a certain me in academy city

By Hassan Elgarni

Adventure / Romance


after ten minutes from all that commotion, all of us were sitting around a rectangular wood table on two long couches, uiharu and konori were sitting on the couch that was facing the door, me and koroko were sitting across them, I was sitting on the left of the couch, so I was next to a wall without any windows and koroko was on my right,

[oh man I'm trapped, what should I do?, knowing them they're going to ask me a lot of questions that I don't want to answer] I thought.

I felt my face getting hot for what I was about to do "miss konori"I said "am sorry for what happened earlier, can you please forgive me ?" I was just being considerate of the embarrassment I put her through.

uiharu was sitting across of me, she was surprised at my act at first, but she turned her head a bit to her left and started smiling.

koroko was looking at me, and put a face of( what the huk is this)

konori on her end was reder then me I think !!

"well, it was and accident after all, so it wasn't your fault" said konori with her hand ender the table, and she was looking to it too.

I think she was embarrassed.

"thank you for your understanding, I really appreciate it" I said with a my head bowed down

"yeah whatever, humph" said koroko shirai while raising her head up to her right

"c'mon koroko, I told you that we should be nice to our guest" said uiharu lining forward towards koroko a little bit.

"yeah? well don't think so, this pervert should be thrown in to an oven and heat up until he dies and his skin gets black like my name" she said screaming and pointing at me with her finger up and down.

I put my palms in front of my face like some kind of shield trying to protect my self from the out rages koroko shiria.

"look who's talking" I murmured turning in to my left, disgusted with her( and you know why)

"what you say ?" she asked

"its nothing" said afraid of the consequences

"now now, koroko, we have questions for the young man, let us not wast any more time" said uiharu with a cheerful tone.

[man I knew it, how am I going to get out of this trap?] I thought

"we don't know your name yet Mr, you seem to know ours perfectly,and I don't how......... " konori said with (your suspicious look). that wasn't the case when she talked about my name.

"aa!" {oh crap I made a mistake, but .....] I thought of something in the end "my name is hassan and I know your names because am fan of judgement, even though am a tourist from oversees, it wouldn't be hard to get infos about my favourite group that protects peace in the most technological city in the world, you can say am a nerd who gets information about his favourite things no matter what, and you're just students, how hard it is get infos about you ?" I said smiling like I am making fan to make it seem real, cause everyone's eyes were pointed at me.

"weirdo......! but he's making sense to me" said koroko shiria crossing her arms together while moving her head up and down in agreement

"and to say the truth my favourite memb........" I said but stopped due to.....

"oh shut up stupid nerd" said koroko shirai with a tone of disgust

I stand up, and faced koroko, and I started groining in annoyance and she did the same as me, am not sure if we had the same motives though.

well I've never cared about you being powerful or not if you did something that angers me, that's your fault and I don't care who you are.

uiharu sighed and said" you two look like childhood friends" she said while she was looking down.

"no we don't" we said me and koroko in union

and we returned to our seats, each one of us turned their head to the opposite direction of the other.

and an other sigh came this time from both uiharu and konori, then they looked to each other and they smiled.

one second later a sound came from behind, I turned around to see what was it, but the disappointment was that there was some kind of a blue board that was in the way.

"hey guys what up?" this was the voice of a girl that I could never mistake for anyone else,
the moment that voice was lunched through the room, koroko shirai has disappeared from her place

"wow that was fast" I said with a lowly voice

"onee-sama you finally came, I was waiting for you for 2 hours now"

I actually felt my chest getting hot just from hearing her voice, so maybe that's how shirai feels.

"koroko stop it already, what's with you ?" said mikoto misaka of course, and a sound of someone's getting hit was heard

"aw, I was just showing you my love onee-sama" said koroko with am in pain voice

and then uiharu sigh and murmured in disappointment "she never learned her lesson after all this time" but I could hear her because my left ear was turned towards her cause I was trying to know exactly who was it.

I staid silent the whole time .

