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Mr. & Mrs. Jeon

Episode 2 (M)

Tae & Jungkook have not seen each other for more than 10days.

This time the airlines which Jungkook is flying are so busy & tight with less pilots cauz most of them are on local festival leave.

You might ask why Jungkook hasn't taken a holiday because he always works double, triple shifts the day before holidays & takes a long 2 weeks vacation. Not like the usual pilots who just take 2 or 3 days off when it's the festival time. Because they would have already taken more holidays before the festival itself for shopping & all. But Jungkook never takes that kind of leave for shopping. He always leaves all that to his wife. He just takes the day before the festival & this way he gets paid double. And by this he can pamper & spoil his wife more with more goodies & expensive holiday packages.

Tae knows all about this. But he can't help it. He can't stay away from his hubby this long. Festival times are always hard for him, but at the same time he knows that his hubby will sweep him off his feet by giving him a surprise every year.

There are still 3 more days until Jungkook returns. Tae has done all the decorations & shopping. Just waiting for his hubby to come back to him.

But he was feeling extra horny today, since he watched some porn on his laptop.

Using his toys as usual is not enough for him. He wants his hubby. Atleast to hear his voice. His hubby's deep voice whenever they are in their intimate moment always makes him come hard. He wants that now, at least wanna hear his voice.

He calls Jungkook, but it goes straight to his voice mail. So he just leaves a message saying that call him soon as he's free.

He gets a reply msg back saying that Jungkook will facetime him tonight at 10 o'clock.

Tae smiles & smirks. He has an idea. Oh he's gonna have sooo much fun with his hubby tonight.

He dressed himself in what will make Jungkook's mind go crazy.

Sharp at 10 o'clock Jungkook face timed him. Well it's night time for Jungkook but it's day time for Tae, but he didn't mind.

"Hi baby. How are you?" Jungkook asked with a big smile on his face.

"I'm okay babes. Just missing you" Tae said smiling at his hubby.

"I know baby. I miss you too. Just 3 more days. I'll be there on the 24th morning, I promise. Then we'll celebrate Christmas & go on our vacation like always". Jungkook says eagerly.

"Why you never tell me where we are going?" Tae whines to his hubby.

"It's a surprise baby. You know I do this always cause it's your B'day that comes on these days too. So no questions about that. Now be a doll & give your hubby a flying kiss. I have been deprived of your kisses for too long" Jungkook says coming closer to the screen.

"Oh I'll give more than kisses for you today" Tae says playfully.

By now Jungkook knows that his wife has planned something for him. He eagerly sits straight.

Tae places the laptop on top of the bed's headboard to give Jungkook a better view.

He now stands in front of the laptop swaying his hips to some sexy music in the background. He's wearing a mini silver skirt. The sides of his hips are exposed deliciously through that skirt.

Jungkook's breath hitches. He's hard now under his loose sweatpants. His hands go by on their own to palm his shaft.

Tae teasingly starts to slide his skirt down.

"Babes like what you see?" Tae asks, wetting his lips with his tongue.

Jungkook is always a sucker for his wife's tongue techniques.

"Yes Princess very much. So you have planned to tease me today huh?! You know you'll get punished for this right. I don't want you to limp on your B'day" Jungkook says licking his lips after eyeing his wife's sinful body.

"Oh honey, I won't have it any other way. I'm totally okay with it. You can wreck me fully. I don't care. This ass has not been touched by you for so long. So whatever I'm doing today to rile you up is totally worth it" Tae says winking seductively.

"Oh your sooo gonna get it when I get there" Jungkook says sternly like a warning.

Tae loves that. He totally loves it when his hubby goes all alpha ass mode crazily. By this he gets what he wants from his hubby. Alpha mad ass crazy dom hubby is sooo hot. And the sex when he's in that mode is sooo awesome that Tae always does something like this to rile his hubby. So that he'll go mad crazy & wreck his ass. He doesn't even care if his ass always gets wrecked after that. It's totally worth it anyways. So yeah…..

"You can do all that when you're here. Now sit back & enjoy the show darling" Tae giggles.

He takes his skirt in one go. Jungkook's feel like the air from his lungs are punched out.

His wife never ceases to surprise him. All though they have had sex like thousands of times, Tae always has a way to make Jungkook's heart go crazy & his legs jelly.

Tae is in a silver glittering metal panty, with stockings.

Damn that body & those sinful legs. Jungkook starts to moan after seeing his wife like that.

"Babes I wanna feel you all over me" Tae moans.

"Go on princess" Jungkook starts to groan.

Tae places the laptop now on the bed. He lies down on the bed sprawling his legs wide giving a perfect view to his hubby. He then slides the panty aside, takes a dildo from the side & starts to suck it fully looking at his hubby seductively.

Seeing this Jungkook can't control himself more. He takes off his sweatpants & starts to stroke his length.

Tae then takes the dildo from his mouth & teases himself by bringing the dildo near his pink hole. He just pokes the dildo near his hole, but doesn't push the dildo inside fully.

He's doing all this to tease his hubby. He knows how his hubby goes crazy when he does this.

"Honey look. You're entering me nicely" says Tae pushing the dildo fully inside his hole. His hole fully takes the dildo in. He starts to push & pull the dildo inside his fluttering pink hole.

"Oh baby. I just wanna shove my dick inside you now" Jungkook says closing his eyes half lid.

"Yes honey. Yesss just like that. Mmmmmmmgghhh so good, sooo good" Tae starts to scream while pushing the dildo deep inside his hole.

"Aaaah fuck...aaahhhh" Jungkook's mouth is ajar. He's stroking his shaft vigorously.

The dildo which is shoved deep inside grazes Tae's Gspot making him scream in pleasure.

"Nnngghhhh yessss babes. Yessss just like that harder" Tae's thighs begins to shake. He feels like he's gonna come, so he slows down a bit. He pulls the dildo out & licks it thoroughly looking at his hubby with lust hooded eyes.

Jungkook sees & groans.

"Go on princess, shove that dildo inside that beautiful hole of yours" Jungkook grunts stroking his length at the same time.

Tae shoves the dildo back in deeply in one go so that it hits his sweet bundle of nerves right away. He screams in pleasure. His legs which have been spread wide apart are starting to give out. Because of the position he's in for so long now.

"Aaaaggghhh fuck yesss. Oh god….. Mmgghhgghhh" screams Tae. Finally Tae comes screaming Jungkook's name. And on the other side Jungkook comes screaming Tae's name too.

Tae slowly takes the dildo out & licks it again. He brings the laptop near him & spreads his legs wide showing his hubby his abused hole. He massages his pink hole slightly moaning. On the other side Jungkook's length comes to alive again.

I mean one round is never ever was ever enough for them. So they have not planned to stop it today after just one round too.

"Round 2 honey?", Tae asks seductively, showing his pink hole a little too near the laptop screen.

"Hell yes princess" Jungkook says, licking his lips seductively after seeing his wife's beautiful hole.

And round 2 starts.

Damn sure that they're not gonna stop after round 2 too.

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