Star Wars: Tales of a Jedi Knight

chapter 8

Chapter 8

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Why do you say that? Is it because your Jedi senses are tingling?”

“Yes. I sense…something wrong. It’s not just the Force telling me but instincts too. Something definitely is wrong Captain Nemo.”

The Captain of the Nautilus and Jedi Knight sat across one another in the captain’s quarter’s dinner table. News about the Jedi coming aboard had spread quickly around the large ship and everybody wanted to meet him Questions and requests were asked by everyone. Some even wanted to get holophotos with the Jedi to remember him. It was quit comical seeing so many people surround him like a famous senators getting swarmed by new reporters. Their journey to the pirate base would be a while till they arrived. So Vince took the time to talk with Nemo, after everyone had gotten there chance at the Jedi. To inform him what he felt. “Believe me Captain-”

“I do Vince.” The Captain interrupted while raising a hand for him to stop. “You forget I served with the Jedi in the Clone Wars. I know how you are with your Force sensing abilities. I’ve trusted the Jedi before the Clone Wars. My condolence for what happened to the Order.”

“Thanks…” Vince hated when Jedi were talked him. Jedi topics had been a sour one for him after the Orders destruction. So many were killed, young and old, by Anakin. Speaking of Skywalker he began to think of the Chosen Ones son, Luke. He still couldn’t believe that Anakin had a son. He needed to know more about this guy. If he indeed was the son of the Chosen One then he could be strong in the Force. If so then that time back on Dantooine the day the Death Star was destroyed. Was that Luke he sensed using the Force? Leia told him that it was Skywalker who indeed destroy the super weapon. He needed questions answered. As soon has he completed this mission he would try and speak with him. For now he needed to rest, meditate, and prepare for the mission. “If you’ll excuses me captain I will retire now.”

“Very well. One more thing.” Nemo stared at the Jedi Knight for a long while then said. “If whatever you sense is bad then we I have a feeling this mission is going to go turn ugly real quick.”

The Jedi said nothing as he departed to his quarters. Upon reaching it he dropped to the floor crossing his legs and started to drift into a deep meditation to relax his fears of the coming mission and ready himself for battle if it would occur. Opening his mind to the Force he felt his fear slip away and soon enough his mind settled into a state of calmness. His muscles released the tension within and allowed his lungs to fill with air. The darkness was replaced by infinite white light that had a warm feel to it. Soon enough the white emptiness began to take shape the Jedi Temple but it was not on bustling city planet Coruscant. It was along the cliffs looking over the oceans of Naboo.

Naboo, it was one of his favorite planets. Perhaps there a new temple could be built. Away from civilization like the old Enclave on Dantooine. Away from the bust life of the Core worlds and annoying politics. Yeah… that would be nice. Suddenly his senses heightened alerting him of someone approaching his quarters. Reopening his eyes he began to fear he wouldn’t relive Order 66 again.


The voice calling to him was spoken in Durese. The native language spoken by the Duros. His time traveling the universe had allowed him to learn about a hundred different languages. So he replied back in the same language. “Yes?” He was amused when no answer came for a while before it came.

“Were nearing our destination. Captain Nemo wants you on the bridge sir.”

Rising to his feet he turned on his heels and opened the door to find a green skinned Duros standing. He smiled at the alien and nodded. “Very good. As you were solider.” Saluting the crewman he strolled off to the bridge.

The Home One type Calamari Cruiser dropped out of hyperspace coming upon a large asteroid with base structures built into it. The cruisers engines were cut to half speed but scans were on full alert doing what they could to pick up anything.

Nemo sat in the command chair looking down onto each crew personal that did their duty aboard Nautilus. He glanced to the entrance spotting the Jedi coming in. “What were you doing in there? It’s been a whole day since you went to your cabin.”

Vince stopped. Had he really been in meditation for that long? It had taken them a whole day in hyperspace to get here? Guess he lost track of time from how quiet it was. Yet why was he surprised about this? It was rumored that ancient Jedi were able to use the Force to enter a state near eternal meditation that could last for days or even months. Even rarer was that they had the power to time travel but that was impossible. No one was able to have command over time. No one. Not Jedi or Sith. Yet there was rumor about an old technique from used by some of the first Jedi were one clocked themselves in a statue field to stop time and cheat death at the same time. What happened to it was a mystery and even so he wouldn’t know anyone now that the Jedi temple and all his history was destroyed. Wiping the thought out of his head he needed to focus on the now. “Meditating. What’s new?”

