I Want an F

Chapter 11

"I approve this ST battle!" The literature teacher said, opening the field.

I faced the class B rep, a boy with carefully cut red hair. I was a little suspicious of how pleased he seemed to be about the subject choice. Be careful. I told myself. I looked around at my classmates, pleased with the determined looks I saw on their faces.

"I'm summoning my avatar!" I declared.

Jun almost laughed out loud. He can't even summon his avatar in Japanese! This battle was going to be a piece of cake. Class F would be even more crushed since they had been the ones to declare the challenge. This is just too easy.

As his avatar went into battle, Jun scanned the class F students. He frowned when he didn't see Sakura anywhere. If the class rep were her brother, then why would she miss the battle, even if she wasn't good at literature?

Whatever! Jun shook the thought from his mind. This was a grand occasion, and he wouldn't let his thoughts get in the way of his enjoyment.

He blinked in surprise. "Wait, what?" He squinted to make sure he was seeing right.

Yup, he was. The class F rep's literature score, while not best in the school, was much higher than Jun had expected.

"How is it that high?!" Jun demanded. "I thought you grew up in America!"

Ken's expression was completely serious. "It was Canada." He corrected. "And even while there, my father taught me Japanese."

Jun clenched his jaw. So that's why he chose literature. He knew we would underestimate him. It didn't matter though. Jun knew that he could still win.

"Together!" He shouted.

His avatar led the other class B avatars into battle. If they all ganged up on Ken's, then there was no way he could survive.

"Look out!" One of the other class F students shouted as an avatar got in the way of the class B avatars. The class F avatar took out five class B avatars before stepping back to guard Ken's avatar.

Jun grit his teeth. That was another strong score. What was going on?

"I'm here! I'm here!"

Jun looked into the crowd and felt his chest flutter when he saw blond hair waving in motion. Then Sakura pushed her way to the front of the class F crowd. She was smiling, but it was a determined smile.

"Summon!" She shouted.

Jun couldn't help but notice how cute Sakura's avatar was. Then he noticed something else. Her score, while not nearly as high as her brother's, was in the top range of her class.

"Why are all of your scores so high?!" Jun shouted. It just didn't make any sense!

"We studied with determination." Sakura laughed. "Now let's win this thing!" Together, she and her brother charged at the class B avatars.

"Hooray!" Sakura cheered. She grabbed my hands and started dancing around. "We did it!"

"Yeah." I nodded. I looked at her avatar, who was dancing around in a similar way. "And you really did manage to get your score up."

"Told you I would!"

"Ahem!" Someone cleared their throat nearby. I turned to see the class B rep standing there. "Yes, you won." He admitted. "So what will you be taking from us?"

"Oh, um…" I tried to think of something. Our equipment was part of our push to prove that we are better, so I didn't want to take their stuff.

Before I could answer, Sakura stepped forward. She was looking at her feet, but then looked up and met the class B rep's eyes. "A date." She said firmly. Then a blush spread across her face and she brought her hands up to her cheeks. "I said it!"

I looked at her in surprise. So, she really was in love? I wondered. I looked at the class B rep and saw surprise on his face as well.

Then a smile spread across his face. "Is that all?" He asked. He swung an arm around Sakura's shoulders. "If that's all you wanted, then you didn't have to beat us in an ST battle."

Sakura looked up at his face. "Really?"

"Of course." The class B rep started to lead her away down the hall. "Just tell me where you want to go."

I stared after them. "Um, what just happened?" I asked.

Takumi, who was standing beside me, clenched his fists. "That class B scum just nabbed the hottest middle school girl I have ever seen!"

"What was that?!" Kanami yelled. She put Takumi in a headlock.

I ignored the two of them. Sakura's going on a date? For some reason I couldn't help but feel like I was being left behind. It's not like I wanted to go with them, but… Am I being replaced?
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