Star Wars: Tales of a Jedi Knight

chapter 7

Chapter 7

“In other news, the Rebel Alliance had achieved another victory by liberating Dantooine. Reporters says there was a hidden Rebel base there but was deserted. Now with Dantooine back in there control there is no doubt that it will be used ones again. Thousands of citizens flock to the liberators of Dantooine. Hundreds more eagerly take up arms and join the Alliance. It is unknown what the Empires next plan for the Outer Rim planet now. Possibly they’ll try and attack to reclaim it. However, Trench, former Confederate Admiral turned Rebel Alliance sympathizer has established a powerful defense to protect the planet as rebel ships move in to deliver soldiers to protect the planet.”

That was the report displayed on the HoloNet days after the liberation and honestly it was too easy. The campaign for Dantooine was too easy. Vincent and Trench’s combined battle tactics scores a swift victory for Alliance. The enemy commander had a helping hand in the victory. He foolishly ordered all heavy units to withdraw to the Capital to inforce its defenses. The tactic was a fatal error to the Imperial defenses. The Alliance utterly crushed the defenses at the cities and villages seizing nearly half the planet in just two weeks. By the end of the month the planet was liberate.

As the Rebels and civilians were celebrating the victory on the planet. Vincent, aboard the invincible II was speaking to the Alliance leaders.

“I would have expected this campaign to take longer than a month. Nevertheless, our victory here has given us an advantage tactically and politically. Thousands are flocking to join us.”

Leia smiled. “This is excellent news. You were right General Silverton. Admiral Ackbar has ordered another fleet to the planet to increase the orbital defense. As for Trench he is to go on the offensive ones more and target more shipyards.”

“With all due respect, Princess. I believe for now we should stay defensive and focus on locating more worlds to secure bases on. Utapau is an example for one. If I recall, Trench told me we have influence there. We should deploy a force there to establish full control on the planet. The many sinkholes on the planet can be used as one huge hidden base for command centers, hangers, and communication arrays. Plus the natives will provide support and maybe even join our cause.” Utapau indeed was a great subjection by Trench. The Confederacy of Independent Systems had used it as a hidden base and were the infamous cyborg, General Grievous, met his end at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Leia nodded. “Agreed. I’ll inform Mon Mothma of this suggestion.”

“Thank you Princess. Also, we should increase the army recourses. I’m sure there are companies who will lend their technology to the Alliance.”

This was something he needed to talk about with them Alliance leaders. Before storming the capital the Jedi had ordered a recon flight above the city to get a layout of how they would attack it. Spotting many heavily fortified positions he ordered bombing runs on those sections. Nevertheless the Rebellion suffered greatly from the strong defenses spread throughout the city. By the midday the Alliance had breached the inter defenses and were pushing further into the city cutting down any Imperial who refused to surrender. Soon the civilians joined in the fighting and when the Imperial base was captured the people seized the commander, his officers, and any Imperial supporters and lynched them all. It was quite a brutal site to watch. Yet he couldn’t blame them for the suffering the Empire had brought upon them. In the end the battle was won but very costly. An army of infantry and fighters wouldn’t do it. They needed a stronger army.

Leia rose a brow at his words. “Why suggest that?”

The Jedi replied. “Our army is just infantry and speeders. We need more than that to combat the Imperial war machine. AT-AT armor is too strong for blasters. There only weak spot is the neck but that’s a tough target to hit especially if you’re being shot at all around. We need to fight fire with fire. This is just my suggestion but think on it.”

Leia rubbed her chin in thought. He was right. Imperial All Terrain Armored Transports were a deadly weapon and could crush them if they didn’t have proper defenses to counter them. Perhaps strengthening the Alliance Army would help with planetary defenses. “I will address this to the council and see what they have to say on this. For now, I must depart and help oversee the construction of Ord Mantell base. I’ll need you to stay on Dantooine to oversee the base rebuild there. I’ll contact you should anything new unfold. May the Force be with you.” Then the image faded.

Vince released a deep breath slumping his shoulders while he slid into his chair. Only a month in the Alliance and he was feeling exhausted from the battle and commanding soldiers. He wasn’t a young man anymore he in his 40’s but he could still fight at least. The Force would aid him in battle. As glad as he was about joining the Alliance he knew he would be the prime target for the Empire and the Dark Siders. He wondered if he would have the strength and stamina to fight them. He had never been in a real lightsaber dual only training seasons with Cin Drallig. Never had he crossed blades with General Grievous, or Asajj Ventress, or Dooku, or anyone outside of the Jedi Order. “I’m getting too old for this.” He muttered with a laugh.