“Well Mon Mothma informed me that Utapau has allied themselves with the Rebellion and are helping with the construction of the base. Also Ackbar battle plan for Aridus has gone smoothly. The Empire is divided but there still holding strong. As for us, as you can clearly see we’ve entered real space ones again and are coming up to the base. I don’t see anything wrong but if your Force senses are telling you somethings wrong I’d rather be prepared for something then be caught off guard by an ambush. Open com I’ll send a transmission to them.” When the red light on his control panel turned on he placed the mic set upon his head and spoke into the ear piece. “Pirate base, this is Nautilus do you copy?” There was no reply just static. “Repeat, Pirate base, this is Nautilus do you copy? Respond if you can?”


Nemo glanced over to see the white haired Jedi clutching his head. “You alright?”

“No I’m not. I sense something aboard the base and…death.”

Nemo stared at the Jedi before giving orders. “Deploy Green and Gold squad to patrol the area. Ready a boarding teams. Raise shields to max power and intensify scans. If the Jedi had sensed something wrong then we need to be prepared!”

“Captain, I request to go aboard.” Vince said.

“Request? You out rank me. Obviously you’re going to lead the boarding team into the station but be careful.”

“Am I always?” A smug smile crossed the Jedi’s face before departing to join the search team. He still had a bad feeling about this. If what he felt was correct he needed to investigate what had happened on the station. That ping in the Force earlier had intensified his warning instincts. Reaching the hanger he spotted a crowd of forty rebel marines gathered around a Katarn-class boarding shuttle. Spotting the one giving orders he approached him. “Solider, who are you and what’s your rank?”

The man snapped to attention. “Sir, Lieutenant E’kim, sir. I’m in charge of 12th Platoon. Were ordered to investigate the base.”

“Very good. Get your men on board. The soon we get this done the sooner we can go home. I’m not liking what I’m feeling in the Force.” Without another word the Jedi boarded the vessel followed by the marines.

The ship ignited its engines and zoomed off to the station followed by Y-wings of Gold Squad, and A-wings of Green Squad. Captain Nemo ordered they escort the shuttle till it landed then began a patrol of the surrounding area. Scanners were picking up nothing but the few life forms in the base. As soon as the shuttled landed Green Squad fanned out started there scout. Remus, like Vincent was having a bad feeling about this.

On the station the marines deployed from the shuttle taking up positions rifles raised and night visors on.

“Ok Platoon,” Lieutenant E’kim called out checking his weapon. “Let’s figure out what happened here. Dive into 5 squads of 8 men. Split up and search every section of the base but keep in contact. We don’t know what happened yet. Let’s move out.”

The 50 marines and Jedi opened the only door leading into the base and found the hall was empty. Only over turned crats and sparking wires. They raised their weapons prepared for battle.

“I’m picking up no life signs on scans sir.” A commando reported. “Wait, wait, I’m picking up multiple life signs around the ship. Some in the detention block and others… in the garbage shoot?”

“Well we better find out what those are. Split up and get to those areas.”

As each squad went down separate corridors to being there search of the base reports were coming in about finding blaster shot markings, detonator expositions, panels and consuls destroyed and doors blow open. Some type of battle happened alright but still there were no bodies to be found at all.

Lieutenant E’kim and his squad reached the command center finding it like the rest of the building to be empty but heavily damaged. “What the hell happened? Was everyone aboard captured?

“I don’t think so,” Vincent replied searching through the Force for what could have happened. It was obviously an attack but by who he didn’t know. Suddenly a disturbance in the Force shot through him. He started sensing death aboard the base!

“Lieutenant, scans showed the life signs in the detention block suddenly went dead except for one and squad 8, who went to check it out, have not responded.” A commando reported checking his scanner. “Squad 8 report what happened!?” The soldier only got the reply of static. “No reply. I fear something happened to them.”

E’kim scowled behind his helmet. Everyone in the detention block was killed and he just lost an entire squad who went to investigate that area. Activating his com he spoke in it. “All squad leaders sound off.” As each one sounded off he noticed not only did Squad 8 report in but also Squad 4 failed to report in too. Not just that he and the rest of his men realized that General Silverton had vanished. He sighed facepalming his helmet another squad lost and how the General decides to go off on his own without tell him. “General, if you can me I’m telling you that I’ve just lost another squad.”

“Affirmative Lieutenant.” Replied the Jedi who was currently wandering down a hall. His mind focused and body ready for battle. Vincent had sensed more commandos die moment before forcing him to go alone to investigate by himself. Suddenly his com beeped again. “Yes?”

