The Werewolf Registry

The End

Once again Hogwarts was a battle field. It was awful that Remus was not nearly as disconcerted as last time, that the school, his safe haven, was under attack. He was resigned, either he would help Harry fight or he would die trying.

He was doing this to save Harry. He was fighting in memory of Lily, and James, and Sirius. He was here to secure a safer future for his baby son and beautiful wife, who waited at home to hear his fate.

He was somewhere on the third floor when he heard his name being called. It was her. He stopped, and was almost hit by several curses, would have been if the young woman heading towards him hadn't thrown up a shield for him. She had come after all.

"Teddy?" He asked.

"With my mother. Took me a while to convince her to take him and let me go. Fast asleep, won't even notice we were gone." She gave him a quick smile, as they both shot off spell after spell to hold off the deatheaters.

After a few minutes there were none left on their landing, they had a moments peace to face one another.

He reached out and wiped a small trickle of blood off her check, the man who just a year ago would have shied away from it. She smiled a little at the irony. In the months since the fall of the ministry and Bill and Fleurs wedding he had technically been a fugitive, past his seven warnings from the registry. How awful it was that the system was so prejudiced that such a kind and gentle man, who had only ever tried to do good, had to live with a constant burning of a brand on his shoulder, because he had helped out one too many times. How 'fortunate' that he could become immune to the other symptoms of 'being in the red'.

They headed down to rejoin the fighting, but not without seeing casualties. Remus recognised Colin Creevey, who must have been a sixth year by now. Not anymore.

There were others he didn't have time to see, didn't want to know yet, who else had been lost.

But he never saw James's black hair, no glasses. No glazed green eyes as Lily's had been last time he saw her. So there was still hope. Still reason to fight.

They were fighting back to back.

Two things happened at once. There was no telling which happened first.

He was hit from the side with a bright green light.

At his back he felt her begin to fall.

Either way he knew his life was over.

Remus Lupin died in an instant. But he had always been a quick thinker. In that instant he thought of those he loved...

He thought of the two children he had let down...

Baby Harry who had grown up without any parents, who he should have been there for... Who lost his innocence so early, had really had no chance to experience a carefree life... Who had carried the hopes of the wizarding world on his shoulders for far too long... Who hopefully today could free himself of those expectations...

Little Teddy, his baby boy... Already so talented... Who he had abandoned once, and now again... Who would now grow up without any parents... But should have a much better life than Harry... One without war... One with adults to care for him, and tell him about his parents...

He thought of his wife... Who had always forgiven him no matter what... Who had shown him that the world was not as empty as it seemed... Who had taught him that he could be close to someone again...

Who was falling just behind him...

He twisted a little as he too fell, they should be side by side, not back to back. Tried to reach out a hand to find hers, but all he could really do was fall.

He thought of his friends who had already gone... Had they seemed to take this long falling? Had they spared a moment in their final thoughts for him?

He saw their faces... Sirius, and James, and Lily, all smiling sadly.

His wife was blinking beside him.

He looked around, and wondered why he was at somewhere that appeared to be a smokey Kings Cross Station.

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