“Aren’t we all?”

The Jedi looked up to see Trench. If he recalled he had heard that Trench had “died” twice. Yet here the aged Admiral was standing here which prompted the Jedi to ask. “Trench, how did you survive Christophsis? Anakin Skywalker had said he used your own missiles against you hitting your ships bridge, yet here you are alive.”

“Barely,” The Harch replied making a fist of his cybernetic arms. “Yes it’s true; my ship was destroyed by my own weapons. Even am not sure how I survived.” He stroked his chelicerae in thought. “All I know is that I awaited my death. Yet…I survived again, though barely this time. Nevertheless, after my defeat and recovering from the battle I led more victories against the Republic.”

“Hmm. Your suggestion of using Utapau was told to Princess Leia. I’m sure they’ll used the planet. That will be one more planet for us to use as a base. I will still never understand why Hoth was chosen for a hidden planet.”

“It’s remote, cold, and far in the Outer Rim. The Alliance’s tactics are hit and run. What we performed today was something we thought couldn’t be possible.”

“Only through our experience in war.” Vince replied with a grin to which the Harch chuckled at. “Trench, has there been any word from the other fleets?”

“Certainly. Captain Nemo has reported that another prison recuse was successful.

The white hared man rose a brow at that. He kept hearing about this Captain Nemo but never knew who he was. “Who is this Captain Nemo?”

“Hmm… from what I’ve been told. He, like us, fought in the Clone Wars. He currently commands the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Nautilus which has been preforming numerous prison rescues across the galaxy freeing many Alliance prisoners. Recently I was told he has been commencing ambushes on conveys to capture supplies and raids on small imperial shipyard.”

Vincent was most interested in this Nemo and pleased at what he was doing. “Then may the Force protect him always.”

Far across the galaxy in another part of space the thick mustaches Captain of the Nautilus let loose a sneeze that sounded like a boom of a cannon making all heads turn to him.

“Sir?” An officer asked.

“It’s nothing Lieutenant, probably someone talking about me.” He answered to his Lieutenant, Dopah. Nearly a hundred raids had been successful in the recent months following Yavin. Now the Alliance found two new planet to call home. Hoth, and Utapau. Hopefully he would never have to go there, he hated the cold. Just thinking about it made him shiver. Aside the fall of Yavin and establishment of Hoth news had reached him of Dantooine being retaken and of a Jedi joining the Alliance. He had never been so happy before. So the Jedi were not all gone! There was one who was still alive and fighting with them. He had to meet this man or woman. He needed to know who it was that had taken back Dantooine with Admiral Trench. He prayed he would get the chance to meet the Jedi. For now he would allow the crew of his ship to relax from there recent raid.

“Sir? What is our destination?” Dopah asked curiously.

“For now nowhere Lieutenant. We are to recuperate after our recent battle. Green Squad and our B-Wings have proven to be our greatest assets in these missions.” He paused before speaking again. “As there been any sign of him?”

Dopah looked away. Knowing who his Captain was talking about. “N-no Captain. Scouts have not spotted the Gargoyle.”

Nemo’s brow furrowed and fists tightened. Still no sign of him. They had to find and stopped Him before he commits more atrocities on the galaxy. The memory of that man flashed through his head. “I see. Keep me informed.” Nemo vowed to avenge the galaxy for what that man was doing. “Mortem…”

Before the end of the Clone Wars Nemo ones had a student under his tutorage named Mortem who was only a young man at the time. When the Empire arose to power Frollo was one of the first to enlist in the Imperial Navy. Obtaining the rank Captain like his master, the Imperial loyalist began a series of vile acts on different worlds such as massacres, slavery, subjugations, and other villainous acts before the Civil War started. Now that bantha fodder had a bloodlust like a krayt dragon hunting for pray. That pray he was hunting were sympathizers to the Rebellion. He would show no mercy to anyone who wasn’t Imperial. What drove the man beyond redemption was his recent bombardment of Cato Neimoidia three days after the Battle of Yavin. He used this to show the galaxy what would happen if anyone tried to join the Rebels. It backfired greatly spawning many to fight the Empire. Now the Imperial Captain was ordered to eliminate Rebel’s he came upon.

