a giant spider with cybernetic pieces attached to him. His brown furry skin was beginning to go grey with age. In one of his spidery hands was a walking cane. The alien specie the spider was called a Harch and this particular one had been a deadly foe to the Republic on the battlefield. He was a brilliant tactician, and an admiral in the Confederate Navy. His name, was Trench.

The six red eyes of Trench stared at the two green ones before he made that hideous chittering nose. “What a surprise.” He said calmly. “I was told by Admiral Ackbar that a Jedi had joined the Rebel Alliance but I never expected that Jedi to be you, Vincent Silverton.” The Admiral and Jedi Knight had fought one another in many battles during the Clone Wars. So the Harch had recognized his face immediately when he entered the bridge but he, like all things in life, aged, his black hair was white now but that seem to have been the only differences other than one or two age lines under his eyes. Or that could be bags from stress.

Vincent didn’t know what he felt but to know that the infamous Admiral Trench had survived the war and now was fighting with the Alliance had been a great shocker to him. He had though he died during the war. Guess he never did, if he had news would have been told about it. Then again he had a knack for cheating death. “I guess…were allies now.” He finally was able to say.

Trench smirked giving another chirp. “Indeed we are” Click click click. “As surprising as this reunion of ours is Silverton. We must cast aside our time as enemies and meet again as friends. The Clone Wars are over and the Galactic Civil War is happening. As we speak Rebel and Imperials do battle across the Galaxy. As allies to the Alliance we must play our part in this fight for freedom and destroy the Empire!” He paused to let the Jedi speak but since no reply came he continued. “Admiral Ackbar also said” He pausing snapping his pincers together again. “That my fleet is to be assigned the task of liberating Dantooine from the Empire. He said you escaped the planet when a revolution was occurring?” Though he trusted the supreme commander he wanted to know if the Jedi’s words were true.

“Yes.” Vincent replied. “I had been hiding there after the Clone Wars ended. I left the planet just as a revolution started. What about you?”

Trench stared at the Jedi knowing the question would be asked. “Were to begin?” The Harch. Said stroking his cybernetic pincer. “The end of the Clone Wars is where I will start; While in battle against the Republic one of our probes discovered the clones murdering there Jedi generals. I had seen this before in the Battle of Ringo Vinda were a trooper killed a Jedi. Suspicious of this action that I had seen before I ordered a constant watch on the clones. Then word reached me that the Jedi had been planning a rebellion against the Republic and the clones had foiled the plan. Watching the recording on the HoloNet I discovered a horrible truth that I’m sure you figured out. Your Supreme Chancellor was-”

“Darth Sidious. He used us all Trench. The Republic, the Jedi, and the Confederacy to achieve his goal of destroying the Jedi.”

“Exactly!” The Harch snapped in anger. “The attire he wore had been same one Darth Sidious wore. I put those two together and figured out the truth too late like the rest of the Galaxy. Days later I received orders to have all droids shutdown.” Realizing what Sidious wanted done. I refused the order and waged my own war against the Galactic Empire. As the years pasted separatist holdouts that had survived after the war were crushed by the Imperial war machine till only a few holdouts remained and my Confederate Navy being the last one. When the Rebel Alliance was formed, many holdouts joined them. The Alliance contacted me months before the Battle of Yavin. They were reluctant to have me join there Rebellion due to my “war crimes” committed during the Clone Wars. However, Bail Organa discarded those thoughts. He knew, like many others, remembered the tenacity of my battles tactics and victories. He saw I would be a great alley to them and that we both strive for the same goal; that is to see the Empire removed from power and the Emperor dead. So I joined there crusade for freedom and have been tasked with hitting important imperial shipyards to slow production. After the victory at Yavin my fleet was ordered to stand by for further orders. Now I been given them. My fleet is to liberate Dantooine.” Quick as Trench was with tactics he had chosen to not let old memories of fighting the Jedi dismayed his duty as an Admiral in the Alliance. They were now allies against a common foe. He suspected the Jedi would still take some time to this. “Now let us make some plans, bring up the holoprojector.” He ordered the tactical droid after which the image of the Outer Rim planet came into view. “I sent a scouting party ahead to obtain Intel on the defenses and I am most surprised.”