“Sir, we reached the garbage shoot and we found everyone. There all dead sir! We also found the agent with his head cut off. There also indications of others being slashed across the body or missing limbs. Closing inspection shows whatever cut them seem to have sealed the wounds so it wasn’t a steel sword.”

The felt a chill run through him at the information. “Copy that.” Vincent ordered before trailed off spotted a door slashed in half. Approaching it he ran his fingers along the cut marks. They weren’t clear or precise but sloppy and rough. He had a theory on what weapon was used aboard the station when hearing about how the pirates were killed and now it was proven. The weapon that did this was no doubt a lightsaber. Now confirmed that a lightsaber was used in the battle and if that was the case then that must me that…


His thoughts stopped dead at the sound! He wished he wouldn’t have to hear it. But there was no mistaking it.

A user of the Dark Side was on the station!

The Jedi holstered his DL-44 drawing his own lightsaber but not activating it yet. He turned around and saw a woman. A woman who’s skin was white as snow and a red eye that held the look of a killer who enjoyed it. The other was solid white with a think deep scar running horizontally from the check to the forehead. The hair upon her head was black ending just above her shoulders. In her hand was a red bladed lightsaber but the hilt was a strange design. It was double bladed for he could see the second emitter but it seemed they were both connected to the large guard. Something about that hilt gave off a bad feeling for him. As for inquisitor she was obviously a witch from Dathomir, a Nightsister. Locking eyes with his opponent his spoke calmly. “So,” He started. “You’re the one who killed everyone and now you’ve lured us into a trap.”

The inquisitor gave a high cold laugh. “But of course, we knew about the double agent all along. I followed the agent to this filthy pirate base and attacked it. Once the base was in our control we forced those we captured to send a distress call to you. Sadly, it was just a recon force sent. So we did it again this time saying we needed, General Silverton. Oh yes, we know who you are, Vincent Silverton. After that was done the trap was set. My forces cleared away the bodies returned to the fleet and awaited the single to sprint the trap. Now it has all come into place. Your trapped and now that I’ve found you. I can kill you.”

“Kill me?” He asked. “Why not turn me to the Dark Side?”

“Because you are a threat to us.” She snapped back brow furrowed. “Even though the Jedi Order has been destroyed there are still Jedi out there who survived Order 66. Now that one of them, that one being you, as shown yourself. You are a threat to the Empire and must die.”

Seeing no other option or room for words he ignited his saber and gave the traditional Form 2 Makashi salute then dropped into its open stance ready to fight the Nightsister.

“Come Jedi, it is time to time.” She announced while giving her own Makashi salute then dashed forward a maniacal smile upon her face.

Fast! The Jedi thought bringing his weapon up to block her strike, green and red meeting! Already they had entered a saberlock trying to push the other away to gain the advantage. Calling on the Force to aid him he put more strength into arms to push her back. She wouldn’t budge one bit. This was going to tricky. “Who are you anyway?”

“I am Zenobia, remember my name when you become one with the Force.” Then she threw her hand forward blasting the Jedi away with the Force. As soon as distance was brought between them she lunged forward again her blade held high ready to strike the Jedi down. The Inquisitor swung fast wanting to end this quickly. Her attack however didn’t make contact for her opponent let loose his own blast of the Force sending her flying into the ceiling. Though her armor protected her it still hurt a lot. Gaining momentum she landed upon her feet the smile wiped form her face replaced by a scowl. This Jedi was no joke. He was skilled and would be tough. Nevertheless, she wouldn’t fail Master Amadeus. She never failed her missions. The Rebels couldn’t escape. The Interdictor prevented that from happening. That Rebel cruiser would be destroyed. Her flagship Red Dragon Empress would see to that. Although Mon Calamari Star Cruiser were tough but they couldn’t stand up to three Star Destroyers and an Interdictor. Even if it did put up a fight it would be hopeless. The trap worked, the battle was be in their favor, the Jedi was hers to kill, the Rebels trapped, and nothing could go wrong! Victory was assured! And yet…she was having this nagging feeling saying something was bound to go wrong. Shaking the though from her head she advanced on the Jedi ones more. Calling on the Force she doubled her speed dashing forward hoping to end him. However each strike she sent at him was either blocked, or parried, or dodged and with each parry he sent a counterattack at her forcing the Nightsister to block the strikes. It was obvious from the start he was combining Forms II and III swordplay into an ultimate defend and Form II footwork to retreat. This Jedi was no push over. He wasn’t a weak apprentice nor was a powerful master. No he was a Knight. His skill with a blade were superb. It was time to unveil the surprise the weapon had. It had given her advantage of so many Jedi who had escaped the Purge. Disengaging the Jedi she performed multiple backward cartwheels to gain distances.

