Forbidden But Mine ( On Request Story)


This is a series of - “ Contraband - A Forbidden Love Story” A girl who was raised by her brother , who was her mentor, her only parent , who was her everything , can she fall for that brother in a forbidden way? Read to find out . Copyright © weirdo_writerever Published - 18/03/2021.

Romance / Fantasy
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About the book

Title of the book : Forbidden But Mine.

Series of : Contraband- A Forbidden Love Story.

Author : Sam .

Editor : Sam.

The book name is chosen by : A_flimsy_star .

Time for writing the book: From 18th March 2021 ... to ongoing .

Category : romance & fan fiction .

Language: English .

Status : Continued..

Chapters: unknown

Casts and Characters of the book:

🖇 protagonists :

🖋 Parth Samthaan as Manik Malhotra.

🖋 Niti Taylor as Nandini Malhotra.

A very warm welcome to everyone who is reading this story .

Before you start reading , please note :

This book is a work of fiction . Names of persons , places , characters , incidents and events , businesses, medical sites or any other professional sites are fictional as well . And it's completely imagination of the author and is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings or cultures !

Any resemblance to actual persons , living or dead , or actual events is purely coincidental.

This my tenth reader’s requested book on Wattpad .
This book is specifically requested by a princess who is very close to my heart , and her name is @A_flimsy_star . Here you go princess .

If you want me to write on your favourite stories please inbox me .

Attention- I request you not to read this book because there could be many unintentionally grammatical mistakes . If you still continue reading then you can at your own risk .
( And thank you if you decided to continue. )

My very first reason -
1. English isn't my native Language.
2. This is the first Draft .
3. This book is unedited.

Please enjoy your reading and you can humbly point out my mistakes and ask me anything, I seriously won't mind at all .

Warning - this book content mature content so if you're under 18 . Don't read please ! You have been warned !
There's strong sexual content in this book !

Incest relationship
Brother x Sister

Thank you for spending time to read my book . If you find it boring , it's only beginning! Way more to come ..!

Hope you enjoy ! <3

If you like reading it then don't forget to vote , comment and for upcoming updates follow me on Wattpad .!

Thank you once again for your kind attention!

Sam .

Here's the start of ;
Forbidden But Mine

A series of

Contraband ( A Forbidden Love Story)

Date - 18/03/2021.
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