Naruto and the Lessons of Love


Naruto takes a role he didn't know how good he would be good at, before learning he is better than the person who was suppose to have the role.

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Chapter 1

Alright, this is a overhaul of my Naruto of Love, a redo, because I have talked with E4E and have realized, this isn't as good as it should be.

The idea and fiction itself are great, especially by all of it's current standards, however, I feel that it's bellow its fellow fictions' standards as well as my usual ones.

Now just so you all know, I have talked with E4E, and he actually confirmed something I felt, but couldn't identify, the fiction was rather short. I felt that it could of, should of, and would have been longer if I tried harder.

So instead of redoing all the chapters, I shall dub that one beta, and give you all a longer and further in depth one, cause I feel the depth of the other fiction was off.

I am positive that I could have gone a little more in-depth with Naruto's side of the multiverse, instead, I rushed and left out too much, so I have decided to, Instead of rushing and talking about things I have no idea of, considering all you true fans of the story that have read the books were annoyed at how I did it. Admit it!

However, my mistake was that instead of using the time with the story I don't know anything about to get a bit more depth to Naruto's character, I rushed through it and ignored it all for the one part that I had thought up that got me to want to do a crossover of the two.

And if not E4E, than maybe someone else will do a reading of story.

But I had an epiphany and am now going to do better.

I hope you enjoy, I own neither Percy or Naruto.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Story Start=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Among the many realms of the multi-verse, there are thousands, if not millions of them where everyone is the same as the next, but with the addition, or exchange of but one person.

Maybe instead of you being you, you were instead famous, or interested in a homosexual relationship or possibly, the opposite gender than the one you are now.

This is a story where our dear beloved goddess of love, is instead a god of love.

Upon removing Ouranos' sack and tossing them to the sea's rage, the primordial of fate, Ananke, decided to allow a hero of the previous world carnation a chance to aid the next.

This hero was Naruto Uzumaki.

This was a hero whom was responsible for creating peace within a realm of hatred and death, and then protecting it from the ones who wished to strive in the pain of others.

This hero rose to the level of gods, when he was but a mortal, with the aid of not only his friends, but his past as well.

A man who proved love and understanding could conquer even the darkest of hearts.

So, who better to rule over love, than someone who understands the importance of said domain.

And now, Naruto awoke from a pinkish blue shell, on a seashore.

The once mortal hero stumbled about as he was gifted with more knowledge than he ever thought possible.

He knew what he must do and where he must go.

He however also learned how his own age ended, how Chronos decided to end Ouranos' rein, the age of his home long since gone.

And now he was given new life, through the chopped off ball sack of some old as hell asshole...

Naruto was torn on how to feel, he was suppose to embody love, and passion, as well as sex and physical attraction.

He was also meant to be the perfect man.

He doesn't really like the term perfect.

Aging to his prime in mere moments after his seashell brought him to life also sorta bugged him, he wants to be a kid again, that was a fun time in his own opinion.

What was gonna be his excuse for pulling pranks on people now?

This was for how many times he flipped fate the bird isn't it?

Naruto could sense the location of the other gods, and started walking, in the wrong direction.

Nothing was telling him when or how he had to meet the other gods, just that he had to eventually join them upon Mount Olympus.

Key word being eventually.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=A while after=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Naruto had visited many places and met many people.

Women would often ask him to take them, some men would also ask, however, he turned them all down gently, as he spread the now world wide quest for their one true love.

He was adamant about finding his own, and was running out of excuses to not sleep with the mortals.

He wanted to be with the one woman he would enjoy spending eternity with, and he guessed that he would be marrying a goddess.

He could just hear the jokes about how he defeated one, just to marry another, but none sounding out his godfather's rants about how he was denying all the ladies the pleasures of the god of love, the suggestions of what he would do in his place, and even questioning his sexuality.

He could also imagine his mother silencing the pervert.

Naruto chuckled as he entered the boundaries of the mountain, he was suppose to be calling home.

