a certain me in academy city

By Hassan Elgarni

Adventure / Romance


It was one and thirty one minutes on my phone, which means one minute since Misaka and the other had left me standing all alone in the clothes department in seventh mist, they had to go because they were still in the school curfew.

I was still holding my phone in my right hand and was still staring to the direction where the three of them headed, then I put my phone in my right pocket and said to myself. “Well, since everyone is gone, I think I’ll go buy that shoe that I was going to buy later, but where could they be celling shoes?” then I started walking through the department.

While I was walking through the clothes department, I could see a lot of other stores around me, that cells all kind a clothes, all kind of accessories.

“Wow, everything is here.” I said while I was turning my head left and right exploring the department. “Oh, maybe that’s the store I was looking for.” I added in low voice after I saw a store that caught my attention.

The store had shoes, sneakers, roller shoes, skaters, and boots, everything that one can wear in his feet.

I entered the store hoping to find something that will go well with my brown long sleeve sweater, so I started exploring the shoes that were line up on some glass shelves, I actually didn’t touch anything, I explored them with my eyes.

I’m used to explore thing with only my eyes, but if I found something that interested me I’ll try it on.

“Oh man, this is hard to choose from.” I said while holding my chin with my right hand that I was supporting with my left arm that was crossed around my chest. “Huh? Maybe that one.” I said after moving my hand away a bit from my chin.

What caught my attention was a brown shoe fluffy from inside and had a fluffy area on top of it from outside, it was kind like a boot than a shoe.

“I think I should try it on, but, I’ll have to take permission first or something.” I said with a low voice.

“That’s for show only, I can give you one to try on if you want.” Said a voice from my right.

I turned to check who it was, then I saw I young women wearing a blue vest and a blue skirt, she looked like a those assistants in plane or a train, and she was standing in front of me, crossing her fingers in front of her lab.

“Oh yeah, thanks.” I said while I leaned with my head a bit and returned it fast, it was like I was bowing to her but no it wasn’t that at all.

If in morocco you wanted to say thanks from a distance then you could do that sign, but if you’re close enough you just say thanks, but if you want to add that sign, you can.

“Happy to be of service to you sir.” she responded while bowing a half bow.

I twitched at her act, and thought [oh man, that’s disgusting.]

It not that it grossed me, but I not used to it, and I don’t think I’ll ever do, well, long story short, it was so embarrassing.

“I’ll go get a shoe for you to try on sir, you can wait there.” She said and pointed toward a chair that looked a bit familiar.

“Ok, thanks.” I said smiling.

I walked toward the chair and sat on it waiting for her to get me the shoe, I turned my head left and right exploring the rest of the store.

“Here try this one sir.” She came and held a box of the shoe I requested leaning toward me a bit.

“Ah yeah, thank you.” I said smoothly, and hold the box from her.

“Oh! It fits perfectly, but how did you know the exact size? I don’t remember telling you!” I said in surprise.

“Its our duty to examine our customer’s details with just our eyes, sir.” She said while crossing her fingers in front of her lab.

[agh, creepy.]

“Oh well, I’ll take these shoes.” I said.

“Do you want to pack them sir?”

“Oh, no need to, its cold outside, so I’ll wear them now.” I said while putting the other foot in the shoe.

“How do you wanna pay? Cash or by card?”

“Wait, let me see.” I said then stand up and got my wallet out from my back pocket, I opened it, there was some Moroccan money, and a cash card.

[I don’t think Moroccan money would work here, so maybe I should give her my cash card.] I thought then got my master-card out.

“I think I’ll pay by card.” I announced smiling while holding the card toward her.

“Ok sir follow me please.” She said and held the card from my hand so smoothly.

I followed her walking slowly.

I was transferred from another world not another country, that idea struck my mind. [Wait is it going to work here.] I thought, but by then the employer was already gone toward the reception, she passed it in the machine, and asked me to come forward to enter the four digits.

[It worked in the machine, so it means that the card is accepted, which also means that the serial number of the card exist in this world, but am not clear yet, cause my account still could not work.] I thought.

I started entering the digits slowly, and was really worked up. * [it could not work.] * [but if it did.] * [what’s that.]* [gonna mean?] I thought.

Just after I finished, the employer entered some numbers and then gave me the card, and told me “thanks sir, have a nice day.”

And I stood in shock for a long time.

After an unspecified time.

[What the hell was that?] I thought while walking through the streets of the city.

I was holding the sleepers inside a black plastic bag, and was looking down the whole time, thinking and asking myself a lot of questions with no answers.

[Did I get transferred to academy city? Or did academy city transferred to the real world? Or did my whole life transferred to this world? And witch one of them is the real world anyway?] I thought of all those questions with no answers yet, and if I was alone in the street I would’ve screamed out loud, but instead I scratched my whole head with my hands.

I took a long breath Hailing and exhaling [ok, just calm down, the only explanation is… that maybe someone in this world have the same serial number on his card, but the only one who could have that is…. The me in this world, an alternative.] I thought while holding my chin like the other time, but this time I was holding the bag in my left hand, and suddenly stopped walking in shock.

“Maybe I should try the card in an ATM later to find out if its mine or not.” I said in lowly voice crossing my arms around my chest. “Oh well what is done is done now, there’s no backing up.” I added realizing that I can’t return the shoes I bought.

“Anyway I should go…….where am I?” I asked no one but myself.

[Guess I was concentrated with all of those questions that I forgot where I was going.]

I looked around me to gasp the place I was in, and compared it to what I saw in the manga of index and railgun.

“Oh isn’t this place near to that famous vending machine? I think I’ll walk a bit farther.” I said to myself.

I was near some lined rocks and some bushes and some trees lined behind them, I walked till a corner and took it, it was on my left, it was like some fortress that didn’t had a gate.

I continued walking till I saw something that seemed from far like a long rectangular shaped box.

As I got near it I saw someone standing next to it, it was obviously a boy, because he had albino white hair and he has a slim body and he has a pale skin, and he was supporting himself with one of those futuristic cane.

“Wait, white hair? And a cane?”


Author’s note: sorry to do this for you guys but I swear I want do it in the next chapter, well I did it this time because I was obligated to, or else the story won’t look so realistic, at least a bit.

Sorry again an thank you for reading and I really need your review/comments

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