"hi konori hi uiharu" said misaka mikoto

"hi, how are you today misaka ?" said konori in a normal gritting attitude

I could hear some foot steps coming towards us, and their sound getting higher and higher, my heart was doki doki to the point that I felt like It was going to skip a beat, and my head was so heavy and hot, then a girl that I perfectly know show up in front of me, she has short brown hair, and she was wearing a brown sweater with a red logo with a white cross in it, and a forced blue skirt.

she started talking, I couldn't believe what's going on

"am fine thank you, oh..hi...." she said after noticing me

"oh this is ..." said uiharu but I stopped her in the middle of that

"aa am hassan elgarni from morccoo, 24 years old, its a pleasure to meet you" I said nervously with a high voice trying to shake her hand, but she didn't put her hand in my hand, but instead she seem to a bit red to me, and she pooled away her hand so.....

[oh crap I forgot (tsunder and stuff)]
I also pooled away and set down.
koroko was in rage mode that moment

"so... sorry, I wasn't trying to be inconsiderate, its just that in morocco we shake hands with girls all the time, and it never been a problem " I said nervously

"its ok, since you didn't mean any harem !!" said misaka with smile on her face

"pervert! what did you think you were doing ?" said a certain known person

"look who's talking ? , the one who was crawling to her friend like a masochist?" I said with too much confidence .

"what did you say you freak ?" said koroko with anger grasping her fist

"you heard me" I said unaware of the consequences

"ok stop it you two" said konori with an annoyed attitude

"so misaka what brings you here today ?" asked uiharu .

I looked at misaka waiting for an answer too as everyone else in the room

"I was planning on inviting you to go shopping with me, but guess that you're busy now" she said looking at me like she was saying (you're busy whit that)

I felt guilty about it so I decided to clear my guilt. and help my self in the processes , but first I needed a plan where there's no fail.

[to clear the guilt I'll have to make her take me with her, but how ? to he, am just a complete stranger, wait I'll maybe tell her I'll help her with touma ,but what about the others? they shouldn't know, I mean that's private, ok got it] I thought.

"I.....I can go with you, if you don't mind of course" I said just being polite.

"huh! why would I go out with stranger? " she said disgusted with me I think

" because ......... because I can help you to get the most important thing to your heart" I said, and even though I was so nervous talking to her, I tried my best to focus my eyes on hers.

[oh my god she froze? what should I do now?,............no, just stay focus, she'll answer as you wish, remember that you know everything about her personality]

"how ..." she was going to say something but I sent some kind of signal to her that she alone could notice due to everyone was looking at her not me "ok you can go" she said giving up to me "but first how are you going to go out with me since you still have something to clear up with judgement? huh ?" she added with her hand on wais.

"no, we already finished with him, so he can go" said konori mii

"you mean I could go out when ever I wanted to" Isaid an exclamation face

"yep" said uiharu smiling ignorant about what I went through thinking of way to get out of here
I opened my mouth a bit as a reaction to the shock and thought [so I did all of this for nothing!!].

"but onee-sama you can't, he's a complete stranger" said shirai koroko crawling on misaka.

"don't worry koroko,you can come with us if you want " said misaka like she was sustain about it.

misaka mikoto, while talking she's like unbeatable, but when it comes to romance or relationships she's a looser, no self confident at all.

"really, onee-sama?" said koroko while still crawling on her onee-sama with happiness

"yeah, but first stop crawling on me like that"said misaka while hitting her head with her right hand like she was hitting it with a crowbar.

"unfortunately she can't go with you" said konori trying to fix her glasses on place

"but why?" said koroko

"we still haven't figure the source of that.......aaaaaaaa" said uiharu but she stopped in the end

[oh that strange power they were talking about earlier, I wonder what's that have to do we me]I thought.

"huh !! what's that uiharu ?" misaka asks seeking information"

"well..." uiharu said

"ok you two can go and have fun since you seem to know each other or something" said konori with her crossed hands in front of her mouth.

"we really seem so?" I said happily with a big smile on my face

"no we're not" said misaka rejecting the idea

"you jerk if you you do anything stupid I'll.. I'll teleport inside you and crash your organs as I please" said koroko with rage look on her face, and a grasped fist ready for fight.

"oh, .....don't worry I don't have any idea of the kind" I said with all my body shaking in fear from what I heard from her.

"ok lets get over with it" said misaka heading towards the door.

I tried to follow her but koroko was blocking my way with her body so I jumped over the couch trying to avoid body touch with her, and got to the door along with misaka then we got out of judgement office safely.

advice from an experience don't get between a koroko and her onee-sama.


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