As Naruto stepped into the throne room, he was greeted by the gods and goddesses turning to him.

The moment Naruto smiled, Demeter stepped towards him, smiling as she grabbed his arm, asking him questions as her eyes had a pink glow about them.

He also noticed the same pink glow around Artemis' and Athena's own eyes, however he could tell that, while they were effected by the same thing that effected Demeter, neither however wanted to move for him, so both just glared at her, while staring dreamily at himself.

Hera and Hestia however, both knew they were being effected by something and could block the effects somewhat, but both still felt a strong urge to jump the new god that Demeter was practically dragging towards her temple.

Naruto grabbed Demeter to stop her from dragging him off as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, ignoring the glares of the other gods, and the seething of Zeus, Naruto snapped his eyes open quickly as he released a pulse of power.

Each of the goddesses shook their heads, Demeter releasing the new god's arm like he started to burn her.

"As I was about to say, hello."

Hera glared.

"And what was that exactly?"

Zeus was gonna ask, but knew his wife was pissed at apparently being manipulated by something from this new god.

At the common godly height of ten feet, his blond hair glowed as if it were trying to compete with Apollo's own, his build was also as intimidating as the other god's, his toga, a shade of orange tinted pink.

Naruto smiled as he began to explain.

"Well, I was just on my way here and..."

Apollo laughed as he interrupted.

"Your telling a lie there, I can tell."

Apollo was the god of truth and prophesies, he knew what the god was doing previously. He however was also aware that the moment the blond stepped onto Olympus, he was going to be subjected to these meetings as well, so allowed him to explore while he could.

He was however not gonna let his fellow blond lie to them.

He himself could tell the others about everything, but where was the fun in that?

Naruto pouted.

"Fine, I was exploring and dawdling. However, I was also helping others learn about my domains, and ran out of excuses for why I was getting the women to go marry other males other than myself. Mortals ask too many questions when an attractive man tells them they would be happier with someone else as he walks off to the sunset."

Artemis began to glare, she was suppose to be declaring her oath to be an unmarried virgin for all eternity when this male stepped in and used whatever it was that he had to get their attention on him.

"That does not explain what you used on us."

Naruto gave the maiden goddess a smile.

"That was apparently one of my abilities. I am the embodiment of love and lust, the perfect man. Women are naturally drawn to me, I have learned I can hold it back, but I must do so consciously. I had assumed you would all be immune to it's effect."

Apollo spoke up almost immediately.

"Assuming makes an ass of you and me."

Artemis rolled her eyes.

"You need no aid for that, Apollo."

Hera calmed from her initial anger from the effects of the power after the explanation.

"Well, I can see fit to forgive you for that, however you must keep in mind that with the growth of love within the mortals, so too do your powers. I may have been able to ignore your power due to the increase in marriages within the late years."

Naruto smiled brightly, his teeth gleaming, as if, like his hair, was trying to compete with Apollo for brightness.

The gods each shown with a glow, however, this god had that extra shine, almost as if he tried a bit harder than them to shine, Apollo being the only one to shine brighter, mostly due to his connection to the sun.

Zeus was getting tired of it however.

"Why do you shine so brightly if your domain has nothing to do with anything that shines?"

Naruto rolled his eyes.

"I am the embodiment of love, beauty, desire, and pleasure. Maybe my glow is effected by what would be called the after effect of laying with someone. Everyone has that point of glow about them from a satisfied rumble within the bed chambers."

Zeus actually looked at Hera, and after thinking on it, did recall the slight glow she had about her after she left his own chambers after their consummation.

Although the answer was excepted, Apollo was the one to ask the next question.

"Well, what now?"

Naruto frowned and began to pout.

"I guess now I deal with being the god of love. The headaches of puppy love, the pain of one-sided love, the long arguments of being in a council, and the fears of paperwork."

Several of the other gods all chuckled at the god. Zeus stood as he spoke towards the rest.

"I should also add laziness to your domains, since you slacked off and waited to come here till now."

