I Want an F

Chapter 15

"Final match!" The teacher stated. "English! Sawatari Ayako, class A representative, and Aida Ken, class F representative."

"Summoning avatar!" Ayako said, and her avatar, a strangely geeky looking character with a heavy book in hand, appeared.

"I'm summoning my avatar!" I called out, reaching out a hand as my avatar materialized.

Ayako smirked. "You're not going to intimidate me by summoning your avatar in English." She said, also using English.

"I wasn't even trying to." I told her. "However, the fact that my score is more than twice as much as yours might do the trick."

"What?!" Ayako cried. She looked at my score and stomped her foot. "That's not possible! Even if all of your other scores were zeros, an English score like that would have gotten you into class D."

I laughed and rubbed the back of my head. "You see, my score was nowhere near that on the placement test."

"How is that possible?!" Ayako demanded.

"Now that you mention it…" I heard Takumi mutter. "Ken-chan's grades are really good. Why is he in class F?"

I gulped as I turned to look at them. They were all staring at me. Even Sakura was looking at me with a suspicious look. What should I do? I wondered. I was sure that they'd all hate me, Sakura especially, if they knew why I had wanted to be in class F. They'd never forgive me.

"Ah!" All of a sudden Sakura let out a cry. "KenAvi! Look out!"

I spun around to see Ayako's avatar attacking my avatar with her book. The attack brought my score down by a chunk, but I still had more than she did. My avatar retaliated by stabbing with a dagger.

Ayako's avatar let out a little gasp before disappearing. And just like that, it was over.

"I declare class F the winner!" The teacher shouted over the roar of the crowd.

"Yay Ken-kun!" Sakura cried, running forward and giving me a large hug.

I smiled and turned to return her hug. Then the two of us walked over to the rest of our team. My smile dropped when I saw that they were still looking at me with suspicion.

"Ken?" Yukio asked. "Why are you in class F?"

"Yeah." Kanami looked past me to where Ayako was leading her team away. "Why aren't you the class rep of class A?"

"Um…" I bit my lip. "You see… The thing is…" I forced myself to laugh. "When I took the placement test, I was so nervous that I completely choked." I tried to keep laughing as long as I could. Please believe me. I begged silently.

"Ken-kun." Sakura said quietly beside me. I looked and she shook her head. "You don't choke." She looked at me with wide eyes. "Why did you get placed in class F?"

I swallowed the lump that was forming in my throat. "You see…" I looked down at my feet. "Sakura, I was really worried about you. We had never been in different classes, and I knew you were going to end up in class F, so I… I deliberately bombed the placement test."
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