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The Fatal Three


"Empathy hurry up we are gonna be late , Esperanza is already in the car " shouted Elena. "Would you stop shouting at me. I was just checking my makeup. It's our first day in a new city. I can guarantee there will be mouth watering boys and I cant wait to sink my claws into them" said Empathy while sitting in the back seat and Elena sitting in front seat. "I know i am excited to but we have to complete this mission and then we can have fun" said Esperanza we all nodded in agreement knowing that New York wouldn't be able to handle the Reyes sisters. Les Trois Fatals we are also know as The Fatal Three we are highly skilled assassins the best in the business, we never miss our target . Three sisters carrying on their family's business and legacy while searching for there parent's killer. What happens when they all get captured by the mafia because of their parents past ? Will they fall in love or Will they be sold to the highest bidder.......

Drama / Erotica
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The Trio 🥴

Empathy's pov

It was midnight and our flight from Spain had just landed in New York. We were beyond exhausted but also excited to be in the city that never sleeps. It was our first mission since the assassination of our parents by our agency's archrival and we did not intend on screwing this up.

As I started thinking of that day , holding my mother and father lifeless bodies as I kept screaming for help feeling hopeless I felt a single tear slid down my cheek. I was brought out of my thoughts on hearing my sisters complaining about needing my help. Loading the bags into the car Elena had rented.

"Stop day dreaming Empathy and help us with the bags" both Esperanza and Elena groaned at me. "I am coming I swear yall act like yall can cut my ass sometime " I said while rolling my eyes at them. "Technically I can beat both yall asses without breaking a sweat " said Esperanza while laughing, which caused Elena and I both to laugh knowing that she was right but niether of us were in the mood to deny it.

The three of us got in the car and continued to the house the agency's had bought for us to stay in while we were on our mission. "Oh sorry if i failed to mention that my sisters and I are highly trained assassins and we are also triplets , you know the saying all good things comes in three's."

Esperanza is the eldest of the bunch she was born exactly two minutes and 20 seconds before Elena who beat me by a minute and one seconds and then there is me ,Empathy the baby of the bunch . We are all identical but uniquely different. We stand at the height 5'5 , we are slim with a little shape , we have caramel skin, we are twenty-one years ,we have long curly chestnut brown hair that reaches us by our waist but the only difference is Elena has light Green eyes while me and Esperanza share blue eyes.

So Elena usually wears contact lens to hide her eyes when we go out on missions. She got our mom's eyes. So let me tell yall a little more about us. Esperanza is the loving but yet tough sister , Elena is the more quiet one with anger issues and well me Empathy some may say I am vain depending on who you ask but I really am the friendly ,funny sister who always seems to get us in trouble. We are the Reyes sisters and wherever we go we leave a trail of dead bodies. Ok back to the story 🙃

It was and hour drive from the airport to the place we will now be calling home until the mission is complete and who knows how long that would take. As we pulled up to a large gate I punched in the code and the gate swung open almost immediately.

The house we drove up to left us breathless it was beyond beautiful yes we were accustom to staying in nice places but nothing like this . It was a two story building with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms ,a kitchen and a large livingroom.

We unloaded the car and proceeded to the house with our bags and as soon as we opened the door. We all dropped our bags and raced upstairs so we can pick get the best room .

The inside of the house was just as beautiful as the outside, everything was in a white and black color scheme. The walls were all white and all the furniture were black it is expected since it is easier to clean blood off of black furniture instead of white the little voice in my head said.

We were all disappointed to find out all the rooms were exactly the same . The rooms had blue walls and a huge king size bed sat in the middle of it with black satin sheets , it had a walk in closet with walls of expensive shoes and clothes and a secret wall that opened up to show case different weapons.

The bathroom was a beauty for sore eyes , it had a huge bathtub that was lily white , a glass shower that was voice operated, I moaned out thinking about the mind blowing sex I would have in that shower.

I unpacked my clothes and headed back downstairs were I saw my sisters going over the plan it was simple our mission was to seduce and execute Jake Willison he was the owner of A famous club called Lust .

He was a asshole he trafficked drugs throughout his club and murdered two women but most importantly he owed us money for murdering those two women and we were here to collect one way or another.


#First Book Hope yall enjoy

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Thank you for reading 🙃

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