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Love Potion (Oneshot) | KOOKV


"Love needs effort, not magic." - TATA A story in which Taehyung thought he could make Jungkook fall for him through a drink spiked with love potion.

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

That thing called LOVE

"Seriously, Tae?"

Jimin looked at the brunet as if he had grown three more heads.

The two of them stood outside a weird looking shop somewhere in the outskirts of town with voodoo dolls hanging on the front door.

There's an eerie feeling surrounding the place, making Jimin's hair stood as goosebumps formed on his skin.

"You can't force me to get inside that damned place." Jimin shakes his head vigorously, fearing whatever awaits them behind the closed door.

"Please, Jiminie? Just this once. Please?" Taehyung begged, pulling the latter by the arm.

"You're insane, Tae!" Jimin exclaimed, rolling his eyes in disbelief.

"Do you seriously think this magic shit is true? For all we know, this could just be a scam." Jimin reasoned out, trying to convince the brunet to turn around and walk away from that suspicious place.

"No, Jiminie.. Remember our neighbor who couldn't have a child?" He asked, eyes twinkling dreamily as he stared at Jimin.

"Doctors said it's impossible for the woman to get pregnant, but when she went to this shop and drank a potion, she miraculously got pregnant after a month! Isn't that amazing?!" He beamed, feeling excited and pumped up.

"Oh fuck, Tae! That's just probably a rumor made by someone who knows there are people like you who could easily be fooled." Jimin remarked in an exasperated tone.

He finds the idea of magic potions to be a total bullshit.

"Let's just go home. Your brother must be worrying by now." He gripped the brunet by the arm, but the latter just stood firmly on his ground.

"I'm not going home empty handed." Taehyung muttered, pulling his arm away from Jimin's grasp.

He marched his way inside the spooky shop, disregarding Jimin's attempt to stop him.

"Tae!" Jimin called out but Taehyung had already stepped inside the shop, closing the door behind.

"Seriously this bitch!" Jimin uttered in frustration. He glared at the closed door, debating whether to follow his shit head of a best friend.

"Damn, this shit!" He groaned, following the brunet inside without a choice.

The two of them were welcomed by darkness with only a faint light in the middle of the room.

"Hello?" Taehyung called out, flinching a little upon feeling Jimin's arms wrapping around his waist.

"This shit is scaring me." Jimin whispered, burying his face on Taehyung's back like a scaredy cat.

"Jiminie.." Taehyung's voice was low making the blonde flinch.

"W-What? What?" He asked in panic, eyes closed in fear.

"There's a person standing near the light..." Taehyung uttered, stepping forward almost dragging the blonde with him.

Both of them almost shit in their pants when a voice erupted in the room.

"Welcome my dear!"

Jimin screeched as he hides behind the brunet in too much fear.

"Calm down, boy." The voice said which only sends shiver down the blonde's spine.

"There's nothing to be scared about. Come here in the light." The sweet and energetic voice urged the two to move closer.

Taehyung courageously stepped near the man who's now sitting in front of a huge crystal ball.

"Have a seat, boys." The man smiled like that of a sunshine.

Taehyung gulped and dragged Jimin with him. He took a seat in front of the man while Jimin sat next to him still embracing him like a koala.

"I can see that it's your first time in my shop." The man looked at the blonde who still has his head buried on Taehyung's chest.

"Y-yeah.. I heard about you from the rumors in our neighborhood." Taehyung answered, calming himself and disregarding the scary paintings on the wall and the eerie atmosphere surrounding them.

"You want a love potion, don't you?" The man suddenly asked, making Taehyung flinch.

"How did-" He stopped, sounding so stupid.

Of course this man would know if he's really a legit magician, fortune-teller or whatever he is called.

"Yes." Taehyung shyly nodded his head.

The man hummed, smiling knowingly at him. He moved his hands around the crystal ball which slowly began to light up.

"Hmmm.." The man closed his eyes as if he's reading Taehyung's mind. He's murmuring words that the brunet couldn't comprehend.

"Let's leave!" Jimin whispered, body shivering in fear.

"Hang on for a moment, Chim." Taehyung responded, eyes glued to the man who continued to murmur words with his eyes still closed.

The light coming from the crystal ball dimmed, followed by the loud voice of the man.

"HAAAA!" The man shockingly opened his eyes, terrifying the shit out of Taehyung.

"What the fuck!" He flinched, almost falling out of his chair with Jimin.

His horrified eyes stared at the man who was looking at him with his wide eyes.

