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What's Mr. Jeon Hiding?

Chapter 1 (M)

"Mmmm yes. Aaahhh there babe" moans Tae twisting his sweet husband's hair.

Jungkook thrusts his hips a little deeper, but goes slower. He always makes slow steady sweet love with his husband Jeon Taehyung. He always makes sweet slow love to him that makes Tae go crazy & mad. He knows very well to edge Tae till the last moment & make him cum hard. Tae loves that part. But what he doesn't know about his sweet innocent husband is, he has a lot of desires. Like really dirty ones.

Tae looks like a lot innocent bean in front of his husband Jungkook, but he's really a little vixen underneath that. He has a lot of dirty dark desires that he wants his husband to do him. But sadly, he can't ask or even have the guts to bring that kind of topic to his sweet sweet, soft, fluff, too goody husband. Like what if he finds Tae weird or find him disgusting to have all these secret fetishes!!

He always wanted his husband to go full on hard core on him. Like vang him, till he can't walk for a week or 2. Tie him up, spank him, talk dirty to him (but no degrading, he hates that shit). Try shoving up different kinds of toys in him. But noooo…… hehe can't do that, cause his husband is toooo soft & sweet for that.

Tae loves his husband to death, don't get him wrong, but now & then he just wants his hubby to go full on hard on him, it's not too much to ask is it?! But yes it is indeed too much to ask. Any person just by looking at his husband can tell that he's thee most adorable, cute , fluff, sweet bunny in the world. He obviously can't ask his hubby to do all these to him, but he can't help it either. Even though his hubby is well muscle built, he has the cutest baby face still.

Jungkook is always gentle with him. Makes sweet sweet love to Tae almost every night. He never ever treated him badly. Not raised his voice even once before Tae. Always wakes up before him, cooks for them both & then wakes Tae up to have breakfast in bed. Even though they have different cars, drives him daily to Tae's school where Tae works as a teacher. And picks him up daily from the school. If by any chance he can't pick up, he msgs with a ton of sorrys to him & say to him get a ride from Jimin only for that day. He never allows Tae to travel alone or take any cabs. He never trusts any cab drivers, even though Tae insisted or begged him a million times to let him go alone or get a cab.

They have been married blissfully for 2 yrs now. Never had even a little fight till now. Jungkook msgs Tae everyday after he gets to his office. Always msgs him to have lunch properly at time. If he has to go out of station by chance for work purposes, he always calls, msgs him like at least 3 or 5 times a day. Jungkook always the first one wish Tae for their wedding anniversary, his b'days, valentines day, their engagement day anniversary, everything. Brings thee biggest Xmas tree & decorates himself perfectly. Even he makes Xmas dinners & bakes all the cookies. All Tae has to do is just sit around & look at his perfect hubby that's all. He's Picture Perfect Husband indeed.

All is well & good on the outside, but deep down they both have secrets from each other. Neither wants the other to know about that. They don't wanna ruin their Picture Perfect family by bringing out their desires or their secrets.

"Yeah baby you like that" Jungkook snaps his hips hard once & they both cum hard.

After their morning sweet love making Jungkook carries Tae to their bathroom, they make out while showering.

After getting dressed up, Jungkook makes a delightful mouth watering breakfast as usual to his hubby. They hoth feed each other, being lovey dovey. After they finish their breakfast, Jungkook locks the door & they both go towards their car & Jungkook drives them first to Tae's school.

They reach Tae's school. "Baby don't forget to eat your lunch okay" Jungkook kisses Tae on his lips giving his lunch which is in a paper bag that he prepared.

"Have I ever forgotten that. Your cooking is my favourite honey. You know how I crave for your food" Tae smiles & kisses him back getting down from the car. "It's my duty to say that baby" Jungkook smiles & gives him a flying kiss, which Tae catches & makes a kissy face again & waves him bye. Jungkook now drives off to his work.

Tae reaches the Teacher's room. Jimin is already there. "Had your morning dose of sweetness today?" Jimin smirks. "Mmmm yesss" Tae says simply & plops on the couch which is placed there in the teachers lounging area.

"Will you ever tell your sweet husband what you really want him to do for you?" Jimin asks eyeing Tae.

"You really think I can even dream of asking him what I want?" scoffs Tae.

"So for your whole life you're gonna be like this?!" asks Jimin with a doubt.

"Ugggh then what I'm supposed to do? He'll certainly be weirded out if he comes to know all about my desires" Tae holds his head in his hands & sighs.

"Why don't you take a chance? Just go for it. Do it. And let's see how your sweet hubby reacts!" Jimin winks at Tae.

"Mmmm I don't think so. What if he freaks out & leaves me. I love him to death. I can't live without him" says Tae, thinking hardly.

"Next month it's his b''day right! Why don't you try something special for him. You have a month, so think wisely & properly. If he freaks out too, you can say it's just a special thing for his b'day & that you're putting on a special show for his special day. Your hubby will feel giddy & will go crazy after you twerk that booty of yours. No one can resist this mighty Tae booty. No one is immune to this" he winks & smacks Tae's ass (Tae is standing now).

"Asshole" he scolds Jimin but starts to think about what Jimin said now.

"You can think of all that later doll. Now the school will begin so let's go to our classes" Jimin says while pulling Tae towards his class.

Tae's legs walk towards his class, but in his mind, what Jimin said just now, it's what has been going on & on.

It wouldn't hurt to try right?! He does have like a month to decide to come up with an idea to make his wildest dreams come true.

Yup he's decided. He's gonna to do it. Whatever happens will happen.

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