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Wifey For Hire


A sacred sacrament became our greatest lie. What if this lie changed our life? An EXO and APINK fanfiction with KPOP IDOLS as supporting characters.

Romance / Humor
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Kyungsoo's POV

(Exo-Overdose Intro playing)

I lazily opened my eyes upon hearing the ringtone of my phone. I grabbed it form my bedside table and see who is calling. What do this old man want again? It's my Dad who is calling. I am very hesitant to answer it but at the end, I pressed the answer button.

"What again Dad?"

"Easy young man. You're talking to your Dad."

"Tsk. What is it now this time? Don't tell me you're going to ask about marriage again." I looked at the girl beside me.

"No I am not going to ask about marriage to you again. But I have something that might want you to consider having your marriage." He seriously said.

"Spill it." I blankly exclaimed.

"Your grandfather is now very impatient about having a grandson from you. We talked about this and he told me his plans. You know that you are my only son. I am the first born son of your grandfather thus it is a tradition that all inheritance will be given to his first grandson, and that is you. He gave me a condition."

"What kind of condition?" I curiously asked.

"You will only have your inheritance only if you get married within this year." My Dad said.

"What? Are you all insane? You know what my stand in marriage is!" I shouted.

"I know your stand in marriage. Who wouldn't? You like to play with girls and marriage is not in your goal list but I cannot do anything about your grandfather's condition. You know how strict he is when it comes to this matter."

"What happens if I don't get married within this year?" I asked.

"Half of your inheritance will be donated to charity and half of it will be divided among your cousins. You will not have any single penny." He said as a matter of fact.

This is making my head ache. I didn't expect grandpa would be this desperate to have grandchildren. But what about my inheritance? It will all be wasted if I will not have it. I have been waiting to have it so that I can do anything I want with it. That inheritance is no joke. You could live without working if you have it. And thinking that my cousins would have it and that I will not receive a single penny is such a big slap to my pride.

"You cannot do that! I am the eldest among my cousins. You know our tradition Dad. We never disregard traditions."

"Come on son, this is the 21st Century. It's time for a change. Well, I am leaving the decision to you. It has nothing to do with me now." He laughed.

Aghh! I know their plan. They are trapping me!

"Fine! We'll talk about it more. I'll immediately book a flight to South Korea."

"See you soon son."

I didn't bother to answer back. I just ended the phone call.

I felt someone move beside me. I almost forgot, I am with a woman last night.

She tiredly opened her eyes and looked at me with a flirtatious smile.

"You're awake early." She huskily said.

"Yeah. My Dad called." I boringly answered.

"Did you enjoy our session last night?"

"You mean s*x?" I asked.

"Hmm." She nodded.

"Definitely." I said sexily.

"Can we have another round?" She said as she touched my abs. Heat rose upon my body.

"I'm sorry babe but I have some errands to attend to." As much as I want to take her, I need to be in Korea as soon as possible.

"When will I see you again Kyungsoo?"

I smirked. This girl definitely does not know me that well. I don't see girls twice. I only f*ck them once. After that, I will leave them like a used towel.

I stood up naked and picked my boxers and wore it. I looked at her. I don't even know her name.

"What's your name again honey?" I asked.

"Hyeri, you cannot even remember my name?"

"Sorry I was really occupied by our kiss last night."

She giggled. I now have my clothes on. I took out my phone and decided to call my personal assistant.

"What do you need Sir?" Minah humbly asked.

"Book me a flight to South Korea now. I need to be there as soon as possible. You know what I want in a flight Minah. Do not disappoint me." I threatened and hang up.

"I need to go. Fix yourself. I want you gone in this condo when I come back." I coldly said.

I went to a nearby café to eat my breakfast. I just ordered a pancake and a coffee latte. Actually, I have no errands to do today, I just need to get rid of that girl in my condo.

As I was eating, I am observing people outside the café through its full length window.

New York is such a very nice place. It's a place filled with fun and girls. I have been here for almost seven years and I can say that I lived my life well in bars. Now, it's time to come back to reality and face my responsibilities. That inheritance is mine and it will be mine no matter what it takes.

When I went back to my condo, Hyeri was gone. Good thing she left. I don't want someone nagging me. I grabbed my black luggage and decided to pack a couple of clothes. I'll just buy new ones in South Korea. I was busy packing my things when Minah called.

"Sir, your flight will be 10 o'clock and I have been able to book you a private flight in a first class plane. I have already informed your personal assistant in South Korea about your arrival and he will be the one picking you up in the airport. Do you need help in packing your stuff Sir?"

"No. I'm good." I plainly said.

"Miss Taeyon called Sir. She said that she cannot contact you. She's asking if you are okay." Minah informed. Taeyon is my girlfriend. Well, flavor of the month, I guess.

"Tell her that I am going to Korea. I will just contact her when I arrive there."

"Got it Sir. Have a nice and safe trip."

I immediately hang up. I only got an hour left before my flight, I needed to get ready.

South Korea, I'll see you soon.

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