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The goodness of God


This story is about a teen girl who life was changed by God

Fantasy / Adventure
Emily Moore
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God was near

It was not long before I gave my life to God. When everyday felt like nothing ,with all the quarreling and fights , depression and sadness. It felt like no one and nothing could make me happy. Days I will ignore the Bible and forget to pray , do wrong, be desrespectful to my mom and siblings and never say sorry.

Until one day I was scrolling through tic tok and saw there were police officer shooting innocent people even children for their skin colour , just because there are black , but also the people defending them . On that I day I remember a verse for the Bible that say man will distroy themselves . The country was in a caurent state , buildings were burning down, trash were all over the streets ,it was just horrible. That made realize that God gave us a signal that he was near and all the wicked will soon be gone. I was worried that I was to late but I remember my mom saying that God is good and he will save us if we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord. So I quickly went in my room and kneel down in prayer and ask God for forgiveness . But when doing so I suddenly felt a cold breeze passing in my room even though my window was close and suddenly I burst down in tears . Then I knew God was with near.

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