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Kim's Family Values


Just a cliche story of a mafia leader falling for a teenage boy. What he doesn't know is what's in store for him. Top K Bottom T B X B, Crack, Fluff, Romance, Smut, Feminization, Crossdressing, Mpreg, 18+, Mature. The cover is done by me. The story is fully my imagination. The characters in this story is purely fictional. . Not referring to any real life characters, people or person. Don't copy or plagiarise.

Humor / Erotica
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Hi guys another Top Kook. This story is somewhat like a crack fic. This is my first time trying a ff like this. I don't know how it's gonna go. But hope it turns out good

This story is about a mafia leader & a horny teenager falling in love with each other. But the problem is the horny teenager's family thinks that their sweet angel boy in the whole world is too innocent to know the difference between good & so called 'bad'. They brought him up thinking that he's the innocent sweet baby who has zero knowledge when it comes to love & other stuff.

But in reality their so-called sweet, cute, angel boy is everything but innocent.

So how the family will react when they find out their son is dating. And that too to a mafia leader?!

God help this family. Otherwise all hell will break loose!!!!!!!

This book contains Top kook, bottom Tae, B*B, Fluff lots (loads of sweet fluff), Crack, Action Crack, Smut, Crossdressing, Mpreg, 18+, Mature.

All the pics, gifs, videos, edits credits goes to the rightful owners.

The book's cover is done by me.

The story is fully mine.

So I have given enough warnings, so if you're uncomfortable or don't like the above warnings please don't read my book. If you're comfortable then enjoy the book.

Happy reading…...

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