Vince watched Zenobia carefully waiting to see what her next move was. Was she gonna try changing him again? Her swordsmanship was skillful but not enough to land a hit on him. His saber training with Cin Drallig had proven to be more helpful in lightsaber combat then he thought. But this woman was just a student not a master. If she wasn’t going to try another saber charge was she gonna unleash the infamous Sith Lighting on him? That too could be easy to counter with his blade or using the Force as a shield. Whatever she was going to do he needed to be ready. He watched her hold her saber out and to his surprise the guard turned into a circle and then the second blade ignited. Suddenly it began to spin! The two emitters were spinning around the circle! Then he realized that that wasn’t a guard, but an item used to allow the blade to spin without the usage of hand spinning. Then the weapon was flung at him with great speed. He ducked under hearing it zoom overhead. He dared not jump up yet he wasn’t stupid enough to fall for the attack from behind trip. But just to make sure he quickly glanced over his should to see the weapon flying back at him. Grunting in annoying he jumped the Force to jump over it dodging the weapon that returned to its owner’s hand. “That new lightsaber is something quite impressive.” Vince commented. “I admit it’s a handy weapon with many advantages like that spinning handle.”

“Of course it is. This weapon has slain many Jedi who survived Order 66 and taken them by surprise. Yet you are different you were able to survive it.”

“Because you though distances would help you. It didn’t.” It was time to end this battle. If he couldn’t kill her then he’d have to disengage and escape. Calling on the Force he lifted an over turned crate and flung it at his opponent. He wouldn’t make this for her. However, before he could try again a barrage of lighting was flung at him! Swinging his lightsaber forward he intercepted the attack just before it could reach him. The powerful behind the attack was stronger than he anticipated! He had pushed him back a little but he refused to let the deadly Dark Side attack touch him. The Inquisitor’s lighting refused to end. It continued to be absorbed into his blade and blots of lighting were bounding off in all directions! If this kept up it would most likely either destroy his weapon or breach his defenses. His eyes flickered around till he spotted the ceiling. It was risky but it was worth it! Taking a couple steps back he swing his blade upwards the lighting following with the movement hitting the ceiling above him and causing it to cave in with steel and rock! The Jedi however was faster! Spinning on his heels he dash off down the hall not looking back to see if the Inquisitor was following. He had to get back to the Nautilus and fast. Activating his com he called into it. “Lieutenant, are you there?”

“Sir, Captain Nemo says Imperial forces have come out of hyperspace! Its—­­­”

A trap yeah I figured that out. There’s an Inquisitor leading this task force. I’m on my way back to the hanger. Once I get there were getting off this station!”

“Yes, sir just get back here as soon as you can. I don’t think we can hold out much longer!”

“Do what you can solider I will be there, General Silverton out.”

Nemo gritted his teeth in frustration! The whole thing had been a trap set by the Empire! Now they were engaging Tie’s and three Star Destroyers and an Interdictor that refused to allow them to escape. Before the battle had started when no sign of anything was spotted or detected he ordered the squads to return but only to refuel. When reports came back about a battle happening on the station he ordered the ship on yellow alert. Shields raise, crew personal to battle stations, and pilots to launch if battle happened. Sure enough Imperial forces drop out of hyperspace and engage them. The Imperial Star Destroyer had engaged the Star Cruiser while the three VictoryStar Destroyers protected the Interdictor. They couldn’t leave until the boarding team had escaped the station ones they did they could try make an attack on the Interdictor! However, those VictoryStar Destroyers had positions themselves well. Lieutenant E’kim reported they were being bogged down by Imperials that boarded the station. If they didn’t hurry up they were going to be destroyed because those blasted marines didn’t get off the damn base!

“Sir, shields are 43 percent! Grey Squad reports they’ve lost Grey leader and Red and Blue Squad are taking heavy damage! Gold group is going try and make an attack run on the Imperial Star Destroyer while Green Squads dose its best to distract it!

