Dimensional Wars


After they said goodbye to their friends at Noe Domino City. They were caught by a wormhole and ended up in Santura where they meet Ray Sulsto and the Scale Hearts. But why are they here?

Action / Romance
Pim Sutter
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

10 July 2036 Midday Saturday Earth Airplane

Luca looked out the window of their long flight across Japan towards the UK. It had been six hours since she and her twin brother Lua said goodbye to their friends at Neo Domino City.

“Just six more hours before we arrived at London.” She mumbled.

“Yea… How long haven’t we seen our parents anyway? Four years?” Lua wondered.

“I guess so…” Luca answered. Lua looked over as Luca rested her chin in her hand.

“What’s wrong, Luca? Aren’t you excited to see our parents again?”

Luca turned to him. “I’m… I was just thinking of what I can do in the future.” Luca answered.

“You worry too much, Luca! You are a smart person. I’m sure you will find something you can do.” Lua reassured his little sister.

“I hope so.” Luca smiled when suddenly the airplane started to shake. The twins looked outside and saw that the plane got a storm. “A storm? The weather was clear just a second ago!” Lua gawked.

And suddenly a strange wormhole appeared in front the plane and sucked them in to who knows where.

10 July 2036 Santura Midday Saturday Vrijheid

On the deck of the Vrijheid, a 14 year old young man with brown hair that reached his shoulders and had azure blue eyes. He was wearing a long sleeves red tunic, blue pants with a belt pouch, brown boots and an orange sword sheath mounted on his rear in its a grey mechanical sword hilt with a blue crystal in the center.

And on his shoulder a small like cat with large feline ears. Its fur was dark-cherry with white stripes and tiny wings on his back and had red eyes. Around his neck was a white scarf. The both of them looked at a large swamp below the ship.

“So that’s the Devil’s Swamp, huh?” the boy said.

“It looks pretty nasty.” the cat commented.

“Well, it is a swamp, Gill, and the things I’ve heard about it. Really nasty monster living in there.” Ray explained.

“I just hope we don’t have to fight them.” The cat gulped.

“You worry too much, Gill. We’re up here and those monsters are way down there and the Vrijheid is one of the strongest airship there is.” Ray smiled and petted on his friend’s head. “Now come on, let go to the cafeteria and grab some lunch.”

As Ray was about to go back inside, they saw an airplane appear and fly over the ship, crashing into the swamp.

“What was that!?” Gill’s eyes widened in shock.

“I don’t know, but they clearly need help!” Ray said and ran inside and arrived at the Vrijheid’s interior where not only humans but there were humanoid wolf, humanoid reptiles, humanoid cats and humans with pointy ears.

Ray saw a 32 year old human with short blue hair and silver eyes. He was clad in black pants, a white belt with a large silver buckle, a white V-necked shirt that was worn underneath a black trench-coat with white lines going down the sleeves and black boots with silver plates to protect his skin. It made him look like a modern medieval knight.

“Jan, when we arrive at the crash side, we take a group of people and search for survivors.” He talked to a muscled black fur wolf-man with one eye open and the other was covered with an eye-patch on his left eye. He was wearing a red chest piece with a large black pauldron on his left shoulder, black pants with red gauntlet and greaves, a scabbard black with a large almost mechanical twin-headed axe was resting on his back.

Jin nodded and leaved the bridge.

“Hans!” Ray ran towards the blue-hair man.

He turned around and saw Ray and Gill coming towards him. “Ah! There you two are! I was about to look for you. I guess you guys saw the aircraft flying over us on the bridge, do you?” He asked.

“We did. What was that? A new airship?” Ray asked.

“Don’t know; never seen that type before. I’m going to investigate the craft with some of the members and you’re one of them, Ray.”

“R-really?! I’m going with you?” Ray pointed to himself as Hans put his hand on Ray’s shoulder.

“This will be your first mission with us. But you have to listen what I say and stay close to the group, okay?”

“R-right! I will!” Ray exclaimed happily.