Naruto smirked at his nephew.

"Well, your just mad because with our current age, though love isn't really strong, desire and pleasure are very strong while justice is almost commonly ignored. Though I have helped with several marriages. Does that mean that me and Hera are the strongest here?"

Hera smirked at her husband.

"I have felt an increase with my domain in recent years."

Artemis was the only one not getting a chuckle out of the current conversation. With love and marriage, came weddings and honeymoons, which means lost maidenhood, which weakened her.

Naruto turned to where he did not hear a chuckle from, only to find a frowning Artemis.

"What's wrong little Arte?"

The moment Naruto walked over to the young goddess, he felt her kick him in his stomach without even standing from her throne.

"You request what my problem is, yet you don't realize the more people get married, the more maidens lose their maidenhood."

Naruto groaned.

"Well, the more couples out there the more children they will have, and the stronger their love, the more children."

Artemis thought about it a bit.

"And the more children, the more childbirths, as well as the more likely they are to be young maidens."

Naruto smiled as he pulled Artemis into a hug.

"See, with love, everyone can win!"

Artemis frowned and glared at Naruto, as she noticed they were too close to her throne for her to get a good swing back, and she was not tall enough to knee him, which he continued to keep the annoying height ratio by somehow matching her in her increase and decrease in height.

"Let go now."

Naruto smiled as he let her go.

"Well, I was just spreading the love to a down goddess, hugs, love, and laughs are the best medicine for a sour mood after all."

Apollo was trying his hardest not to laugh, though he was still a bit upset over the fact Artemis never let him hug her.

She always knew when he was about to try.

Zeus decided enough was enough.


Naruto had interrupted the king right there.

"No! No no no no no, and did I mention no? I refuse to be referred to by such a dumb sounding name. My name is and will always be Naruto. No meeting halfway, no compromises, no nothing. I refuse to respond to such a name, so if you use it, we will have a little problem, my adorable little nephew."

Zeus stared at Naruto, as everyone chuckled at the exchange.

"What did you just call me?"

Naruto smirked.

"If you desire to use such a stupid name for me, I shall call you with an embarrassing term. I was born of Ouranos, and therefor am a brother of Chronos, making me your uncle."

Zeus glared.

"It will still be the name the mortals use for you, I refuse to allow an eastern name be use for the western pantheon."

Naruto shrugged.

"Reasonable I guess."

Naruto walked over to the empty throne, assuming correctly, it was his that was made when they sensed his 'birth'.

The gods each were still a bit upset that the new god had such a power. Artemis even going so far as to forget to tell her father about the oath she wanted to take.

Throughout the whole council meeting, Every time two gods began to argue, usually Zeus and Poseidon, Naruto would stand between them and play mediator.

He so far has stopped Zeus from zapping Poseidon after a pretty dirty jab at the god, stopped Ares from swinging his sword at Hephaestus who was getting ready to use a strange fire breathing device on Ares, and has even stopped Poseidon and Athena from getting too far into their own argument.

Artemis was curiously watching the man in god skin as he was able to keep fights from starting, a complete opposite to the marble brained thugs that were the other gods.

The goddess of the moon and hunt decided to ask the new god about what was on her mind, the answer for her question would decide if she would go through with her oath. If some men could be decent, than maybe she was jumping the gun as Athena said.


Naruto never responded, continuing his current conversation, even though Hephaestus had in order to know why his sister wanted Naruto's attention.

Artemis glared.


Even though grounded out, Naruto still turned to respond to the young appearing goddess.

"When I said what I said to your father, it was more a general reply to everyone. I refuse to respond to such a dumb name. What is it you wish to ask Artemis?"

Artemis took a deep breath to calm herself.

"A bit ago, you said something about being the perfect man, what did you mean by such a statement."

Naruto smiled.

"Curious, I had assumed you would be aware of perfection for the genders, being a goddess and all."

Apollo decided to come to aid his older sister that he calls his younger.

