The Marauding Phoenix

The lady with the trolley

person pov.

Confused teal eyes stared into silver.

“I beg you pardon? “ The victim of being yanked into a unknown cabin and pushed into a seat questioned.

“Not very tactful are you Black” Sneered a boy with a abnormally large and hooked nose ,from the corner farthest from Linnea.

“Careful.” Warned a boy in glasses.

“Oh will you stop it Potter.” Said the only other girl. The red headed girl began “ You’re so –“

“Quiet Evans” Black begged, annoyed at her and her greasy haired companion. “ So which house ; Slytherin or Gryffindor” He repeated.

Linnea blankly stared at him from her seat.

“Which house “ She echoed. “ I don’t like Slytherin. But Gryffindor are so annoying and boisterous, or so I’ve heard.” She pondered. None of the occupants seemed too pleased with her answer.

“ I’m sorry but who are you people, I don’t believe we’ve met before?” Linnea inquired softly. Realization struck them. They had after all yanked her into their compartment without the new girls consent.

“ Hi I’m Lily” Lily, the girl with red hair babbled. Linnea glared at her. Clearly, not satisfied with Lily’s answer.

The red head was starting to get impatient with the caramel haired girls lack of answer. Saving the situation the boy with glasses and untamed jet black hair introduced himself;

“Hi! I’m James. James Potter. Are you also a first year?”

“Hello James. Nice to meet you. My name is Linnea. Linnea Winston. Yes, I’am. All of you are first years ? “ Linnea hypothesized the last part.

“ Yes we are. Or at least I think so. The slime ball over there(Pointing at hook nose) can’t be. You see he is -”

He did not finish his chattering however. Being interrupted by “the slime ball”.

“ I’m also a first year” Hook nose objected. “ I’m Severus Snape” He stated.

Linnea acknowledged Snape with a nod. Linnea turned her gaze to the last one who hadn’t introduced himself, the very same boy who had yanked her into the compartment. He smirked at her and dragged his hand through his wavy dark brown hair.

“Hello. My name is Sirius. Sirius Black. I apologize for the harsh treatment earlier. ” He replied to her silent question.

“It was nice to meet you all” Linnea announced while rising from her seat” No matter how nice this was, I must leave you company. See you at school” The regal girl concluded and strode out from the compartment.

“ Wait where are you’re going “ Called James hurriedly catching up to her . Glancing at him she answered with five words; “ Lady with trolley has candy” A light lit behind his eyes at the mention of candy. James seemed satisfied with the answer and followed her.

“ Either that lady walks very fast or they kept me in the compartment for a long time” Linnea thought. “ I wonder how long I’ve been gone , and If the others are looking for me.”

They didn’t speak on their way to the lady with the trolley, but they glanced at each other. Trying to figure out who the other one is. Smart? Sarcastic? Boisterous? They were trying to place the other one in a category. A compartment if you will.

Linnea had already placed Sirius as the frivolous type. Lily as the girl that she would have to argue with. Snape… Not any interactions, possibly neutral. James? No idea, except the booming will most likely get on her nerves. She decided to figure it out in time.

As they saw the Trolley lady they both hurried up their steps. Steps padded by the carpet.

“ Excuse me”

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