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Bleeding Inside (OS)


The terrace scene through a different lens. Peep in to know more.

Romance / Drama
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Bleeding Inside

Khushi struggled in Shyam's hold while he confessed shamelessly, his so called love for her. Which according to him is important to be fussed about. He had caged her as if she was his prey. Indeed she was.

Holding her in his embrace in an iron grip. Rendering her petite frame powerless to fight his giant structure.

He smiled sickly. A perverted one.

Either he forgot the fact or he chose to ignore it, that he was married. Such a leech he was to confess so openly his love for money being the sole reason for his marriage. He set an example that having a worshiping, loving, caring, doting wife is not enough to preserve loyalty.

"I love you Khushiji. You are the only person who has always mattered the most to me. From the time I have seen you, I have never been able to erase your beautiful smile, your radiant skin (he ran his fingers making her squirm with disgust), You; from my mind. It has been like a distant fantasy. And now, I will bring to life all my fantasies with you."

With alot of self control she managed to say something..

"If you really love me then leave Anjaliji. Why are you with her."

He did not deserve her. Nor did she. She deserved a husband. A soulmate. Not a walking talking scumbag like him.

But it was like giving scope for him to showcase his 'love' further.

"I will. Eventually. And we both will love together. Forever. It's just her money that interests me. Who even wants to be with a limp like her. Shes handicapped.I just want you Khushiji. Just you. You are a beauty made especially for me"

Its was suffocating her. To breathe the same air as him. To be held by him with no scope for escape. To be 'loved'; rather, obsessed over by him. To be confessed such a nauseating version of 'love'.

She felt sick. Her throat was dry. She felt her vocal cords give up. Not even a whimper could she manage, let alone a scream for help. She could just cry. Inwardly, at her fate. Because even her lacrymal gland had seemed to run dry.

Perhaps God had finally answered her prayers.

Shyam's phone had started ringing. Cursing nonstop he let go off Khushi after what felt like eternity. She was still scandalized under the effect. Too numb to act.

"Ji Ranisaheba. How can I leave you. I'm coming. Ji. You take care of yourself." No wonder no one could suspect the demon inside him. He was too creative at putting up a sugar coated demeanor to be doubted by even Arnav Singh Raizada the great.

Giving on last smirk at Khushi he left. The smirk was suspicious. Dangerous.

Inspite of such circumstances she felt a familiar waft of breeze. Her heart hammered against her ribs strangely. The same feeling she had termed once upon a time as acidity, but it turned out to be lo..

She turned around hoping to see him.

No one was there.

Suddenly everything came back to her like a blazing wave of memory. Rather, nightmare.

She slumped on the floor.


Arnav paced up and down in his room. He had faced betrayal once again. From the same woman he had vowed to shower love upon. The same woman who had awoken his heart, stirred his feelings into something so rare to him. She had made him learn to be human again.

Agreed, he had hurt her beyond repair. Everytime. He had always been the reason for tears in her eyes. Every moment spent with her had become a nightmare for her, because of him. Yes, he had been monstrous with her.

However, he had crossed his boundaries and apologised to her as well. Something he had never done for anyone. He had saved her from misfortunes. He had always been there to save her from falling. There were moments he had been nothing less than a knight in shining armour for her.

Everything he did with her. Hate, Endanger, Protect, Break, Love.

Everything except one. Betray.

It had never occurred to him to betray her. Ever.

Hs sat on his bed with a thud. Holding his face in his palms. Trying to control his erupting rage.

"Why Khushi? Why? What not did I do to express my love? The one who understands unsaid emotions failed to understand my advances? So blinded were you in acting the sham. In breaking my sisters home? The same lady who treated you as her sister? Why!!!!"

Hot tears of regret made it's way down his bloodshot eyes.

What will he say to his sister?

Will she ever come to terms with it?

The same moment, his sister called him. It took him immense courage to talk without quivering.

"Chotte! Where are you? I need your help."

"Yes Di.." He shut his eyes tight to prevent himself from breaking down on the phone itself.

"Please go and look for Khushiji. She needs to dress up. We will get late. Please being her down."

The very mention of that hoaxer sent trembles of pure rage and hatred through his nerves.

