She redeemed my Soul


Bella stumbles upon Rosalie in a very revealing situation and long buried feelings arise and are taken care of.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Bella POV

She just couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight that greeted her once she walked into the room. There, just about two meters in front of her stood Rosalie, only clad in a black lace thong and intently staring at herself in front of a mirror. Bella saw the multiple scars that littered her body. Not all of them were from vampires there were some that looked a lot like they were caused by a knife, which meant, that Rosalie must’ve gotten them while she was still human.

Still, the scars didn’t tint her beauty. In Bella’s eyes she was the most beautiful being walking the face of the earth. She could no longer lie to herself, pretending that she was deeply in love with Edward, when all she could think about was Rosalie Hale.

She had been so consumed with the sight in front of her that she registered to late, that Rosalie had spotted her standing in the entrance to her room staring wide eyed.

A low hiss reached her ears and ripped her from her fantasies back to reality. Rosalie had thrown over a silk gown and wore an angry scowl on her face. Before she could reach Bella and push her outside, Bella gathered her wits quickly “Do you have any idea how incredibly perfect you are Rose?”

She hadn’t even noticed her use of the shortened name, but it was enough to make Rosalie stop dead in her tracks and stare at the human in front of her. There was something in Bella’s eyes that hadn’t been there the days or weeks before. It was something Rosalie always had hoped for but deemed simply impossible. So instead of the snarky remark that had been on the tip of her tongue, she just smiled sadly.

“Then you have a very different view of beauty than I have. Did you not see all the scars I bear? They are ugly and a constant reminder of what happened to me, what made me a vampire.”

“I did see the scars, but they are not ugly. They make you the person you are today and I happen to like her very much. I know that you hate thinking about what happened the night you were changed, but you took your revenge on those men and should be proud of the marks it left, for it stands for your strength and pride.”

Bella was sure, that Rosalie would be crying were she still able to and that made her heart feel warm in her chest. It hadn’t felt like that for a very long time and Edward certainly didn’t do anything to help either. He just made it worse with all his self-hatred and negative view of the world.

Without giving it another thought, she reached out and hugged Rosalie to her, the cold body felt surprisingly comfortable to lean against. It made Bella feel things she never felt before, her whole body was tingling and embarrassingly she had to admit, that her nipples had hardened due to the feeling and there was a slow burning desire wandering down between her legs.

Rosalie growled again, this time though it wasn’t out of anger, but for the fact that the most mouthwatering scent hit her nostrils. It took her about three seconds to recognize it for what it was, Bella’s arousal. Her eyes instantly turned black and venom began pooling into her mouth. She had to forcibly swallow it, before she crashed her mouth to Bella’s. The low resounding moan that greeted her ears was easily the most addicting sound she ever heard and she swore to make sure to hear that sound more often.

Bella couldn’t believe her luck when Rosalie kissed her. It was an incredible feeling, the contrast of temperatures and textures made it even more breathtaking than it already was. When she felt Rosalie’s tongue sweep over her bottom lip she couldn’t hold back the moan that build in the back of her throat. When the tongue repeated its movement Bella moaned again and opened her lips, so that she could welcome the soft tongue into her own mouth. This time they both moaned at the new contact.

She didn’t know when her hands began moving on their own, but suddenly she had them against Rosalie’s cool skin and was drawing random patterns, slowly crawling towards two perfectly shaped breasts. When she cupped them and moved her thumb across the already hardened nubs Rosalie gasped into their kiss and moaned louder. Then she pulled Bella closer to her with her hands on Bella’s hips and maneuvered them towards her bed. In a tangled mess of limbs they fell onto the soft bedding, Bella landing on top of Rosalie.

In a rush they began tearing at each other clothes and moaned every time their naked skin touched. The contrast between them seemed just right somehow and none of them thought about what they were doing and where or that the others might come back from their hunting trip any moment. The only thought that occupied their mind was to feel each other and to fill that void place inside their hearts that ached for the other.

Finally only their skin was left between them and their frantic movements slowed down, as they took the other in for the first time. Bella had stared before but now, being so close there were so many more things that were beautiful about the tall blonde before her. The urge to not only see, but also feel and taste that beauty finally won out and Bella latched her lips around one of the pink nipples. The moan that resounded from Rosalie was enough evidence for her to continue her ministrations.

Slowly but with a confidence that astounded herself, she devoured the blonde and moved her hands and lips in random patterns across all the sensitive spots a female body possessed. When Rosalie was practically begging her to give her more, to finally relieve her of all the build-up tension a smile graced her lips. The knowledge, that it was her who could do those things to the normally strong and cold vampire made her heart swell.

Then with one swift lick her tongue found Rosalie’s clit and the engorged clitoris above which she began to suck gently. The noise Rose let out at that was somewhere between a moan and a growl and made Bella’s own arousal pool into her belly. She could practically feel the wetness between her thighs become more noticeable and she couldn’t help but rub her legs together in an attempt to release a small amount of tension while tasting Rosalie on her tongue. The blonde vampire however was having none of that, because with a movement so fast, that Bella didn’t even realize it at first, Rosalie had lifted her up and turned her so that she was kneeling above her head with her legs spread slightly.

