Of Fire and Flowers

Chapter 10

Three months later, Riza and Roy were still living in Feirme. Riza, who was now twenty-seven weeks pregnant and showing it, had stopped rebelling against it and settled into the daily life of a pregnant housewife. Roy, who had gotten himself a job down on a local farm, was working hard earning them both a decent wage.

"How are you feeling, Riza?" Roy asked as he sat down next Riza, who was sewing yet another baby outfit on the sewing machine Roy had bought a while back. Riza looked up at him.

"I feel like an elephant." She said, grimacing when Roy started to chuckle "It's not funny."

"I'm sorry; I just never thought I would ever get to see you like this."

"I wasn't planning on it either, at least not until you had become Führer and everything." Riza went back to her sewing.

"Until I became Führer?" He echoed "You mean, you would after?" Roy's heart skipped a beat.

"Yeah." She realized what Roy was thinking, and hit him lightly "Not especially with you! I just wouldn't be able to continue watching out for you if I was a mother." After Riza had said this, she went quiet.

"What is it?" Roy asked. Riza shook her head.

"I'm going to have to resign." She said "I can't continue on in the military if I'm a mother."

"Yes you can!" Roy replied "You can put the baby in day care."

"That's not the point." Riza glared at him "If I'm going to bring a life into this world, I'm going to look after it myself. Plus, if I was killed, what would happen then? I don't know who the father is; the child would be taken as an orphan. You of all people should know that."

Roy flinched, and Riza put a hand up to her mouth.

"Roy, I'm sorry." She said "I didn't mean to say that. It just came out."

"How did you find out?" He said, standing up and turning his back to her "Who told you?"

"I overheard." She said, looking at the back of his head "I was in the office and someone outside mentioned it."

Roy sighed. It was no secret about his parents, but he had at least wanted to be the one to tell Riza. His mother had been military personnel, and from his understanding she had slept with a higher-up to gain a promotion. Because of the fraternization rules, when his mother found out she was pregnant she told authorities that the father was unknown. Roy had been born, and as soon as his mother's maternity leave was over he was shoved into day care. Not too long after his 2nd birthday, there had been an accident and Roy's mother had lost her life.

Roy had then been sent away to the countryside to go to an orphanage there. His real father knew that he had been born, and he also knew that Roy's mother was dead. When his own time came six years later, he told his sister of his son. Which then lead to Roy being adopted.

"I don't remember that far back." Roy said. Riza got to her feet, and hugged Roy. He smiled. "It seems that our unspoken code is that when the other is sad, scared or lonely we hug. Am I right?"

"You are very right." Riza replied, burying her face into Roy's back. He smelt nice, sort of smoky despite hardly using his alchemy the entire time they were here, mixed with the smell of washing powder and also his deodorant, which smell could only be described as manly.

"Come on, let's not get so down!" Roy said, walking out of Riza's embrace and turning around "I have a celebration planned for tonight. After all, it is our supposed three-month wedding anniversary."

"A celebration?" Riza raised an eyebrow "What kind of celebration?"

"You'll have to see."

And see, she did. Later that night, when it was dark, Roy banished Riza to her bedroom. She sat there, wondering what on earth that man was doing.

She could smell something cooking, and whatever it was it smelt really nice. Fighting the urge to go out and see what was happening, she jumped when Roy knocked on the door and then opened it.

"You might want to wear something warm." He said "We're eating outside."

"Outside?" Riza replied "But It's freezing!"

"Hence why I am telling you to wrap up warm." Roy grinned and left the room. Riza exhaled, and picked out the warmest outfit she could fit into at the moment in time. It was a long dress with a gathered bodice, which allowed it to stretch over her baby bump. The fabric of the dress was quite thick, lilac, and decorated with little white butterflies. With this, she located a long-sleeve white t-shirt to wear underneath it, and her jacket to wear over it.

After what felt like forever, Roy came and got her.

"You look beautiful." He said, smiling. Riza looked at him, and blushed a tiny bit.

"You don't look too bad yourself." She replied. Roy was wearing an ironed dress-shirt, along with a pair of black trousers.

"I do scrub up quite well, don't I?" He laughed, and took Riza's arm in his. "Come on, we're not going too far."

It turned out 'not too far' was their garden, so really 'not too far'. Roy instructed Riza to close her eyes, and carefully guided her outside and into a chair. She could smell food in front of her, along with a slightly strange tangy smell of chemicals.

