I Want an F

Chapter 13

"Can you believe it?"

I heard the excited voices as soon as I stepped into the classroom. Everyone was talking, and they sounded really enthusiastic about something. I blinked as I walked toward my seat in the back.

"What's going on?" I asked Takumi.

"There's a rumor going around that class A is worried about us." He said, turning around. He blinked at the empty seat beside me. "Where's Sakura?"

"With Jun." I told him.

So class A is worried? I smiled at the thought. They were the only class we hadn't beaten yet. Maybe we could even beat them. I had a feeling that I might be able to stand my own against them, but I wanted it to be a class F accomplishment. I knew that, if one of my classmates took out the class A rep's avatar, then the moral in class would be at an all time high.

"Should we challenge them?" Yukio asked me.

"Are you crazy?!" Kanami cried. "They're class A! We wouldn't stand a chance!"

"But we beat class B." Yukio pointed out.

"I'd like to see what we could do." Takumi told them.

"But what if we loose?" Kanami asked. "They'll take stuff away from us for sure." She pointed at me. "They're not as nice as Ken."

"But we can't not fight them just because we're afraid we might lose!" Takumi told her. "The French citizens knew they might all die, but they still challenged Louis XVI!"

We stared at Takumi. "Did you just reference world history?" I asked him.

"Huh?" Takumi thought for a moment. Then his eyes grew wide. "I did!" He beamed. "Looks like I'm smart in an area other than female anatomy after all."

That's it! I realized what we could do. "We're going to challenge class A." I told them. Then I got to my feet and went to the classroom door. When I looked out, I saw Sakura coming down the hall.

"Hey, Ken-kun!" She said when she saw me. "What's up?"

"You have to go to class A." I told her.

"Why?" A look of fear crossed her face. "There's no way we can beat them."

"Yes, we can." I assured her. "Here's what we're going to do." I quickly explained my plan to her.

Sawatari Ayako sat calmly at her desk in the back corner of class 2-A. She was the top student in the entire second year, and everyone thought they knew why. As she sat there, a history book open in front of her, she could hear her classmates commenting on her dedication to her grades.

What would they say if they knew? Ayako wondered. Nobody knew that, hidden within her history textbook's cover, was a Yaoi novel.

"Sexual exploits of the emperor?"

Ayako slammed her book closed as Himamori Daichi sat down beside her. "What?" Daichi was her best friend, and even she didn't know about Ayako's secret passion.

"You were blushing." Daichi told her, nodding at the book. "What is there in history that could make you blush other than the sexual exploits of an emperor?"

"Oh." Ayako breathed. "Uh, yeah. It's a real shocker." She carefully lay a hand over the book.

"Yeah, so, anyway." Daichi said, leaning back in her chair. "I was thinking of getting a tattoo, what do you think?" She held out her arm, where she had drawn an A with wings in pen.

"You're crazy." Ayako told her. It seemed like Daichi had a new rebellious plan every day. Ayako knew that she wasn't really going to get a tattoo.

"I've already made the appointment." Daichi said.

"What?!" Ayako looked at her with wide eyes. Then she saw that Daichi was studying her. "You're lying."

"Yeah, I am." Daichi smiled slightly. "But really, I want to get a tattoo."

"Uh, huh." Ayako murmured. She picked up her book and opened it again, angling herself so that Daichi wouldn't be able to read over her shoulder.

"Hey, Aya?"


"There's something really important I have to tell you."

Ayako sighed. "What is it?" Daichi labeled every little thing as really important. It was probably just that she didn't know what to eat for lunch.

"I think I might be pregnant."

"Yeah, of course, preg-" Ayako dropped her book. "What?!" She grabbed Daichi's shoulders. "Really?!"

Daichi started to laugh. "No. I don't even have a boyfriend, remember?" She bent over, trying to get her laughter under control. "Man, you are just too easy to mess with." She managed to control herself, just giggling every so often. "Okay, what I wanted to tell you is that my family is going overseas for vacation, so I can't hang out with you."

"That's fine." Ayako breathed. She went back to reading her book. I'll probably just spend my vacation watching yaoi anime.

All of a sudden there was a commotion towards the front of the room. Ayako looked up and saw that the classroom door was open. A blond girl walked right in and stood at the front of the room.

"Who's your class rep?" She asked.

Ayako got to her feet. "I am."

The blond girl smiled and walked right up to Ayako. "Hi." She chirped, extending a hand. "I'm Aida Sakura."

"Um, hi?" Ayako set her book down and shook the girl's hand. "Sawatari Ayako. Can I help you with something?"

"Yes." The blond girl replied. "I'm here to-" She stopped when her eyes landed on Ayako's book. "Oh!" She gasped happily.

Ayako looked down and her stomach froze. With all the moving she had put the book through, the false history cover had shifted. The very bottom of the real cover could be seen, and that's where it was advertised that the book was a yaoi novel.

"Which one is it?" The girl asked, snatching up the book before Ayako could fix it. She flipped off the false cover and looked at the title. A grin spread across her face. "Oh, this is a good one!"

"Give it back!" Ayako shouted, snatching the book back. She hurried to cover it again.

"Aya?" Daichi said. "What's wrong."

"Nothing." Ayako told her. She turned on the blond girl. "What do you want?"

"Oh yeah!" The girl gasped, as if she had forgotten the whole reason she was there. "I'm the ambassador for class F!"

No surprises there. Ayako thought maliciously.

"I've come to challenge you to a five on five ST battle in the subjects of…" She listed them off on her fingers. "History, Literature, Music, Home Economics, and English." She grinned when she had finished.

"An ST battle?" Ayako repeated.

"Sounds like fun!" Daichi grinned. "Your class rep must have a lot of guts to challenge us."

"Yup!" The girl chirped. "Ken-kun is very determined." She paused, holding a finger to her chin. "That's the same as having guts, right?"

Ayako smirked. "Okay. We accept your challenge. Where and when?"

"Um…" The blond girl tried to remember. "It was…" She looked at her watch, and took a few moments to read what it said. "Oh!" She grinned. "Ken-kun said immediately, and in the auditorium, in front of the whole second year!"

Ayako blinked, and then burst out laughing. "Alright then." She said, getting to her feet. She addressed the class. "Daichi, Tomoki, Rei, and Maki. Let's go!"
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