The Werewolf Registry

Another Death

After the events in the department of mysteries, the first person Albus Dumbledore sought out, after having sorted Harry out, was Remus Lupin. He found the man in Saint Mungo's, with Nymphadora Tonks, a cousin of the late Sirius Black. Remus was holding her as she cried, for the cousin she was only just getting to know, for the others who had lost a friend or godfather, and with guilt that she hadn't finished her aunt off, before she could finish Sirius.

When Remus looked up at him, Albus was almost glad to see his eyes shining with tears, and not the glazed look from when James and Lily had died.

"It's not like last time. I'm here this time" he muttered into Tonks' hair. If Tonks had been listening she would have been a little confused, last time?

But Dumbledore understood exactly what the younger man went, and left, reassured that Remus was going to cope with loss a lot better than he had fifteen years before. This time he knew he wasn't alone.

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