"You have a crush on your brother's best friend, am I right?" the man asked which made Taehyung's eyes grow larger than life.

"Holy-" He covered his mouth, too amazed as he nodded his head slowly.

"You want to make him fall for you and treat you more than like a younger brother." The man stated which continuously awed the brunet.

"He's legit, Chim." He whispered.

"I don't care! Just fucking hurry up and let's go!" Jimin whispered back.

"Do you seriously want to make him drink a love potion?" The man asked in a serious tone.

Taehyung vigorously nodded his head. "Yes. I want him to love me." He whispered, feeling his heart thrumming in his chest.

The man eyed him carefully before nodding his head. "Okay." He said before standing.

He turned his attention to the cabinet near him, rummaged through tons of bottles before finding what he's looking for.

He took it out with careful hands, showing it to Taehyung who was mesmerized by the beauty of the bottle with a heart shaped cap and embroidery.

"Young man, this is what you need - a love potion that would make any man who drinks it fall in love at the person who gave him the drink." the man smiled sweetly, placing the bottle on the table in front of Taehyung.

"Once you mix it to his drink, he'll instantly fall for you, head over heels without a doubt." the man assured.

Taehyung stared at the vial, eyes twinkling in excitement.

Finally, he could make his love fall for him too.

"However, you should know that love needs effort not magic." The man reminded but Taehyung was too occupied by his fantasies to even listen to the man.


"Jin-hyung, I'm home!" Taehyung excitedly entered the house and into the living room.

He's been late but he's too happy to even think of his brother's scolding face.

"Jin-hyung?" He called out once more, noticing that his brother was nowhere to be seen.

He was about to rush up the stairs when he heard the door to the shower room open.


The voice almost made the brunet jump, his heart beating wildly off his chest, knowing fully well the owner of that rich silky smooth voice.

"Jungkook-hyung?" Taehyung gulped, seeing the ravenette emerge out of the shower room, fully clothed with his hair still damped from showering.

"Glad you're finally home." Jungkook smiled, making Taehyung's knees go weak.

"W-where's Jin-hyung?" He asked, trying to calm his beating heart.

"He had a sudden change of shift so he rushed to his work." Jungkook informed as he made his way to the couch.

"Did he ask you to look after me again?" Taehyung asked, hiding the excitement in his voice as he went to the opposite couch.

"Yeah. He feared you'll burn the house down if you're left alone." Jungkook's voice was humorous which made Taehyung pout.

"I'm not a baby anymore. I'll be turning 18 in a month!" He argued but Jungkook just laughed.

"You're still a baby, Tae." He reached out for Taehyung's head and ruffled his hair like how a father would to a child.

This made Taehyung pout even more. Jungkook is older than him by five years.

Before, he would feel happy just to be touched by the older but as time goes by, he had hated it.

Because it's just full of brotherly love.

Jungkook had been Jin's best friend for as long as Taehyung could remember.

He had helped them when they needed him the most. He had treated Taehyung as if he's a real brother to him.

And Taehyung hated it now.

He wants Jungkook to see him as a grown man and not as a baby who needs caring and guidance.

He wants Jungkook to give him more than just a brotherly love.

"I'm not a baby anymore." He whispered, looking down the tiled floor.

"What's with the serious face?" Jungkook asked, seeing how he became too serious.

Taehyung sighed. "Nothing." He answered, standing out of the couch.

"I'll just go upstairs to change." He added, rushing to the stairs, tightly gripping his bag on his shoulders.

Once inside the room, Taehyung quickly changed to his comfy clothes. He rushed to open his bag, carefully lifting the vial which contains the answer to fulfill what his heart desires.

"I'll make you fall for me, Jungkook-hyung." He whispered to himself, determined to grab the chance that he has right now.

When Taehyung went down the living room, he saw the ravenette sitting on the couch, eyes glued on the movie he's watching.

"What's that?" Taehyung asked, subtly hiding the vial inside the pocket of his shorts.

"I don't know. I just picked what was flashed on the screen." Jungkook answered which made Taehyung laugh.

"Well, let's watch it together hyung." Taehyung said.

"Okay. Come here." Jungkook tapped the empty space next to him.

"Wait.. I'll just get us some snacks and drinks." Taehyung suggested to which the ravenette nodded.

Taehyung hurriedly went to the kitchen with his heart pounding in both excitement and anxiety.

Everything seemed to be working on his favor which made him a bit anxious.

It's like even fate wants him to do what's been running in his mind.