“Hans. We are approaching the crash site in mere seconds.” Said a grey-scale reptile wearing a formal suit with a dark yellow overcoat, steering the steering wheel of the ship.

“Got it. Land the ship close to it.” He said and turned his head to Ray. “Well, Ray, it’s show time! Shall we?”

“Just one sec.” Ray looked at Gill. “Gill, you stay here with your family and wait for me, okay?”

“Okay! Be careful out there!”

Ray nodded and went together with Hans to the rest of the gang.

10 July 2036 Santura Midday Saturday Devil Swamp

After the ship landed Hans and his team immediately disembarked and followed the trail of destruction and found the craft was split in two and quickly inspected it. They immediately noticed a lot of footprints between the craft and right in front of them.

“Looks like a group of people were here before us and from the looks of the tracks, I say they were kidnapped and put the crew in a cage.” Jen suspected.

Hans thought of a sec, “Did you get the scent of this craft crew, Jen?” Jen answered with a nod.

“All right! The half of you guys gathers the stuff inside this craft and brings it back to the ship while the rest of us will follow the trail. Ready? Break!”

As the group split Ray quickly followed Hans’s group and caught up with a man in his early twenties; his skin was white, had golden dreadlocks and his eyes were red, but had wolf-like ears and tail. He was wearing green and black shoes, a gauntlet on his left hand and a black glove on the other, a green jacket with a white hood, black pants and green-silver greaves with two golden orbs in the middle on his feet.

“Didn’t expect to get you real first mission so fast. Eh, little bro?” Asked the gold hair man with a Jamaican accent.

“Yea! You could say that again, Gervaso!” Ray answered. “Who of what do you think was in that airship? And where did it come from?”

“Don’t know. But my guts tell me it has something to do with all those weird stuff we heard from our buddies around the globe.” Ray looked at Gervaso confused as he further explained to Ray.

“A few weeks ago there was an increase of events like this. But instead of that weird airship, we got monster we’ve never seen before, people with weird clothing and sometimes with unknown powers and machines that we never knew. Our brainiacs believes that some of those came from different worlds.” Gervaso explained.

“Different worlds? You mean like the spirit world we learned from school?” Ray asked as he jumped over a huge branch.

“Beats me. I’m a fighter, not a thinker. But I know this; a big event is going to happen here and we got a reservation for a VIP seat just for us!”

“Hostiles ahead!” The two snapped back to the hunt. They looked straight ahead and saw two cages. They were big enough to fit 15 people in it and they were on a truck car. Beside them were a couple of people wearing the same dark crimson armor with a raven soaked in blood.

“Everyone! Attack the Bloody Raven and save those people!” As everyone was about to fight as Ray drew his single-edge looking katana.

Battle Music: Super Robot Wars Z3 Jigoku-hen OST - Tomorrow in Sight

Even they were surprised by the sudden appearance of Hans’s group, the Bloody Ravens tried their best to fight back.

“Hold still! You little brat!” Ray fought against a brawny human Bloody Raven with an obese broadsword. He tried to hit Ray with his sword, but Ray simply dodged every attack with ease.

The bulky Bloody Raven slammed his sword to the ground, but Ray simply sidestepped and he dashed in front of the Bloody Raven and slashed at the bulky man. Ray passed through his opponent and struck with an uppercut from behind, followed by two rising kicks, lifting them both into the air. Wind suddenly gathered around Ray’s right leg and he slammed him to the ground with his right leg.

As soon as Ray landed, he heard a girl screaming. He turned around and saw one of a bald pointy eared Bloody Raven grabbing a green haired girl with grey-golden eyes wearing over a sky-light-blue tank shirt with a pink heart, a light yellow jacket underneath a long sleeves light yellow jacket. Her lower body consisted of green denim pants and brown boots dragging her out of her cage.

“Stop your whining, you brat!” The pointy ear man carried the girl over his shoulder, quickly closing the cage and was about to run away from the battlefield. But Hans stood in his way. “That’s not how you treat a lady, you know.” Hans wiggled his finger.

