One Woman Army

Trussed up Birdy

Post Ironman

In nearly a decade of working with Tony, Pepper has come close to strangling him so many times.

Like the time when he arranged an impromptu orgy at his house, or the time when he drunkenly streaked across Griffith Park, or when he filled her apartment with hundreds of live ducks on the April Fool’s day of 2007, or when- you get the drift, don’t you. It’s a long, long list. However in face of his “I am Ironman” declaration yesterday; she believes death to be too kind for the newly self proclaimed super hero. No, she was going to make him suffer and she had just the thing to make him pay.

The Board had called her minutes after the press conference in panic and she had promised them no matter what Tony would be present at the emergency Board meeting to discuss the consequences of his proclamation like an adult. She knows that this meeting is of utmost importance and that the future of the company might as well depend on the outcome of this meeting and no matter what, Tony must be present.

Easier said than done; because she has not laid eyes on the newly minted super hero since the pandemonium, that was the press conference yesterday. He is hiding. Why is she not surprised? That man faced bullets without an ounce of fear but no, not the Board. But she is not the one to give up. Not after so long of being in his employment. She has a plan and if she has brought along Happy and Rhodey- well she is sure that it’s not only her who needs to blow off steam- it seems cathartic.

So when Tony ends up gagged and trussed up like a turkey on the table midst the Board members, apart from money changing hands- the meeting proceeds without a hitch. Mostly because by now the Board members know better than to upset Pepper; Tony remains gagged and bound till the end of the meeting.

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