"Actually, none of us understood what you meant by it, and Zeus is irritated that you would refer to yourself as the perfect man, while he believes he himself is the perfect man. But other than that, each of us have our own standards for our perfect, whichever gender we seek."

Naruto nodded as he explained.

"Well, that explains it actually. A perfect either can only be seen by the opposite. And from what I have seen of the world, the standards for women are rather low. I have seen women who sit within castles that men come from all over to compete for. These women would be women that Artemis would actually hate, cause all they do is pretty themselves up for whatever man wins, while the man proves he can, and will be capable to protect and care for her."

Artemis rolled her eyes as several instances were showed within the hearth about said women thanks to Hestia, when Naruto asked if she could show examples with her hearth, having seen her use it to show images before during the meeting.

"These women, are referred to as perfect by every man, cause they have wealth and beauty, the only thing they are expected to do are to stand there and look pretty while giving an heir of the man who wins her hand."

Artemis glared at the images of the women that were shown, the ones it showed didn't even dress themselves, only for them to drag the men that were gifted with their hand into bed with them whenever the man asked for them to spread their legs.

Naruto decided to move on.

"However, turning the image around. When a man is seen as perfect by a woman, he would never do anything to hurt her, so I guess I literally can't hit a girl."

That got the rest of the room to laugh, while even Artemis smirked at him. Chivalry is annoying in some cases, sweet in others, but to be forced to never be able to hurt a girl is something that even she would admit is annoying. Those princesses being one good example of women she would love to straighten out with a good strike to the cranium.

Naruto moved on after everyone had their chuckles.

"Where the perfect woman would follow the rule of men, the perfect man would follow the rule of women. A perfect woman would spread her legs whenever, the perfect man would make sure his wife was in the mood, not wanting to force her into something. A woman would look perfect for her man so he could see something beautiful as they lay in their chambers, while a man would love his wife no matter how she looks without makeup."

Artemis was glaring harder and harder at the man with each sentence.

"So your saying that women are only perfect if they are glorified baby ovens?"

Naruto frowned.

"Men can be pigs, especially mortals, can't defend the immortals very well either, but mortals are limited in time, they desire to leave heirs and legacies, and the more they have, the less chance of them being forgotten. However, women are used, they don't want to be taken advantage of or abused, or treated like possessions. Men however, want a woman who will give them plenty of children, never degrade in looks as they give them more, and enjoy the experience."

Artemis was thinking once again, her vow sounded more and more tempting. Even the so called perfect man was agreeing with her in how horrible they were.

Artemis actually blinked at that, thoughts going through her head.

The man himself said he was the perfect man, which was in his own words, what any woman would desire in a man. He could never act like a pig because he could never force or manipulate a woman, because either would be a form of imperfection in the eyes of any woman.

Naruto kept talking as he noticed Artemis look conflicted, and decided to try and finish soon, so she would be able to answer the question she wanted answered.

"Women want a man who desires them for more than their body, they want a man who can love them in more than just a physical sense. A man who listens, who treats them as equals, but still enjoys putting them on that pedestal."

Artemis looked less conflicted as she looked at Naruto, who smiled back.

"Artemis, it doesn't matter how I explain further, men will always be piggish, and women will always want more. However, as mankind advances, so too may the image of perfection. I can not say if men will always be the way they are now. Everyone matures, you just got to find the flame that is just the right temperature for you. It might not even be an immortal flame that is perfect for you."

Artemis closed her eyes as she thought through everything.

Athena watched as her little sister thought over what they were told, although, every immortal there were looking at Artemis, wondering why she brought that up, though now, several of the gods were admitting that they weren't the 'perfect male', they still thought highly of themselves still, but now they knew they couldn't really fool anyone into thinking they were perfect.

Hermes, Hephaestus, Ares, Apollo, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, each would always think of one way or another they tricked a woman into bed, even Zeus' own wife had been tricked into their marriage. Poseidon however took pride in not having tricked his bride, and having another mark for being more perfect against Zeus.