“Probably because that is where the previous rebel base was and old Jedi relics.” Vincent said crossing his arms. He too was surprised at the defenses set in place. “What is your plan, Admiral?”

“The defense are strong but they can be punched through. I shall command the fleet while you lead the ground assault General. Though powerful, our battleships, and cruisers can smash through them. With the frigates providing support. I shall give more orders when the battle commences. What of your ground assault?”

Vince looked at the map. “I’d say as soon as the space above is clear send the Baking Clan frigates down to the planet to provide orbital strikes on the battlefield and leave the rest of the ships in space to protect our invasion.”

“A wise tactic General. As you already know the Alliance is well equipped but lacks proper in an army. There superiority is in space, not ground. There army is only for hit and runs not full scale invasions. They are mostly infantry and what vehicles they have were used by the Republic in the Clone Wars.”

Vincent hummed an affirmation at the admiral words. He would have to speak to Mon Mothma about strengthening the Alliance Army. “Tell the fleet to have all infantry to assemble in the hangers of their ships. I will debrief them on the coming battle and what tactics to use. Meanwhile, you plan your strategies with your fleet and pilots and Trench,” He paused eying the former CIS admiral then gave a faint smile and said. “May the Force be with you.” Then left the bridge just as the Admiral began to give orders to prepare for battle. Soon enough people were running through the halls hearing that battle would be upon them. Pilots and troopers rushed to the hanger for their debriefing, while crew personnel hurried off to their battle stations.

When he reached the hanger he saw pilots climbing aboard there ships while they were fueled and armed for the space battle, and astromech droid’s being loaded aboard reading to provide aid to their pilot’s. Looking to the left he saw a large crowd gathering around an officer. Those must be the army troops aboard the Invincible II who were waiting for him. The Jedi strolled over to the army and as soon as they saw him every man and woman there fell quiet to await what he had to say. He noticed astromech droids were there too, probably waiting to record his message to allow the rest of the army to hear it. Clearing his throat the Jedi spoke, “Greeting Alliance soldier, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Vincent Silverton Jedi Knight of the Old Republic.” He paused to allow the chatter to die down and when it did he continued. “I meet with the Alliance leaders and they have appointed me the rank General. I will be commanding you and others in ground assaults. Today our task is liberating the planet Dantooine. I was informed that the army is mostly made up of infantry and some old Clone Wars vehicles. However, I believe we can win. I fought many battles against where I had to lead just infantry into battle against columns of tanks and walkers. Though overwhelming and heavy on casualties I won those battles. So I believe we too can win this battle! We will show the Imperial war machine that the greatest weapon in an army is the infantry. You can obliterate defenses with heavy units, you can blast holes in bases with bombing runs, but you must conquer the battlefields and capture bases with infantry! Soldiers, you are the key to every battle fought in every war! You are the backbone to an army! Tanks do not go on stealth missions! Walkers aren’t able to snipe enemies from hidden positions! Those belongs soldiers! Every man and woman who will partake in this battle WILL taste victory today!”

The soldiers exploded with excitement! War cries mixed with the applauses for the Jedi’s speech echoed through the hanger on every ship. The senior officer’s faces were broad with smiles. This was what they needed in the army. A man who could inspire others to fight alongside him, who would lead them to victory.

