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What If He Was Transgender? - One Shot

By Tristan McLucas

Other / Humor

What if he was Transgender?

Despite the fact that Gotou was still at the police station, working as per usual, Masayoshi continued to wait for him nonetheless, waiting with such a wide smile along his lips. What could he be happy about, excited even? It was not like it was the first time in ages Masayoshi was able to see Gotou again, he saw him more times than he could count on his fingers, every day. What could he possibly be excited about? Had a new edition of Harakiri Sunshine come in the mail? For him to be this excited, it must be to do with superheroes. Could it?

Masayoshi waited in the closet, waiting for Gotou to return home from another busy day at work. Gotou previously told Masayoshi to sleep in the closet beside his bed, because there was no way he would sleep in the same bed as Masayoshi, even if Masayoshi wanted to. For that very reason he had to sleep in Gotou's closet, or in other words Masayoshi's secret base. The closet was cramped, the least comfortable to even sleep in, to sit in even. However, Masayoshi always liked to watch Gotou sleep at night, watching from the narrow opening of the slightly opened closet door, watching with his chin resting within his palms, whilst laying on his front and stomach. A way a superhero should treat his husband, even watching over him when he slumbers, or unless that was what Masayoshi liked to do at times.

It was almost the evening as the timepiece continued to tick each minute, and Gotou should be back any moment now, or even on his way home. Masayoshi had a surprise for Gotou, a surprise that he really hoped he would like. Could it possibly be a new superhero movie to watch this evening?

The minute Masayoshi heard the front door open, the handle rattling, along with a breath of exhaustion, relief even. Masayoshi sprung with excitement, rising to his knees, enough for him to take a peek through the gap of the closet door. The beam along his lips widened into more of a grin, whilst a very faint blush dusted his pale cheeks at the thought of showing Gotou what he received earlier this day. Perhaps it was another edition of Harakiri Sunshine, one of his many movies on DVD?

"Man, I'm exhausted." Gotou grunted, hanging his police hat upon the coat rack as he walked in, either dreading what could possibly happen next or dreading work tomorrow instead.

Excited, Masayoshi opened the closet door widely with an eager beam, happy that Gotou was finally back from the police station. Gotou's eyelids snapped open in alarm, even if he had never forgotten about Masayoshi, he never bothered to turn or even face the younger male, he merely stood in utter silence, continuing with whatever he was currently doing.

"What is it?" Gotou asked, cigarette between his lips.

"Goto-san! Goto-san!" Masayoshi chimed with glee, fingertips fiddling at the zip on his white and purplish jumper, approaching the policeman with swift footsteps, soon standing behind him.

With a low grunt, he eventually turned to face the other male with a somewhat cold expression, not even bothered by the fact Masayoshi was practically standing up close, at least a breath of space between them. A small, ever so slight smile eventually curled upon Gotou's lips, a pleased sigh soon freeing, a sigh of contentment just by the sight of the younger one. Of course, the little superhero never failed to make him smile, even if he did appear to be rather annoying at times.

"I have something to show you!"

That one bitter smile only seemed to form into a slight frown once more, though a look of worry rather than a saddened expression, Gotou simply knew what it was, he had the feeling it was yet another movie about superheroes and crime-fighting. Could it be another superhero movie in fact? Gotou merely wondered, worried even. He was exhausted, tired, and was not in the right mood to watch yet another movie about superheroes. Hell, not even a romantic movie like Masayoshi suggested a while back, wanting to know how to treat Gotou better... like a husband, especially with the unexpected kiss that Masayoshi planted upon Gotou's cheek during an intimate scene they watched together on the TV.

However, instead of collecting a DVD from the shelf, or a package from the surface of the nearby furniture, Masayoshi immediately unzipped his partially coloured sweater, pulling the zip south and revealing nothing but his bare skin. At this moment Gotou really did wish there was a suit underneath that jumper. What was Masayoshi thinking? The cigarette fell from Gotou's lips and onto the apartment's floor; Gotou remained speechless, only being able to mutter a few words under his breath whilst a very dark colour of crimson ran across his cheeks almost immediately, stunned by the sight of Masayoshi.

