Dimensional Wars

Chapter 2

10 July 2036 Santura Saturday Midday Vrijheid

The light of the sunset shone through the window of the medical bay as the cat-girl nurse examined the twins while both of them were sitting on a medical bench. "Mmmh… So far so good." the nurse mumbled, putting both her hands on the twins' heads.

"Why are you examining us so thoroughly?" Luca asked.

"Making sure that neither of you got poisoned. The Devil Swamp is famous of its poison and monsters. You were lucky that we saved you from it and the Bloody Ravens." The cat nurse explained.

At that moment Ray and Gill, who was sitting on his right shoulder, came through the door with a small wooden case in his hand. "Hey doc, how're the twins?"

"There's nothing wrong with them for now, but I suggest they have to take a lot of rest just in case." The nurse then took a medical bag. "I'm sorry, but I have to check the rest of the patients; can you watch over the twins for me?"

"Sure, I can do that." Ray said.

"Great! Now if you excuse me." The cat-girl nurse went to an elf man who was lying on a medical bed.

"Your name is Ray, right?" Lua asked as he and his sister got off the bench. "Luca told me everything what happened to us, and I want to thank you for saving us back there."

"It was nothing. But you guys were really lucky we saw you crashing in the swamp." Ray said.

"You could say that again." Lua said as he scratched behind his head. "By the way, why do you have a stuffed animal on your shoulder?"

"I'm not a stuff animal. I'm a real life Moonchi!" Gill flew off of Ray shoulder. Lua almost fell over in surprise. "I-it talks!" Lua stuttered.

"I think you spook him, Gill." Ray said as a sweat drop appeared above his head.

"Sorry, didn't mean the do that." Gill laughed sheepishly. "I'm Gill and it's nice to meetcha!"

"S-same here." Lua said.

"Anyway I got something for you two." Ray opened the case. Inside it were a pink lily flower ear cuff; a yellow crystal in the middle with a silver pistil. Next to it was a blue-white bracelet with a red crystal in the middle.

"They're pretty. But why are you giving us accessories?" Luca wondered.

"Those aren't just accessories, they're translators and they can help you with understanding other people's language." Ray explained.

"Seriously?! These things can do that?" Lua asked excitedly as he took the bracelet for a closer look.

"So do you two also have translator?" Luca asked and took the ear cuff from the case.

"As matter of fact we do." Ray showed his orange bracelet-like translator with a red gem as Gill pulled his scarf and showed a silver collar with a green gem on it. "Everyone in Scale hearts has one."

"So with this everyone can understand us even if we still speak Japanese; that's really neat!" Lua smirked, putting the bracelet on his left arm.

"What's Japanese?" Gill asked.

"It's the language we use in Japan." Luca explained.

"Japan… Is that the name of your world?" Ray asked.

"No, it's a name of a county that we used to live." The teal-hair girl explained, when suddenly the twins' stomachs started to rumble a little.

"I guess that's enough question for now." Ray smirked. "There's a cafeteria here; we can escort you to it, if you want."

The twins thought about it for a sec before Luca spoke up as she put the ear cuff on her right ear. "Well it would be rude to not accept your offer."

"Then that's settled! Now if you two will follow me." Ray said as both the young teens stepped out the medical room, following Ray, and went to the cafeteria.

"You know I never had a good look when I woke up, but this place looks so awesome!" Lua looked at the white-grey halls of the airship. "Bet Yusei will go straight to the guy who made this and ask how this ship even works."

"Yusei? Is that a friend of yours?" Gill asked.

"That's right; he's a scientist and a mechanic in our world." Luca told as she stopped moving with Lua. "Everyone must be worried about us back home." She mumbled as the twins started to feel a bit homesick.

"Attention, all members." The conversation was interrupted by intercom. "We'll be arriving at Jamalie Island in few minutes, please start preparing to disembark. I repeat: we'll be arriving at Jamalie Island in few minutes, please start preparing to disembark."

"Looks like our meal have to wait for now." Ray sighed, putting his hands on his hip.

"What's Jamalie Island?" Lua asked.

"Jamalie Island is where the Scale Heart's main base of operation." Ray explained. "Anyway, we better get your stuff before we arrive at the island."

"But about you? Should you also gather your stuff?" Luca asked.

"We travel with Hans since yesterday, so our stuff are pretty much still in the luggage." Ray replied and turned to Gill. "Gill, would you go to the cafeteria and tell Alut that I'll be with Luca and Lua at the hanger?"

"Sure, no problem." Gill said and flew toward the cafeteria.

"Who's Alut?" Lua asked.

"Alut is Gill's dad, and an old friend of Hans." Ray explained. "Now let's go look for your luggage."

After the teens arrived at the Vrijheid's hanger they immediately started searching for the twins' luggage. A couple of minutes later they finally found the twins' suitcases.

"Oh good! They're still intact." Luca sighed in relief.

"I hope our stuff inside are still okay." Lua wondered.

Suddenly they felt that the ship stop moving forward and started slowly descend until it came to make a complete stop and suddenly they heard an announcement from the intercom.

"We now arrived at Jamalie Island. Please use the Vrijheid hanger and wait until the ramp is fully opened. Have a nice day."

