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Wander On

Chapter 3: Ruthless Passion

I had finally finished bandaging myself from the wounds I suffered during the fight. I was very thankful that I had trained so extensively in swordsmanship and I had to admit that I really began to take a liking to the Shien style but unlike her, I found my calling in the reverse grip variant. Master Yashika was an expert in the style and put me through extremely intensive drills with both herself as well as the top apprentices in the academy. However, I attributed my ability in The Force due to my own desire to learn more about it.

It wasn't just a tool to me, it was a living, breathing entity that truly determined life or death. Though my mistress always stressed to embrace my emotions and to channel my rage into my attacks, I rarely did so because I never saw a need for it. Rage makes one blind and reckless and I believed that fights were won with careful planning and excellent execution.

"My apprentice,"

I looked up to see that she had entered my new quarters. I tore the last strap of bandage from my torso before replacing the roll in the cabinet in front of me.

"You did very well today; I was sure that you'd have lost that fight given the drills you were put through this morning," she said.
"Was the intent to kill me?" I hissed.

She smiled at me and shook her head.

"I knew you could win...I was only unsure if you would give up or not," she replied.
"Unwavering faith in one's pupil," I said sarcastically.

She laughed softly before sitting on the bed before gesturing me to join her.

"You missed several spots on your back," she said.

I was about to reach for the roll of cloth but she already brought it to herself with The Force. I turned my back to her and allowed her to treat the wounds.

"You managed to defeat Darth Meskan's apprentice in single combat...I think it is the time for you to venture into the tombs and find your first lightsaber," she said.
"I have no interest in stealing a blade from a dead Sith; I wish to forge my own," I replied.

She raised an eyebrow.

"You do not believe in that tradition?" she asked.
"Everything about the Sith is about conquering others and earning one's place; stealing a dead Sith's lightsaber is cutting out much of the work in favor of acquiring it more quickly and I believe that I should have to earn my own," I replied.

She smiled and nodded.

"So you believe you're ready to find your crystals and construct your own?" she asked.
"If you would allow me to my mistress," I replied.

She finished wrapping the wounds before placing the roll back in the cabinet.

"You are very different from the rest of the acolytes here; you think for yourself and you don't believe in taking shortcuts unless there is no other alternative...and you also do not fight to kill," she said.
"The only reason I did not kill Meskan's apprentice is because I was too exhausted to," I replied.

She shook her head.

"The intent to kill was not in your eyes," she said.
"Are you doubting my commitment to becoming Sith?"

She looked into my eyes, scanning for any sign of a lie. She then smiled.

"Interesting...I see a lot of things in those eyes of yours," she said.

She was one of the few Twi'lek here at the academy and also one of the very few people who I was actually able to call an acquaintance. She had me under her tutelage for nearly two years. There were numerous times where she proudly called me her best student and most valued apprentice, which garnered a lot of hatred from other masters. She had me duel a great number of other apprentices, but I refrained from killing them out of respect for their masters and the time they took to train all of them. I had lost a total of two duels and that was mostly because I was fighting apprentices who were far more experienced than I was.

"What else do you see my mistress?" I asked.

She smiled slyly.

"I see deep passion in your eyes...you truly want to be the best the Sith have to offer and you truly wish to carry on the will of the Dark Lords," she said.

I would be lying if I said that I didn't find my master appealing; she was an extremely attractive Twi'lek who was still rather young considering how well versed she was in The Force as well as wielding a lightsaber. She was a Lethan Twi'lek, meaning that she possessed the extremely rare skin tone of red which for some reason, added to her attractiveness. I had no idea why she suddenly seemed so interesting to me now...was it The Force amplifying my emotions?

"Yes...I want to be the most powerful Sith of them all and nothing is going to stand in my way," I said.

Her smile turned from sly to devious. She then scooted closer to me before running her index finger across my chest.

"I know that's not all that's on your mind my apprentice...do you really think I haven't seen the hungry eyes you've given me?" she whispered.

I closed my eyes and turned away.

"I don't want to be distracted...and I am not worthy of you my mistress," I said.

I felt her push me back onto the bed and before I could move, she already mounted me.

"Remember that reward I was speaking of before?" she said.

She lifted untied her robes and pushed them off, revealing a black bra.

"You've proven yourself more than worthy...now make me feel your passion," she said.

Her voice had shifted to the signature seductive tone that most Twi'leks did without fail...and I was no exception to its allure.


I jolted awake and shook my head clean from the sleep. I looked to see that Akibvojo had returned.

"Are we almost there?" I asked.
"Not quite...I wanted to know something," she said.

