I Want an F

Chapter 2

"Teacher, my cushion disintegrated!"

"Make do with it."

"Teacher, a rat just ran off with my pencil!"

"Chase after it."

"Teacher, the creepy custodian is staring at me through the broken door!"

"Just put up with it."

I clenched my jaw as the complaints kept coming. This was no environment to be learning, but the teacher didn't seem to care. As he droned on about the English language, I took out my student handbook and went over the school rules. I paid specific attention to the details on ST battles.

"Alright everyone!" I said, clapping my hands down on the desk at the front of the room. It was free period, and I was taking the opportunity to make plans. "We are going to launch an attack!"

Every single one of my classmates looked at me with surprise.

"But they'll wipe the floor with us!" Yukio complained from the back.

This floor could use a good wiping. I thought, but that wasn't the thing to say to instill confidence. "No, they won't." I promised. "We just need a strategy." I scanned the room, taking in every face. "What is everyone's best subject?"

The room was quiet for a while. I was beginning to loose my confidence when suddenly Takumi got to his feet. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he answered my question. "Female anatomy."

I groaned, not even stopping Kanami when she slammed Takumi's face into the floor. The splintering didn't even show up.

Then Sakura stood up. Everyone turned to look at her. She took a deep breath before speaking. "Cooking." She said with a smile.

I nodded, grateful that she had spoken. "See." I said to the rest of the class. "Sakura's best subject is Home Ec. What about everyone else?"

I listened as the subjects flooded my ears. I was pleased with the results. While the class had the lowest marks in the school, the majority of them said they were good at Math. It sounded like that was the kind of fight we were going to have.

"Alright." I said, moving on. "We'll have a math war with class E to start things off. Yukio, go deliver the message to them."

"What?!" He cried. "Why do I have to? The messenger always gets the crap beat out of him. Just ask Akihisa from class 3-F."

I sighed heavily. This is going to take a while. I looked down at the desk in front of me. But it will be fine. All we need is a win to get our confidence up.

"I'll go." I looked up and saw Sakura already headed for the door. She was even skipping. "It will be fun."

"Ah, wait!" I tried to call after her, but she had already left.

"She's brave." I heard someone whisper.

"Or just stupid." Someone else responded.

I wanted to shout at him for calling my sister stupid, but I couldn't. I couldn't, because I agreed with him. The whole reason I was even in class F was because I wanted to look out for Sakura and make sure that she didn't do something too stupid.

"I declare this an ST battle!"

I could hear the teacher outside of the classroom, and then the field opened and swallowed the room. I couldn't see what was happening in the hallway, because the door was blocked by my classmates. They were all ready to go into battle. I listened as they summoned their avatars.

"This is exciting!" Sakura said, standing beside me.

I nodded, a little nervous. I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something more that I should do. I can't just stand here. I knew that it was over if I was defeated, but I still wanted to do something.

Then I thought of it. A recovery test.

"I'll be back soon." I told Sakura. Then I pushed my way through the crowd of students, making sure to remain hidden from the eyes of class E.

I left the summon field and dashed along the hallway until I came to an open door. Peeking inside, I saw a teacher, so I went in.

"Yes?" The teacher said, looking at me.

"I'd like to take a recovery test!" I stated.

"Already?" I nodded. "Well then, alright." She nodded at a desk in front of her. "Just be aware that-"

"If I score lower than what I already have, my strength will go down." I took the seat. "I know, I know."

The teacher didn't look too happy at being interrupted. "What subject do you want?"

"All of them."
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