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Return from the dead


A Harry Potter fan fiction All whom gave way for the new Shall stand once more Where the life meets the end There shall stand the warriors of light The chosen one and warriors of light shall Rise once more

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One year later

Harry sat there thinking about how much his life had changed over the last year , the change had began the moment he had defeated the dark Lord Voldemort, everyone saw him as their saviour but they didn’t understand how many had died trying to protect him . It stared with his father James Potter dueling voldemort so that he and his mother could run but he died then voldemort killed his mother as she stood there protecting him , it so happen that she was the only reason he was still alive , his godfather Sirius black had died protecting him and even befor that his friend Cedric diggory had died just for no reason . Then during the battle Fred , Remus , tonks , Colin and many others had died . And here he was after all of that , Harry was an auror in training along with his best friend Ron , he had a girlfriend Ginny Weasley as well as his godson teddy Remus Lupin . Harry felt the guilt of surviving consume even after all that had happened an year ago , even though many had told him he was not the cause for all those deaths . He knew deep down that if he had gone to voldemort earlier so many would have spared or maybe if he had destroyed those hoxcroses earlier then maybe he would have defeated voldemort earlier.harry just sat there not even blinking thinking these horrible thoughts , if Ron , Hermione or Ginny had heard him right at this point thay would have most likely hit him over the head and say quite thinking this nonsense . Or if any of the other weasleys had heard him say that then he would have been pulled into hug and be told that none of this was his fault and that it was only voldemort ‘s fault .Then Ron came into the room to see sitting there and staring at the wall , so Ron decided to apparently to scare so he jumped in front him and yelled voldemort and harry at once pulled out his wand and was ready to attack . Old habits die hard Harry had said at that and nothing more and followed Ron downstairs . He was supriesed to see the whole living room decorated.All of a sudden all the weasleys Hermione Neville and Luna jumped out of their hiding places and cried happy birthday Harry , Harry then realised that today was July 31st his birthday . Ginny spoke up saying I told u guys he has forgotten his birthday. So then Harry pulled into the fun and excitement of the party that he forgot all about the war and the other things he had on his mind , mrs weasley had baked a cake and once Harry had cut it Ginny gave him a kiss on his lips as well as his cheeks after the party was over everyone went home except for the weasleys ,even Hermione had to go as she had got her parents back from Australia only a few ago so she was spending time with them . At least she has her parents Harry thought . He wasn’t usually the one to be complaining but on days like today it was mutual feeling. To him the fact that his parents , Sirius and even Remus couldn’t be here hurt a little, u would think knowing people for a short period of time and losing them would hurt less but it didn’t it hurt more cause the fact that the few people he loved the most were the people he knew for the shortest time . Harry sat there under the apple tree of the Weasley backyard , to him the weasleys were like family no they were his family but he couldn’t help but miss his real family , the family that loved him so much that they gave up their own happiness and life for him to survive.harry then remembered that ha hadn’t made his birthday wish yet so he made the wish that he made every year since he could remember and it was that he could have his family back but what Harry didn’t know as that his would not only change his life but the lives of many others for the better.

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