I rolled my eyes but nodded; they were taking me to Alderaan so the least I could do was satiate her curiosity.

"What's on your mind?" I asked.
"Your master...what was she like?" she asked.

I raised an eyebrow.

"Why the curiosity?" I asked.
"Because I've always been curious about what life is like as a Sith," she replied.

I sighed deeply and clasped my hands together.

"She was a strong woman and really showed me the value of hard work as well as the ways that I could free my mind from all restraints," I explained.
"It sounds like it was a lot more than just master and apprentice," she inferred.

I nodded slowly, smiling a little to myself.

"You could say that yes," I replied.
"What happened?" she continued.

I shook my head.

"You're aware of what Order 66 is correct?" I asked.
"You mean...the same event that caused the Clones to turn on the Jedi Order?" she asked.

My eyes narrowed.

"I...didn't want to be a part of the war," I said.
"But...why? I thought it was the Sith way to always seek to hold power?" she asked.
"I...wanted to run away with my master because I fell in love with her," I replied.

I then removed my lightsaber from my jacket.

"She...went mad with power and threw away everything that we had because she believed that power was the only way to bring peace," I continued.
"What do you mean?"
"Her feelings faded from real to superficial...we had a genuinely great master and apprentice relationship and we were close friends but the lines began to blur as the Dark Side continued to take over us both,"

I then removed a small piece of cloth before unwrapping it to reveal...a band.

"This is all I have left of her...because I was forced to kill her,"

She looked at me in disbelief.

"Was that what caused you to desert the Sith?" she asked.
"...I left the Sith because I didn't want to be pulled all the way to The Dark Side and then I become another monster that forces others to kill their loved ones...it's a cycle of hatred that I think isn't necessary," I said.

I felt her hand on my shoulder. I had no idea why I allowed her to do so; she was a complete stranger to me but yet...yet it felt alright to trust her.

"I'm...really sorry for your loss," she said.
"I've already gotten over it," I replied.

I don't think that I've ever tried to hard to lie about something in my entire life.

"...Do you need someone here?" she asked.

I could sense her emotions beginning to intensify. My affinity with the Force allowed me to feel the motives of anyone else who was Force sensitive...and this Twi'lek woman was quite in tune. She clearly didn't have much training but she was able to sense alignment...which is something that even experienced Force users have problems mastering. Her voice also began to sound a lot more appealing...and my eyes began to examine every inch of her body.

She wasn't like Mistress Yashika with a red skin tone...she had a green skin tone and a seductresses's figure. She wasn't wearing the same long sleeved clothing that she was before and was now garbed in a normal low cut work shirt with rather short shorts. She had stripes across most of her skin, except for her legs and arms where it was a little less plentiful. Even her lips were enticing me...much like how my master did before her.

I turned away and let out a breath.

"It wouldn't be proper; your brother is upstairs and I'm but a stranger to you," I said.
"Even strangers need comfort sometimes...and you're not a bad person," she said.

I shook my head again.

"You know nothing about me...and I'd rather not leave a lasting impression because we're highly unlikely to ever meet again after we arrive," I said.
"You're sounding a lot more like a Jedi than a Sith; I thought Sith believed in embracing their desires and emotions instead of abstaining like those boring self-proclaimed guardians of the light," she replied.

Her voice sounded annoyed and I already felt a shift in the Force around her; it felt a lot more like the Dark Side. She genuinely cared...no doubt grateful that I gave so much credits to her brother and her and also grateful for the fact that I opened up to her about everything...but was this really a good idea?

"I'm not a Jedi...not in the least," I said.

She looked me dead in the eyes.

"Then why are you stopping yourself...I can already see the desire burning deeply in your eyes," she said.

Her voice was really getting through my mental walls and I knew that if I didn't dismiss her right now, I would give in.

"I'm sorry...I can't do this,"

I rose to my feet and tried to leave the room but she grabbed my hand.

"You...don't know how lonely it is to live with my brother...he doesn't let men near me...he's turned away countless numbers of them and I've been stuck in solitude..."

I clenched my fists before turning to her.

"You've given me an anonymous ride to Alderaan and I paid you with a great deal of credits...why do you want more than that?" I asked.
"Because you're not like all the other men I've seen...there's so much more to you than meets the eye and I can't stop imagining what it's like to feel your skin on mine,"

I knew what I would do next...would create a great deal of problems but with all of the emotions and desires welling up within me, I couldn't control it anymore. I grabbed her in my hands, lifted her up by her thighs and pressed her against the wall. I looked into her eyes, seeing the sheer lust within them.
No more words were needed for the rest of the trip.
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