Nemo hearing about what his pupil was doing felt it was his responsibility as his former mentor to kill the mad man he became. Every time after a mission he’d send scouts to search for Frollo so far no luck in finding him. He made it is mission in life to destroy Frollo. To make him suffer for all the suffering he’s committed across the galaxy. “Mark my words. I’ll make you pay.”

Down in mess hall the Apex and Ajax lounged at the farthest corner with the Commander Remus. The trio had been flying together for months and in that time the twins had proven that even boys can shoot down imperial trained pilots.

The Monroe Twins spent their lives in the cockpit of starships. There first flight at the controls of a ship were early teen years working as freighter pilots for their widow fathers who also supported the Alliance secretly. They told there father they were going to join the Rebellion after hearing about Alderaan’s destruction. Although they hadn’t officially joined the Rebellion yet they had been supplying the Alliance with weapons and medicine until tragedy struck. When they had returned from a delivery mission to the Rebels they discovered their father and his freighter company, who they worked for, were destroyed by the Empire before their own eyes. They had escaped but they never forgot the name of the Star Destroyer that had taken their fathers life.


They didn’t know who the commander of the ships was. All they knew was that the entire crew of that ship was there enemy. They were the ones who took their father from them! If they ever found that ship again they would make it and its crew bleed! Signing on to the Starfighter corps their experience with flying freighters had proven reliable in becoming pilots.

Remus looked between the young men. He felt sorry for them loosing there father. Being the youngest of his squad he felt they needed the most

Ajax took a big bite off his steak savoring the taste it had in his mouth. “So, what do you think will happen next?” He asked after swallowing. “We’ve hit the Empire fast and hard these couple weeks.”

“Aye, but Captain Nemo says to relax till he’s given another assignment to us.” The older brother replied. “I personally think we should be on the frontline. You hear about Dantooine?”

“Who hasn’t?” Remus spoke up. “I’ve heard a Jedi was a part of the liberation. I thought they were all killed in the Clone Wars. Guess I was wrong.”

The word about a Jedi joining the Alliance was spreading like fire on a forest. General Osun announced it to the home fleet which was spread across the galaxy over transmissions and soon enough even the media got word of it and now the Jedi was on the news. He had no doubt that Darth Vader would begin a man hunt for this Jedi to slay him. Taking another drink from his beverage he wondered what would happen now. With a Jedi they could go on the offensive and liberate more systems. His inner thoughts were stopped when the captain marched strolled in. Remus, like the rest of the personal in the mess hall jumped to their feet standing at attention.

“At easy all of you.” Nemo said. “I have news Alliance High Command has ordered the fleet to regroup to hold a meeting with commanding officers about a plan that is to be commence. Rendezvous coordinates have been given will be meeting up within the next 5 hours. That is all.”

As soon as the Captain departed the room filed with chatter about the information.

“The fleet regrouping is that smart? As like it was all together we were almost destroyed”

“I know, but whatever it is to have the fleet regroup must be something super important and risky.”

“But can’t the plan just be transmitted to each ship?”

As the talks continued Remus and the twins looked between each other there thoughts the same thing. It would super risky after what battled last time it was together.

They were attacked at Deepspace Besh with the fleet getting pulverized by an Imperial ambush. Apparently they had agents in the Alliance and had revealed were the fleet was. It was lucky they were able to get out of that situation. However, the attack was heavy on the Alliance loosing many lives and ships in the battle. Correction, disaster. That was no battle it was a disaster with so many casualties.

Many of Green Squad had been killed in the fight. Those who survived were Remus, Apex, Ajax, Pollo, and 3 others leaving only 7 senior members. The pilots killed in action had been replaced by fresh recruits.

Pollo, whose call sign was Green 2 had many friends in the squad before Deepspace Besh. He was taking there loses deeply. He had kept himself locked away in his quarters not even going out to fight saying he did not wanna see another friend die. Poor guy, the Rodian now had post traumatic stress. The twins had tried to get the Rodian to leave his quarters but not ones did he exit the room.