She did not deserve all this care.


Was the only reply he managed before shutting off his phone.

He made his way to the terrace to drag her down.


Khushi sat on the floor and howled. She had finally got back her voice. She screamed in agony. At her fate. At her destiny written by her Best Friend- Devi Maiyya.

She looked up at the sky. Starry. It seemed serene. Unlike her heart. Her mind. That was creating havocs in the form of sharp pangs.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhaaa!! Kyu!? Kyu Devi Maiyya!. Hamare saath hi aisa kyu hota hai! What wrong have I done in my life that I am having to suffer so much?.... I have always kept everyone else in my priority list. Amma. Babuji. Buaji. Jiji.... Anjaliji..... Arnavji. Har kadam pe hamne sirf aur sirf unki khushiyo ke baare me socha hai....Jiji ki shadi ko bachane ke liye hamne khud Abhishekji ke paas jaane ka faisla kiya tha....lekin Arnavji ke wajah se rishta toot gaya. Phir bhi hampe sara ilzaam lagaya gaya... ham chup the.

Arnavji ke video se jo nuksaan hamare parivar ko hua tha, uske zimmedar bhi hame thehraya gaya.. Ghar me paise kamane ke liye hamne uss Arnav Singh Raizada ke saath sabse dard bhara aur darawna samay bitaya tha....unke office aur unke ghar me bhi.. Babuji ki halat ki wajah se hame uss Shyam se sagai karni padi, Buaji ke kehne par. Hamne chup chap kar liya kyuki ham nhi chahte the ki hamare karan ghar me aur pareshaniya aaye....... Hame kya pata tha ki woh Anjali ji ke pati the? Hame kya pata tha ki woh itna ghatiya kisam ka aadmi niklega! Arey hame kaise pata hota!!!!

Apni mangetar ko chunne ka mauka tak naseeb nhi hua tha hame... sachai pata lagne par bhi hamne kisiko kuch nhi kaha, hamare parivar ke alava! Kyuki hamari Jiji ki shadi sankat me thi. Ham nahi chahte the ki hamari wajah se unki shadi phir se toote! Hamme yeh bhi nhi socha ki Shyam se hamare zindagi ko khatra hai. Har samay dar tha ki kahi woh kuch kar na de...phir bhi hamne saamna kiya.. Jiji ke liye. Hame laga tha ki woh sudhar jayega. Nhi sudhra Devi Maiya... Nhi sudhra.

Lekin usme hamari kya galati hai!! Kya mila hame niswarth rehkar! Bas dhokha, dard aur thes pohochi hai hame! Aur kuch nhi!! Mano khushiya naseeb hi na thi! Bhale hi hamara naam Khushi hai.

Ghutan ho rahi hai ab hame. Thak gye ham. Doosro ke liye ladte ladte. Thak gye ham doosro ke liye jeevan bitate. Nhi hoga aur hamse... nahi hoga!!"

(Why Devi Maiyya! Why?? Why does it always happen with me?? In every step I have only thought about them and their happiness. To save Jijis marriage I went to Abhishekji but because of Arnavji the wedding broke. I was blamed for it and I was quiet.

I was also put to blame for the video released by Arnavji that had caused so much trouble to my family. To earn money for the family I worked in the most terrible conditions with Arnav Singh Raizada. In his office and house. I suffered under him. Those were the darkest days of my life. Because of Babujis condition I had to get engaged to Shyam on being forced by Buaji. I did it quietly without arguing. How was I supposed to know he would turn out to be Anjalijis husband? How was I supposed to know that he would be such a disgustingly vile man. How would I know???

I didn't even get the right to choose my own partner. Even after getting to know the truth I did not tell anyone anything except my own family. For the fear of seeing my Jijis marriage break again. I risked my own life. I was a vulnerable target for him. He would have done anything to me during the time I was working in the same house. I lived every moment in fear. Fear of him. For jiji I faced it. I thought he would improve himself. He didnt Devi Maiyya! He didnt!!!

What is my fault if he is like this?? What did I get after being so selfless? Only deceit, damage and destruction. Nothing else! As if happiness was never written in my destiny even though Khushi is my name.