“Belay those orders I want all fighter squads to focus on the fighters! Reroute engine power to the deflector shields and intensive forward firepower! Target the Star Destroyers deflector shields! And try to get a message out to the fleet!” Nemo’s ordered loud and firm. He needed to win this battle. He needed to survive to kill Mortem! The ship shoot violently from concentrated fire and the shields were slowly lowering from it. It was grateful that the Mon Calamari build their ships with strong deflector shields meaning they could take a pounding till they were dropped to zero. The constant assault from the Star Destroyers batteries were depleting the shields quickly and when the shields reached zero, then TIE bomber proton bombs would smashing through the hull dealing critical damage.

“Sir, I have a report! About half the commandos have reached the ship however, they won’t leave till General Silverton gets there. Star Destroyer shields are still holding there at 53 percent remaining.” Dopah informed.

Nemo stared at the Imperial capital ship then to the three frigates protection the Interdictor. A plan was starting to form within his head. “Order Gold, Blue and Grey group to attack the Star Destroyers. We have to cause as much damage as we can to lure at least one of those Victory Star Destroyers away from the Interdictor. Green and Red Squad are to continue engaging the fighters.” The orders were giving and as he watched the battle. He saw the fighter groups Grey, Gold, and Blue Squad attack the Star Destroyer doing what they could to weaken the shields of the warship.

“Gold Leader to Nautilus,enemy shields buckling there almost down.”

“Affirmative Gold Lead, continue the assault!”

The Red Dragon Empress continued to be abused by the Rebel fighters till her shields were depleted to zero. As soon as they did an explosion erupted from the bridge followed by a torpedo assault on the hanger. Their bridge deflector shields had been destroyed. Panicking for Lady Zenobia’s flagship the captain ordered two of the Victory Star Destroyers to break off and come to the aid of the damaged capital ship.

“All Y-wing and B-wing pilots shift your fire to the Victory Star Destroyers, the X-wing and A-wing pilots will provide cover and stave off any fighter attacks!” Nemo bellowed into the mic. Then spun to give new orders to the crew. It would be risky but he had to do it if they were to get out of there. “Cut the power on the cannons let them reset. Maximum power to the engines.”

“Sir that will cut our shields to 10 percent! The hull will be ripped apart!” Bellowed a crewman.

“I am aware of that solider, but we need to get out of here as soon as possible! Get us closer to that Interdictor and blaster it to space dust!”

The Mon Calamari Cruisers roared to life and zoomed towards it target. Every battery locked onto its target awaiting the order to unleash hell on that dame gravity well projecting ship.

However, the third Victory-class Star Destroyer, who stayed behind to protect the Interdictor, fired upon the cruiser doing what it could to stop the attacking capital ship. While there attacks stripped away the remaining shield protection Nautilus and were delivering critical damage to the hull. They could do nothing to halt Nemo’s assault. Desperate to save the Interdictor, the captain of the smaller Star Destroyer doubled his efforts to destroy the enemy by intensifying forward firepower and calling for whatever aid could be lent to him. Soon enough the very ship they were ordered to protect came under fire by the battlecruiser.

This however, did not still well for Nautilus. Like a snake being poked by a stick. She attacked the Victory Star Destroyer with relentless ferocity. Every weapon on her was unleased upon the frigate! There weapons ripping through the shields in seconds! The hull was breached and from the constant hits the ship couldn’t take anymore and was blown to space dust. After that little annoyance was dealt with. The Home one type Calamari Star Cruiser shifted its attention back to its primary target who was trying to make a run toward the remaining Star Destroyers for protection. Nautilus captain wouldn’t have that happen.


Another Stormtrooper was cut down by the Jedi’s green blade! So far the only problem Vince had run into were lots and lots of imperial troopers. He could sense more and more being killed insides and out. Damn Imp’s they were over running the station and this trap had been set perfectly. He had no idea how many commandos were left nor was he sure he’d making it off the station! With graceful hand movements each shot aimed at him with deflected back at its owner. Once more another batch of Stormtroopers were killed. He dare not put away his lightsaber, Zenobia could still be giving chase after him. He grumbled in annoyance. Working his way through the halls back to the hanger the ship was in was a big hassle. He keep running into stormtroopers and had to take other routes to lose them. If he couldn’t find it he’d have to find his own way off. Probably steal an imperial vessel if he could find one.

“There he is!”


“Stop right there!”