Artemis thought over her talk with Athena and Hestia not too long ago over some cookies, about how she wanted to take a vow of forever remaining a virgin as they have.

Both goddesses had explained that she was still pretty young in their opinion to make a decision as important as that, that there may one day come a time when she wished she had never taken the vow, and now that she has met a perfect man, a man who is literally the opposite of every man she knew, and could never become a pig, unless women desired it enough, which she knew would never happen.

Artemis turned to her father.

"Zeus, not too long ago, I had talked with aunt Hestia and Athena about their vows to remain virgins, and had decided after seeing the path man was going down, that I too had wanted to follow them in that decision."

Zeus looked happy about that, but held back in throwing a party in his head as his daughter continued.

"I was gonna ask to take the vow this meeting, however, after seeing what man should be, I think that Hestia and Athena were right, I was too hasty. So I have decided, if I am to marry, I will only do so if it is to the perfect man, after hearing what exactly the perfect man was."

Zeus had trouble arguing against Artemis. He would refuse any man that asked for her hand, simply laugh at them as he struck them with his master bolt.

How dare they believe they were good enough for his daughter. However, how can anyone do better than the literally perfect man.

He would never hurt her in any way, never go behind her back, never degrade or humiliate her, and would follow her rules rather than expect her to follow his own.

He wanted to say no, but couldn't.

"Alright, I will allow the union."

Naruto stood there shocked.

"Isn't she a bit young for a marriage? Doesn't the god of love get a say in his own love life? Shouldn't I have to prove myself or something?"

Apollo snorted.

"I agree, me vs you, let's see if you have what it takes to be with my sister."

Apollo was a bit angry. Yes, he and Artemis were rather young, and ever since Helios faded and gave his domains to himself, he has actually gained a bit of a protective nature over Artemis, becoming slightly scared of when her own fading would come.

He would even admitting to being a bit more piggish so that Artemis would always frown against boys, not wanting his sister to be closer to someone other than himself.

Call him selfish, but he did love his sister as any brother would, he would battle Zeus himself to protect the young goddess that helped their mother birth him, he felt the twin bond was stronger between them than any other set of twins for that reason alone.

Apollo felt even the perfect man was not good enough, and would try his hardest to prove that.

Even though he would admit to one day wanting nephews or nieces, but he wasn't ready to let his sister grow up yet.

Naruto looked at Apollo, he saw the slight irritation at the thought of his sister marrying, though he sensed no hate for himself, possibly he just wanted his sister to be his baby sister for a bit longer.

Oh well, after Kaguya, he should have expected gods would jump headfirst into any situations, they were always a bit impatient, they just felt time move slower, years were minutes, which made them appear a bit rushed on most things.

Artemis obviously thought very little of man. However, after hearing what the explanation of what a perfect man is, and that he himself is the perfect man, he was literally the only man she would ever wish to be close to.

Because he was literally everything any woman would want in a man, and Artemis did in fact desire love, she just didn't want that love to come from some pig that would only ever desire her body or status.

The second reason eliminated every mortal, and the first eliminated every god.

Naruto was a god, so he wouldn't desire her status as one, and he was the perfect man, so marrying him was the equivalent of marrying a male Hera, he would never cheat on her because he couldn't upset her, he couldn't ever request to bed her if she never felt like it, so she could choose when and how she lost her maidenhood, or even if she wanted to give it at all.

Though he would actually be fine with a cuddle exclusive relationship with the goddess, he would still desire children eventually.

Apollo was actually helping him somewhat in that regard.

Naruto loved family, he wanted to have a family again, he wanted to marry and have children with a woman he could love for all eternity.

Zeus nodded, as he waved his hand and generated a table.

"You both can arm wrestle. A show of physical strength, to prove whether Naruto is strong enough for Artemis."

Naruto and Apollo stepped up to the table, and got ready, and as Zeus shouted to begin, something happened that shocked everyone there.

Naruto was winning.