"You can touch them if you want, Goto-san!" Masayoshi stated excitedly, blushing brightly as he did so, standing before the other with his chest leaned forward, his jacket open, and an endless beam that simply could never be erased from his lips.

What on earth did he do?

"...Why have you got... those?" Lazily pointing at the small and yet visible mounds upon Masayoshi's chest. Why did Masayoshi even have... breasts?

"I-I got them done today, Goto-san!"

He gulped, surprised, and how he wished Masayoshi really had got a new superhero DVD to watch this evening instead. Why did he bother to have surgery, anyway? Why did Masayoshi even have surgery in the first place? Many questions popped up, unanswered, unsure as to whether or not he should ask them, either finding them inappropriate or unnecessary. More importantly, did Masayoshi even wish to become a... girl?

"...Is that... all?" Gotou merely hoped, even beginning to slightly sweat at the view.

"No!" Masayoshi shook his head, beginning to fiddle with the zip on his lightly brown, mustard coloured trousers, as well as the buckle of his belt, only to slip his thumbs into either side of his pants shortly after, soon tugging them down his thighs along with his underwear, all within a swift movement.

"...Why did I even ask?" Gotou muttered silently, scanning the younger male's now exposed figure with wide eyes, brown orbs paying most attention to Masayoshi's chest rather than below his waist, only to look directly towards that bright beam along Masayoshi's lips once more.

If Masayoshi was indeed a transgender female, would he not have told Gotou about how he truly felt before? Or did he wish to feel more like Gotou's girlfriend instead?

"Remember when you said that two guys shouldn't sleep in the same bed?" Masayoshi asked, his grin curling more into a small smile now. "...I can sleep with you now, can't I?!"

Collecting his police hat from the coat rack once more, along with his jacket, only to leave the apartment within seconds without bothering to respond to Masayoshi's question, leaving it unanswered. Perhaps Gotou just needed some air, some time to think, and definitely time to process the fact that Masayoshi was now evidently a girl, he was now a woman... all for Gotou.

'I-I'll do everything your girlfriend would have... all for you.'

Masayoshi merely frowned somewhat, almost pouting even, unsure of what he had done wrong, of what caused Gotou to mindlessly leave without a warning. Perhaps he needed to think, to clear his head, to understand the reason as to why Masayoshi decided to surgically change his body into a young woman, to accept the fact that Masayoshi was now identified as a she. How long had he thought about transitioning into a female? Was it ever since the night of the proposal? Did he become a girl merely for Gotou, or did he truly feel like a young woman inside? Nevertheless Masayoshi knew that Gotou would return later, to possibly discuss Masayoshi's decision, or to simply let it go and accept the fact that Masayoshi was now clearly a female.

What upset Gotou the most was that Masayoshi kept this a secret from him, and used it as a surprise rather than telling him before that he wanted to become the opposite gender, not to mention willingly undressing in front of him like he did during the night of the proposal. Even though Gotou could never know what Masayoshi was really thinking, he somewhat wanted to know Masayoshi's secret about practically being transgender before transitioning; it was a secret much deeper than his love for superheroes for sure. Either he devoted his body for Gotou, or he actually wanted to be a female. After all, Masayoshi really loved Gotou, he loved him dearly. Not only was he a dear friend, a dear friend of his, he was also the person he happily married.

He held his fist close to his chest rather shyly, his frown remaining, wondering if whether or not Gotou would come back soon, or later tonight even. Masayoshi huffed lightly, his lips widening into a bitter smile once more, casting a gaze towards the front door with worry. Maybe it would be best to give Gotou the time he needed to think about Masayoshi's condition, his current state, even if it would take awhile, a long while perhaps. Masayoshi knew he would come round to the idea, to the fact.

"I know Goto-san would like it!" He whispered to himself, the vibrant dust of crimson still staining his flawless pale cheeks.

After all Gotou did take a long while to finally accept Masayoshi's love for superheroes, even crime-fighting, and even teaming up with him at one point and became Samurai Policeman. Masayoshi simply knew Gotou would accept his new gender identity, even if he did worry about what Gotou was thinking. Would Gotou accept the fact that Masayoshi was possibly transgender? Masayoshi had the thought that he would eventually.

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