An even louder growl came from Rosalie at the sight of Bella’s glistening wetness in front of her face. Bella could do nothing more than let out a loud gasp, when Rosalie latched onto her clit and began sucking and licking her as if her life depended on it.

It took a great amount of willpower for Bella to continue her own ministrations, but when she felt her own orgasm nearing, she pushed two of her long fingers inside Rosalie und curled them slightly upwards to hit that small spot of rough skin were she knew a shot of white pleasure would tear through Rosalie.

Right on cue Rosalie screamed out her pleasure and jerked her hips upwards to get that incredible feeling back. With a smirk on her lips Bella complied and began moving her fingers in a slow pace with just the right angle to hit Rosalie’s special spot with every thrust. Her lips moved back to suck on the bright pink clitoris with her tongue flicking out every so often.

Rosalie got back to pleasuring Bella again, her tongue sneaking inside her tight pussy to taste that sweet nectar right from its source. Bella nearly screamed in pleasure at that and began to fasten the pace of her fingers. It didn’t take long now for both women to reach their orgasm. They came together with moans, screamed names and loud growls. Bella never felt so spent and satisfied in her whole life and could do nothing more but to collapse on top of the blonde vampire and then slowly let herself roll off.

Rosalie pulled her up, so that they could lay there snuggled into each other. A light purring sound came from her chest and she seemed more then content with their current position. After some minutes of silence where only their breathing and Bella’s heartbeat could be heard, Rosalie pushed a strand of brown hair behind the ear of the girl she loved and murmured “I never thought I would get to do this, not even in my dreams.”

“I’m sorry for pretending to be in love with Edward all this time. He was the first to ever notice me and not all the other girls around me. It was such a nice feeling and the prospect of the supernatural also played a role I guess. It took me a while to understand that all I felt for him was gratitude. It was so completely different from what I feel for you, that it scared me. It scared me so much, that I didn’t know how to tell him or you or any of your family.”

Rosalie opened her mouth to say something and then leapt out of her bed, throwing Bella’s clothes at her and grabbing the first best thing out of her closet for herself.

Bella just stared at her quizzically. “If you want to at least keep a little bit of your modesty I would advise you to put your clothes back on. I can hear them coming back from the hunting trip. They’re maybe two minutes away.”

Bella sprang into action as quickly as she was bodily able to and couldn’t help but be a little bit scared. She nearly asked the very naïve question if there was a possibility that the others wouldn’t know what just happened between her and Rosalie, but she knew just as well, that the scent alone would be enough to tell them.

So when the rest of the Cullens entered the house it didn’t take long to hear an outraged roar that came from none other than Edward. Emmet thankfully was quick enough to grab him around his waist and hold him back otherwise he surely would have bolted towards the scent of Bella. It never had smelled this good to him and he never would allow someone other than himself being near his Bella while she was in this state. He wasn’t sure if she had her period or was aroused, because during neither those times had he been near her before. The beast inside him couldn’t wait to get to his mate and have her all to itself.

When Bella came down the stairs with Rosalie next to her he growled again and tried to escape Emmet’s grasp, but that was near impossible due to his strength.

The other members of the Cullen family looked confused between Edward, Bella and Rosalie and couldn’t quite figure out what exactly was happening. At least not until Jasper gasped and rushed to envelop Rosalie into a tight hug.

“Oh I’m so happy for you Rose. You finally told her.”

If Rosalie would still be able to blush she surely would be ten shades of red by now. “That is not exactly what happened.”

Bella couldn’t help but snicker at that and slipped her hand in Rosalie’s to calm the blonde somewhat down and to reassure her, that she didn’t have to go through this on her own. Now the others seemed to also catch on to what was happening and while Alice was next to hug both Rosalie and Bella, the others send even more concerned glances in Edward’s direction. The boy had stopped struggling somewhere along, his eyes now nearly bulging out of his head because of what he was hearing from his family. Why were they suddenly so sure that Rosalie was Bella’s mate? She was his, he had made that clear by claiming her in front of the others the day he introduced her to them.

“So what exactly did happen?” Alice asked curiously with her head tilted to one side.

Bella blushed a deep red and buried her head in the crook of Rosalie’s neck. Rosalie chuckled “Bella surprised me in my room when I was changing, so it was her who basically told me how she felt and the rest you don’t need to know.”

“What? I don’t get the juicy details?” Emmet boomed, which earned him a low growl from Rosalie. That was the moment where Edward decided to speak up.

“What are you all talking about? Rosalie hates Bella, that’s why I never leave them alone together. Why were you even at home Rose?”

Bella looked at him warily and before Rosalie could answer Edward she stepped in and simply said “She hates me as much as I love you and if you would pay more attention to your surroundings you would’ve noticed that.”