"Open your eyes!" he said. Riza did, and gasped.

In their garden, Roy had set up a white wrought iron table with two chairs. There was a tablecloth over it, and on top of it was a whole three-course roast, complete with a soup for starters and a slice of apple pie for dessert. Around the table were little potted trees, each with fairy lights in the shape of flowers that gave off an ethereal glow. It looked amazing. Roy sat down beside her.

"For starters, I have prepared a pea and garden mint soup." He said this in his poshest voice, which made Riza giggle "As for the main course, we have roasted lamb with a mint jelly served with garden vegetables and roasted potatoes. Then, for dessert, a beautiful apple pie made by the best creator of pies, pastries and cakes in all of Feirme."

"What a lie." Riza said "I made that pie."

"Exactly." Roy responded, a glint in his eye "Anyway, we better eat, or it'll get cold!"

Riza was glad to oblige. The food was amazing, and she couldn't believe that Roy had cooked all of this himself. The pea and garden mint soup was delicious, not too minty, and it did not fill her up. The main course as well was delicious, the meat cooked to perfection, the potatoes crispy and golden. It was all just how she liked it.

"And of course, for drinks." Roy said, pouring out two glasses from a wine bottle and handing one to Riza. He held up his own for Riza to touch them together "Red wine. Specially for pregnant women."

Riza looked at him suspiciously, and touched her wine glass to his. Taking a sip, her eyes went wide and after she had swallowed she started to laugh.

"It's grape juice." She said, and Roy nodded.

"A little fairy, okay, a rather large fairy, told me that pregnant women should not drink. So I got you grape juice instead."

"Thank you." Riza replied, awestruck by everything "This is too amazing! I have nothing to give you in return."

"That's not true." Roy replied, and served the pie "We have your pie."

Riza laughed.

"That is so very true." She replied, taking a bite of the pie. It wasn't that bad, she had to admit. She would defiantly cook for Roy in the future.

Once they were both stuffed near to bursting, Roy stood up.

"There is, of course, one last part to the evening." He said, smiling. Riza looked up at him.

"There's more?" She asked. He nodded and held up his hand, fingers poised in a snapping motion. Riza realized, for the first time in what felt like forever, Roy was wearing his gloves.

Snapping his fingers, little sparks flew out and disappeared beyond the trees that surrounded them. There was a small sizzle sound, and then a whooshing sound. Suddenly, there was a loud bang overhead, and Riza looked up to see a bright flash of colour.

"Fireworks." Roy smiled as more went off.

"Fireworks!" Riza replied, excitement in her voice. She adored fireworks.

"I hope you like them." Roy said "I tried to choose ones I thought you would like."

"Are you kidding?" Riza laughed, her face lighting up as each firework bust in the sky "I love them!"

"That's good then." Roy smiled. Watching Riza's face, the look on it like child-like amazement, as if it was Christmas morning. Watching her, he felt like they were both teenagers again, sneaking out at night and letting fireworks off, even though at that time they were still using matches.

"I love it." Riza repeated, her voice soft. Suddenly, she blushed, and turned to Roy.

"What's wrong?" Roy asked, surprise clear on his face. Another firework went up.

"I've been wanting to do this for a long time." She said, putting her hands on either side of Roy's face and bringing his down a little. A firework burst, lighting up their faces and showing Riza's beautiful nervousness and Roy's adorable confusion.

Another firework went up, and Riza went on her tip-toes. As the firework burst again, she placed her lips against his, joining them together and making both their hearts beat fast. They stood like this, their lips against each other's. Roy wrapped his arms carefully around Riza's back, and Riza's hands slid from his face to round his neck. The kiss lasted what felt like forever and a day, only ending when Roy felt like was about to pass out from lack of oxygen.

"Riza." He said, caressing her face. "You should've just said."

"I shouldn't of kissed you?" Riza asked, her face crumpling. Roy laughed, and shook his head.

"No, the kiss was a nice touch. A very nice touch. I mean, you should've said before. I wouldn't of held back on all those times I've wanted to kiss you."

Riza blushed a shade of pure scarlet, and laughed nervously.

"I can't believe it." She finally said "This is all I've ever wanted for so long, and now it's true… Are you sure this isn't a dream?"

Roy pinched Riza gently. She let out a small yelp, more of surprise than of pain, and then smiled.

"Nope, it's not a dream." She concluded, and kissed Roy again.

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