I Want an F

Chapter 10

"We can beat them!" Sakura Jun announced to his class. "They're only class F! The only reason they beat class C is because their rep it a foreigner!" He punched the top of the desk. "But we can use that to our advantage! We'll fight using Japanese Literature! They don't stand a chance!"

"Yeah!" The rest of class B cheered.

Feeling pleased with himself, Jun walked back to his own seat in the middle of the room. He sat down and turned to the girl who sat beside him. "So, hurry up and deliver the challenge."

Kurakawa Ichigo turned and gave Jun an emotionless stare. "Are you sure about this?" She prompted in a monotone voice.

"Of course I am!" Jun told her. He beamed. "We're class B, and we won't let them forget it! Class F will learn their place."

Ichigo nodded and closed the book that was open on her desk. "Then I supposed I have no choice but to go." She smoothly got to her feet.

At that moment the class B door flew open. A girl with flowing blond hair stood in the doorway, grinning. "Class B!" She shouted. "On behalf of Class F, I challenge you to an ST battle!"

Ichigo calmly sat down again. "Would you look at that." She said, opening her book again.

Jun got to his feet and walked toward the door. "I'm Sakura Jun, class B rep. Who are you?"

The girl giggled and smiled up at him. "Aida Sakura." She laughed. "Class F ambassador."

Jun blinked at the girl. She's got a cute laugh. He thought. He smirked. "Alright, Aida-chan, we accept your challenge."

She laughed again. "Good." Then she turned and happily skipped down the hall back to her classroom.

Jun closed the door after her, a smile coming to his face. She sure is lively. Leave it to a class F student to be so happy. He turned and returned to his seat again.

Ichigo looked up from her book long enough to see the smile on his face. "Do you know who that was?" She asked, returning to her book.

"Huh?" Jun looked at her. "Yeah, she introduced herself. Aida Sakura."

"Correct." Ichigo said. "Sister to Aida Ken."

"Aida Ken?" Jun repeated. He didn't' know the name.

"The class F representative." Ichigo informed him.

"Delivered!" Sakura sang as she skipped back into the classroom. She sat down at the back of the room, humming a happy tune. Somehow, she was even happier than when she had left.

"Good." I said from my spot at the front of the room. I addressed the entire class. "It's been set. This will be our hardest fight yet. We can't just charge in, we need strategy."

A hand went up midway back. "What will the battle be in?" The student asked.

Before I could respond, Sakura chirped. "Literature!" She declared.

I stared at her. Why would she pick literature? "Um, Sakura? You can't read kanji." Out of all of Sakura's low grades, her Japanese Literature was the lowest.

"I know." Sakura said. "But I like to read, and I've been trying to learn. If we fight in literature, I can take a recovery test." She sounded very confident in herself.

"Um…" I looked around the room at the other students.

"Sounds good to me." Yukio said. He had the best Japanese Lit mark in the whole class, even better than mine. Nobody outside of class F knew this, but Yukio's Japanese Lit score was probably the best in the whole school. His other scores were just so bad that they canceled it out.

"Okay." I nodded. "I'll try to get a literature teacher to approve."

"Yes!" Sakura cheered.

"But we have to be careful." I warned the class. "Don't lose focus. If your score is dropping, or you don't think it's high enough to survive, there is no shame in taking a recovery test."

"Alright." The class chorused.

I nodded and left the front of the room. When I returned to my seat. I noticed that Sakura was doodling on a scrap of paper. "What's up?" I asked her.

She looked up, covering the paper. "Nothing much." She said with a grin. "Just trying to get my grades up."

Something's definitely going on. Sakura had never worried about her grades, not even when she almost flunked a grade. I was worried that there was something she wasn't telling me.

"She's in love." Kanami said simply. I looked up and saw her looking back at Sakura and me. "Love makes everyone change."

"Kanami-!" Sakura complained.

I blinked twice and looked back at Sakura. Love? Sure, it made sense, considering Sakura's age, but it just didn't fit. She was still like a child. Has she matured without me realizing it?

I managed to sneak a look at her doodles. It can't be. She had just written her name all over the page in pairs. She had used Kanji, so I guessed that she was just practicing, like she said.

I smiled. There's no way Sakura would change, even if she did fall in love. I pulled out my literature book and started to study. I was going to need it.
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