With trembling hands, Taehyung fished out the vial from his pocket and placed it on the kitchen counter.

He opened the fridge as he occasionally glanced to the living room to make sure Jungkook won't be catching him doing the deed.

He took two bottles of juice, one orange and one apple. Though his hands were beginning to sweat from anxiety, Taehyung opened the orange one, sipping on it a little before pouring down the potion.

It was clear and unscented which made Taehyung heave a sigh of relief. Jungkook won't be finding out he added something in his drink.

He shakes it a little to make sure the potion blended well with the juice.

Once done, Taehyung quickly hid the vial back in his pocket before going out of the kitchen with the drinks and few snacks he got from the kitchen cabinets.

"Here.." Taehyung placed the snacks on the table while he handed the orange juice to Jungkook.

"I tasted that so it's opened.." Taehyung quickly said, avoiding suspicions.

"How was it?" Jungkook asked, taking the drink from him.

"It's okay but apple still tastes better." He shrugged, taking the seat next to the ravenette.

He couldn't help but steal side glances to Jungkook who was holding the drink, eyes still glued on the television.

Taehyung almost held his breath in when he saw Jungkook lift his hand holding the drink, only to place it on top of the table.

He looked away, anxiety eating him up as he mindlessly stared at the screen.

"How's school?" Jungkook asked.

"Hm? Uh.. Just the usual." He answered, mind still occupied with the juice and the potion he added in it.

"Which means?" Jungkook asked, now looking at him.

"I just sat and listened to the lectures all day." Taehyung responded, looking away from the ravenette.

"I'm proud of you for not sleeping during class. That's boring as hell." Jungkook grinned.

"You bet." Taehyung agreed with a silly smile on his face.

He turned his head to look at Jungkook and almost regretted it when he saw him looking his way as well.

Taehyung couldn't tear his gaze away from Jungkook's handsome face. He looks so perfect with that fond smile directed to him.

It warms his heart.

"You should study hard and graduate fast." Jungkook uttered, hand landing on Taehyung's hair once more, ruffling it teasingly.

"Stop!" Taehyung giggled, removing the ravenette's hand away from his hair but Jungkook just persisted to make his hair unruly.

Both of them were catching their breath from too much laughing and playing around which lifted Taehyung's mind away from the drink he had spiked.

The two of them continued watching the movie until the end.

"They didn't end up together?" Taehyung pouted, not liking the ending of the movie.

Turned out the movie that they have watched was a romantic one with a very sad ending.

"That's lame." He commented, feeling sad about the protagonist who ended up letting go of the woman he had loved.

Jungkook chuckled. "Love doesn't always have a happy ending, Tae."

Taehyung pouted even more. "Why did he have to let go of her? If he just continued to fight for his love then they would've gotten their happy ending." He reasoned out, taking his drink and sipping on it.

Jungkook shakes his head. "Then that would've been too selfish of him." He said, turning his gaze to the brunet who has his brows almost in one line.

"Why is it selfish if he just wants to feel loved?" Taehyung argued. Somehow it seems like he's talking about himself and not the character from the movie anymore.

Jungkook sighed. "Let's say he didn't let go of the woman. Do you think they'll have a happy ending? Still a no, Tae."

Taehyung was ready to reason out once more but Jungkook beat him to it.

"Forcing love to someone isn't really love, Taehyung." Jungkook uttered which made Taehyung stop.

"That's why the man just chose to let go of the woman. He might have loved her till the end, but the woman doesn't feel the same anymore." Jungkook explained as if he's talking to a child.

"Love is an emotion that should come from within and not just because you were forced to feel it." Jungkook said in a soft voice.

Every word seemed to pierce to Taehyung's heart... to his conscience.

"Oh, fuck. Why are we even arguing about the ending of the movie?" Jungkook chuckled. He suddenly reached out for his drink making Taehyung's eyes grow wide.

"This whole conversation made me thirsty." Jungkook opened the lid.

Taehyung felt like everything slowed down but not the beating of his heart. He gulped, debating whether to stop the ravenette from drinking the juice or not.

He saw him lift it up near his lips which made Taehyung anxious even more.

"Forcing love to someone isn't really love, Taehyung."

With one quick motion, Taehyung swatted the juice out of Jungkook's hand.

The liquid spilled on the ravenette's shirt, down to the floor which created a mess in the living room.

"Shit!" Jungkook cursed, quickly standing upon the touch of his soaked shirt to his skin.

