a certain me in academy city

By Hassan Elgarni

Adventure / Romance


"yaaaaahhhhhh" yawned and said lifting my hands up in the sky "I finally got out of there"

me and misaka got out of judgement office, we were just a few meters away of the door.

"so what did you meant by the most important thing to my heart?, do you somehow know something?" said the short haired girl in front of me, standing straight and looking to me just by the corner of her left eye.

"well before we can talk about that, I think it'll be better if we walk away " I said pointing my finger up.

misaka mikoto raised her head to see koruko hanging out from the left middle window of the second floor of the building.

"onee-sama I've missed you already, let me free you from that ape, and go have fun in our dorm room" said koroko desperately, making a hugging scene, with her arms.

[I think I know what she's referring to by fun] I thought and sighed to my left.

"hey koroko, stop making a scene" said mikoto misaka clinching her fist, and raised it up towards koroko "hey you, lets go already" she turned towards me and said, then started running.

"oh! yeah" I said and followed her.

"noooo wait onee-sama wait" she said trying to reach her with her hand but there was no use, due to two of her colleague trying their best to bull her in.

"you're not allowed to go, we still have work to do" yelled an old girl's voice it seem to me, because I was far away to here her correctly.

"okh, hah aha this is enough for me hah ah woowf" I said while huffing, then I fall backwards to the ground.

"what ? we ran just haft Km!!" she said while putting her hands on her knees, checking me out.

"wait.... your not tired" I said with my eyes widely opened "I see where that's coming from" I added while looking to her most sensitive chest.

"what's with you you pervert ?." she said while straightening up backwards with sparks going out from her bangs.

"aa!!" [oh my god here it comes, for real] I thought then held my hands in front of my face like defensive multiplication mark.

misaka mikoto isn't only a level 5 but she's also a short temper.

but instead of a shock "afuuu" a sigh could be heard, I raised my head to see what happened and...

"you're just a stranger that I don't know his intentions, so what is it that important thing you were talking about ?" she said

[huh? self restrain ?, come to think of it she does that a lot, but not with everyone, I guess!] I thought.

I got up off of the ground "you should know the answer to that question yourself, I mean, who am I to know?" I said with confidence, and I started wiping dirt from my pants.

you know that I know that the most important thing to her heart is touma kamijou, but I wanted her to admit that her self first, I mean if she does that we can say good bay to her tsunder attitude.

"huh ? why should I tell a stranger something private?" she said blushing and moved backward .

"well I said I was going to help you, didn't I ? and what's the harm in telling me anyway ? I am a complete stranger after all, I might disappear from you're life sooner or later." I said confidently again. "and whatever was it you're important thing I'll help you get it no matter what" I added expecting one answer.

well you know tsundere attitude.

misaka mikoto just stared at me then said. "but why you would you even do that? and don't tell me just because."

"misaka-san, do you want help or not, if not I can just go my way just like nothing happened"I said turning around like if I was going, but no, I was waiting for her to say the magic words, but even if she did say no, I would do something else to pursued her.

"aa...wait " she said

[yes, I did it] I thought.

I turned around to face her.

"can you..... let me think about it ?." she said while looking down and holding her hands to her chest.

"yeah, with pleasure." I said with my pleased face. " and hey why don't go shopping as we agreed first?." I added.

she raised her head and smiled a smile that I could tell that says "am not sure about this" but she said "okey".

and the two of us started walking on the side walk, till we reached a crossroad but we did not continue forward, we turned right, I was planing on continuing forward but its seemed that am not the one who was leading, it was the other girl in front of me, some cleaning robots just passed next to us, I was looking to them curiously,

"hey, since when were you in academy city?" asked the girl on my right.

according to me a girl should always walk in the safest place of the side walk.

"well, to say the truth I just arrived today" I said honestly "but why do you ask? do you think that am not reliable ? if you do, I can demonstrate something for you, like telling you your age or hight just by perspective" I lied about that, but I made it seem real.

we were sill waking, though she stopped and faced me "tell me then." she said composed.

"okey fine then, your age is 100 per cent 14 years old, your hight is definitely 161, do want me to tell your blood type now?." I said with confidence trying to put more pressure on misaka mikoto.

yeah the blood type thing, is real, you can tell someone's blood type just by their attitude, and it can turn out to be 90 per cent accurate.

[I feel like am gonna vomit for doing this, but don't have a choice, I'll have to make her believe me no matter what.] I thought disgusted with my self.

"you sure you don't have an ability ?" she asked leaning forward with her face.

"I don't, and you should really trust me already for your sake." I announced to her, looking directly to her eyes.

"OK then, I think I don't have a choice but to trust you." she said.

"so are you going to tell me what's the important thing to your heart?" I asked hoping that her answer to be (yes).

"no I can't, not yet at least" she said connecting her two index fingers together.

"okey, just lead the way" I said irritated with her.

[who said that dealing with a tsundere is easy anyway ?] I thought, then tried to draw a smile on my face.

"okey, sorry" she said with a tone of regret, and started walking somewhere, and I followed her

"aa!!" I was kind a surprised ."hey don't apologise that way, I just wanted you to trust me, and I'll be your best friend." I said calmly .

"yes, thank you" she said with regret voice again.

"hey misaka-san who's that? he's waving this way!!" I said pointing to a spiky black haired boy wearing a vest that looked black but it was forced blue and pants with the same colour, I pretended that I don't know him.

she saw him and smiled.

he approached us and "hi misaka, aa!!... who's this? your boyfriend ?."

[idiot , how could he ask a question like that to her?.] I thought.

"NO HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND YOU IDIOT" powerful sparks flew from her , to the point that I felt my hair was pulled away by some invisible force, and I fall backwards from fear.

"c'mon misaka calm down" I said while trying to get up.

"do you know her by any chance ?" he asked while giving me his hand to help me stand up.

"yes" I said "but am not her boyfriend, and am quite mad about what you said to her." I added yelling at him.

he smiled.

misaka finally stopped her rage and was looking to us.

"hey you, stop yelling at him." she yelled at me.

I looked at the boys eyes like I was telling him (see that?) then ....

I shook his hand while he was looking to mikoto's reaction and ...... "what about we be friends ?" I asked him with a smile.

touma kamijou swore to protect misaka mikoto and the world around her two times, one to a unubara mitski and one to koroko shirai, so if there was someone who could do same work without expecting anything in return, he wouldn't mind.

he then looks towards misaka like if they were preforming telepathy, misaka was in the blind spot of my left eye, so I couldn't tell what she was telling him or what she was signalling him.

he started looking at me, and said "why not, you seem like a nice guy after all"

[huh? you could tell that but not the feelings of someone for you?] I thought irritated from his density .

"so where were going misaka ?" he asked after letting go of my hand.

"well , I was going to seventh mist to buy some....things and he was accompanying me"
she said nervously it seemed.

"ah, so I can go with you then, since I needed some groceries" he said "by the way, haven't you seen index anywhere ?"

"no I haven't seen her for a while now, have I ?" she announced putting her right hand on her shin.

"oh well maybe she's at komoe-sensie's, lets go now" he proclaim .

"okey, lets go misaka" I said trying to act friendly with her.

"yeah" she said with a smile.

we started walking, misaka was in the middle, I was on her right, so kamijou was on her left.

seventh mist was several meter away.

[this isn't going to be easy.] I thought irritated from all of this.


till now, I haven't started acting yet, since misaka mikoto haven't told me her important thing, that's not gonna work if she doesn't admit her true feelings, there will be nothing that I can do.


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