Remus had ordered they leave the alien alone till he would get over it. When he would come back around nobody would know. Green Leader himself was taking there loses to a much deeper degree. After the battle he went to his quarters wept for their deaths. Feeling he failed to protect them. Each member of his squad was like a son or daughter to the elder man. He felt it was his responsibility to make sure each one came back home after a battle. Thought he didn’t get PTS like Pollo did. He had a stronger will then the Rodian after have experience in battle already. Sadly due to Pollo not getting over his PTS he requested they have Blue 11, a Sullestan named Xis to replaced Green 2.

Xis had proven himself to be an ace pilot scoring many kills in the recent missions but he wasn’t was very social. Usual keeping to himself most of the time. Xis, was loyal to all his comrade refusing to leave anyone behind. He’d throw himself in the line of fire to provide cover fire for his squad matters doing what he could to draw fire away from them. Preforming these many times and surviving had heard him the medal of bravery. He had been dubbed “Blue Ace.” Due to switching squads he was now called “Green Ace”. Xis felt he didn’t deserve these titles and awards. Saying he was just doing his duty for the Rebellion. Nevertheless, the Sullestan was greatly admired by many rookies for his skills. Even Remus commented on the man’s skills saying that any squad would be great to have him.

Tux rose to his feet deciding to tell Pollo what would be happening. Then he await further orders.

In the conference room Vincent stared out the viewport counting the many ships joining the fleet that steadily grew in size. The fleet numbered only in the hundreds. It wasn’t quite a surprise due to what had been happening in the recent moths after Yavin. While he was on Dantooine overlooking its defenses. The Alliance had many loses happen. First the Disaster at Deepspace Besh and then the Battle of Milvayne which had been a terrible defeat and caused Garn Bel Iblis, one the Alliance greatest military leaders, to leave the Alliance and wage his private war against the Empire. So many life’s had been lost in the following months. So Mon Mothma had arranged this fleet gathering to speak about a plan she and the High Command formed.

He glanced over his shoulder he saw the room was filled with naval officers of all different ranks. Trench and Ackbar in conversation with Osun discussing battle plans. 10 hours ago a message was sent by Mon Mothma for the fleet to gather and have the ship captains converge for an important meeting. Spotting the leader he approached the former senator. “Mon Mothma, is everyone here?”

“Not yet, Captain Nemo is on his way.

“Luke can’t make it either, he’s out on a mission with Rouge Squad.” Leia added joining in the conversation.

Vincent was quit curious about this Luke. He was talked about so much but he had no idea who he was. “Who’s Luke? I keep hearing about him.”

Leia chuckled at his question. “You haven’t heard of Luke Skywalker?”

Vince froze he felt as if he had been splashed by a bucket of cold water! Did he hear that correctly? Skywalker? The only Skywalker he knew was Anakin and the Chosen One never said anything about having a brother. Anakin was said to only have a mother. Something didn’t add up…if Anakin was an only child and he never heard about this Luke before then that meant…oh no! No that couldn’t be truth! That was impossible!? Anakin Skywalker, now Darth Vader had a son!? His brow furrowed in anger! So…Anakin Skywalker forbade the Jedi way and had a son. If Anakin was Luke’s farther then who was his mother? He had questions to ask Luke.

“Vincent are you alright you look troubled?” Leia asked concern in her voice.

The Jedi blinked realizing he was still in conversation with Leia and Mon Mothma. “Sorry, I’m just surprised. Skywalker huh? I didn’t know Anakin had someone related to him.”

Mon Mothma gave an amused smile. “I believe everyone who survived the Clone Wars is, Vincent. We were all unprepared to hear the name Skywalker amongst the Rebellion. However he will be a great assets to our fight in the Empire. It was he who destroyed the Death Star.”

Vincent was taken very impressed. “Really? He must be a great pilot. If I am still here when he returns I’ll have to meet him.”

Leia was beaming with happiness. “I’m sure you will. Ah here is Captain Nemo.”

The princess and Jedi looked to the entrance to see a thick mustached man enter. White haired Jedi study man. So this was Captain Nemo, an officer who served in the Republic Army. He saw the man’s heavy eyes stare at him. Green stared into brown and in that brief eye lock it was as if they could see into each other’s past. Watching their battles playout before them. Then with a nod the Captain entered taking his place in the meeting.

