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Mr. & Mrs. Jeon

Episode 1 (M)

Tae had enough with his hubby's work schedule. He's fed up. Well what do you expect when your hubby is the famous pilot, keeps on flying back & forth to almost all over the world?!

It's his job & Tae knows that. But still he can't help him being horny for his hubby always.

They have only been married for a year now. They're still in their honeymoon phase (But they are always in their honeymoon phase to be honest).

So because of this Tae is always horny. Jungkook is rarely home & when he's home all they do is fuck. Well what do ya expect from a horny newly married ones?!

Today Tae is feeling extra horny. Maybe cause he watched the old raunchy movie 'Basic Instinct'?! It's mainly hetero, but still he was now horny after watching that.

"Ugggh fucking fuck" Tae is now moaning in full pleasure as a dildo is shoved inside his beautiful pink hole. It's pretty big. Because he has to compensate with the size of his hubbys dick. His husband's dick size is no joke. It fills him up soo sooo good. So to equal that of course he has to shove one of the biggest dildos.

He's slowly teasingly strokes his length while the dildo is doing its work. His eyes are closed in pleasure. Mouth is cursing & chanting his hubbys name. His legs are trembling & his toes are curling in pleasure.

As he's so deeply immersed in his mastrubating seesion, he didn't hear that his hubby had already come inside their home.

Jungkook wanted to surprise his sweet wifey cause it's been more than a week since he last came home. And last time too, they couldn't fuck cause Tae had a fever that time. So their non fucking dry spell has been going on for more than 15 days now. And for them that many days is too long. As these horny fuckers can't keep their hands off each other, 15 days is damn too much, indeed.

As Jungkook entered their bedroom to surprise Tae, but what he saw was such a sinful sight that his dick twitched immediately inside his pants & he was hard that very second. His wifey spreading his legs wide on their bed, fucking himself on a big dildo, stroking his dick at the same time & chanting Jungkook's name is a very pleasant sight to see indeed.

He didn't make a sound. Near their bed is a big ass couch. He just sat there putting his one leg on his other leg & kept looking at the sinful sight.

"Mmmnnnggghhh…. Yes.. Yess…. Ba….. Babe Gukkie… Honey…. Yes just like that. You fuck me sooo sooo good babes". Tae is in his own world not knowing the presence of his hubby.

"I'm gonna cum….." Tae screams. "You wouldn't dare to baby" Jungkook's voice suddenly heard inside their room.

Tae immediately opens his eyes. He's shocked. He knows his hubby doesn't like when he pleasures himself when Jungkook is there himself . But how he's supposed to know that his hubby will just pop out of nowhere to surprise him when he's in the middle of his pleasuring session . It's not his fault, isn't it?!

Suddenly an idea pops in his head. He smirked evilly. "Oh babes you're here. When did you come?" Tae doesn't even try to change his position. He was doing what he was doing & questioning his hubby at the same time.

Jungkook knows about his sweet vixen wifey. So he decided to play along too. "Oh just now baby. Only like 5 minutes before".

Tae smiled & asked "Were you enjoying the show honey? I mean are you enjoying it, still?" he asked with a smirk.

"I do baby. I do. Very very much. But baby you know that I don't like what you're doing when I'm here. I mean is that dildo comes even close to what your hubby has? When the real thing is here, why do you need that thing inside you?" Jungkook asks teasingly but his voice is in a cold tone.

" Then what are you waiting for? Get this damn thing out of me & fill me up with your dick. My ass & your dick has been away from each other for too long. Make them acquainted to each other again" Tae says seductively with a wink.

"Gladly." Jungkook says stripping from his clothes. Tae moans when he sees his hubbys veiny hands, his godly chiseled body & his large ass dick.

Jungkook goes near the bed, pulls out the dildo & just throws it on the bed. He takes his wifey's legs & starts to pepper kisses. He slowly makes his way kissing from Tae's toes to his thighs. Tae moans with half-closed eyes. He bites his lips so hard, that it's beginning to bruise.

Jungkook finally goes near his wife's pink hole & kisses it,earning a deep moan from his wife. "I missed you so so much, baby. You're my favourite meal & I was literally gonna go crazy from not eating you" saying this Jungkook eats his wifey like he's been hungry for days. He starts to devour his wifey. Well he is indeed hungry, cause he didn't get to taste his sweet wifeys ass.