Ray shifted his sword back to his sheath, ran toward the bald man and kicked him behind his back. He quickly grabbed the girl into his arms and pushed himself off, landing on the ground with the girl carrying her in bridal style.

The bald man stumbled forward as Hans threw a punch under his chin which launched him in to the sky and then crashed into the ground.

Battle Music End

“That gotta hurt a lot for him.” Ray mumbled to himself and turned his attention to the girl. “Are you alright? Do you have any injuries?”

“N-no, I’m okay.”

Ray put the girl on the ground.

“Thank you for saving us.” She said.

“You can thank us later after we get the hell out of this swamp.” Ray said, suddenly they heard the truck’s engine roaring and saw Gervaso and Jen on the driver seat.

“Nice timing, you two!” Hans climbed on Gervaso’s truck while Ray and the girl was about climb on Jen’s. Until the girl saw her identical twin brother lying unconscious with the rest of the captives on Gervaso’s truck.

“Lua!” The girl cried out to her brother, hoping that he would respond.

“Don’t worry. We have doctors in our airship. If we go there now they can treat their wounds.” Ray then put his hand to her shoulder. “So we have to get out of here as soon as possible.”

She looked at Ray and around her seeing the fight that was taking place. “Is it far from here?” The girl asked.

“It’s not far, come on!” Ray took her hand, causing her to blush and quickly climbed in Jen’s truck.

Hans took out from his pocket a small iron cube with a gold button. He pushed the button and a light orb launched into the air. Hans’s group saw signal and immediately retreated to the Vrijheid, as Gervaso and Jen drove the truck towards the airship.

Jen drove very fast as they just passed by the crash side. “Looks like rest is already done with carrying the stuff to the Vrijheid.” Ray said as the girl saw a huge white-red needle-shaped vessel with two large engine nacelles in the rear height hovering very close to the ground with a ramp lowered on to the ground.

She looked in awe as soon both the truck and the people on foot entered the Vrijheid. “I-it’s gigantic.” She mumbled as both trucks stopped in the middle of the ship’s hanger. Some of the crew member opened the cages and carried the unconscious prisoners out of the cage and treated their wounds.

The girl got out of the truck and rushed to her brother’s side where he was being treated by a light-blue haired cat-girl wearing a nurse outfit. “Is he going to be okay?” She asked to the cat nurse.

“He has only has a bump on his head. Anything else looks okay.” The nurse explained as the girl sighed in relief.

“Usually an outer-worlder human would freak out with a race they don’t know about.” The girl turned her head and saw Hans and Ray walking towards her. “But it seems that’s not bothering you at all.”

“Well, I was at first when I woke up in one of those cage and was about to be kidnapped by one of those people in red.” She stated. “But you and your friends saved me, my brother and rest of the passengers from them.”

“That’s what we Scale Hearts do after all; saving and helping the innocent from the bad guys.” Hans said and pointed his thumb to himself. “I’m Hans J Silverhand, leader of the Scale Hearts.”

“And I’m Ray Sulsto, junior member.” Ray introduced himself.

My name is Luca, thank you for saving us back there.” Luca smiled as a blush appeared on Ray’s face.

“Oh… Uh... It was nothing really.” Ray said bashfully.

“He’s coming to!” The three turned to Luca’s brother and saw that he was slowly regaining his consciousness.

“Lua!” Luca quickly went back to Lua’s side as he slowly opened his eyes and saw his sister.

“Luca?” Lua mumbled as Luca help him sitting up. “What happened? We were caught in a storm and…” Lua tried to get up, but his legs gave out from under him. Ray just caught him in time and draped one of Lua’s arm over his shoulder.

“Easy, you’re not fully recovered.” The nurse turned to Ray. “Ray, please carry the boy to the medical bay for further examination.”

Ray nodded and began making small step towards the elevator with Luca following them as the Vrijheid took off flying towards Jamalie Island.

(Special thanks to http://raisingheartexelion.deviantart.com/ for being my beta reader.)

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