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A crazy mafia leader will do anything to be with an over possesive college student. Top K Bottom T B X B Fluff, Romance, Action, Smut (Hard core), Crossdressing, Mpreg, 18+, Mature. The story is fully my imagination. The characters in this story is purely fictional. Not referring to any of the real life characters, people or person. The cover is done by me. Don't copy or plagiarise.

Erotica / Action
Age Rating:


This is another top kook. In this story I'm trying something new for the first time. A full on psychotic Kook & over possessive mad Tae.

Both are mad for each other. This is a completely new genre for me. But I'm trying it. As an author I'm experimenting new things. But no tragedy. Of Course I can't write sad endings. I hate that. So it's a guaranteed happy ending.

Warnings are


Possessive mad crazy love,



Smut (hard core),



The cover is done by me. It's actually dedicated to a person here, for her B'day

The story idea is fully mine.

So shall we get on with the story……..

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