Edward just looked at her like a lost puppy and when it dawned on her, that he really had no clue she repeated very clearly “I don’t love you Edward. I’m sorry I got confused with all the attention you were giving me, but my heart was never yours. It belongs to Rose.”

“WHAT?!” Edward was furious, not believing what she said. Rosalie must have done something to her, his Bella would never claim she didn’t love him.

“You know she isn’t your mate. You knew that from the very beginning and yet you still claimed her. Do you have any idea how miserable I felt when I had no chance to get even remotely close to her? You can’t imagine the pain I always felt being away from her, but no you were too occupied with your own self hatred.”

“Of course she is my mate. Bella, you know that don’t you, you’re just saying that because Rosalie did something.”

“Yes she did something, she made love to me until two minutes before you came home and that I think is sufficient proof to say that she is my mate. You know you never would’ve been able to do that without hurting or killing me.”

“NO! I will not believe this!” Edward roared again and managed to escape Emmets grasp. Everyone tensed, but instead of rushing towards Rosalie he ran outside into the forest and disappeared. Not a second later Alice let out a gasp and whispered, “He’s going to the Volturi to make an official claim that Rosalie stole his mate. They are going to come here and when they discover that Bella is a human they are going to not only kill her but destroy our whole coven.”

Outraged growls and Emmet’s threats to fight them off echoed through the house and then Bella simply stated, “Then turn me into a vampire. You already know that I want to be like you and with Rose as my mate the change would come eventually. We would just speed up the process.”

“Are you really sure Bella? I don’t want you to make that decision just as an easy way out.”

“I know Rose and I assure you that I thought about this for a long time. I want to be like you and your family. I love Charlie, but we aren’t exactly close and if I tell him I’m going away to College somewhere to start my own life he will just accept it without too much questions asked. I also don’t want to have kids because I know that was the main reason you never wanted to be turned. I want to be with you Rose, you’re my everything.”

Bella was sure that if Rosalie would still be human she would be crying now. Alas her eyes were glistening from venom tears that would never fall and she hugged Bella as tightly to her as she dared.

Alice went into another vision then and when she came back there was a small smile on her lips.

“If we change her tonight she will be turned before the Volturi come here. They will of course recognize her as a newborn, but with her extraordinary control they won’t deem her a threat to the local population. I can’t see the final outcome yet because Bella will still be a bit uncontrollable with her new instincts.”

Rosalie tensed for a moment under Bella’s touch but then relaxed slightly and with a great sigh she said, “Okay, I will bite Bella after she talked to Charlie and explained to him about her idea of College and how she is already up in Alaska for an interview. Will that work Alice?”

After just about two seconds Alice nodded, “If you call him in ten minutes he will rush out of the shower and Sue will be downstairs, so he will be too distracted to ask many questions. They may come later but then Rosalie or I can talk to him and just say, that you were too exhausted after the interview and fell asleep on the couch.”

Bella nodded slowly. It was true that she wanted to be a vampire, to be with Rosalie for all eternity. But she also had to be honest to herself and admit, that she didn’t think too much about Charlie and her old life she would leave behind. She had hurt him so much already during her stay here and now for her to just up and leave for College and to probably never speak again was not the best way to part ways with him.

She just hoped that there might be a last chance to talk to him or see him before he eventually died while she would live on.

She was ripped from her depressive thoughts by Rosalie’s cold arms sneaking around her waist. The calming scent of her mate engulfed her and after she breathed it in as deep as she could she took the phone from Alice’s hand and dialed the familiar number.

It took Charlie exactly five rings to get to the phone and when he gasped into it she couldn’t help but laugh and ask him if he had been doing something exhausting.

Catching on to what she meant he flustered “Of course not, Bella! Now, is that the only reason to call your old man, to embarrass him?”

“Ah no, actually it is not. I forgot to tell you, that I was planning to go to College after school. I already applied in all the places that sounded even remotely interesting and will be having an interview in Alaska, Denali tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know.”

Charlie went to answer her, but was interrupted by a female voice in the background which was likely Sue telling him dinner was ready.

“Okay Bells, that sure sounds great. I’m sorry I have to cut this short now but I wouldn’t want to miss dinner. I’ll call you later.”

“Okay, Bye Dad. Tell Sue I said hi.”

“Will do, bye Bells.”

After Charlie had ended the call Bella sighed a deep breath of relief. It hadn’t been so hard to say goodbye to her father and she knew that there would be another time when she would be able to talk to him again before she had to leave him forever before he noticed she and the Cullen’s didn’t age.

Only when Rosalie slid her arms around her waist and Alice took the phone out of her hands did she manage to shake herself from her thoughts and come back to reality.

“It’s going to be okay. The beginning will be rough and precarious but you will make it through. I saw you and Rose both as vampires together. Your eyes were golden which means the Volturi will do no harm.”

Bella smiled gratefully at her best friend and leaned back into the soft embrace of her lover.

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