Vincent heard the ships engines roar to life and soon enough they were in lightspeed heading toward Dantooine to liberate it. Pausing for a long to regain his voice he began to speak in a normal tone. “We won’t begin our invasion until we have complete control of the space above Dantooine. The imperial army, from what I saw on Dantooine, utilized light and heavy walkers. I recognized the AT-AT’s. However, they have been upgraded to have heavier armor and stronger weapons. AT-ST’s are the new scouting units replacing the small swift AT-RT’s. Nevertheless, the new walkers can be beaten. When watching the imperials matched into the city I studied both walkers carefully and found there vulnerabilities; target AT-ST legs, and AT-AT necks. A couple well place rocket shots in those areas and those armored beast are dead. So save every rocket for walkers or tanks, if they have any. As for battle tactics, due to Dantooine having not many cities will focus on those and liberate each village we come across toward the march to the capital. Admiral Trench’s will deploy his frigates to provide orbital bombardments on Imperial targets such as relay stations, outposts, and bases. But no strikes will be given if any of those are situated in cities. We are there to liberate the planet not destroy it. The revolutionaries on planet can help us. They know the layout of the land and can provide knowledge were important targets are. If they haven’t be stopped. Prepare yourself before we reach Dantooine and may the force be with you all.”

The troopers scattered to the barracks gather there weapons and armor, while the pilots awaited the order to launch as soon as they exited hyperspace. The officers converged to talk about battle plans with the Jedi joining in.

“A well-spoken speech before battle, sir.” A Zabrak officer remarked. “Your battle plan is simple I see invade the first city then spread out and liberate the other cities and villages while going to the capital. Forgive me for asking sir but why not just send our warships over the capital and order them to surrender?”

The Jedi glanced at horn headed alien. “As simple as that would be. We can’t assume it would go down that way. The Empire could very well hold other cities hostage, or steal a ship off world to send a stronger force to take the planet back. We can’t risk that.”

“I agree with the General.” Said a dark skinned human captain. “The planet must be freed piece by piece. First cities then villages till we reach the capital. The Empire very well might be using the people has hostages too. Having the warships give air support is a good idea. It must might even give us quicker victories on open battlefields. Cities however, will need to minimize damage. We can’t risk destroying buildings and endangering the lives of civilians.”

“Well said Captain.” The Jedi remarked taking noticed of his captain symbol on his arm. “Before commencing the landing I’ll need to converse with the rest of the army commanders in charge. For now I will be on the bridge with the Admiral. Gather your forces, and reminded the soldiers were they must target imperial walkers.” Then the Jedi departed to the bridge. As he did his mind drifted to Trench and the Alliance. He was thoroughly surprised that Bail Organa had offered the former CIS Admiral to join them. It was a smart choice in the end, Trench was a brilliant leader and indeed win many battles against the Republic but even he too made mistakes such as at Christophsis were he allowed his arrogance to get himself nearly killed and look what that brought upon him. A body needing many cybernetic repairs. Hopefully he’d be reflecting on this mistakes and not make them again. Nevertheless if the Harch played his cards right then this space battle would be a victory with minimal casualties.

Reaching the bridge his eyes saw the endless blue tunnel. Hyperspace was such an interesting thing to look upon. He spotted many old battle droids stationed at control counsels and the admiral speaking to the other ship captains before the holoimages flickered away. Probably talking about battle tactics.

“Where nearing Dantooine. All ships ready for battle.” The Admiral ordered. Soon enough they had exited hyperspace and saw the beautiful planet. Surrounding it was surprisingly a heavy defense. Heavy cruisers, frigates, and capital ships. Trench quickly went to work. “What do scanners show?”

“7 Imperial Dreadnaught, 10 Victory Star Destroyers, 12 Imperial Star Destroyers, and lots of fighters.” The scan officer answered looking over the scan.

“Attack pattern Alpha 9.” The Admiral ordered.

“Statues?” The tactical droid asked.

“Deflector shields raised.”

“Destroyers in position.”

“Forward cannons ready.”

“Landing craft prepared.”

“All ships are in position.” The droid reported.

Trench didn’t respond immediately. Only stare at the enemy fleet that he would engage. That he was ordered to obliterate so the invasion could commence and liberate the planet. Strong as the enemy was they could not win without a superior leader commanding their fleet. Then he spoke. “Commence attack! Launch all fighters. Order the battleships to focus fire on the star destroyers! I want the Invincible II to attack the flagship! Frigates are to engage the smaller ships!”

