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Mr. & Mrs. Jeon


Just day life of the Jeon's. With a lot of Smut & fluff. It's a one shot book. If you miss one chapter, you won't miss the story. Top K Bottom T B X B Fluff, Smut, Feminization, Cross dress, 18+, Mature The one shot ideas is fully my imagination. The characters in this story is purely fiction.. Not referring to any real life characters, people or person. The cover is done by me. Don't copy or plagiarise.

Romance / Erotica
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This is my 4th book. 3rd Taekook (Top kook) ff. This book will be a one shots kinda thing. You can either read all the chapters or read randomly. You won't miss the continuation. Every episode will be about daily life problems in Tae & Kookie's life. It'll be mostly Smuts. With sweet fluff. Yeah so mostly this is a Smut one shots book.

This book contains.

B * B,

Smut (Hard core),





Feminizing, yes Feminizing. (the title is there for a reason.If any of you say no Tae's a man so don't say as Mrs. Jeon & all then don't. I kept this title because I wanted it like that. So don't say that he's man blah blah & all),



The story is fully my idea.

PS: I'll update this book whenever an idea pops up to me.

You guys can request too. BDSM is fine, but don't go in too deep. And by the way slut shaming or degrading stuff & all I can't write. I can't & I don't wanna write that stuff.

Other than that you can request & I'll try to make that happen. If you all don't have requests then it's okay, I'll be updating my own ideas.

So that's it. Enjoy the story now. Happy reading.

Let's goooooooooooo!!!

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