Mon Mothma cleared her voice and spoke. “Thank you to all who were able to attend the meeting. Some weren’t able to come but nevertheless they shall be informed about the details later. Our victory over the Empire at Yavin has cost us the loss of the planet with many lives lost in the battles that followed. However, recently General Silverton and Admiral Trench have won a great victory for us by liberating Dantooine. Silverton has recommended we go on the defense and set up more bases on more remote planets uninhabited to increase our defense. Admiral Trench also suggested setting up another hidden baes upon Utapau. Our influence is already in the system and its sinkholes can provide a great advantage for hiding a base in. The populace can also provide aid in our cause. Utapau can be a tactical advantage for us in the fight against the Empire. Commander Skywalker’s plan for Hoth is also a suitable planet. We will begin setting up on Hoth one year from now while we currently establish a base on Utapau and continue hitting the Empire with hit and run tactics.”

Vince frowned. It had taken them this long to have Utapau recommended as a hidden base? If he was in charge he’d have moved the Alliance imminently after what happened after Deepspace Besh.

The room was silent after her plan till General Osun spoke up. “I am not sure about this. If we are to establish more baes then we need to increase the Alliance Army power. Princess Leia informed us about General Silverton’s concern for our army. I agree with him. I know the Alliance tactics are hit n run. However, if we are to make a stand on the planets that we in our control then we must have a strong planetary defense to reply invasions. Infantry, fighters, and speeders alone won’t do the trick. We have to start recruiting companies to lend their support to us.

“General Osun is right.” A Zabrak officer spoke up. “I know our hit n run tactics have dealt blows against the Empire but they crushed our defenses on Yavin due to our lack of recourses. The planet Aridus is a prime example of Rebel supporters. They’ve supplied us with their tanks and have been fighting a guerrilla war with the Empire. Now is the time to act and free them. If we do so then there company, Yutrane-Trackata, can fully supply tanks and not need to smuggle them to us.”

“Unfortunately,” Leia begun with a sigh. “The Imperial’s are too well defended there. We can’t commence a full invasion like on Dantooine.”

“Then how about a stealth operation?” The Zabrak asked. “A squad of Commandos should be able to slip in undetected and sabotage there defenses. Allowing us to gain an easier victory on the ground. There are many ways to get a stealth team on the planet. A clocked ship, a stolen enemy vessel, or escape pods.”

“We could try sending a Corvette to the system and launch the commando’s via escape pods like Trench said. We have no stealth ships, nor do we have any stolen imperial vessels that don’t have are symbol on it.” A Quarren ranked Colonel suggested.

“That would do no good.” Nemo countered. “Escapes can be easily shot down with great accuracy, or fighters, or lock on missiles.”

“What about a feint attack in the system next to it?” All eyes looked to Admiral Trench. “One fleet could attack the garrison situated on Ryvellia. That will gain the Empires attention forcing them to send forces to defend it. Thus allow another fleet to attack the weakened blockade. While they engage the Imperials in space the army will commence a land invasion. The army will engage the Empire on battlefields to allow Special Force squads time to sabotage key targets to weaken defenses.”

“A well planned strategy Admiral.” General Osun remarked. “Using the fleet and main army as a diversion to allow stealth attacks behind enemy lines cripple defense. However, like every plan it will not be easy and many lives will be lost in this battle if it is to be commenced.” He glanced over to Mon Mothma.

The elder woman stared at the Alliance officers assembled here. Many would die if this operation begun but Vincent said they should go on the defense and set up more bases. Yet, if they are able to take this one planet they would be gaining another planet for the Alliance and the primary recourses to build there T4-B tanks. They could send the entire fleet there to swam in and overwhelm the enemy. A heavy price of soldiers to obtain a planet that would give then a valuable weapon to match the AT-AT’s in battle sounded risky. It would also show from a political view that they would be launching thousands of men and woman into the line of fire just to obtain a powerful weapon. Only the empire would try something as ruthless as that and they weren’t the Empire! Making her decision the Alliance leader spoke firmly. “I agree that our army must become stronger. However, we cannot risk losing so many lives to liberate one planet that will give us an edge over the Empire. We must choose our battles carefully. Dantooine, although a victory was still a heavy cost.”

“That is why we should liberate Aridus! So that our infantry can have heavy firepower to protect them on the battlefield! Instead of debating on what we should do! We must commence an attack on Aridus!” Osun furiously protested.

