The Werewolf Registry


In the Order of the Phoenix jobs were assigned to the younger members in pairs. James and Sirius were partners, as their fighting complemented each other completely, and of course they understood each other perfectly. Remus and Lily also were paired, and although they also fought well together, their speciality lay in research. Particularly at the moment, Remus thought as he looked around the cosy sitting room of Godric's Hollow which was sprawled with books from where the pair were pulling an all-nighter, trying to find anything that could explain the magic behind the dark mark symbols. Not that he minded, like everyone else he was glad that Lily was safe at home, considering she was eight months pregnant!

"Remus, I need a drink."

With a dramatic sigh, and rolling his eyes, in a way that both knew he didn't really mean, he pulled himself out of the chair he had been in for the last four hours, and walked stiffly to the kitchen. He set the muggle kettle to boil with a wave of his wand, because that was how Lily liked her water boiled, and was just getting out the mugs when there was a gasp of pain from the living room. Grabbing his wand, although what he expected he had no idea, he rushed into the next room.

"My water just broke! The baby's coming."

For a moment Remus stood in shock, until an almost growl from Lily spurred him into action. First of all he sent a patronus to James, wherever he was, telling him to come home immediately. Next thing was to get a healer. He knew that the plan was to use the Potters family healer, the same woman who had delivered James into the world, but for the life of him, Remus had no idea who she actually was, and how to contact her.

"You'd think James would leave instructions" he grumbled very quietly under his breath, as he searched through the papers on the notice board in the kitchen in the hope of finding something. "Lily do you know how to contact the healer?" She shook her head, and gave him The Look, "I'll just get someone from Saint Mungo's then."

By the time he had returned through the floo with Healer Swan in tow, Lily had gone upstairs to the bedroom.

The labour was going quickly and well the healer said, although Remus was not sure, as Lily seemed in a lot of pain.

He realised that he was stood awkwardly in the doorway. Oh why, after months of hovering over their shoulders as they tried to research was James out, tonight of all nights.

Lily was clenching her fists so tightly that she had drawn blood on the palm of her hands, so Remus went over and offered his hand for crushing.

After a long night the baby was finally born, and the healer handed him, it was a him, to Remus.

"Congratulations, you're a father!"

"Oh no, not me, I... I" Remus stuttered, still in shock at the child in a arms.

Of course that was the moment James and Sirius burst in, Peter following behind. They stopped short at the shape in Remus' arms.

"We missed it," James said in a forlorn tone. "I'm so sorry," to Lily. He approached her and kissed her on the head, "he's beautiful."

Once he was in range, Lily slapped him, "for being late," then kissed him back. "You haven't even looked at him properly you know."

"We'll he's obviously going to look as striking as our Prongsie here, so of course he'll be beautiful!" Sirius could not take the massive grin off his face.

At a look from Lily, Remus handed the baby over to her. She inspected it closely, and smile.

"We've decided to call him Harry." She said turning to Remus to watch his reaction. He looked down at his hands, as emotion filled him.

"I need to go to the ministry," he suddenly announced.

"Oh come on Remus, surely it can wait until tomorrow," Sirius admonished, as Peter suggested just one drink first.

"It needs to be in the next 24 hours, and if I don't leave now I'll never want to go" he raised his hands imploringly, showing them his palms. Lily was the first to get it.

"Oh Merlin, I'm sorry," she gasped.

"Don't worry," Remus glanced at the thoroughly confused looking healer. "I'll go now."

"Do you want any of us to come?" Sirius, upon working it out, had finally sobered.

"No, don't worry, you can start the drinking without me."

Remus realised that even the dark gloomy atmosphere of the werewolf registry could dampen his spirits today. Other than the fact that he was there, everything was good. He didn't even have to wait long before a short plump man beckoned him through to the interrogation room.

The man waited until Remus had removed his shirt and taken a drop of the veritaserium before he spoke.

"You seem a lot more smiley than most people who come here," he questioned with a slight smile on his own face.

"My best friend just had a baby, last night. That's kind of why I'm here, she clenched her fists and drew blood, so I offered my hands as a substitute. They named him after my grandfather, who I was close with, and always wished I could name my child after, but me having a child is rather unlikely isn't it." Remus didn't even try to stop the words from spilling out. He began babbling on about the baby, and how the healer had mistaken him for the father, as the actual one had arrived late. Eventually the man held up his hand to stop the flow.

"There" he said as he tapped Remus' shoulder with his wand, returning the red to green, although no new date appeared. Remus gaped in shock. "Go and celebrate with your friends, before I change my mind."

As Remus slipped on his shirt and left the room he smiled. Today was a very good day.

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