Naruto couldn't hold back if he tried, he would dishonor himself, Apollo, and Artemis if he did, leaving himself to try with all his strength to win.

For Artemis...

Something snapped into place as Naruto slammed Apollo's hand onto the table.

Ares shoved the shell shocked Apollo out of the way.

"Watch a real man Apollo."

Ares took Apollo's place at the table, and nearly gripped his hand enough to break it, and almost instantly slammed his hand onto the table, with Naruto groaning the whole way.

Apollo was pissed off as Ares grinned at him.

Naruto stared at his hand, as he wondered where all his strength had gone.

Apollo almost went into his god form as he glared at Naruto. Zeus was glaring at his back, gripping his master bolt.

Naruto looked at Ares as the god laughed loudly over beating someone that beat Apollo.

Ares decided to gloat further.

"Looks like I will be marrying the little hunter."

Naruto looked at Ares, and actually gave a deadpanned look rather than an angry glare.

"Zeus said Apollo was to challenge me for Artemis' hand, our match had nothing riding on it other than your rights to say you beat me."

Zeus and Apollo actually calmed somewhat, thinking over what he said.

Ares however became angry.

"Fine then, I challenge you again, if I win, I get to marry Artemis, and you become my footstool for all eternity."

Naruto glared back at the god of war, before sitting with Ares again, both getting into position, knowing that Naruto really couldn't turn the challenge down, and now that Zeus allowed Apollo to challenge Naruto for the right to marry Artemis, he couldn't stop his other sons from challenging Naruto.

Zeus had figured that his strongest son would have been able to keep Artemis safe from all the shit of being married, cause as her brother, he could challenge anyone who thought they were good enough for her.

He himself couldn't for he is the king and can't be biased. He can't play favorites openly.

Naruto however had won, and now he was the one who was protecting Artemis, Hestia was an elder god, and the oldest, if someone wanted to bed her, he would ask what flowers they would like for their grave.

Athena however has her vow to remain pure, no one could challenge for her hand, that was why he would have like Artemis to take the vow of eternal maidenhood.

Now Naruto had to beat someone at something they have already beaten him at.

Zeus opened his eyes as after he was done thinking of the best way to punish the foolish god of love, only to open them to Ares losing the match, which since he thought for only a few seconds, Naruto had beaten Ares faster than he beat Apollo.

"What the hell?"

Everyone was officially confused over what had happened.

Naruto shook his head in exasperation.

"None of you noticed anything?"

Athena, Hera and Hestia were the only ones looking like they had all the answers, Athena decided to speak up.

"The reason both of you lost to Naruto over Artemis' own hand is easily explained. Naruto can't lose when it comes to a lady."

Every god and Artemis looked at Athena curiously, Naruto decided to explain.

"I am the perfect man, you cannot beat me when it comes for a woman, cause I am fighting for a woman that loves me, even if it is for the reasons she has."

Ares frowned.

"That doesn't explain anything."

Naruto slapped his own forehead, as he continued to explain.

"I am the god of love, and although I have just learned this, I cannot lose to someone, I assume loves the lady less than myself. As my family, I love each of you somewhat, even a little bit. When you challenged me for Artemis, not for love, but for your own petty need to outdo someone else, you stood no chance."

Hestia smiled as she took over.

"As long as you challenge Naruto for someone you don't truly love, or doesn't truly love you, you can't beat him."

Zeus and Apollo both looked at Artemis before Apollo turning back to the Goddess of the hearth.

"So, your saying Artemis loves Naruto, so I never stood a chance to beat him. But if I were to challenge him for the hell of it I would no doubt win?"

Hera got fed up with the whole situation.

"Naruto and Artemis are officially married, I expect them to consummate eventually, but I guess it can wait till Artemis is prepared to end her maidenhood. Now, can we return to solving other issues rather than listen to you two whine about how Artemis wants to grow up?"

Artemis swore she saw Hera smile at her, almost as if she approved of Artemis.