"What was that about-" Jungkook wasn't able to finish his words, seeing the horrified look on Taehyung's face.

"I-I'm sorry.." Taehyung whispered as he abruptly stood.

"I'll get a rug..." He uttered, looking away from the ravenette.

His conscience was eating him up. If he had let Jungkook drink that juice.. what would that make Taehyung?

He's too selfish. Forcing Jungkook to love him more than just a little brother was something he shouldn't even consider.

He's too foolish to think putting Jungkook under a spell would make him love him.

Taehyung felt a tear stream down his eyes as he washed the rug on the sink. He was too drowned in self pity that he didn't feel Jungkook's presence behind him.

He flinched when he felt a hand turning him around.

"What's the problem, Tae?" Jungkook asked in a soft voice.

Taehyung couldn't look at him in the eyes, feeling too ashamed of what he almost did.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, feeling so pathetic.

Jungkook sighed. "It's okay, Tae. If you're feeling sad about the drink or the shirt, don't worry -"

"I added a love potion in your drink." Taehyung cut him off.

"Uh.. What?" Jungkook asked, not able to understand what he's saying.

Taehyung started to whine, feeling sorry for what he had almost done.

"I spiked your drink with a love potion that Jimin and I bought from the magic shop!" He cried like a baby.

Jungkook looked at him as if he had grown three more heads.

"Wait.. Is this some kind of a joke?" Jungkook chuckled as he pulled the brunet closer to him.

"I seriously don't have any idea what you're saying right now and why you're crying like this, Taehyung." Jungkook slowly caressed his head to stop him from crying.

"You almost drink the potion that would make you love me!" Taehyung whined even more. He plunged himself to the ravenette, burying his face on his broad chest.

"I'm sorry!" He cried, not caring about the sticky juice on the ravenette's shirt.

Jungkook sighed, embracing him as he caressed his back.

"I don't understand any of the things you're saying, potions and all... but why is there a need for that? I already love you, Tae." Jungkook whispered, voice soft and tender.

Taehyung suddenly pulled away from him, eyes brimming with tears.

"But that's not the kind of love I want!" He whined.

Without a warning, Taehyung pressed his lips to Jungkook, catching the latter off guard.

"This is the kind of love that I want!"

Jungkook doesn't know what to react. He's dumbfounded by what Taehyung did.

"I want you to see me as a potential lover and not as a younger brother." Taehyung confessed, head hanging low.

"That's the kind of love I want from you." He added, feeling so dejected.

He knows there's no turning back now. If this will have an effect in their relationship, then Taehyung would accept the consequences of his actions.

If Jungkook will move away from him, then he couldn't do anything about it.

"Then you don't need any love potion, Tae." Jungkook uttered in a soft voice that made Taehyung lift his head slowly.

"Because that's the kind of love I already have for you." Jungkook smiled fondly at him.

"What do you... mean?" Taehyung said, almost breathless.

"I'm already in love with you, Tae in the same way you love me."

Taehyung doesn't know if he's hearing everything clearly. He saw Jungkook move away from him with hesitation in his movements.

"I was waiting for the time you graduate before telling you about this..." Jungkook trailed off, staring at his confused face.

"But I guess it came a bit earlier than expected." He shrugged his shoulders as he took a step near the brunet.

"I have loved you since day one Taehyung but I'm willing to wait because I respect you and your brother." He took the brunet's hand and held it close to him.

"I'll wait for you to graduate and after that, I'll court you." Jungkook smiled, planting a soft kiss on Taehyung's hand.

The brunet doesn't know what to say. He's overjoyed, hearing those words coming out of the ravenette's lips.

He couldn't believe it.

"A-are you sure you weren't able to have a sip from the potion? Maybe you tasted a bit or-"

Jungkook suddenly flicked his forehead making Taehyung grimace.

"O-ouch!" He pouted, feeling up his forehead.

"I didn't get to drink even a single drop." Jungkook said in a teasing voice.

"I can't believe you put something on my drink. What if that's a poison? Oh fuck, Taehyung." Jungkook shakes his head in disbelief.

Taehyung bit his lower lip in embarrassment.

"But it seems legit.." Taehyung murmured which earned him another flick on the forehead.

"Don't do something so risky like that ever again, you hear me?" Jungkook warned.

"Yes, hyung." Taehyung pouted.

"Good." Jungkook smiled, pulling Taehyung closer in a warm embrace.

"You already have me under your spell, Taehyung. No amount of love potion can top that."


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