"We're already here?! That was fast!" Lua said with a surprised tone in his voice.

"Well, the Vrijheid is one of the finest airships that is ever built. At least that what I heard from Hans." Ray explained.

"Hey Ray!" Ray turned to the source of the voice and saw Gervaso holding two backpacks with Gill and two other Moonchi following them. The first had black fur with white stripes and red eyes like Gill. The second had a feminine look with light cherry red fur, brown eyes, and wearing a white apron.

"So did you already found their stuff?" Gervaso asked.

"Just now." Ray answered before turning to the twins. "Luca, Lua, this is Gervaso and the Moonchis next to him are Gill's parents Alut and Sterl."

"It's nice to meet you." Luca slightly bowed her head and Lua did the same.

"So are you enjoying your stay here at the Vrijheid?" asked the white Moonchi, AKA Sterl.

"Yea, we do!" Lua answered. "And everyone here is really nice; they even help us with finding our luggage."

"Well, that's good to hear." Gervaso said. "And it's also good to see you two don't criticize the other races here. Other Outer-worlders I met so far aren't really nice; they even tried to throw a rock at my pretty face." He sighed.

"Back at our world, we have friends that were treated very badly by the society, so we understand how you feel." Luca explained. When everyone saw the ramp starting to lower itself, letting the sunlight stream into the ship's hanger.

"By the way, you two don't have a place to crash, right?" Gervaso asked. "If you want, you can come with us to my place. It may not be a fancy hotel, but it has a nice view of the ocean."

"Really?! Thank!" Lua thanked to Gervaso.

"But where are you and your friends sleeping, Ray? And where's the rest of your belongings?" Luca asked.

"You don't have to worry about that; someone will bring our luggage to Gervaso's house where we're also going to live." Alut explained and added. "Anyway, it's getting late. We better get going before it gets dark."

With that said, the twins took their suitcases and followed the Santurains exiting the Vrijheid.

10 July 2036 Santura Saturday Midday Jamalie Island

As everyone walked down the street, the twins looked at the beautiful structure that resembled a Holland harbor, and on the left side they saw the clear light green sea. "This place looks really peaceful." Luca admired the port town.

"It really reminds me of a RPG game." Lua said, as the Santurains looked at him as a question mark appeared above their heads.

"What the heck is a RPG?" Gill asked.

"It's a sort of game that some people play in our world." Luca answered Gill's question.

"Speaking of which, can you tell us about what for kinda world you two are living?" Ray asked.

"For starters, we don't have airships like the Vrijheid, or have other races besides humans." Luca explained.

"But we have Duel monsters!" Lua added.

"And that is?" Ray asked again.

"It's a popular card game in our world." Luca explained. "And we use a special device called Duel Disk to play the game."

"We're here!" The conversation was interrupted by Gervaso as the gang stood in front of a white Jamaica-like house with a red roof. "Don't just stand there, come on in! Come on in!" The hybrid wolf-man opened the door of his house. Once inside everyone saw that living room and its furniture's had also a Jamaica design.

"You three didn't get to eat today, right?" Gervaso asked the three young teens. "I'll get some food from the food stall. In the meantime, make yourself at home." As Gervaso left the house, Ray and Gill's family started explaining of the names of the races that lived in Santura.

The wolf-man were called Wolfian, the cat called Cat Sìth, the reptiles are named Reptilians, and last the Humans and Elves.

While the twins explained everything they knew about Duel monster, their home world and why they were in that airplane in the first place.

"So basically this Duel monster game makes your world go around, huh…" Ray sat on the couch with Luca and Lua while the Moonchi's were sitting on the table. "Well, at least more interesting than poker."

"I'm more interested about those nations, especially this Europe." Alut said, putting his paw under his chin. "Those countries hold some similarities to our own."

"And with this device you can make illusions based of the cards you put on its blade?" Sterl asked, looking at the twins' Duel Disks lying on top of the table.

"That's right! Watch." The teal-hair boy stood up and put his blue Duel Disk on his arm and activated it. He played a Deformer Mobaphon as a huge yellow cell phone appeared and transformed in to a robot.

"Holy hell!" Ray shouted in surprise as he stood up. "It almost looks like it's alive." Ray tried touching the Deformer but when he did his hands went right through it.

"Pretty sweet, huh?" Lua asked before turning his Disk off and Mohaphon disappeared. "If you want, we can teach you how to play Duel Monster."

"I like to try it….. And I don't know if those languages exist in your world." Ray pointed at the card's texts. "Are they also in Dutch or English?"

"I don't know about Dutch cards, but there are card with English words on it." Luca answered.

"That's good to hear. Something tells me reading those words is going to be tough to learn." Ray said, scratching behind his head.

"Still, must be hard for you two; stranded here while everyone you know is worried about you?" Gill asked.

"Yea…" Lua said, both the twins looking down the ground. "I just hope we go back home."

There was a complete silence for a sec until Alut spoke. "Actually, there might be a way."

"Huh?! Really?!" Lua asked surprised, as everyone looked at the Gill's father.

"What do you mean, Alut-san?" Luca asked.