I'm suffocating now, I'm tired. Fighting for everyone else! I'm tired of living my life on behalf of everyone else! I cant do it anymore! I just cannot!!!")

She vented out all her anguish. Screaming her lungs out at the heavenly. Hoping she was listening to her favourite disciple and seeing the amount she is suffering.

There was no change in the night sky. It was still as pure as crystal in tranquility. Just the same.

She felt Defeated. Worn out. Lifeless.

All her limited strength seemed to be ebbing away into thin air. She was tired beyond repair. And now she wanted rest. Eternal rest.

She doesn't care if she would be called a coward. She grew up being called names and now she was used to the societal tags.

She wanted to live for herself now. Away from this world.

And if death meant a new life for her, so be it.

"Amma! Babuji!" She called out looking at the two brightest stars which she believed were her parents.

"Hame maaf kar dijiye! Aapki Khushi kamzor nikli. Ham aur nahi seh sakte. Ham toot gaye hai. Hame aap dono ke paas aana hai. Sabki tarah aap hame takleef toh nahi denge."

(Mom! Dad! Please forgive me! Your Khushi is not strong enough. I cannot tolerate it anymore. I'm broken. I want to come to you both. Atleast you both will not make me miserable.)

With immense effort she stood up to climb up the parapet.

She was unaware of the person standing at the entrance.

Arnav stood staring at the vulnerable, broken, crestfallen figure.

He had heard it all. Every form of dejection she had ever faced in her youthful age. She was supposed to enjoy whatever life had offered and here she was ready to offer up her own life after losing all hope from her so called family and from him.

Ironically he was here to confess his love after mercilessly torturing her. She craved for true love. And when he was about to offer it, she no more desired to live anymore.

He was late in preventing her from falling for the first time. Falling into the deepest trench of desolation.

Khushi was about to take her last breath before letting herself loose when she was pulled back down and crushed against a hard chest.

The feeling wasn't the same. It was different.

Protective. Warm. Comforting. Satisfying.

She didn't feel caged. She felt guarded.

"Please Khushi! Don't do this! Mujhe maaf kardo! Please mujhe chorke mat jao! Nahi jee paunga tumhare bina! Bohot koshish ki iss ehsas ko dabane ko. Ise ignore karne ko. Lekin pehli baar Arnav Singh Raizada haar gaya. Tumhare saamne haar gaya. Aur mujhe zara bhi afsos nahi hai. Har mod pe maine tumhe sirf aur sirf chot pohochai hai. Please. Mujhe ek mauka do. Un saare palo ko khushiyo mein badalne ke liye. Aisi Khushi jispe tumhara hak hai. The happiness that you rightly deserve for being the soul you are. Main bohot pyaar karta hoon tumse. I love you. Alot. Please stay! Main wada karta hoon shikayat ka mauka nahi doonga kabhi bhi. I promise."

(Please Khushi! Dont do this! Please forgive me. Dont leave me. I cant live without you. I tried very hard to suppress these emotions. But for the first time Arnav Singh Raizada lost. He lost to you. But I dont regret it at all. I have only been the reason for your distress. Give me one chance. To transform those nightmares into happy memories. To give you the happiness that you rightly deserve. I love you alot. Please stay! I promise I will never give you a chance to complain. I promise. )

Arnav pleaded as if his life depended on her. It did indeed. He held her small frame shielding her from the cruel world. As if hiding her from the ruthless society.

The confession really touched Khushi. She couldn't believe the extent of Arnav's love for her. She cried in his arms. Being enwrapped in a feeling that was so distant a while ago felt so homely now. She missed it. And now she had a chance to relive it.

Arnav felt her hands slowly creeping up his back and holding onto his shoulders.

She had accepted him.

His heart jumped and danced and somersaulted.

"I love you too Arnavji." He heard her whisper.

And that was all he wanted to hear before he pulled her closer into his embrace. Not wanting even a minute gap of distance between them.

Life had given him a second chance to love the same person. And he will use it to the fullest.






The main motive of this one shot was to highlight the mental state of Khushi who was busy sacrificing and giving without receiving what she actually deserves.

Hope you guys liked it.

Do let me know your views.

Stay happy!

Stay healthy!

Be safe!


#Arshistan ❤

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