Artemis would never admit it, but after spending years watching her step mother frown upon her very existence, her hidden comments about how she shouldn't exist, though she caught her referring to Apollo worse than herself, her words began to hurt.

Artemis will always see Leto as her mother, and nothing would ever change that, but seeing Hera smile approvingly as she just did, actually felt good.

Hera's own thoughts were more along the lines of watching a young girl, grow up and make a decision that proved she was maturing rather than staying as a child whining about how boys are icky.

Artemis had grown up a bit, and chose to learn more of the world, rather than stay a child and whine to daddy.

Hera has disliked both twins, due to them reminding her of her husband's betrayal to her, and then they came to Olympus and acted childish, and Artemis was even taking the form of a young girl, only further bothering her.

Now, Artemis was making a grownup decision and taking a mature approach, though still somewhat childish, it was still advancement, especially since she was now forced to live within Naruto's temple whenever she stayed on Olympus.

Apollo however, earned a frown since he was now sitting with his arms crossed and pouting like the child he was inside.

It's actually why she like Hephaestus more than Ares. Ares whined every time people stopped fighting for too long and started up fights just to start them. Hephaestus wasn't as childish, though he still had his moments, he at least owned up when he made a mistake, and chose to be mature, as he talked to her after he had forced them to allow him his spot on the Olympian council.

After all, as the goddess of family and motherhood, she liked you better when you proved you were maturing, and she was mature enough to admit it was childish of her to throw Hephaestus off Olympus.

After moving Naruto's throne next to Artemis' own, the meeting continued.

Naruto had to stop almost eight more fights before the meeting was over, and settle fifteen arguments peacefully, eight being between Athena and Poseidon, all the while ignoring Zeus and Apollo glaring at him.

After the meeting Naruto and Artemis were forced to go to his temple together, since Artemis had to spend her next few nights with her new husband.

Naruto looked through his temple, and noticed how he was gonna have to fill and decorate it himself.

Artemis, having no power over his temple, watched as he used his own godly presence to shift the inside of his temple to his liking.

Instead of the plain marble, it was now decorated with strange carpets, and tapestry scrolls, like the ones from the eastern lands, depicting battles, and people, and even some animals, lined the walls.

Artemis also noticed he added some plants.

Four bonsai, each leaning over what appeared to be a red and orange bed, which almost gave off the looks of a fire in the middle of the four trees.

Rather simple, but it still felt rather nice, and she did enjoy the trees, they added some nature to the place, which always made her like things more.

Naruto smiled at her.

"I guess, until you decide on what you desire, I will just sleep in one of the bonsai as you take the bed."

Artemis actually looked shocked, she figured that, although he could never do anything against her, he wouldn't just give her the bed. She figured he would at least pretend to have accidentally made only one bed, and then ask if she would mind sharing.

Naruto smiled as he placed his right hand on her shoulder.

"I understand that you somewhat feel that I am the least evil when it comes to men, but until you decide you truly love me, and desire to be with me with your heart, as well as your mind, I will not push for anything."

Artemis smiled.

"Thank you, I guess men can be mature if they try. Maybe I will hold off from turning every male that comes near my camp into jackaloupes."

Naruto chuckled as he jumped to bonsai in the back right.

Artemis smiled as she laid in the bed, getting comfortable on the grass like mattress, and taking in the earthly smell.

Demeter would complain a bit when she discovered how he chose his room to appear.

Plants were her domain after all, though she may comment about how even the perfect man loves nature.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Chapter End=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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Just to recap for you all, this is the same story, just redone better.

You just all get to be better informed, and hopefully with this redo, someone will decide that they wish to do a reading of story.

I have read and reread my older story, and have realized that if I hadn't written it, I would be confused about it.

This story is to answer some of the questions that I am sure you all have.

And the fourth chapter from the previous fiction was a challenge, not a continuation.

I was actually gonna ask Bonesboy15 about it.

He did so well with Sound of Madness, and I would love to see how he would do a Naruto Percy setup with that base.

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