Vince watched the fleet of rebel Starfighters zoom forward to meet the approaching TIE’s! The sound of turbolaser batters opening fire roared from outside as red laser came flying toward the Imperial fleet, which they replied with their green colored lasers!

“Frigate’s 4 and 12 concentrate fire on the Dreadnaught on the portside! All destroyers press your assault those victory Star Destroyers don’t give them an opening!” Trenches orders were fast and brutal.

Now the Jedi knew why he was such a master of battles! His orders had not even given the Empire the chance to launch a proper counter attack. The battleships, destroyers, and cruisers were protected by the frigates that concentrated fire on the dreadnaughts. Then they began to spread into a V formation giving the heavy ships a clear shot to the Imperial and Victory Star Destroyers! Nevertheless that didn’t mean the frigates were taking extensive damage either. Looking to the left he watch two of the Trade Federation battleships unleash there quad turbolaser cannons upon the Star Destroyers. Thousands of red lasers peppering the heavy shields of the tringle shaped warships. He knew as Trench did that as powerful as those Star Destroyers were they wouldn’t be able to sustain that much firepower for a long time. Soon enough the first Star Destroyer was blow to space dust followed by another. The Dreadnaughts and Victory Star Destroyers were being cut to shreds but the Empire refused to yield! It was obvious they would fight to the death or hold out until reinforcements arrived. One by on Imperial warships and fighters were destroyed leaving the 10 Star Destroyers remaining.

The battle would continue until all Imperial ships were destroyed. The fleet was sustaining heavy damage, especially the frigates.

Trench bellowed out more orders. “All frigates reroute all power to forward shields and pull back! Use forward cannons to provide covering fire for the destroyers while they focus fire on the nearest Star Destroyers and maintain position! All Battleships and Cruisers press the attack we are going to break this Imperial fleet and show them the power of the Confederate fleet!”

“Admiral, I calculate the Imperial fleet is about 20% chance of winning now. They are doomed.”

“Of course they are,” Stated Vincent. “Trench’s tactics have broken the Imperial defense. He knew how the Empire worked. He fought fire with fire by ordering his Battleships and Cruisers to attack the Star Destroyers and leave the lighter defense to his frigates and destroyers.”

“Sir, almost all the enemy ships are destroyed and only a handful of TIE fighters are still engaging our fighters.” The tactical officer reported from his seat.

“Excellent,” A sinister smile crossed the Admirals spidery face. “Let us finish this battle. Concentrate all fire on the flagship! Ready the landing craft to depart. As soon as the space is our give the order to launch.” He turned to the Jedi. “I suggest heading to the hanger you are going to lead the ground assault are you not?”

Nodding in acknowledgement the Jedi left to the hanger again. It honestly was a long boring walk. The hanger was at the very back of the ship. By the time he reached it the transports were departing toward the planet. The space was now under their control, now it was time to take it to the ground.

“General climb aboard!”

The Jedi looked to wear he was being called too seeing an officer wave to him from the entrance of an Alliance shuttle. Jogging over he climbed aboard and settled in the only empty seat.

“So this is it. Time to show the Empire what we can do.” An enthusiastic solider exclaimed shaking in excitement.

Vince chuckled. “Don’t get too excited trooper, the battle isn’t won yet. Plus you’ll need to be careful ones out on the battlefield.” He heard the engines activate and felt the ships jolt from the take off. All was going well, the space was cleared and the landing was going underway. He closed his eyes waiting to land and lead the charge as he had done in the Clone Wars.

Minutes pasted and he could hear the battle going on outside. It seemed the dogfighters were going into the atmosphere of the planet. Soon enough the ships touched group.

“Time to rock and roll!” A solider in the far back who was the first out as soon as the ramp way opened. He was followed by the rest of the soldiers, the officers and lastly the Jedi all with the same objective in there head. To liberate Dantooine!

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