While eating Tae's ass, Jungkook starts to pinch & rub Tae's nipples with one hand. "Guggkie oh my god. Babes….mmmmmmm…...yes good. Sooo sooo good". Tae couldn't form words because his hubby is eating oh so nicely his ass & playing with his nipples at the same time. Tae was on cloud 9 now.

"Honey, babes I want you inside me now. Please." Tae starts to beg.

"Okay but suck me off first baby" Jungkook says giving a slap at Tae's ass.

Tae immediately gets on his knees, pushing Jungkook on bed. Jungkook's head rests at the headboard of their bed. Tae starts to lick & kiss softly at first. "Yesss baby just like that. I missed your sweet magical mouth on my cock sooo much. Do your magic baby" Jungkook says lovingly caressing Tae's hair.

Tae first licks a long stripe from the balls to Jungkook's length.Then he starts to suck his dick & massage his hubby's balls. Slowly he tries to take all of Jungkook's length inside his mouth, but that damn thing is like a big monster so he just takes whatever he can in his mouth & to the rest of it he starts to strike it with his hands.

Jungkook groans due to his wifey mouth doing wonders to his dick.He feels like he's gonna come so he taps Tae's shoulders to stop. But Tae doesn't stop. Instead just keeps on sucking with more fervour, finally causing Jungkook to come in his mouth. Tae doesn't waste a single drop, as he gulps it completely & opens his mouth with an aaah, showing that he swallowed it all.

Jungkook laughs at this, "Come here my little vixen" saying that he pulls Tae in his lap & starts to kiss him deeply tasting a little of his own cum.

"Okay now I want you inside me now" Tae demands & Jungkook smiles & says " As you wish, my Queen".

Tae is now lying on his stomach. Jungkook once again eats up his ass, when he hears Tae's whines he laughs & thrusted his entire dick in one go. Tae screams & grips the bed sheets so hard that his hands turn white. After a long ass minute Tae signaled to Jungkook that he can move. So Jungkook started to move.

What does not seize to amaze Jungkook is his wifey's tightness. I mean they have done this at least like more than 1000 times or so, but still Tae's ass is as tight as the first time they made love.Jungkook goes crazy whenever he's inside his wifey. His warm velvety walls which grips his dick oh so tightly, that feeling is like pure bliss & divine.

He starts to smack Tae's ass so hard that it starts to turn red. Jungkook loves it when his wifey's white beautiful ass turns to deep red shade when he spanks it. And Tae loves it too, because when his hubby is fucking him so hard & spanks him, the pleasure level intensifies for him. For each hard thrust when he spanks Tae, Tae feels like he's in heaven. He absolutely loves being manhandled by his hubby.

Suddenly Jungkook flips Tae making him face him. Jungkook always wanna cum inside Tae facing him. He loves to watch his wifeys facial expressions when he's in pure bliss.

"Babes…. Yesss. Right there. Harder go harder. More. Please more Guggkie. Don't stop honey" Tae screams from the top of his lungs. And Jungkook absolutely loves it when his wifey becomes like this. All wrecked, sweaty, moaning his name, he adores this sight.

"Wanna cum, please" Tae begs. He's been denied his orgasm from his mastrubation session itself by his hubby. He can't hold on to his orgasm anymore. His dick is painfully twitching.

"Wait baby, come with me" Jungkook says thrusting in balls deep. After continuing this animalistic pace for a while Jungkook says "Come for me baby" & Tae immediately comes off without even touching. Followed by Jungkook coming into his wifey's ass.

Jungkook doesn't take his dick out. But just falls on Tae but not crushing him. Both pants are heavy. Deep breaths are heard. But he's still inside his wifey's ass.

"Babes, you're still inside me," Tae says panting. "What makes you think that after 15 days of dry spell I'm just gonna let you go after 1 round?" Jungkook smirks.

"I knew it. You won't be satisfied by 1 round". Tae says this & taps his hubbys shoulder, "But let's continue this in the bathroom shall we? Fuck me up against the shower wall, then in the tub however you like. But right now I wanna shower so let's go".

After that slowly Jungkook pulls him out of his wifey's hole. Picks him up bridal style. And like Tae said they did fuck against the shower wall & in the tub.

Talk about these two's stamina huhh!!!

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