a certain me in academy city

By Hassan Elgarni

Adventure / Romance


At seventh mist were me, misaka, and touma, but we somehow got away from him to have a secret talk, after we finished, we head back toward him again, we were walking side by side near the stores in the mart, and we were talking happily about something, I don't even remember what it was, but if you were passing by us, you'd think that we're a couple, I seriously didn't consider that fact not even for a second, though there was someone who did.

"Oh!! So you really were having a date after all." a girly voice happily said.

Yeah, it's true that we were walking happily that anyone who thinks straight would say the same thing, or think the same thing, but that doesn't mean that we're really dating.

So we jerked at the direction where the voice came from, and noticed touma standing in front of a store who sells clothes for girls, he had his right hand on his forehead like if he's cursing his luck as usual, and there was a girl with black long hair standing in front of him, she was two meters away from him, she had a clip that looked exactly like a white flower on her hair on the left, she was wearing a uniform different then Misaka's, all blue shirt with long sleeves and long skirt, and she was smiling, a smile that I suspected.

"d-d-d-d-d- date, what are you talking about? This is the first time you've seen him, and you're already jumping to conclusions!!!"Shouted Misaka Mikoto furiously embarrassed.

"C'mon Misaka, don't tell me that she succeeded in teasing you!!!" I said with a disappointment tone.

"She did not." she shouted at my face clenching her fists.

"Then why are you so worked up for?"

"Am not worked up its just---" before she could continue she got interrupted.

"So how did you know that I was teasing her?" said the girl in front of us.

Touma started staring at me, as if he wanted to know my answer, Misaka was as well.

"Haaaaah!! I thought that in japan we introduce our selves first, right!" I said with a confident tone, despite the fact that I already know her, mocking the situation "Oh well, my name is Hassan, and we're not dating, and as for your question, it was your voice, it wasn't that of someone who was seriously talking." I added confidently again.

After a two seconds of silence, and staring at me, I felt my face getting hot from all that staring, because am not use to people giving me all their attention.

"Wow, you could actually tell just from her voice!! I think I should learn from you Hassan-kun."

{Yeah you should you damn idiot.}

I don't know, but am starting to hate him every time he says something.

"Impressive!! I think that we're going to get along you and Me." she said smiling. "By the way my name is Satan Riuko, nice to meet you" she added smiling widely this time.

"Yeah nice to meet you too Satan-san."

{Yes I got myself a comrade, but I a way to talk to her about it, but I think I do that later.} I said hopping she help me a bit with my plans.

"By the way Satan-san, what are you doing here?" asked Misaka.


"What do you mean huh?" she asked again.

"Well, Shirai told me that you were waiting for me at seventh mist, and you were on a date with a pervert and that I should go protect you from him, and so here I am." Satan answered putting her finger tip on her lip.

As I heard that, I moved away from Misaka toward Touma and I stand next to him.

Touma started looking at me then asked. "huh? What is it Hassan-kun?"

"Hehehe oh nothing" I said with a fake smile.

"That girl is getting me sick" shouted misaka, and some sparks flew from her bangs.

"Ok, calm down misaka-san we still at the mart, remember?" satan said with her hands in front of her like a shield.

With that misaka stopped immediately and said "oh, am sorry".

"Wow, she did it!" I was really impressed that she did for real, I mean this is my first time seeing this in person.

"Yeah, she always does it, and if there's someone who can calm her down, it'll be satan-san" he looked happy about it, and he was looking to her.

{And there's you, you jerk.} I thought, and I could tell that I had a disgusting look on my face.

No really, how can a dense like him, have a harem in the first place?

"So, Misaka-san!! What did you come here to buy?" said Satan.

"Oh, it's nothing special, I just wanted to check the mart for some clothes."

"Is that so? " I hold my chin with my index, and roughly turned to my right, then I entered the store in front of me then after a few seconds I got out "hey Misaka? Would you try this on?" I said holding a pink pajama with some different colored flowers, it's exactly the same one in episode seven of railgun.

Satan approached me. "Hey Hassan-kun, do you realize that this pajama isn't for middle school girls?" she said touching the pajama with her fingertips.

"Yeah I know that but I can't help it, but I love cute things" desperately trying to convince them.

well, it's not like I was lying to them, I love cute things, but cute things with cool things are the best, like Misaka Mikoto with the pajama, hey, I don't mean Misaka isn't cute by herself. "So Misaka please try it on." I added holding the pajama in front of me with my right hand.

Misaka jerked back a bit.

Touma and Satan started looking at her waiting for her to say something.

After two second of shock I guess, Misaka regained her stand.

"Sigh, OK." she said relenting "but am not wearing it because I like it, got that." She said affirming.

{She's doing it again} I thought having another fake smile on my face.

The two behind me were probably smiling at each other.

"OK then let's go to a changing room where you can change." Satan with wide smile on her face.

"Yeah she's right." I said turning my head around looking for a changing room. "Ah there's one there." I added pointing at two of the curtains, they were blue inside the store I picked the pajama from.

"OK, give me that and let's get it over with" she grapped the pajama from my hand, and entered the left room, and she closed the curtain on her.

We entered the store waiting for her.

After ten minutes, Touma and Satan were sitting on a blue long chair while I was standing putting my hands in my pockets, we were exactly facing the curtains.

"How long is she going to make us wait? It's just a pajama." Said Kamijou Touma with a lazy tone putting his elbows on his knees.

"Tch," I clicked my tongue.

Satan turned to her right and looked at kamijou. "Oh you just have to wait kamijou-kun." said Satan putting her hands between her legs.

I looked down to my left at him. "Look kamijou-kun, Misaka Mikoto is a girl, and a girl needs more time to adjust her clothes, and anyway she could stay there for more than this and you still have to be a gentleman." I said irritated with him.

Touma kamijou's eyes widened at me.

"Yeah you're probably right, sorry" he said looking to the curtain again.

"Oh, sorry I didn't mean to make you feel bad."I said trying to comfort him.

I lifted my eyes a bit to notice Satan staring at me, she had a smile on her face.

"..." then I turned my face in front of me facing the curtains, and I noticed that the left one moved a bit. "She's getting out." I said getting ready to get my hit.

"a-am getting out guys." said the girl behind the blue curtain with a shaking voice.

She got out slowly.

After she got out completely, she was lowering her head to her left, and her face was red, I was speechless, actually I wanted to say something, but I didn't want to, because a was waiting for another boy to react to that before me.

By now, you already understand what I'm trying to do, well am just giving her a little push.



Satan and Touma didn't say anything, I wasn't planning to say anything either, not yet at least.

Well don't expect anyone to say something after seeing a girl in her pajama, that'll be so embarrassing.

"So, what do you think?" she said with her hand behind her back.

"I think you look pretty in that." said the boy forcefully, who I thought was still sitting on the chair.

{Yes, it worked.} I thought clenching my right fist like if I scored a goal against the other team.

Misaka got redder than she already was.

"Wow, it looks great on you Misaka-san" said satan standing up fast off her seat holding her two fists next to her sides in joy.

"You think? But you just said...."

"Forget what I said, I think I was wrong about It." still smiling.

"'OK, I'll buy it then"

I looked toward Touma. "So Touma, what did you want to buy as clothes?"

"Huh?...oh yeah I totally forgot about it, I think I'd better start looking for it."

"If you want, I can help you look for something" I said proposing help.

"Oh yeah that'll be a big help" he said smiling.

"Actually, I need hassan-kun for something, and you can go with misaka-san if you want" said satan.


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