Vince glanced over his shoulder seeing stormtroopers chasing him trying to put a blaster bolt into him. He grunted in annoyance. He wasn’t going to let them stop his escape. He launched a force push at them knocking the pursers off their feet and not continued running taking sharp turns, blasting doors open, and cutting down any imperials who stood in his way. Running down another hall he could hear the sounds of battle up ahead. Finally, he reached the hanger. He was halfway there before being knocked off his feet and slamming into a wall! Damn it, Zenobia had found him again! He glared at the witch whose hand was still out stretch advanced toward him slowly. Jumped to his feet he readied himself with Form V Djem So, the saber combat variation of the 5th form. He wasn’t going to waste his time with the witch. He needed to get off the station and fast.

“I sensed you were coming this way and what luck I had to run into you. I was planning to deal with your Rebel friends in the hanger before you arrived but now I can kill you first then those scumbags who await for your return.” Ones more the maniacal look was in the Inquisitors eye but this time she was prepared for what tricks he had. Enhancing her strength and speed with the Force she rushed forward with the intent to strike him down.

How long had it been since he last spoke to E’kim? 3 minutes. That meant he had two minutes before they left. He had no time to tell him on his com. So he would just have to alert him either through the Force or by moving into view. Then another option opened up for him. Not wanting to waste his time he charge forward too calling the Force to boost his stamina. Then the Inquisitor threw her weapon at him. As it drew closer he dropped to his knees sliding under double bladed weapon and swung at her legs forcing Zenobia to jump over his attack. Taking this opportunity he jumped to his feet and blasted her with the Force sending her flying down the hall with her lightsaber falling to the floor still activating. When that was one he bolted to the hanger cutting down the unsuspecting stormtroopers he rushed past. “Come on get the ship going the Inquisitor won’t be far behind!” He shouted hauling himself onboard.

The boarding shuttle took off zooming out of the hanger back toward the Mon Calamari ship. As it did its pilot took notice that the battle had slowly shifted into the Alliance favor. The Interdictor was destroyed and heavy damage was done to the Imperial fleet but the Rebels didn’t go unscathed either; heavy casualties were inflicted upon them from the trap. Many fighters were destroyed and the Nautilus had taken sever damage.

The ship shook violently from a squad of Tie Interceptors firing upon them. The rebel fighters did the best they could to fend off attack till it reached the hanger. If they didn’t get back they would be turned into space dust!

“Engines have been damage! Were gonna have a rough landing people!” The pilot shouted from the cockpit. He gritted his teeth doing his best to keep the shuttle steady! He cut the engines to half power and activating the landing gear. Hopefully he wouldn’t miss the hanger. They were almost there until another TIE squad launched one final attack on them. It rocked violently as a piece of the hull was blown off igniting a fire. In the ship alarms began blaring saying hull was in critical sate. The pilot was starting to lose control but he still did what he could to give it a steady landing. “Damn it! HOLD OOOOOOOOOOOOOON!”


The shuttle flew right into the hanger skidding across the floor flames erupting from the smoking engines and hull! Its landing gear torn to shreds. It continued its sliding till it collided with the other end of the hanger. Fire containment squads, medics, rushed to the down ship praying that all were ok aboard.

As they drew closer they could see a green beam cutting a large hole in the side of the ship till it was knocked away. No sooner had hole been made out came the commandos, pilots, and Jedi stumbling out from the crash landing.

“Were clear make the jump now!” The Jedi called and slumped to the floor. He had just experienced his first real lightsaber duel and had survived. She was tough but had clearly underestimated him. Zenobia, Dathomir Witch, and Inquisitor to the Empire. If he ever met her again he would be sure to strike her down next time. He was sure she wasn’t the only one looking for him. Hundreds if not thousands of dark force users would be scouring the galaxy looking for him after this encounter. Aside the dual he had been reflecting on the whole indecent. It had been a trap all along! The Empire followed the double agent to the base, attacked it, and awaited for him to arrive. So many lives were lost in this trap and they had barely escaped with their lives. He looked around seeing many fighters damaged during the battle and the boarding team being treated for wounds. He was lucky his skills saved him from any wounds today but next time would probably be different and next time he would be ready for the dark side.

Zenobia stood at the edge of the hanger watching the rebel ships escape into hyperspace. Her face scrunched up in anger knowing that she and the trap had failed. Damn Jedi! She had clearly underestimated him. Never had she failed a mission before until now. She had been too overconfident in her abilities to win thus causing her to lose the fight. Nevertheless, she would not fail again. Next time they met she will kill him. At least the Rebel’s wouldn’t know about the Emperors new weapon being built at the Kuat Shipyards. That was one positive outcome about this mission. Seeing no point in staying aboard the base she spoke into her communicator in a harsh commanding tone with a hint of anger. “Bring my shuttle.”

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