The Marauding Phoenix

Brainy or Brawny

3 person pov.

As the train started moving, as did the waving of parents and children. Shouts of "Bye!" ,"See you soon" ,"Don't forget to write to me" could be heard. As the train rounded the corner, the students onboard quieted. They were on the way to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Some though of their first year, while others though of their last year in the school. The silence was though broken soon. Students floated between cabins, finding friends and laughing. Others like a little girl with caramel blond hair was struggling to find a cabin.

As she pressed through the crowds, Linnea made sure to look regal and suave. Well, It paid of soon, people noticed her and parted for the regal looking child. Even though she kept a mask of indifference on, she made sure her inner grin wasn’t visible, because she was bubbling with joy on the inside.

She looked into compartments too see if one could accommodate her for the journey. As she reached a cabin where a boy with a flimsy build in her age sat alone, she knocked. The pale boy went rigid and stared at her small form outside his compartment. Linnea quirked an eyebrow in amusement at him. He peered at her over his thick framed glasses looking straight at the teal eyed girl, who still stood on the other side of the glass door. Linnea , ofcourse continued to look suave, and indicated gracefully at the door knob. A flash of understanding was visible in his amber eyes, that is, before he bustled to open the door.

Linnea entered the compartment and sat next to the window , parallel to where her new companion waited for his impending doom, he did after all not open the door immediately.

-" Thanks. My name is Linnea. Linnea Winston." She declared with an air of confidence.
-"Adrian. Adrian Corrigan" He responded bemused at her forthrightness as he shook her extended hand. Adrian ran a hand through his golden brown hair , discretely wiping the sweat from his brow.

Linnea on the other hand, had not been as distressed as Adrian. She had smile after hearing his name . Adrian could bet a billion galleons today that her thoughts were somewhere along the lines of “ Now lets find someone with the initials of DC”.

Adrian had also smiled after seeing the regal girl smile. They started up a casual conversation, and both relaxed . However, they were soon interrupted by a black haired girl accompanied by a over-average-tall boy, both the same age as the occupants. Linnea went on regal mode and Adrian giggled at it; He guessed that was how she treated strangers. Quirking a brow at the giggling boy , the new girl introduced herself and her , seemingly, friend;" My name is Lucinda Talkalot(She pointed at her self)
, and he( She indicated at her auburn haired companion) is Davey Gudgeon. Can we sit here? " The last line she drawled at Linnea.

Linnea was not amused by Lucindas idiot proof way of introducing herself. So she figured if Lucinda finds the need of using a idiot plan, she must be a idiot, therefore, Linnea will be kind enough to return the kindness to the tanned girl.

“ Ofcourse, your welcome to stay with us” She offered. “ I am ( She indicated at herself) Linnea Winston” She , made sure to pronounce every letter clearly “ This ( She pointed at Adrian) is Adrian Corrigan.” Winston proclaimed “and these are (She pointed at the 4 empty seats each in it’s turn) are Max, Willfred, Amy and Arthur , say hi guys, you ought to be polite to our new friends. ” Linnea lightly chided the seats.

Lucinda didn’t take the introduction very well; she scowled at Linnea, who only smiled sweetly back. Neverthless , Lucinda and David sat down.

David started talking about quidditch, Linnea quickly joined in. Lucinda engaged Adrian in a conversation about the latest article. As the red train continued moving on it’s way, Lucinda and Linnea , found out that they could get along , well, if you count throwing witty , sarcastic and snarky comments at each other. They enjoyed this mind game , each equally determined to win. Adrian and David only sat back smirking listening to the girls absurd conversation.

Linnea though that the trolley with candy should have passed by, so she peaked her head outside the cabin. Indeed the old lady with the trolley had passed, and she was getting further away.

Linnea took the orders that the group wanted and made her way for the trolley. Linnea heard some rather loud talking coming from further up. The farther she went the more she could understand.

"'Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!' Like my dad. Got a problem with that?" Declared a booming voice.

"No. If you'd rather be brawny instead of brainy —" Replied a second voice matter of factly.
"Where are you hoping to go, seeing as you're neither?"
Stated a fruity voice.

Like snickered slightly at the last one, unfortunately, it alerted the occupants of that cabin. So as she marched past, a pale hand shoot out from the cabin and yanked her in. She was pushed down on an empty seat. Looking up she stared into silver eyes.

“Which house is best, Slytherin or Gryffindor?” Demanded the owner of the silver eyes in his fruity voice.

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