"There are rumors going around lately. Vehicles and weapons that were made from unknown technology, never seen before monsters and people with strange clothing saying they are not from Santura." Alut explained.

"So there are more people stranded here like us?" The teal-hair girl asked.

"That's correct." Alut nodded. "The Scale Hearts tried to solve this mystery until they found a notebook in one of the truck we stole from the Bloody Ravens. With not only the coordination of where your aircraft crashed, but also where those events happened."

"That's great!" Lua said. "If we search those Bloody Ravens guys, we'll find the guy who is responsible for this, and we can go home!"

"Still why would someone do that? And for what reason? And how is it possible to bring other people from other worlds to this place?" Luca wondered.

"That's a good question. Sadly we don't have much information about the person who's doing this and why. The only thing we can do is wait until we get new info." Alut explained.

I'm back!" They heard Gervaso voice echo through the hall. He then appeared with a pizza box in his hand.

"You guys got pizza here too?!" Lua gawked.

"So a pizza is no stranger to you two, huh?" Gervaso put the box on the table and opened it. "By the way, Alut, your stuff is here."

"That's good, but I think we'll unload our stuff tomorrow." the black Moonchi said. "It's getting late to do that anyway."

10 July 2036 Santura Night Saturday Jamalie Island Gervaso's House Luca's room

After they finished the evening meal, Gervaso gave everyone their own room. At this moment Luca, who was wearing a silver nightgown, was sitting on the edge of her bed as she looked through her deck.

"Still nothing." She sighed, putting her deck on the night table. "Why can't I reach Ancient Fairy Dragon or the other? I never had trouble with this back home. Is it because Santura doesn't have a connection with the Spirit World? Or is it something else?" Luca wondered in her mind as she got off her bed. "I guess the only thing we can do is to find a way back home." She then opened a window and walked to the balcony as the night breeze gently ruffled her hair. "The wind feels nice."

"But it feels better if you're sitting on the roof."

Luca looked to above her and saw Ray sitting on the edge of the roof.

"Ray?! What are you doing up there?" She asked surprised.

"Looking at the stars." He pointed to the dark sky filled with stars. "It's a hobby of mine, and what about you? Can't sleep?" Ray asked, jumping off the roof.

"Yea." Luca admitted as she moved a couple of strands of her hair with her hand. "I thought the wind would help me clear my mind a bit." She then looked at the ocean which reflected the night sky. "Still, I never saw this many stars back at New Domino City."

"Is it because of the light that some cities shine bright at night?" Ray asked.

Luca nodded to his question. "Say Ray, how long have you been a member of Scale Heart?"

"Huh? Why do you want to know that?" He asked.

Well. You look like you're around my age, and you know a lot about things that no normal teen should know." She said. "At least in my world."

"Is that so?" Ray asked. "If you want to know, I've been a member since I was 8 years old."

"What?!" Luca gasped in surprise. "Why did you join them at that age?!"

"Because they saved my live. I owe it to them." He said.

"You own them?" Luca wondered as Ray started explaining.

"I used to live in a village long ago, until it was attacked by bandits and killed everyone at their sight. I was the sole survivor of that village. And what worse I also lost my memory at that point." Ray said, leaning against the balcony. "Even now I still don't know who my parents were."

"So the name you have now is not you real name?" She asked.

"Actually, that is the first thing I remembered when I saw my pendent." He looked at a round pendent with a drawing of two swords and a dragon in between. In the mouth of the dragon was an orange crystal.

"Hans told me that I held this with my very life before he returned it to me." Ray said and continued to tell his story. "I really thought I was going to die back there, that was until Hans and his crew found me after the attack in the rumbles of my old village."

"It must have been terrible; experience something horrible like that." Luca said, feeling sorry about Ray's past.

"It was. But it was thanks to Hans that I can live another day, and I've decided to help other people who has been through the same as me or worse." Ray said.

"I wish I could be like you." Luca said.

Ray raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"I mean you already found something that you can help other with." She then lowered her head. "While I have no idea what I can do with my life. I keep thinking and thinking but…" But as she turned around to look at Ray only to get flick on her forehead.

"That's the thing! You think too much." Ray said as Luca rubbed her forehead. "I know that feeling, but from what I have learned is that sometimes if you see a chance that can help you and your friends, you must quickly grab it before it goes away."

"But what if it's out of my reach?" She asked.

"That's easy! If something is out of your reach, then you have to ask your friends for help." Ray said with a smirk. "There is something you can't do alone. Even if you're going to search for something only you can to."

"Ray…" She mumbled as she remembered the things she went through and learned from. "You're absolutely right, Ray." She smiled. "I was so in my thoughts that I forgot that sometimes you need to take action and sometimes with the help of your friends."

"I guess you also have had some experience in life, huh?" Ray asked.

"You can say that." She said as she suddenly yawned.

"I think it's a good time to hit the nest." Ray said.

"Yeah, I think so too." She walked back into her room before she said. "Thanks again for talking with me."

"Hey, that's what friends are for." He answered. "Good night." Ray then entered his room as Luca closed the window and went into her bed and fell asleep.

(Special thanks to my beta reader RaisingHeartExelion)

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