"Ahsoka." The ghostly voice, so familiar to Tara and yet so distant, like a muffled whisper, spoke from the air like a wisp of wind. Tano's eyes scanned the skies, her chest rising and falling with deep, heavy breaths. "Master Kenobi?" Her eyes glistened with glittering tears and her lower lip trembled. It was as though the voice was something she'd waited many years to hear and had feared perhaps she never might. Like the greeting of a long-lost friend or a loved one. Tara's heart stopped. Images filled her weary mind. Warm and happy and sad. The handsome bearded man holding her in his arms and whispering into her hair. Lifting her onto the saddle of his eeopie with his strong, calloused hands. Laughing, his eyes smiling with his mouth as he chased her around the synthstone house. The crinkles around his piercing, hypnotic blue eyes as he tucked her in for the very last time. The sad smile on his face. And her mom's last words to him. The words she'd heard as she'd peered around the corner at her bedroom door, pigtails hanging around her ears. "I love you, Ben Kenobi." Her mom had said, stroking his prickly cheek, her voice quavering with tears. And her mom never cried. Tara's eyes widened. Her eyes darted across the sky. But all she saw was the battle.

Fantasy / Adventure
Mandy Horning
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

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