“I will not make the same mistake as I did at Milvayne, General Osun.” Mon Mothma replied calmly. She would never forget what had happened because of her foolish actions on that plan. Bail had approved of attacking Milvayne but Bel Iblis did not thus leading to a fallout between the two and the causing the Corellian to leave. Vincent was right they needed to play defense for now. “We mustn’t waste the lives of more people to liberate another planet.

“Hold on a minute.” Vince cut in before a heated argument could start. “I agree that we must choose our battles careful but we are will need stronger defense for our bases if they are discovered. What Admiral Trench has planned could possibly give us a great victory on Aridus. If not then at least we can get more tanks to support the Alliance. Whatever the outcome battle will be will at least gain moreT4-B. Those tanks have been shown to be a very reliable weapon against Imperial walkers. However, for now I believe we must focus our attention on building more planetary basses. Our defeats in the recent months have cost us greatly. Right now we need to go to Utapau and establish our base. Ones we have our bases on Hoth and Utapau fully operational then we can launch our attack on Aridus.”

“General Silverton, I thought you of all people would have wanted to take the offensive.” General Osun said disapprovingly.

“General Osun, like General Silverton said we must focus on defenses. The recent months have weakened the Rebellion greatly. Please just be patient. We will attack the Empire but not yet. Not until we are fully ready to.” Said Ackbar.

“Enough.” Mon Mothma finally spoke up. “The decision lays upon me. We must build defenses till we go on the offense. For now we must wait on the plan for Aridus. We will play defense for now. Deploy a fleet to Utapau to establish our base there. The fleet will divide into small attack groups to commence more hit and runs. General Silverton and Captain Nemo stay after the meeting I request to speak to you both. This meeting is adjourned.”

Vincent watched the officers leave the room. He wasn’t liking the plan. An attack on Aridus could possibly cut the Alliance military power down by a third if the battle was a defeat. He would have to trust Trench battle plan.

Like a vacuum sucking trash up the room was soon cleared till only the two Republic war veterans remained with Mon Mothma and Leia Organa. When the room was emptied the elder woman spoke again. “I hope Ackbar knows what he’s doing.”

“He’s a master of strategies ma’am and with Trench there they’ll have the Empire on the run securing us a victory for Aridus.” Nemo reassured.

“Then may the force protect them all. The reason we’ve asked the two of you to stay is that we have an important mission for you both.” The two men glanced to each other then back to the princess. “We need you both to commence a rescue operation. One of our double agents inside the Empire has said he discovered something greatly important at the Kuat shipyards that the images he got must be given to us immediately. He was to depart form a pirate base two hours ago. Then suddenly prior to the meeting we lost contact with them. We sent a recon team to investigate but they haven’t returned yet or contacted us. I fear something terrible has happened and I need the two of you to go and investigate what has happened over there. Depart as soon as you can. Whatever the information the agent has must be vital for us to know.” The Alliance chief of state ordered.

“Understood ma’am, will figure out what’s going on. May the Force be with you. General, let us depart.” Then Nemo marched out contacting Dopah to ready the Nautilus.

As Vincent headed to the hanger with Nemo to begin the investigation he felt a disturbance in the Force warming him of what was to come. He shuttered not liking the feeling one bit. Whatever was being built in Kuat didn’t sound good. This double agent seemed to make it sound super important for the Rebellion to know about. Now he and a pirate base communication cut off. Something defiantly wasn’t right. As the pair boarded the shuttle the Force again gave off warning single. He felt it warming him that danger was coming closer and there was…darkness amongst it!

Nemo on the other hand wanted to get this over with and figure out where to find Frollo. As much as he wanted to see the Empire be defeated. He felt Mortem came before everything else. He needed to put an end to his former pupil’s reign of terror on the Galaxy! He quietly sat in his seat awaiting to be aboard his ship which was ready to enter lightspeed as soon as he was aboard. Upon landing in the hanger he hastily exited the shuttle making a B line to the bridge. “Lieutenant, make the jump!” Captain Nemo bellowed. As soon as the order was given the ship zoomed into the lightspeed toward the pirate base.


The infamous CIS Admiral Trench has joined the Alliance. I know he's killed in the Clone Wars during season 6. However, since those weren't aired on TV and this is a fan fiction. I'm making him stay alive. Also here's a question, in later chapters should I have Vincent train Luke Skywalker? Answer if you like, till next chapter, may the force be with you.

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