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Harry Potter: Untold Tales #2 "Harry and Ginny"


When Ginny gets Harry Potter alone to test some "spells" things get magical very quickly! Ginny experiments on Harry Potter and the young wizard is all to happy to let her.

Age Rating:

Ginny's Secret

Famous Boy Wizard:

“The Uncensored Tales”

Harry and Ginny

Year VI…


Beatrice D.S Mayberry

*This writing contains mature Adult Content and is NOT to be read by minors. This writing is for entertainment purposes and fantasy erotic only.*

After spotting Draco Malfoy exit Boregan’s in Diagon Alley, Harry explains to Ron and Hermione back at the Weasley’s home in Ron’s bedroom that he believes Draco is now a Death Eater… Faced with their usual skepticism Harry storms off…

Annoyed, but absolutely convinced he was right, Harry snatched up a pile of filthy Quidditch robes and left the room.

On the landing he bumped into Ginny, who was returning to her room carrying a pile of freshly laundered clothes.

“I wouldn’t go into the kitchen just now,” she warned him. “There’s a lot of phlegm around.”

“I’ll be careful not to slip in it.” Harry smiled.

“Wait!” Ginny stopped him suddenly, biting her lip and shooting a hurried glance down from the landing towards the kitchen. They could both still hear Fleur rambling on in her accent and Mrs. Weasley noisily trying to drown her out with loud kitchen noises.

“She’s not going anywhere anytime soon…” Ginny said before suddenly grabbing Harry’s hand.

“Follow me… quick!”

Harry stumbled after her, both of them juggling their collective laundry and dashing towards Ginny’s room.

Harry didn’t have time to ask her what she was doing as she hurried him into her small bedroom on the first landing. They must have been above the kitchen because Harry could hear Fleur’s voice still from the floor below.

Ginny closed the door behind Harry before putting her clothes on top of her trunk at the foot of her bed.

“muffliato,” she said with her wand out pointed at the door.

Instantly the voices of the party downstairs became muffled and Harry knew they in turn could not be heard.

Ginny smiled shyly, her face turning her usual shade of red as she laid her wand down on her clothes.

“What’s the matter?” Harry asked, laying his pile of clothes down near the door and taking a step away from them, they really did smell.

“I wanted us to be alone for a moment,” She said looking away; “I wanted to show you something.”

Harry looked her up and down. She was still in her pajamas; yellow button blouse and matching simple leggings that hung loosely around her waist. Little yellow flowers were peppered throughout the attire.

“What is it?” Harry asked; concerned for Ginny, his thoughts had been on Draco just seconds before but if Ginny was in trouble…

“I just…” Ginny bit her lip and reddened even deeper. “When my mum was fussing with Fred and George the other day I snuck off and did some shopping on my own.”

She turned away from him and dug into the pile of clothes she had brought up with her.

“I did my laundry myself,” She said. “I didn’t want mum to see them.”

Before Harry could ask what was so special about this he saw. Ginny held out under garments, but they were unlike anything he had seen before.

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